Comic artist well known for his seminal work, ''Comicbook/HardBoiled'', and to a lesser extent, ''Comicbook/TheBigGuyAndRustyTheBoyRobot'', done with FrankMiller. Before all that though he worked as an animator on such cruddy shows as ''ComicBook/RichieRich'' until one day he met the great French artist Creator/{{Moebius}} and the two collaborated on a series of prints called ''City of Fire''. Known for a SignatureStyle that involves [[AwesomeArt a mind-numbing degree of detail]], [[strike: on par with]] square root of a sheet of ''Where's Waldo?''. In Every. Damned. Panel. And, indeed, if you go off the narrative pathway, [[EasterEgg you will find many hidden secrets]]. Also full helpings of {{Gorn}} all around.

After years of successful, critically acclaimed work, he simply vanished.

Two years later, he was found again.

When asked where he had been all this time, Darrow had only one answer.

He had spent the time as lead [[ConceptArt Concept Artist]] for ''Film/TheMatrix''.

Since the mid 2000s he has been writing and drawing his own series published by the Wachowskis called ''Shaolin Cowboy'', issue by issue the comic seemed to increase in demented CrazyAwesome weirdness, sadly it has fallen into severe schedule slip.

Then Darrow revealed that he is directing an animated adaptation of ''Shaolin Cowboy'' with Creator/{{Madhouse}}!

Not to be confused with Geoff Barrow of Music/{{Portishead}}, though [[DreamTeam a collaboration would]] ''[[DreamTeam rule]]''.