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->''"Johnny studied Sissy as he smoked an after-supper cigar. He wondered what criterion people used when they applied the tags 'good' and 'bad' to their fellowmen. Take Sissy. She was bad. But she was good. She was bad where the men were concerned. But she was good because wherever she was, there was life, good, tender, overwhelming, fun-loving and strong-scented life. He hoped that his newly born daughter would be a little like Sissy."''
-->-- ''Literature/ATreeGrowsInBrooklyn''

Good girls don't. But she does.

AlwaysFemale due to the DoubleStandard, the Good Bad Girl is less chaste than her fellow female characters. Ever since her figure developed, boys have been making passes at her -- and she's been accepting some. In fact, shockingly, she probably even [[NoGuyWantsToBeChased takes the initiative in going after men]] sometimes. Consequently, she's built up a notorious sexual history around them (which may, however, be exaggerated -- many a Good Bad Girl eventually settles for monogamy after they have [[SeenItAll experienced all that men can offer]]).

She (and her most trusting friends) can't understand why people believe that it's bad for a woman to like sex as much as she does. She's not TheVamp, and she's not even a GoldDigger. Sex for her is not just part of her zeal for living but also of a certain benevolent nature which extends to her non-sexual friendships. She tends to feel sorry when a man isn't getting any -- though not necessarily a willing partner for any man: she's unlikely to stray if married to a husband who's good in bed, but if she's unattached, she could fall for her [[DistaffCounterpart Spear Counterpart]], the ChivalrousPervert, in a heartbeat.

This kind of Good Bad Girl is very likely to also be a female EthicalSlut with a benevolent ForHappiness morality. However, it could also be that some part of her still believes that SexIsEvil, making her feel guilty about her "immoral" horniness and overcompensate for it a bit.

Thanks to the MadonnaWhoreComplex, the HeteronormativeCrusader will not be able to tolerate this kind of heroine, and might even make her out to be the villain of the piece. If the Good Bad Girl actually decides to do for pay what most Good Bad Girls do only for fun, she will become a HookerWithAHeartOfGold. If boys actually want to be with her due to her experience, then it's MyGirlIsASlut.



[[folder:Anime & Manga]]
%%* Many an Anime HardDrinkingPartyGirl:
%%** Misato from ''Anime/NeonGenesisEvangelion''.
%%** Ryoko from ''Anime/TenchiMuyo''.
%%** Mellisa Mao from ''FullMetalPanic''.
%%** Mitsune "Kitsune" from ''Manga/LoveHina''.
%%** Kana from ''Manga/FairyTail''.
* Shizuru from ''Anime/MaiOtome'' is a lesbian variant, as befits her title, "Bewitching Smile Amethyst." She is clearly Natsuki's partner, but she also flirts with multiple other female characters, and at one point when she's late coming home, everyone just assumes that she got sidetracked by a pretty girl. She's also a kind-hearted and sweet young woman who almost never hurts anyone with her affairs. [[spoiler:Unless you count [[PsychoLesbian Tomoe]].]]
* Rin and Ayane from ''Manga/ShuukyuuShoujo'' seem to fit into this. What with them practically jumping the main character as soon as they meet? And Rin's obsession with big boobs? And Ayane having no qualms about going around without panties and getting naked on the road for blackmail?
* Kajou Ayame from ''{{LightNovel/Shimoneta}}'' talks like one. The extent to which she is able to be that way is limited by the [[PoliticalCorrectnessGoneMad setting]], which she is not happy about. In fact, the inability to behave in such a manner is what inspires her to fight the system and drag the protagonist along for the ride.
* Lady Celi in ''LightNovel/KyoKaraMaoh'' is a charming, compassionate woman, the mother of three major characters, and spends most of her time traveling the world in pursuit of 'free love'. She flirts with anyone in range when she shows up, including the teenage protagonist and later his elder brother. The only problem anyone really seems to have with her behavior stems from how her revolving-door relationships affected her sons when they were children, and how much they now, as adults, still ''really'' wish they could avoid knowing so much about their mother's love life.
* The anime ''Manga/BrynhildrInTheDarkness'' has Kazumi and Hatsuna. Both have an almost obsessive interest in sex, especially with [[LustObject Ryouta]]. However, you never see them.

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%% [[folder:Comic Books]]
%%* [[ComicBook/SheHulk She-Hulk]]: DependingOnTheWriter, Jen has had quite a few lovers. During her first series, Jen and She-%% Hulk each had a love interest of their own.
%%* Starfire in ''Comicbook/TeenTitans''.
%%* [[Characters/SpiderManLoveInterests Black Cat]].
%%* Zinda "Lady {{ComicBook/Blackhawk}}" Blake in ''ComicBook/BirdsOfPrey'': She hasn't been shown ''doing'' a lot, but she de %% definitely has the attitude: "Kiss 'em and don't miss 'em, I always say."
%% * [[ComicBook/IncredibleHulk Marlo Chandler]], spouse of Rick Jones and former lover of Mister Fixit (aka the Hulk),
%% Moondragon and others.
%%* Casey from ''ComicBook/StrangersInParadise''.
%%* Gina, Brianna, and Genn (until Seance) from ''ComicBook/GoldDigger''.
%% * Suzie from ''Comicbook/SexCriminals'' has been with fifteen or so partners in a period of roughly ten years, but she
%% doesn't consider this out of the ordinary.

[[folder:Fan Works]]
* Nymphomaniac pegasus mare Stormfront, in the ''WesternAnimation/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagic'' storytelling blog ''Blog/StoriesFromTheFront'', is an EthicalSlut.
** Cloud Kicker in works written or inspired by Chengar Qordath certainly ''tries'' to be this. She's generally well-meaning, but the degree to which her various personality flaws prevent her from being a "good" bad girl is a matter of constant debate.
* Darcy in ''Fanfic/ChildOfTheStorm''. She'll flirt with most things male (and, by implication, sleeps with them too), she has a near supernatural knack for finding dive bars (according to Jane - Darcy does not deny it), drinks like a fish and cheats at poker. She's pretty much shameless. She's also kind, surprisingly wise and very perceptive.
* Helena from ''Fanfic/PacificWorldWarIIUsNavyShipgirls'' is TheTease, but is a genuinely nice person at heart.
* ''[[https://www.fanfiction.net/s/11962940/1/ A Brighter Dark]]'', while re-working the personalities of multiple characters throughout the original game, turned the main character [[VideoGame/FireEmblemFates Corrin]] into this, as well as being an overall [[BloodKnight combat obsessed]] [[BoisterousBruiser loud-talker.]] By the start of the story, it's said that she's already slept with roughly half the guards in her fortress. Despite this, she is shown to be fiercly loyal to her friends and family and have very little tolerance for people who do wrong.
** Audiences are split on whether this was a cringy attempt at being [[DarkerAndEdgier Darker and Edgier]], or a much better take on an originally dull protagonist.
* Mitsune "[[OnlyKnownByTheirNickname Kitsune]]" Konno in ''[[https://www.fanfiction.net/s/7798790/19/Promises-of-a-Wandering-Hero Promises of a Wandering Hero]]'' fully admits to her fondness for casual sex but still looks after her friends and chastises Naru for getting drunk and propositioning Shirou, specifically because unlike Kitsune, Naru wasn't in her right mind at the time.

[[folder:Films -- Animated]]
* Surprisingly enough, Disney played around with this trope with {{Stripperiffic}} HotGypsyWoman Esmeralda, from ''Disney/TheHunchbackOfNotreDame''. Esmeralda is the object of Frollo's SexIsEvilAndIAmHorny obsession, because he thinks of her as a FemmeFatale of sorts. She is revealed to be more of a GoodBadGirl--she uses her sexuality in her dances in a lighthearted way, not in order to seduce but in order to entertain.
* Another interesting Disney example is Megara from ''Disney/{{Hercules}}''. While she is technically a DarkChick of the FemmeFatale variation (kind of, ''it is'' a Disney movie, after all), she turns out to be more of a BrokenBird than an actual JerkassWoobie--her tough, [[TheSnarkKnight snarky]] exterior is [[BeneathTheMask just an acquired form of protection]], as she has [[NeverBeHurtAgain given up on love]] after [[TookALevelInCynic being betrayed by a former lover]].

[[folder:Films -- Live-Action]]
* Creator/MaeWest had a quote that went ''"When I'm good, I'm good. But when I'm bad, I'm better!"'' - her usual persona was a sex-crazed fiend, but she usually played it for comedy and was admired for rebelling against the strict censorship of the day.
* Jae-yeong in ''Film/SamaritanGirl'' by Kim Ki-duk. Although she engages in teenage prostitution, she does so in a surprisingly innocent way, and genuinely cares about her customers (regardless of the fact that they are creeps).
%%* Sonja in Creator/WoodyAllen's ''Film/LoveAndDeath''.
* Almost every Creator/MarleneDietrich character, even after the actress had been dubbed "the world's most glamorous grandmother".
* [[Film/TheBreakfastClub Allison Reynolds]] ''probably'' isn't this, but [[MyGirlIsASlut likes to tell people she is]].
* Rizzo in ''Film/{{Grease}}''. She's a brutally honest and very sexually assertive school-aged FemmeFatale [[spoiler: with some traces of BrokenBird, actually]]
%%* Carrie in ''Film/FourWeddingsAndAFuneral''
* Jessica Rabbit in ''Film/WhoFramedRogerRabbit''.
-->'''Jessica:''' I'm not bad. I'm just drawn that way.
* The trope namer is 1931's ''The Good Bad Girl'', with Creator/MaeClarke as the title character.
* Maria "Masha" Fydornova from ''The Last Station'' living in a Tolstoy-inspired commune where sex is supposed to be forbidden believes in free love and deflowers the would-be CelibateHero, while adhering more to Tolstoy's ideas of non-violence, and is heavily disillusioned when she sees him swat at bugs.
* Catwoman becomes one via a ReformedButNotTamed arc in ''Film/TheDarkKnightRises''. Following her HeelFaceTurn, she leaves behind her [[TheVamp Vampish]], ClassyCatBurglar ways to help Batman. However, her attitude and sexiness are still very much intact.
* Creator/EmilyBlunt found herself playing lots of these in her early career, though she has broken out of it in TheNewTens. Examples include:
** Tamsin of ''Film/MySummerOfLove'' is manipulative and possessive, and downright disturbed. But she provides some comfort and solace for the lonely Mona. [[spoiler: This one gets subverted as it's revealed just how manipulative Tamsin is]].
** Norah of ''Film/SunshineCleaning'' smokes, drinks and slacks off at work. But she's also deeply lonely and desperate for her life to have meaning.
** Sara from ''{{Film/Looper}}'' was once a HardDrinkingPartyGirl who abandoned her son to continue her rebellious lifestyle. But now she's trying to atone, and raise her son to be a better person.
* Lily from ''Film/BlackSwan'' is apparently no stranger to one-night stands and is quite flirtatious and wild, but she's also quite ethical; she openly calls Thomas' borderline abusive relationship with Beth "gross," and acts a CoolBigSis to Nina. She's also extremely flattered when she finds out Nina had an EroticDream about her, eagerly asking, "Was I good?"
* Jay from ''Film/ItFollows'' is heavily implied to have had an active sex life, even before the curse necessitates it. She's also a sweet, modest GirlNextDoor who is ''very'' uncomfortable with the idea of having sex with someone just to pass the curse on.

%%* Aunt Sissy from ''Literature/ATreeGrowsInBrooklyn''.
%%* Isadora Wing in Erica Jong's ''Literature/FearOfFlying''.
* A girl named Elunud in the Literature/BrotherCadfael mystery (and [[Series/{{Cadfael}} TV episode]]) ''The Raven in the Foregate''. She is also a good example of how such a girl can be exploited.
* Captain Roland, from the ''Literature/{{Temeraire}}'' series, is a borderline case, a sort of blurring the lines of this, LadyOfWar, and EternalSexualFreedom, despite being a woman in the early 19th century. It's good to be the captain ([[spoiler:later admiral]]) of one of the most critical dragons to the war effort (who don't accept male captains, hence the extra liberties allowed).
* Zinka in Creator/DianaWynneJones's ''Literature/DeepSecret'' is a nice young woman with quite a few sexual conquests under her belt (and a hobby of selling porn at fan conventions), and is fairly up-front about it all. [[spoiler:She also turns out to be married to the protagonist's brother, so score one more for eventual monogamy.]]
* Caddy from ''Literature/TheSoundAndTheFury'' by William Faulkner is described by the author as the "true hero" of the story despite the fact that she is sexually promiscuous and brings dishonor on her family for having a child out of wedlock. She even agrees to have sex with [[BrotherSisterIncest Quentin]] at one point; although, to be very clear, they do not actually go through with it.
%%* Eva Bates in ''FriedGreenTomatoesAtTheWhistleStopCafe''.
* Critics have actually called the heroine of Henry James' novella ''Literature/DaisyMiller'' "a good, bad girl." She was literally chaste, but this was 19th-century Europe, where her habit of flirting and strolling with two men (whom she wasn't married or related to) was absolutely scandalous!
* [[AuthorAppeal A remarkable number]] of Creator/RobertAHeinlein's female protagonists are examples of this trope. In fact, in many of his later works he seems to treat this as the natural and proper state of both males ''and'' females: [[{{Polyamory}} loving as many people as possible in as many ways as possible]]. Notable specific examples include the titular protagonist of ''Literature/{{Friday}}'', Patricia of ''Literature/StrangerInAStrangeLand'', Star of ''Literature/GloryRoad'', Maureen Johnson Smith Long of ''Literature/TimeEnoughForLove'', and in fact almost all of [[MartyStu Lazarus Long's]] coterie from that novel onwards. Patricia is an interesting case, as it turns out that her religion actually ''requires'' its innermost grade of members to be polyamorous.
* Everyone in ''Literature/BraveNewWorld'' (albeit from the perspective of our own culture). Involvement in not only sex but ''public'' sex, in the ''Orgy Porgy'' is compulsory, as is sterilization or contraception (babies are produced entirely via [[DesignerBabies ectogenesis]]).
* The Wife of Bath in ''Literature/TheCanterburyTales'', although she (says she) only has sex in marriage, and only marries when she's been widowed; she's had five husbands so far and has an eye out for number six on the road to Canterbury. Her prologue is a ringing defence of women's sexuality against the ideal of chastity, saying that genitals are there to be used and that not everyone is meant to be pure white flour, there's a place for "hot barley bread."
* ''Literature/IAmNotASerialKiller'' has Marci, a [[HiddenDepths deceptively carefree]] LovableAlphaBitch. She's a more PG version of the trope; exactly how far she lets guys get isn't clear, just that even her four-year-old sister is aware that she has "a lot of boyfriends". And as shown by her OfficialCouple status with John, she'll stick around for a guy who impresses her enough.
* Julia from ''Literature/NineteenEightyFour''. She had her first affair at the age of sixteen with a sixty-year-old man, and went on to have multiple others. It's not just Miniluv who like to [[DoubleEntendre do it to Julia]]. Of course she can't be open about this, partly because she's ostensibly a member of the Junior Anti-Sex League, partly because living unconventionally in a totalitarian PoliceState is inherently unsafe.
* BlitheSpirit Caitlín Mulryan, of Creator/PoulAnderson's ''The Avatar'', states rather flippantly that she's only had about twenty lovers since losing her virginity at sixteen (she's thirty-four at the time). While this averages out to a little over one a year, keep in mind that ''The Avatar'' was published at a time when {{Double Standard}}s were even more prevalent. Caitlín is nonetheless presented in an [[ChaoticGood entirely positive light]]. [[spoiler:In fact, as it turns out, her consciousness was engineered by {{Sufficiently Advanced Alien}}s in the hope that she would eventually AscendToAHigherPlaneOfExistence. (She [[ScrewDestiny chooses not to]].)]]
* Snow White from ''Literature/ThePrincessSeries'' will risk her life for her friends and flirts with anything male, human or not. Implied to do more then flirt but it's never shown.
* Dagny Taggart from ''Literature/AtlasShrugged'' doesn't have a world-beating sex drive, but she shamelessly enjoys the sex she does have and does it because she likes doing it.
* In ''Literature/{{Discworld}}'' Nanny Ogg was one of these in her youth, and has grown up to be a proper DirtyOldWoman. When another witch calls her a "strumpet", Tiffany Aching looks the word up...and concludes that a "woman of easy virtue" must be one who is effortlessly virtuous, and someone who is "no better than she should be" must always be just good ''enough''.
* Naoko Kamikishiro of the light novel [[LightNovel/BoogiepopSeries Boogiepop and Others]] claims she is in love with a first year student, whom she asks out at least twice; despite this, she has no qualms about sleeping around with other men, having something of a "share the love" mentality. She also [[spoiler:hides and protects Echoes, whom she is ALSO in love with, consequently saving the entire planet from destruction at the hands of God/aliens/whatever.]]
* While Jenny really is this (and proudly) in ''Literature/TheTruthOfRockAndRoll'', her reputation for promiscuity dates from before she ever had sex with anyone. Her family already had a bad reputation because "her father was a drunk who couldn't keep a job and her mother was a drunk who couldn't keep a house", and they didn't notice she needed new clothes when she started developing early. When she refused to hide her figure, she was deemed The School Slut and would have been so if she'd stayed a virgin.
* Creator/SimonaAhrnstedt has two examples of this trope. And to make it even more interesting, they're both French!
** Vivienne de Beaumarchais in "Överenskommelser" maybe isn't ''promiscuous'', but still, she lives a very unconventional life. She doesn't care about her hiding her affair with Jacques, despite how she refuses to get married to him before she gets pregnant. She will never let a man control her life again after her first marriage became a disaster. She travels over Europe on her own, and more conventional people are really appalled by her lifestyle.
** Marie Dicke in "De skandalösa" is unfaithful to her husband and neglectful to her children. But still, she's portrayed with some sympathy. Just like Vivienne from above, she really has a big appetite for life. And it seems like she's not really a bad person, but simply bored with trying to live a conventional life.
* Rose Hathaway from ''Literature/VampireAcademy''. She has some seriously shady sexual reputation in the academy and the Moroi/Dhampir community as a whole, due to getting semi-nude with several guys. She has some distinct EthicalSlut tendencies, especially in the first two novels. She likes to go after men and get involved in sexual situations, without actually going all the way. Despite this she has her set of morals.
* Mary Boleyn, as portrayed in ''Literature/WolfHall''. She was mistress to Francis I of France before she and her sister returned to England, where she became Henry's mistress and allegedly her son is Henry's rather than her late husband's (a story Thomas Cromwell believes, since the child has reddish hair). Her family pimped her out and now calls her a whore, and she's rather flirtatious towards Cromwell since marrying him would solve those problems. She eventually gets herself banished by marrying a man ''she'' wants, preferring the difficulties of life with a poor but loving husband.
* Octavia in Creator/ConnieWillis's "All My Darling Daughters" is unruly even by the standards of her FreeLoveFuture, but as her roommate points out, she's "a good person". [[spoiler:She's [[BestialityIsDepraved not even particularly concerned about bestiality]], but she's shocked when she realizes that the boys like their new bioengineered pets because they scream like children. And she does her best to save her roommate's sister from having to go back to her [[ParentalIncest sexually abusive father]].]]
* In ''Literature/TheMortalInstruments'' is Isabelle Lightwood. She is a strong demon hunter, but she also has a lot of affairs with boys. To the point that Simon is warned against getting involved. But she actually falls in love with Simon.

[[folder:Live-Action TV]]
%%* Sage from Series/LincolnHeights
%%* Roz from ''Series/{{Frasier}}'' has elements of this.
%%* Sally and Mary from ''[[Series/ThirdRockFromTheSun 3rd Rock from the Sun]]''.
%%** And Mrs. Dubcek and Vicki.
%%* Jenny Piccalo from ''Series/HappyDays.''
%%* Angela Montenegro from ''Series/{{Bones}}'' hits just about every note of this Trope.
* Kara "Starbuck" Thrace from ''Series/{{Battlestar Galactica|2003}}'' is the DistaffCounterpart to her [[Series/BattlestarGalactica1978 original, womanizing namesake]].
* ''Series/BuffyTheVampireSlayer''
** Faith is a counter example, not for her promiscuity but for the nonchalance with which she evicted her lovers; the [[TheVamp female equivalent]] of a ''rake'' or ''cad''. Relevant since Xander, Faith's defining one-hour stand and prompt discharge, serves as TheChick in the series [[FiveManBand team]].
** Buffy herself also qualifies, actively seeking to hook up early in season one, then falling in love with a 240-year-old vampire. She also frequently advises Willow to "seize the moment" by flirting with guys.
* Audrey Horne from ''Series/TwinPeaks'' ''pretends'' to be this [[ManipulativeBastard in order to get what she wants]]. However, for what we get to know about Laura Palmer, she may have fit this trope before she was killed.
* Serena van der Woodsen on ''Series/GossipGirl'' is an excellent example. Before the show starts, she was a straight-up HardDrinkingPartyGirl and RichBitch. But after having sex with her best friend's boyfriend, she suffered a HeelRealization and tried to change her ways. She can still slip into AlphaBitch mode, but she usually has good intentions.
* Kaylee from ''Series/{{Firefly}}''. She's pretty unambiguously meant to be [[NiceGuy the most good-natured person in the cast]], and she frequently serves as [[TheHeart the moral center]] of the crew of ''Serenity''. She's also not shy about casual sex, and was actually [[NakedFirstImpression in the middle of screwing the ship's previous engineer the first time she met Mal]].
* Blanche from ''Series/TheGoldenGirls''. While she [[ReallyGetsAround really got around]] during her time on the show, it was well established that when she was married, she was completely faithful to her late husband. It's also well established that despite her promiscuity, she will NOT sleep with married men, and she's genuinely angry and upset when it inadvertently happens:
--> '''Man''': My wife doesn't understand me.
--> '''Blanche''': Well, I do. You're a cheat. Get out.
* ''Series/DoctorWho''
** Amy Pond sort of fits this trope, having worked as a kissogram (bit like a stripper at a stag party but doesn't take clothes off) before traveling with the Doctor.
** River Song tends to flirt with everyone in proximity, [[BiTheWay male or female]], although she only really has eyes for the Doctor.
** The Corsair, a fellow Time Lord and friend of the Doctor's mentioned in "The Doctor's Wife", who was famous for changing sex every other incarnation. The Doctor describes the Corsair as being a good man and a very ''bad'' girl.
* Phoebe from ''Series/{{Friends}}'' leads a very active sex life and did have a rough upbringing (it's revealed she used to mug people as a teen) but does care deeply for her friends - despite her dark sense of humour.
* Robin from ''Series/HowIMetYourMother'' is second only to Barney when it comes to the number of sexual partners. It helps that she is the only single female character in the main cast.
* Manny and Emma from ''Series/DegrassiTheNextGeneration'' become this, Manny earlier than Emma. Though Manny starts to become sexual (even with other people's boyfriends) she still seems to have a perfect wisdom and maturity about her when dealing with Emma and later Darcy's problems. She also turns Jay into a good guy through ThePowerOfLove.
* ''Series/AmericanDreams'' had Roxanne who was a family hour version of this trope while she only slept with two boys over the course of the show [[spoiler:and WordOfGod has her marrying the second]] she "made out" with just about anyone pretty freely. Roxanne also acted as more experienced mentor to the other girls on the show when it came to boys clothes and hair.
* Ruby in ''Series/OnceUponATime'' is initially characterised as this, although this is mostly an InformedFlaw about her cursed Storybrooke self.
* Penny from the ''Series/TheBigBangTheory'', especially when compared to her HollywoodDateless friends. Amy and Sheldon once did the math to figure out approximately how many men she slept with and came up with 30.96 sexual partners (they rounded up to 31). This actually becomes a major plot point in the fourth season cliffhanger when she wakes up in bed with Raj. She is utterly devastated and disappointed in herself, while Amy contrasts her with Catherine The Great. "She engaged in interspecies hanky-panky[[note]]She almost certainly didn't, but the rumor was widely believed, so Amy's point stands[[/note]], and they still called her Great. I'm certain your reputation can survive shagging a little Indian boy."
* The LiveActionTV [[Creator/TheBBC BBC]] production ''Series/IClaudius'' showed that Julia the Elder, daughter of UsefulNotes/{{Augustus}} was wit and lovable and she was involved in countless affairs, accentuated by '''Creator/BrianBlessed's''' (portraying Augustus) bombastic lament of:
* dead silence*
* Isolde from ''Series/{{Merlin}}'' is clearly sleeping with Tristan despite there being no hint of a marriage between them. That, and she's a smuggler.
* ''Series/OneTreeHill'': Brooke, in high school, to the point where Haley jokingly challenges the new girlfriend of one of Brooke's exes to find a boy in Tree Hill who ''didn't'' lose his virginity to Brooke Davis. By the time she's an adult, Brooke has grown out of this, and in fact is bothered by the amount of people who either A) act like she's still that person or B) make jokes about High School Brooke being a "slut."
* The title character of the ''Series/MissFishersMurderMysteries''. An extremely active sexual past and an ever changing string of lovers in the series does not stop her being the ActionGirl heroine.
* ''Series/WolfHall'''s Mary Boleyn is the sarcastic and flirtatious ex-mistress of King Francis and Henry VIII. Having brought her family into Henry's esteem, [[UngratefulBastard they now call her a fool and a whore]]. As she tells Thomas Cromwell, she wants a husband who'll make them upset and won't die--requirements she thinks Cromwell would fit (he is less enthusiastic) and they have an AlmostKiss before interrupted by the man she thought had stood her up, William Stafford. While the scenes were cut for time, she eloped with Stafford and wasn't too upset to be banished from court.
* It is not often shown, but it is implied that most female demon hunters in ''Series/{{Supernatural}}'' have such a lifestyle.

* Subverted in ''[[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SoCZR6WeTxU "Kinda Out Of Luck"]]'' by Music/LanaDelRey. The first 1.20 seconds are spent building a "Good Bad Girl with bad self esteem getting rescued by Prince Charming" kind of narrative... [[spoiler:and then... oops.]]
* A ''very'' common {{Stock Character|s}} in CountryMusic. As in, an essay could be written analyzing her presence, subversions, and deconstructions. Usually, she will have a song [[SupportingProtagonist written about her]] by [[AudienceSurrogate a man who is fascinated with the dichotomy that is her life]]; the lines to watch for will be about will be about wild Saturday nights followed by pious Sunday mornings. If sexuality is openly discussed, it will usually be in terms of the EthicalSlut mentality, but she almost always does what she does with a pure-hearted ForHappiness mindset, thus hits both humanizing notes of the trope in the description above.
* Discussed by [[Music/FiveSecondsOfSummer 5 Seconds of Summer]] in their song ''Good Girls''. See the quote page for lyrics.
* This {{Trope}} was a big part of Music/BritneySpears' image growth, from the year 2000, which was not overtly in-your-face sexual until 2001's [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mzybwwf2HoQ "I'm A Slave 4 U"]].
* In many of K.T. Oslin's songs, the female character voices [[EthicalSlut sensuality]], her [[IntercourseWithYou sexual desire]] and [[AllWomenAreLustful pursuit of pleasure]]. Because so many of her songs drip with both [[DoubleEntendre sexual innuendo and bravado]], a newspaper reporter called her the "Music/TinaTurner of Main/CountryMusic". This is how K.T. describes her repertoire:
--> "It's sexual, but it's not quite so in-your-face. It's a different deal. For me to try to stand up there and say, "I'm going to wear hair extensions and long fingernails and [[BareYourMidriff show a lot of skin]]. and then I'll sing about [[TearJerker crying]]... that wouldn't have worked."

[[folder:Professional Wrestling]]
* This really got started during the Attitude Era, when - taking its cue from the antiestablishment values of Extreme Championship Wrestling, among other places - World Wrestling Entertainment began to portray its sluttiest "Divas" not only as cool, but heroic. {{Wrestling/Sable}} got the ball rolling, and from that point there was just no stopping for an entire decade. Not only was there an ongoing parade of face Divas who proudly posed for ''{{Playboy}}'', but their counterparts who advocated traditional social mores ({{Wrestling/Ivory}}, Wrestling/MollyHolly) were portrayed as ''evil'' for that very reason. Noteworthy among the "good" girls were Wrestling/TorrieWilson, who had an "America's sweetheart" persona but was still unabashedly naughty; and Wrestling/MariaKanellis, a [[ManChild Woman Child]] who liked ponies and dolls yet wound up ''naked'' on an episode of ''ECW on SciFi''. It got to the point where {{Wrestling/Melina}} and Wrestling/BethPhoenix came off [[{{Kayfabe}} (in-story)]] as massive bitches for ''not'' wanting to appear in ''Playboy''. It's really saying something that Wrestling/StacyKeibler, who was portrayed first and foremost as a sex object throughout her three-year face run, was one of the more ''wholesome'' faces of this period.
* A [[DownplayedTrope subtle case]] with the Lovely Lacey, who was a terrible person throughout the entirety of her Wrestling/RingOfHonor run. However, her desire for love and sex were not counted among her vices and the more men she had sex with the better a person she became, which still meant Lacey was still insufferable but was eventually enough for a HeelFaceTurn against Wrestling/JimmyJacobs, [[SwappedRoles who by contrast]] got worse when he fell in love and had sex with Lacey.
* ODB after she started showing cleavage and prior to her [[HappilyMarried happy marriage]] to Eric Young. Once when asked by a reporter what it took to get her in the mood she asked if she could have his cigarette and took him to the floor in a dry hump tackle when he said "yes". She's even demanded {{pervy patdown}}s from referees and become envious when they happen to other wrestlers. ODB ''has'' been a heel in some promotions but in Wrestling/{{TNA}} attempting to push her as anything other than a baby face resulted in failure. The best they could manage is to get Wrestling/GailKim and Wrestling/{{Jacqueline}} cheered but even then ODB [[GoodVersusGood wasn't actually booed]].
* The raison d'etre of Irish promotion ''Over The Top Wrestling'''s Martina. Nicknamed 'Session Moth'[[note]]Irish slang term for a HardDrinkingPartyGirl[[/note]], she's out to get laid and so drunk that she's wearing her pyjamas all day. Her talk show is even titled 'In Bed With Martina'. But she's an unambiguous babyface who wants to have fun with the crowd.
* {{Wrestling/Carmella}} initially debuted as the TokenEvilTeammate to Wrestling/EnzoAndBigCass - a trashy spoilt princess who mocked and belittled them. But after she saw how Blake and Murphy treated them, she saw the error of her ways and supported them. So while the trashy outfits and attitude remained, she was now far more heroic.
* [[Wrestling/BellaTwins Nikki Bella]] is a massive pervert - owning five vibrators and with a mirror above the bed so she can look at herself while she's doing it. In the ring she proudly shows lots of cleavage and ass, but her face character is still heroic (albeit GoodIsNotNice).

[[folder:Tabletop Games]]
* In the ''TabletopGame/DungeonsAndDragons'' TabletopGame/{{Mystara}} setting, the Immortal (Immortals being D&D's equivalent of AD&D's gods) Valerias, the Immortal of love, passion, and star-crossed lovers. She genuinely loves her mate Ixion, the Immortal of the sun and fire, but she still has periodic affairs. At the same time, Valerias is one of the good Immortals. To be fair, when you are so old that no one, including yourself and your fellow Immortals, remembers a time when you did not exist in your current form, and when you are at the same time eternally *youthful and unchanging, fidelity is inevitably going to be more of a challenge than for ordinary mortals. Still, Valerias ReallyGetsAround.

* Musetta in ''Theatre/LaBoheme''. She drives her lover Marcello crazy by flirting with other men and occasionally leaves him for a wealthy {{Sugar Daddy}}, but is a true friend, as shown by the loving care she gives to [[IllGirl Mimi]] in the last act.
* Being an {{Expy}} of Musetta, Maureen from ''Theatre/{{RENT}}'' fills this role. "Ever since puberty, everybody's stared at me: boys, girls, I can't help it baby." Her current lover Joanne can't stand her flirtatious (if you ask Maureen) or slutty (if you ask Joanne) ways ("You were flirting with a woman ''in rubber''!"), leading to a combined IAmSong and a pretty epic breakup.
* Ado Annie from ''Theatre/{{Oklahoma}}''. "I Cain't Say No" is her IAmSong.
* Petra from ''Theatre/ALittleNightMusic''. There's a scene where TheIngenue Anne (virginal despite marriage) asks Petra if she's a virgin ("God forbid"), how old she was when it happened (16), and how disgusting it must have been ("Disgusting? It was more fun than the rolly-coaster at the fair").
* ''A Shot In The Dark'' has Josefa Lantenay, a good parlor maid who's bad at keeping her footing around men while not wearing panties. When the murder occurred in her bedchamber, she had been having affairs both with the victim and with the man of the house (but no others: "Josefa isn't really a whore - just bed-minded!"). When she's ultimately released from suspicion, she plans to go into a new line of work: striptease.
* Buffy in ''Theatre/StarlightExpress''. She dresses like an old-fashioned pin-up girl and, in the 1980s London and Broadway productions, quickly establishes her promiscuity, but she has a sweet personality and no one criticizes her for her behavior.

[[folder:Video Games]]
* Kelly Chambers of ''VideoGame/MassEffect2'' will show sexual interest in [[AnythingThatMoves anyone, regardless of gender or species]], but is pretty much a cheerful [[ThePollyanna Pollyanna]] otherwise.
* Leliana from ''VideoGame/DragonAgeOrigins'' is a "repentant bad girl", meaning that she is a former FemmeFatale who [[HeelFaithTurn got religion]] and is now struggling between her wild nature and her newfound beliefs. If you choose to "harden" her, she will embrace her past once more but still stay the kind, caring individual she is. The Player Character, if female, might be portrayed as this, especially the female Human Noble. If propositioned in the Human Noble origin, Dairren states that he has heard of her proclivities (and is happy to oblige himself), and Alistair asks in earlier romance stages if you've "ever [[UnusualEuphemism licked a lamppost in winter]]" and you can reply "many lampposts and then some". You can then go on to have a threesome with Alistair (if he's shed his naive idealism) or Leliana and a third participant, [[PirateGirl Isabela]] (or even a foursome with Leliana and Zevran).
* Pia, and potentially the player, in the ''VideoGame/NeverwinterNights'' module ''VideoGame/ADanceWithRogues'' manages to come across this way, despite the fact that we only ever hear about one past affair. Her willingness to jump into bed with the player helps.
* Shaundi in ''VideoGame/SaintsRow2'', although being a gang member she's therefore not [[VillainProtagonist particularly good by any objective standards]].
* ''VideoGame/TalesOfPhantasia'' has Arche implied to be this, most noticeably when she refuses to see the Unicorn [[VirginPower in case it might mean it won't appear]]. The FanTranslation of the game exaggerated her lines and made her come more obviously across as ''pretty'' sexually experienced.
* The female protagonist of ''Persona 3'' can be played as this, if the player chooses to max out most/all social links.
* In ''Franchise/TheElderScrolls'' series mythology, Dibella, the [[OurGodsAreDifferent Aedric Divine]] Goddess of Beauty and [[LoveGoddess Love]], is associated with elements of innocence (such as always being depicted holding a [[InnocentFlowerGirl delicate white flower]]), but is also associated with the more carnal and sexual aspects of love. The Dibellan Arts, a loosely defined form of lovemaking, is in fact the primary means of worshiping her.

[[folder:Visual Novels]]
* Mion Sonozaki in ''VisualNovel/HigurashiWhenTheyCry''. Much more prevalent in the manga where she does such wholesome things as grope Keiichi's rear in the Cotton Drifting chapters and raunchily stares at his crotch in the Curse Killing chapter. Then again, she may also be acting as such [[TheGadfly to screw with Keiichi for lulz]] every bit as much as it's motivated by affection and/or her screwed up backstory.
* [[RoseHairedSweetie Mayumi]] [[FieryRedhead Kamijou]] from the 90's DatingSim ''VisualNovel/TrueLoveJunaiMonogatari'' is subjected to more than one PantyShot (one right ''after meeting the main character''), is very {{tsundere}}, [[ShecleansUpNicely dresses up quite more sexily]] than the other schoolgirls when she goes out with him, and [[spoiler: he catches her selling out her school clothes (or at least her panties) in the old ''burusera'' sex shops.]] In fact, one of the turning points in Mayumi's route is the incident describe above... and the other is [[spoiler: the PlayerCharacter [[RescueRomance saving her]] [[NearRapeExperience from a prospect rapist]].]]
* Yuka Otowa from ''VisualNovel/CrescendoEienDatoOmotteItaAnoKoro'' tries to pass herself off as this in public. She's actually a very complex and sympathetic mix of BrokenBird and HookerWithAHeartOfGold.

* Erica Richards of ''Webcomic/SwordCatPrincess'' is very sexually open and active. In the course of the first arc, she has sexual encounters with Nicky Dawson (the first one ending early with [[http://swordcatprincess.thecomicseries.com/comics/11/ him holding underwear she forgot about]]). She also [[http://swordcatprincess.thecomicseries.com/comics/117/ has sex with Kathryn "SwordCat" Kennedy after this kiss]]. She further admits to having previously slept with her adopted brother, Officer Jack Dawson.
* Maytag of ''Webcomic/{{Flipside}}'' is this, shamelessly. She is described as a [[AnythingThatMoves nymphomaniac]], and part of the dramatic tension between her and [[spoiler:Bernadette]] is her unwillingness to settle down. [[spoiler:It's revealed that Bernadette already knew that Maytag was cheating on her but was willing to tolerate it as a "phase" of her life.]]
* Sam of ''Webcomic/TheSpaceBetween'' is a hard-partying girl who apparently sleeps around quite a bit, but her [[JustFriends best friend]] Jack doesn't seem to mind particularly, and his new roommate Frank thinks it's hot.
* Despite (because of?) her past as a stereotypically womanizing Frenchman, Petite of ''Webcomic/JetDream'' became extremely interested in men [[GenderBender after her sex change]].
* ''Webcomic/MagickChicks'': Faith is regarded as [[EvenTheGirlsWantHer the hottest girl]] at [[AllGirlSchool Artemis Academy]] and has built [[Administrivia/InUniverseExamplesOnly an in-universe reputation]] [[ThePornomancer for her sex appeal.]] Most of the student body are chomping at the bit for [[http://www.magickchicks.com/strips-mc/touch_of_blonde the chance]] [[http://www.magickchicks.com/strips-mc/the_student_body to sleep]] [[http://www.eeriecuties.com/strips-ec/it_is_for_realsies with her]], and Faith's [[ReallyGetsAround just as eager to please.]] However, she's willing to give all of them up [[spoiler: [[http://www.magickchicks.com/strips-mc/take_things_slow for Tiffany]]]].
* Zeetha, of ''Webcomic/GirlGenius'', is described as "an expert" on sexual matters, though [[TakeOurWordForIt we don't actually get to see any of her sex life onscreen]]. It helps when one of your main deities is a fertility goddess. ("Our holy days are ''fun''! (cha cha cha)")
* ''Webcomic/ScaryGoRound''
** Shelley is fairly promiscuous (or ''was'') in her younger days:
---> "When I did bad things, it just made boys happy."
** Amy is a straighter example and [[AtLeastIAdmitIt and proud of it]]:
---> '''Amy:''' "I've been around the block so many times, they named it after me."\\
'''Erin:''' "Is...Is that a good thing?"\\
'''Amy:''' If you've been given a tank, you don't park it outside a nunnery. You go to war.
* Marina Flippo-Baret of the ''Webcomic/CiemWebcomicSeries'' becomes this briefly. The tragedies that befall her sisters lead them to border on this as well. In Miriam's case, it's a combination of this with post-traumatic embitterment disorder. Made worse by the fact that Miriam becomes a {{Manipulative B|astard}}itch in HighSchool ''just to survive''. In Candi's case, she acts a little like this around her preferred men due to SexIsEvilAndIAmHorny.
* The Drow of ''Webcomic/{{Drowtales}}'' are generally pretty open about sexuality, but Ash'waren of the Sullisin'rune takes the cake as far as this trope goes. She's an EthicalSlut bar none, is implied to have hundreds of children (to the point she has to be reminded which of her daughters is which and initially fails to recognize one of them until reminded of the year of her birth) and just as many lovers of [[EveryoneIsBi both sexes]]. Like everyone else in the series she has her flaws but is overall presented in a positive light.
* Seram from ''Webcomic/MSFHigh'', full stop. Also, recently, Michelle's hidden tendencies for this have been getting into the open.
* Porrim from ''{{Webcomic/Homestuck}}'' is one of the series' most promiscuous characters, willing to share details, and is also the TeamMom to her [[DysfunctionJunction screwed-up group of friends]]. She's also the first troll whose outfit shows cleavage.
* Daisy from ''Webcomic/HeroesOfInkopolis'' is a good battler for Team Green, but very lustful.
* Saying that Larisa from ''Webcomic/SandraAndWoo'' a wild girl is a bit of an understatement; she has smooched half the boy's populace in school, flirts with men older than her, and her own mother has given up trying to control her and is only concerned about her daughter's virginity being intact. But whenever needed, her heart is always in the right place, she is currently in a healthy and stable relationship with Landon, and has reconciled with her enemy.

[[folder:Web Original]]
* Sara from Literature/WhateleyUniverse, alias Carmilla. In fact, she's got her own harem, practically.
* ''Roleplay/DeptHeavenApocrypha'' gives us Meria. She's [[RebelliousSpirit highly]] [[AxCrazy eccentric]] [[ChaoticNeutral as it is]], but [[BerserkButton other people's assumption that her number of past sexual partners makes her a slut REALLY pisses her off]]. In fact, it's the thought that [[spoiler:Seth must think this way about her to have cheated on her]] as much as [[spoiler:the cheating itself]] that leads to [[ShowerOfAngst her]] [[RevengeBeforeReason eventual]] [[InterruptedSuicide breakdown]].
%%* Chakats from the Literature/ChakonaSpace setting. Also, many foxtaur vixens.
* If the first "Spooning With Spoony" was any indication, That Chick With The Goggles from Website/ThatGuyWithTheGlasses.
* Rachel from ''Literature/SimpleComplications'' is an adventurous party-girl who is not shy about her love of sex. She is also a great friend, and is always willing to help out someone in need.
* Yang Xiao Long from ''WebAnimation/{{RWBY}}'' can be considered a {{Downplayed|Trope}} example. In her first appearance, she offers to kiss a mob boss despite being underage (it's a ploy to get him to lean in so she can sucker-punch him), she isn't shy about admiring the male eye candy around Beacon academy when they have co-ed bunking, claims to intentionally dress the way she does to take advantage of her sex appeal, and seemed delighted at the idea of dressing formally at the Beacon dance if only so she can turn heads. She's as close as you could possibly get to this trope in a PG show where [[NoHuggingNoKissing romance is present but not depicted]].

[[folder:Western Animation]]
%%* WesternAnimation/BettyBoop
* In ''WesternAnimation/DrawnTogether'', [[AnythingThatMoves Foxy Love]] is the most moral character aside from Xander.
* A downplayed version is seen with Wendy Corduroy in ''WesternAnimation/GravityFalls''. She has displayed mischievous behavior often (usually around her teenage friends), been in plenty of relationships (though the latest one ended in tears) and at one point stole a police car from the two inept sherrifs of the town. She's also a slacker at work and was willing to take advantage of Mabel's kindness in the episode ''Boss Mabel.'' Nevertheless, she is a strong and moral character who cares about Dipper and Mabel along with the rest of the Mystery Shack and views them like family.
* While it's unknown whether this trope was intentionally meant to be invoked, Rose Quartz from ''WesternAnimation/StevenUniverse'' is an AllLovingHero and FriendToAllLivingThings, but allegedly had various human lovers over the course of her years on earth, and acts ''very'' flirtatious towards the people she loves.
** For example, this quote to Greg:
--> Rose: You're really cute, and I'd love to play with you.
** Another example is [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5dtGvucmFBc her fusion dance with Pearl.]]
** However, the implications of the trope are explored. While she does care alot about her loved ones, her relationship with Greg stood out from the rest because Greg realized they both rushed into the relationship. Both had the spark, but didn't know each other that well and Rose didn't really see Greg as his own individual person until he brought it up and revealed her own insecurities and lack of knowledge in it. However, this talk helped move forward their relationship (symbolized how she called him by first name for the first time) and both made the steps to have a relationship as equals. It's this CharacterDevelopment prompted by Greg that explains why he became the one for her, which contrasts him to Pearl. Pearl did not mind much Rose's escapades because she would outlive them. However, he putting Rose on a pedestal because of her own problems and her own lack of understanding of intimacy is why she couldn't become Rose's one as opposed to Greg.
* Liane Cartman from ''WesternAnimation/SouthPark'' easily qualifies: she can't remember who Cartman's dad actually was (because she banged multiple men at the Drunken Barn Dance), and porn videos starring her are sometimes mentioned during the series, especially in ''WesternAnimation/SouthParkBiggerLongerAndUncut'': when Kyle and Stan were doing a little research, they found a scat porn video starring Liane herself.