A cycle of stylish, psychosexually loaded Italian crime films which peaked sometime in the late '70s. The name means "yellow," and refers to the yellow covers of the pulp detective [[{{Literature}} novels]] which were adapted into the first of the films. Gialli are generally plotted as "puzzle" mysteries (with either [[PoliceProcedural police]] or [[AmateurSleuth amateurs]] investigating), but with a heavy admixture of [[HorrorTropes horror]] and thriller elements.

Major directors of gialli include Creator/DarioArgento, Creator/MarioBava, and Creator/LucioFulci.

Many American movies have been influenced by gialli. These include ''Film/BasicInstinct'', ''Film/KillBill, Vol. 2'' (when it isn't being a SpaghettiWestern), the ''Film/{{Hostel}}'' movies, and pretty much anything by Creator/BrianDePalma. {{Slasher Movie}}s have their roots in the giallo sensibility, as well. All quite appropriate, considering the ''considerable'' stylistic influence the genre draws from Creator/AlfredHitchcock--to the point that many have deemed Hitch [[UrExample the unofficial "father"]] [[TropeMaker of Giallo cinema.]]

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A related genre is the German "krimis".

!!Common tropes include:
* AcquittedTooLate
* AnimalMotifs
* DeathBySex
* DropDeadGorgeous
* EveryoneIsASuspect
* FilmNoir: Somewhat comparable to this genre, but much more colorful, surreal, and gory.
* FreudianExcuse
* GoingByTheMatchbook
* HandOfDeath: Almost always the black-gloved version.
* KensingtonGore
* MoodLighting
* MotiveRant
* NeverOneMurder
* OverlyLongTitle: Sometimes, titles are whole sentences. Example - ''[[http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0069421/?ref_=nm_knf_t3 Your Vice is a Locked Room and Only I Have the Key]]''
* PeekABooCorpse
* RedHerring: Often an incredibly cheap variety in which one character is ''clearly'' extremely suspicious, creepy and weird and end up dead like any other victim without so much as a HandWave as to their odd behavior.
* SerialKiller
* TheSummation
* [[WidgetSeries Weird Italian Thing]]
* WordSaladTitle
!!Giallo films:
* ''Film/TheBirdWithTheCrystalPlumage''
* ''Film/TheBlackBellyOfTheTarantula''
* ''Film/BloodAndBlackLace''
* ''Film/LaCasaDalleFinestreCheRidono''
* ''Film/TheCatONineTails''
* ''Film/DeepRed''
* ''Film/DontTortureADuckling''
* ''Film/FourFliesOnGreyVelvet''
* ''Film/TheNewYorkRipper''
* ''Film/{{Opera}}''
* ''Film/{{Phenomena}}''
* ''Film/IlProfumoDellaSignoraInNero''
* ''Film/ReazioneACatena''
* ''Film/{{Tenebre}}''
* ''Film/{{Trauma}}''
* ''Film/WhatHaveYouDoneToSolange''