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[[caption-width-right:350:When you see it...[[labelnote:Give up?]]Look between the lower two leaves[[/labelnote]]]]

->''"The stuff they're gettin' away with on kids' shows these days..."''
-->-- '''Yakko Warner''', ''WesternAnimation/{{Animaniacs}}''

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Getting Crap Past the Radar refers to instances when a writer, artist or other creator puts inappropriate content into their material that would be shocking not only to the {{Media Watchdog}}s and MoralGuardians, but to everyone else, sneaking it past the censors by using implication or allusion rather than stating it straight out. Often, what makes it shocking is not the specific content, but that it is out of keeping with its context. Most examples are found in materials aimed at children or shows alleging to be family-friendly. And there are times when creators will do this even when they don't have to, simply because [[RuleOfFunny it's funnier than being blatantly vulgar]].

Compare ParentalBonus, which is when a reference to something only adults get is included. Contrast with DefyingTheCensors, in which the creators actually fight to have their controversial work be shown to the masses. See also CrossesTheLineTwice (which is often the end result of excessive Getting Crap Past The Radar or slipping by blatantly inappropriate content).
See also CensorDecoy.

'''Important note for editors:''' To qualify for this trope, content must meet three criteria:
* ''There must be '''Radar''''': It must be in a medium and format where {{Media Watchdog}}s exist and actively censor content. Self-censorship does not count.
* ''There must be '''Crap''''': It must be something that a reasonable person would expect to be censored by said {{Media Watchdog}}s. ParentalBonus, HoYay and LesYay do not count.
* ''The Crap must '''get past''' the Radar'': The inclusion of the content must be intentional, and the creators of the work must be aware that it ought to be censored. There should be a deliberate effort to slip it past the {{Media Watchdog}}s. AccidentalInnuendo does not count.


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