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[[quoteright:330:[[WesternAnimation/TheIronGiant http://static.tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pub/images/iron_giant.jpg]]]]
[-[[caption-width-right:330:FriendToAllChildren. [[FriendToAllLivingThings Lover of the Forest Animals]].\\
''[[DoesntLikeGuns Just don't bring out a gun in front of him]].'']]-]

->''"He has to be nice, he's a giant! If he wasn't nice he'd have villagers coming after him with torches!"''
-->-- '''Doug''', ''Series/TheKingOfQueens''

He's big, muscular and angry looking. He might even be an actual monster. People are often fearful of him. But he's got a heart of gold. He loves [[FriendToAllChildren children]] and [[PetTheDog puppies]], and frequently abhors unnecessary violence. He is often rather intelligent, level-headed and analytical, a voice of reason in the group. He probably has a few [[RealMenWearPink unexpected hobbies.]] He's the Gentle Giant. However, when push comes to shove, he's great to have on your side in battle.

This is a ViolationOfCommonSense that has become an archetype in its own right. We are all used to thinking of big people and giant creatures as frightening and mean. Starting back as far as FrankensteinsMonster or earlier, the seven-foot shambling hulk of a man is almost always gentle inside, and [[NotEvilJustMisunderstood misunderstood]] by society at large.

This archetype is so common it's probably ''more'' surprising for the musclebound hulk to turn out to be an irreconcilable jerk or bloodthirsty killer. [[EvolvingTrope The old subversion has become the new norm]].

Two out of three examples of TheBigGuy from the FiveManBand are likely to be this type; he is their Class 2. (The other is usually a GeniusBruiser.) [[BigGuyLittleGuy Sometimes has a much smaller friend and companion.]]

The typical Gentle Giant is quiet and, while not "book smart" (and sometimes [[DumbMuscle outright]] [[DumbIsGood stupid]]), is usually closer to Earth. An occasional subversion of this is to make him the [[GeniusBruiser most intelligent]] member of the group, either as a scientist and tech guy or as a cynic. He may also like things [[RealMenWearPink that other guys will think of as "un-manly"]], and woe to you if you mock him for that.

[[BewareTheNiceOnes If someone manages to push him too far, bad things will happen.]]

Compare TheGrotesque. Contrast TheNapoleon and KillerRabbit. See also BruiserWithASoftCenter, for which being tough and badass is the default, and the sensitivity may be a [[HiddenDepths Hidden Depth]]. Frequently overlaps with FaceOfAThug. Not to be confused with the [[Music/GentleGiant British progressive rock band]].



* The Jolly Green Giant, the mascot of B&G Foods and an icon of veggie commercials. True to his name, he is a smiling, jovial giant who bellows a happy "Ho ho ho!" as part of his jingle.
* According to this [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HwM2pBTLdxs&feature=feedu commercial]], Flo from Progressive is one.

[[folder:Anime and Manga]]
* Koujirou Banbi from ''Manga/AiOreLoveMe'' is a large, muscular teenager with a bad reputation and a [[GoodScarsEvilScars scar on his face]]. He's actually a pretty gentle and sweet guy though.
* ''Manga/AttackOnTitan'':
** TeamDad Reiner Braun, who towers over his fellow trainees and is built like a linebacker. His HeterosexualLifePartner Bertolt Hoover may also count, being incredibly tall, noted to be TheQuietOne and a follower at heart. [[spoiler:Horribly subverted, when it turns out both are not only Titan Shifters sent to infiltrate the human ranks... but the two Titans responsible for breaching the Walls in the first place. And then double subverted, as it's revealed that neither of them actually [[TrappedInVillainy wanted]] to do it, and they're both struggling with crushing -- and in Reiner's case, [[SanitySlippage mind-breaking]] -- levels of guilt; and that their affection for their comrades was [[BecomingTheMask genuine]].]].
** Played straight with Mike Zacharias, who is the [[OneManArmy second strongest member]] of the Survey Corps and stands at an impressive 196 cm (6'4"), making him the tallest human in the series. He's also a fairly mellow guy who is perfectly willing to make himself a decoy to ensure the escape of those under his command.
* ''Webcomic/AxisPowersHetalia'':
** Sweden is one of these, although most of the other countries don't notice because of his grunt-like speech pattern and constant [[DeathGlare deathglare/stoic expression]]. Basically, Sweden is a HugeSchoolgirl in the body of a BigGuy.
** It was the preferred {{fanon}} characterization for [[StoicSpectacles Cameroon]], too. (Having a [[CuteKitten cute pet lion cub]] certainly helped). Then it became canon: the Christmas Event for 2010 mentions that [[spoiler: he got captured]] when he was actually teaching [[UsefulNotes/AssociationFootball how to play soccer]] [[FriendToAllChildren to a bunch of kids from his land.]]
* Sakaki from ''Manga/AzumangaDaioh'' is a HugeSchoolgirl who's often perceived as brooding and unapproachable, when in reality she's just shy, self-conscious and absorbed in thinking about stuffed animals and other girlish matters. Although she has little interest in sports, she is a natural athlete who almost always wins when asked to compete.
* Belle from ''Anime/BelleAndSebastian'' is a female example: an enormous white dog who is incredibly gentle and loves kids, but can easily make a short work of a pack of wolves threatening her boy Sebastian. Unfortunately, she is also actively hunted by the authorities (who call her ''The White Demon'') because they believe her to be dangerous.
* Pippin from ''{{Manga/Berserk}}'' while being the biggest man around is the most soft spoken member of the Band of the Hawk.
* ''Manga/{{Bleach}}'':
** Yasutora "Chad" Sado is tall, powerful, and completely unwilling to use his powers to defend himself; however, he will readily bring the pain to anyone who wants to hurt his friends. He also has a secret obsession with cute things. He only quite subverts the not-so-intelligent part though, being 11th in the top 50 Freshmen grades (out of almost 400 students), and having some quite smart plans of himself; but then again, in ''Bleach'', everybody is a nerd. [[InformedAbility Sort of...]]
** From the shinigami side, according to the data books, [[NobleWolf Sajin Komamura]] owns a dog called Goro, and takes it for a walk whenever he has free time. He's a NiceGuy when off-duty, very amiable to his squad, and likes watching dog shows.
** Hachigen Ushoda of the Vizards. He's a huge cuddly man-mountain with pink hair, and a BarrierWarrior who prefers to use kidou rather than wave a sword around.
** Jidanbou, too. Once you get to know him, that is.
* The Laputan robots from ''Anime/CastleInTheSky'' can be extremely dangerous (They can shoot lethal laser from their eyes), but care for innocent birds' nests and put flowers on an ancient grave. And they also defend little girls from CorruptBureaucrat types.
* In his true form, Chrono from ''Manga/ChronoCrusade'' behaves rather like this. Although he has a violent temper when [[BerserkButton pushed too far]], he genuinely doesn't want to hurt anyone and is often shown regretting the battles he takes a part of.
* ''Manga/CityHunter'': Umibozu, at least when he's not pissed or trying to kill you, is a very gentle person, in spite of his size and intimidating looks.
* Geronimo Jr./005 from ''Manga/{{Cyborg 009}}''. He's HUGE, has a mohawk and possesses super strength and stamina even bigger than 009's, yet he's a very level-headed and soft-spoken pacifist and very often is the voice of reason in the team.
* Tionishia from ''Manga/DailyLifeWithMonsterGirl'' is an eight-foot-tall ogre girl who also happens to be the friendliest and most personable member of her team, despite being their primary muscle. There's even an entire chapter devoted to her "calming aura", which all but sucks the stress and/or anger out of anyone spending time with her. In general Ogres, {{Oni}} (who are generally smaller), Trolls (who are bigger ''and'' brawnier), and Gigantes (literal giants that stand on average 10 meters/ 32 feet) are extremely docile and the Gagantes largely spend their days sitting around wearing rags while they wait for something to do.
* ''Manga/DragonBallZ'':
** Android 16. He's huge, has massively broad shoulders, wears chunky green armor, and has harsh facial features and a mohawk. But he gets a couple of [[PetTheDog Pet The Bird]] moments, drops his homicide mission in order to try to kill the main villain, Cell, and eventually [[spoiler:attempts a HeroicSacrifice, which turns out to be futile, except for pushing Gohan into enough of a rage to go Super Saiyan 2.]]
** Android 8 from the original ''Dragon Ball''. A tall, imposing figure who happens to look exactly like FrankensteinsMonster and was built to be a destructive killing machine, but is ultimately a FriendToAllLivingThings. [[BewareTheNiceOnes Still, whatever you do, don't put his friends in danger.]] General White learned this the hard way.
** The Ox King. He starts out of a big, strong guy with a reputation for being a bloodthirsty monster, but quickly defends Goku. He spends most of his appearances over the franchise as a doting grandfather.
* ''Anime/DragonBallSuper'':
** Pirina. He's one huge Namekian with [[MusclesAreMeaningful impressive muscles]] and the [[FaceOfAThug Face Of A Thug]]. Shortly before he was ereased with Universe 6, he was somehow hinted to be one, [[SugarWiki/HeartwarmingMoments and how he was being held by Kale was just adorable]]. Maybe we will know more about him later as he probably will be brought back to life.
* Ooshima, the huge high school athlete from ''Manga/{{Emerging}}''. Exemplified by his shy/loving relationship with his girlfriend Misaki whose only about half as tall and wide as the shoulder as her boyfriend, this couple make a very cute HugeGuyTinyGirl couple.
* ''Manga/{{Eyeshield 21}}:''
** Kurita. His teammates are terrified... of his ''hugs''.
** Subverted with Kurita's rival Gao, while having Kurita's size (spread out differently of course) is definitely BloodKnight of the series.
* "Beast Arm" Elfman from ''Manga/FairyTail''.
** Makarov is an inversion. He's normally kind and gentle, when he's two feet tall, but when he uses his Titan Magic, it means he's about to kick someone's ass.
** Also Gildarts.
* ''Manga/FistOfTheNorthStar'':
** Fudoh, a giant Goshasei warrior that towers over even ''Raoh''. Oh, and he's the gentle and loving caretaker of many orphaned children. Fudoh goes on to prove not only in size is he the bigger man, but is the first to truly instill fear in Raoh. The conversation that Foudoh has with Raoh is to the effect of him showing that his (Fudoh's) children are his REAL treasure and as such Raoh, whom believes that by the power of his Ken (fist) only the world will be changed, has absolutely nothing to match.
** Shuh and Toki also follow this trope to a less obvious degree, although not quite as tall.
* ''Manga/FullmetalAlchemist'':
** Alphonse Elric. A young boy whose soul is attached to a giant suit of armor, he is kind to ''everyone'' and loves cats, having a tendency of picking up strays and hiding them inside himself. When he does get riled up, he's at least as good a fighter as his brother...but his mind and soul are still those of a young boy. The armor makes it easy to forget that.
** Alex Louis Armstrong also fits this role like a glove. Despite his immense raw power and efficiency on the battlefield, ultimately, it's Armstrong's compassion for the enemy that's preventing him from ever being promoted. He is also [[ManlyTears easily moved to tears]], and cares a great deal about the Elric brothers.
** Sig Curtis, a huge butcher and MightyGlacier who's very HappilyMarried to the Elrics' {{Tsundere}} mentor Izumi, is also a total sweetheart... [[BewareTheNiceOnes unless you threaten Izumi or someone he and Izumi care for, that is.]]
* ''Anime/GhostInTheShellStandAloneComplex'':
** Batou claims that shooting guns and hand to hand combat aren't really his strength, but that he really specializes in negotiation. Although this is not backed up by what we see in the series so it's more than likely that he was being sarcastic. Which becomes HilariousInHindsight if you consider his and Togusas visit to the {{Yakuza}} to "just talk" in ''Innocence''. Less than ten seconds into the scene he start blowing the place apart with a belt-fed machine gun. Or the manga, where he [[ColdBloodedTorture casually tortures a bad guy brutally for information.]] He has more than his fair share of PetTheDog moments. Big guy almost tears up a few times and his relationship with the Tachikomas, combined with babying them with natural oil, is implied to be what gives them ghosts.
* ''Anime/GingaDensetsuWeed'':
** Rocket. While not buff, he's very tall and one of the sweetest dogs in Weed's pack after his HeelFaceTurn.
** Ben also qualifies, as do the massive Fighting dogs Weed recruits to his team. In fact almost all the larger dogs on Weed's side qualify as this, while the smaller ones like Silver tend to be Tiny Terrors.
** Moss from the prequel, ''Manga/GingaNagareboshiGin'', definitely qualifies. Despite his massive size (being an English Mastiff and all), he's extremely gentle towards the puppy Chibi ([[spoiler:Tesshin]]) and treats him like a second son.
* Jason Ozma from ''Manga/HajimeNoIppo'' looks like a huge ScaryBlackMan, but is ''extremely'' gentle and polite even to his rivals... Which leads to a hilarious scene in his introduction to Ippo.
* Zaitsu Misao of ''Manga/HatsukoiLimited'' is a great example of this trope. He loves birds and small creatures, and is incredibly gentle except when forced to fight, but his immense size and death glare scare even the bravest critters away.
* In ''Manga/{{Hellsing}}'', Father Alexander Anderson is an 8-foot tall HolyHitman who functions as TheJuggernaut for the Catholic Church and their legion of trained assassins. The majority of his time onscreen involves slaughtering vampires, regenerating hacked-off limbs, and going toe-to-toe with Alucard, Hellsing's nigh-invincible EldritchAbomination. However, it's also shown that Anderson ''adores'' children and spends whatever time he's not hunting the undead back in Rome, where he runs an orphanage and plays surrogate father to dozens of children.
* The Daidarabochi from ''Manga/HellTeacherNube'' is a literal giant, over ten stories tall, with the supernatural ability to rearrange the topography of a region as though it had always been like that. Miki Hosokawa, one of Nube's students, is able to call on it for a little while in order to improve the landscape of Domori to her liking: such as widening the streets to make them safer, moving a construction site so it won't deprive some flowers of sunlight, and taking a communications tower from the city out to the countryside just so the baby birds nesting there have a better environment to grow up in. Unfortunately for her sanity, she's the only one who remembers the previous look of the city, so nobody (not even Nube) believes the story of Daidarabochi, at least until it saves her from falling when she tries to climb up to the nest herself.
* The producer in the anime adaptation of ''Anime/TheIdolmasterCinderellaGirls'' towers over most others and looks fearsome, but in actuality he's an awkward person who doesn't have much to say, and mostly acts kindly towards others.
* Gakushuu from ''Manga/IkkiTousen'': Big and muscle-bound, but really a nice guy [[SweetTooth with a fondness for sweets]].
* ''Manga/InuYasha'':
** The HalfhumanHybrid Jinenji has a giant monstrous form due to his half-{{youkai}} heritage and yet all he wants to do is heal people.
** In the anime, Sesshoumaru's two-headed [[OurDragonsAreDifferent dragon]]-[[HorseOfADifferentColor horse]] pet is [[AnimatedAdaptation turned into this]]. The anime gives him the name Ah-Un and turns him into a gentle herbivore despite his pointed teeth and ability to shoot lightning and energy blasts from both mouths.
* At age 19, Jonathan Joestar of ''Manga/JojosBizarreAdventurePhantomBlood'' is 195 centimeters (approximately 6 feet 3 inches) and has the physique of a bodybuilder, but is a very kind-hearted gentleman and is willing to forgive almost anyone, the sole exception being Tarukus (who was extremely sadistic and only cared about killing). [[spoiler:He even dies clutching Dio Brando's disembodied head and acknowledging him as a brother, despite the latter having made his life Hell since the two met. It's even reciprocated - when Jonathan dies, Dio looks absolutely ''heartbroken''.]]
* Narumi of ''Manga/KarakuriCircus'' qualifies; he's a massive martial artist, and even has a rough attitude and temper, but he will never harm someone who doesn't deserve it in the utmost.
* Muay Thai god of Death Apachai Hopachai, from ''Manga/KenichiTheMightiestDisciple'', has this trope's name carved in his forehead.
* Just about any "cultured" Zentradi on ''Anime/{{Macross}}'' after the original ''Anime/SuperDimensionFortressMacross''. Post-2009 humanity typically has [[UnusuallyUninterestingSight no reaction to seeing a tall giant walking around]].
** Especially shown in ''Anime/MacrossFrontier'', seeing as the majority of Zentradi tend to be average people who just happen to make normal-sized people look like dolls next to them. A specific example being Alto and Sheryl hanging out with Klan, with the former two having to be on a third story just to talk to face to face with the latter.
* [[TheQuietOne Zafira]] of ''Franchise/LyricalNanoha''. A huge WolfMan, and, if Vivio and Hayate are to be believed in [[FourthWallMailSlot the third Megami Sound Stage]], someone who's really good with children. Considering the fact that he helps babysit Vivio in the anime, that's not hard to believe and as the Yagami family-centric M4 [[AudioAdaptation Sound Stage]] shows, he spends his free time playing around with the neighborhood kids and teaching them magic or martial arts (formally opening up a children's dojo by the time of ''[=ViVid=]''). This is also the only time he's out of his wolf form after he joined [[TheFederation the TSAB]].
* ''Anime/MobileSuitGundamWing'':
** Rashid Kurama from is the very tall, very badass, and very devoted leader of Quatre's group, the Magnac Corps.
** Argo Gulskii from ''Anime/MobileFighterGGundam''. Very smart, quiet, scary-looking - and the most level-headed, gentler of the Shuffle Alliance.
* Wolfgang Grimmer, from ''Manga/{{Monster}}''; huge (primarily in height, but he ''is'' clearly very strong as well) and also an incredibly sweet-natured [[TheWoobie Woobie]]. Just... [[UnstoppableRage don't make him angry]].
* Golem of ''Anime/MonsterRancher'', for sure. A hulking, solid stone, superstrong animate statue that looks like a frowning samurai on steroids? But he's gentle, thoughtful (he's introduced carefully tending for a flower)...but, as with so many of his kind, there's the BerserkButton danger. Do ''not'', under any circumstances, ''ever'' threaten anyone or anything that he cares for.
* Takeo Goda, the main character of ''Manga/MyLoveStory'' is a high school student standing six-and-a-half feet tall, and is built like a gorilla. He's also very careful and considerate, making sure to never use his size or strength to hurt anyone.
* ''Manga/{{Naruto}}'':
** [[SplitPersonality Juugo]], when he's not in AxeCrazy mode, is a FriendToAllLivingThings.
** Gantetsu, from the anime-only Shinobazu arc, rescues and protects the children orphaned by the Shinobazu gang (of which he is a member).
** Choza Akimichi (Choji's dad) also qualifies; he's one of the bigger characters in Naruto and is a badass on the battlefield, but off it, he's very kind and gentle.
** Choji himself counts, being a somewhat dim and very bottomless yet also extremely loyal boy who is [[IAmBigBoned NOT FAT, JUST BIG BONED!]] He still has room to physically grow even more, since he's just 16-17 in ''Shippuden''. In the sequel series ''Manga/{{Boruto}}'' he's shown pretty doting to his daughter Chocho.
* The Ohmu from ''Manga/NausicaaOfTheValleyOfTheWind'' are whale-sized BigCreepyCrawlies who look terrifying, but are quite docile and friendly [[spoiler: and have the power to resurrect people]]. Unless [[BewareTheNiceOnes you provoke them to attack]]...
* ''Anime/OuranHighSchoolHostClub'':
** Ritsu Kasanoda. He's a scary looking {{Yakuza}} heir who has a soft spot for living things and takes up gardening because [[FaceOfAThug his face frightens animals]][[note]]In his anime debut episode, he is seen nursing an injured sparrow back to health. The bird is perfectly calm around him and only flies away after being startled by something else.[[/note]]
** Mori is tall and stoic, although no one really finds him scary (Mostly because his adorable cousin Hunny is constantly around him). In any case, Mori loves animals and takes care of a little chick and later an orphaned tanuki in the manga.
* ''Manga/OnePiece'':
** Most giants take after the Vikings in their behavior. However, we have an exception in Jaguar D. Saul, a giant Nico Robin met in her childhood. Though he still had a fighting role as a Marine vice-admiral, he was a fair and compassionate individual overall. Just as the trope describes, when he finally got angry, he began tossing around ''battleships.''
** Post timeskip, we get [[spoiler:[[StatuesqueStunner Shirahoshi]], a mermaid princess that's probably of comparable size to the Thousand Sunny. She's polite, docile, and harmless. Except [[TheBeastmaster she can control sea kings]].]]
** Even the leaders of the Giant Pirate crew, Dorry and Broggy, can be considered examples of this trope. Outside of battle, they are incredibly nice, jovial fellows, only getting angry when their sense of honor or friends are threatened.
** There's Franky and Brook, the two largest members of the Straw Hat pirates. The former is a massive, super-manly cyborg who cries easily and the latter is a giant human skeleton who hasn't got a mean bone in his body (yohohoho).
** Franky's mentor, Tom, a giant cowfish fishman. He's incredibly kind and jolly and even took in Franky and Iceburg. Despite this, in his very first appearance he is seen ''throwing a giant ship into the air and throwing the three masts like spears right into it.''
** Jinbe's a freakin' ''9'8'' whale shark fishman, and is one of the Straw Hat Pirates' closest allies. Also happens to be a former Warlord, and the nicest of all of them.
* Papa Panda from ''Anime/PandaGoPanda'' is huge and a little scary before he really appears, but he's actually really friendly and even offers to be Mimiko's father.
* Tragically, [[spoiler:Oz himself as the chain B-Rabbit]] from ''Manga/PandoraHearts''. He's used by [[spoiler:[[EvilAllAlong Jack]]]] for his immense Abysmal power to slaughter countless people against his will and eventually to [[spoiler:destroy the chains supporting the world, essentially causing TheEndOfTheWorldAsWeKnowIt]]. However, all he ever wanted to do was [[spoiler:protect Alice, who loved him [[ItMakesSenseInContext when he was only a stuffed rabbit doll]] and gave him a name and place to belong]]. Later, [[spoiler:Jack]] gets called out on his mistreatment of him by [[spoiler:Alice]] herself, just before she [[spoiler:[[SugarWiki/MomentOfAwesome takes her own life to keep Jack from using Oz further]]]].
-->[[spoiler:Alice]]: "How can you be so utterly unaffected? Can't you see it? Can't you hear it? Can't you see [[spoiler:Oz]] screaming through his tears?"
* Senri, a bear-man (well, he can turn his arm into a bear arm, at least), from the manga ''Manga/PlusAnima''. He's extremely large and powerful, but his personality is probably best summed up by his character data. "Likes: small flowers." No, really. He likes to press them and use them as bookmarks in his diary. He's also TheQuietOne.
* ''Anime/{{Pokemon}}'':
** Ash's [[MuckMonster Muk]] is a foul-smelling BlobMonster that loves to hug people (especially Professor Oak, its primary caretaker).
** The Dragonite in Blackthorn City. It's really friendly, but is still a dangerous fighter, as the episode ''Great Bowls of Fire'' will tell you.
** In Charizard's Burning Ambition, the largest Charizard in the Charicific Valley was said to be the most docile, until Ash's own Charizard tried to pick a fight with it.
* ''Manga/ThePrinceOfTennis'':
** Choutarou Ohtori ([[NiceGuy sweet, quiet, gentle]] violinist and [[SensitiveGuyAndManlyMan the sensitive guy to Shishido's]] [[HotBlooded Manly Man]]... [[SubvertedTrope in a way]]) and Munehiro Kabaji (Atobe's closest friend from childhood time, very close to his older sister). Both are members of the Hyoutei team.
** A harsher version is Gin Ishida from the Shitenhouji team. Tall, muscled, [[BaldOfAwesome shaved bald]], fearsome, ruthless in tennis... as well as [[HonorBeforeReason very honor bound]], always bowing quietly before a match and facing [[spoiler: Takashi Kawamura]] at full strength to honor [[{{Determinator}} his rival's fierce resolution to finish the match]] despite a GameBreakingInjury. His younger brother Tetsu, who plays for Fudomine, is a very soft-spoken and amiable young man who becomes quite HotBlooded in game.
** Kabaji. He is 193 cms at age 13, but he's very quiet and polite, and in one of the anime specials he was very depressed [[spoiler: when his dear older sister announced her marriage.]] He's also said to be [[RealMenWearPink very good at domestic stuff]] [[AllThereInTheManual in the info books.]]
* Randall from ''Anime/PumpkinScissors'' is gentle by default, though he can drive himself berserk by lighting the lantern he carries. In the anime, the only time he's seen even trying to fight when not berserk is when protecting his commanding officer.
* Maggie Mui from ''Anime/ReadOrDie'' tops the charts at six feet and one inch in height, and being an expert at manipulating paper. She also happens to be a big ShrinkingViolet who likes reading and sleeping in cozy places.
* Orson in ''VideoGame/RecordOfLodossWar''. When he is not in Berserker mode, he comes across as a fairly gentle, soft-spoken person... although he is also a very emotionless character (for a good reason, as he is possessed by a spirit who has deprived him of all his emotions except rage).
* ''Manga/RurouniKenshin'':
** Fuji from He's a genuinely gentle guy (his first flash back moment in the anime involves him placing a bird back into its nest) who was nearly shot to death by scared guards simply because he was ''so'' massive (like, towering over buildings) [[FaceOfAThug that he freaked people out]], and was manipulated by [[SmugSnake a cunning old man]] into fighting for one of the villains. [[spoiler: Once he's free from the other's control, thanks to WarriorTherapist Hiko Seijuurou, Fuji [[HeelFaceTurn cuts a deal with the Meiji government]] and becomes a rural guard in Hokkaido, [[EarnYourHappyEnding finally getting the peaceful life he has yearned for]].]]
** Also, [[spoiler: Anji Yukyuzan]] [[BewareTheNiceOnes exemplifies]] what happens when a Gentle Giant ''[[FreakOut loses it]]'', after having his BerserkButton (in his case, [[spoiler: [[PapaWolf the children he was taking care of]] are killed by the leaders of the nearby village]]) pushed to the extreme. [[spoiler: He gets better, though.]]
* Makoto Kino/Sailor Jupiter from ''Franchise/SailorMoon'' is a HugeSchoolGirl, [[TheBigGuy The Big Gal]] in her [[FiveManBand Five Woman Band]], and is very, ''very'' strong. Despite her history of being a supposed delinquent and her aggressiveness in battle, she is actually very sweet and emphatic. Not to mention being a ChefOfIron (Ordinary type), a good housekeeper (just look at how quickly she made short work of Motoki's messy flat!), and a MamaBear (don't you DARE bully her friends! and if you're an enemy, do NOT touch her 'band!).
* ''Manga/SlamDunk'':
** The main character, Hanamichi Sakuragi. He's an ex delinquent and [[FaceOfAThug looks really scary]], but he's very gentle and respectful towards women and, if he likes you, he'll be your friend through thick and thin. Just make sure to not hit his {{Berserk Button}}s and you can't have a better friend than him.
** Jun Uozumi from Ryonan High, so much. [[HotBlooded When not in the basket courts, that is]]. [[spoiler: He even was a [[ShrinkingViolet Weeping Willow]] in his first year, bullied by his lack of skill to the point of [[HeroicBSOD breaking down in tears]] in front of TeamDad Taoka, who gave him a RousingSpeech to give him his strength back.]]
** Mikio Kawata, whose frequently scolded for not being aggressive enough.
* Mana from ''Manga/SuperdreadnoughtGirl4946'' is just under 50m in height, but is still just a teenage girl on the inside.
* Kazuichi Banjou from ''Manga/TokyoGhoul''. A tall and heavily built Ghoul, he comes across as a dangerous tough guy when first introduced... but is quickly revealed to be a kindhearted pacifist and TeamDad to pretty much everyone he meets.
* Tatsuya's boxing buddy Shohei Harada in the manga/anime ''{{Manga/Touch}}''. He's big, tough, intimidating, and isn't into anything gentle or "feminine" but he has a real heart of gold.
* Takashi "Jumbo" Takeda from the ''Manga/{{Yotsuba}}'' manga is a ''really'' [[TheBigGuy big guy]], but he's friendly and quite harmless... except when he feels he's been exploited or tricked, like when he asked Yotsuba to invite Asagi to a water park but she only brings Fuka and Ena, causing an angry outburst when Fuka tries to take the flowers he had brought for Asagi. He's never actually tried to hurt anyone, but he can be kinda scary...
* In ''Manga/ZatchBell'', one of the book keepers is a huge guy, whom Kiyomaro initially thinks of as the "demon". Turns out he's a nice, shy boy being manipulated by the demon (who turns out to be the nice looking boy and wants to blow up the big guy's old school) because the big guy was picked on as a kid and didn't have the personal strength to stand up to his bullies.

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* In the ''TabletopGame/MagicTheGathering'' storyline, Karn the Silver Golem was so physically powerful he could kill a giant with his bare hands... and suffered a FreakOut after the first time he beat a man to death, after which point he became a pacifist (the kind that actually refuses to harm any other living thing, and "fights" by grabbing people and holding them still without so much as a bruise... not [[TechnicalPacifist that other kind of pacifist]]). Except against Phyrexians. Those he annihilates with extreme prejudice, but they're an evil mix of Undead Cyborgs and other horrors, so that's OK.

[[folder:Comic Books]]
* Some comic book characters are gentle giants [[BlessedWithSuck by]] [[CursedWithAwesome necessity]]. Captain Britain is constantly aware that a slip-up could turn a handshake into a crushed hand.
* Sam Simeon, the ape of ''ComicBook/AngelAndTheApe'', is a 249 kg [[EverythingsBetterWithMonkeys talking gorilla]], but he's [[GeniusBruiser more of a thinker than a fighter]] and would rather just draw comic books anyway; his lovely partner Angel O'Day is a crack shot who can take care of herself.
* Marmaduke "Moose" Mason from ''Franchise/ArchieComics''. [[BerserkButton Unless he thinks someone's messing with his girlfriend.]]
* Obelix from the ''ComicBook/{{Asterix}}'' comics is huge, has superhuman strength, and terrifies all the bad guys. He's also a sweetie that often gets described as "a big kid". Sure, he beats up Romans all the time, but he sees it as a game and is surprised because they don't seem to like it. Just don't hurt his dog, or imply anything about his weight, and you'll be fine. And don't touch the wimpy blonde kid he's trying to train to be a great warrior, or he will enter PapaWolf mode and will wipe the floor with your entire village, even if Vikings are [[spoiler: "Much more fun than the Romans! We should invite them to invade our village sometime!"]]. Essentially, don't threaten anyone he likes or is protecting, because he will mess you up.
* Nuklon/Atom Smasher in Franchise/TheDCU started out this way... until he did a brief FaceHeelTurn and [[spoiler:helped Black Adam invade Khandaq, murdering a bunch of people along the way, frequently by stomping on them.]] He's back on the right track, though.
* Calibretto, the bird-loving War Golem from the comic ''ComicBook/BattleChasers''.
* Steve Rogers, a.k.a. ComicBook/CaptainAmerica, is also this. Sure, he's a SuperSoldier and a OneManArmy, but he's possibly the biggest NiceGuy the Marvel Universe.
* ComicBook/{{Deadpool}} even shows this trope. He's a 6' 2" unkillable mercenary, but despite his psychopathic nature and all around nutty behaviour, he's very sweet to people who aren't his targets (especially children).
* ''Comicbook/FantasticFour'': Ben Grimm, a.k.a. The Thing, is a hulking rock monster capable of lifting tanks with one hand... and the sweetest guy you're even likely to meet, and a [[PapaWolf great uncle to boot.]] Even ''before'' his transformation he counted (albeit in a less extreme way.) He's not called "the Ever-Lovin' Blue-Eyed Thing" for nothing.
* Stumbo the Giant from Harvey Comics... probably the most literal of this trope if not the most famous.
* The Franchise/IncredibleHulk can sometimes be the epitome of this trope. [[DependingOnTheWriter Sometimes]]. He can be very innocent, loyal, and well intentioned.
* His DistaffCounterpart ComicBook/SheHulk is this trope too, possibly even more so than the Hulk.
* Kuga the Lion Killer from ''Creator/JackKirby's Satan's Six''. The name might be off-putting, but he secretly loves animals far too much to harm them or let any harm come to them.
* ComicBook/MartianManhunter is very strong, tall and creepy looking, but is sweet and warm on the inside.
* In Creator/AlejandroJodorowsky's ''ComicBook/{{Megalex}}'', Ram generally has a kind and compassionate personality, but he is capable of violence when necessary.
* ''ComicBook/TheMightyThor'':
** Thor -- terrible enemy in battle, great guy outside of it and FriendToAllChildren.
** Volstagg is this UpToEleven. He's pretty gigantic and pretty formidable, if not quite the a GodModeSue as his LargeHam boasts would cast him as, but he's also a loving father and even more of a FriendToAllChildren than Thor.
* Big the Cat in ''ComicBook/ArchieComicsSonicTheHedgehog''. Laid back, wants to just fish and be with his best pal in the whole world Froggy and is more than happy to spend time with his friends. However, try to hurt his friends and he'll get angry.
* Comicbook/{{Supergirl}} is tall (5'7''), muscular, inhumanly strong, short-tempered... and she's also a kind-hearted, compassionate and optimistic FriendToAllChildren.
* Franchise/{{Superman}} has the strength of a god, can fly through stars without breaking a sweat, can block bullets with his bare skin, can fly across galaxies... and he'd rather give you a hug than a punch if he can help it. There's a reason one of his nicknames is The Big Blue Boy Scout, he's just that nice. And that is a great thing for everyone. As both a PhysicalGod and an AllLovingHero, Supes is undeniably this. Many incarnations of Clark Kent have this reputation as well, his "mild-mannered" affect standing in contrast to his 6'3, 220 pound, heavily muscled physique.
* ''ComicBook/WonderWoman'' may be {{Amazonian|Beauty}} [[StatuesqueStunner in every]] [[BoobsOfSteel respect]] and has been known to kill in the past, but she is still [[AllLovingHero quite possibly the most loving heroine]] in the DC pantheon, to the point where she [[TechnicalPacifist would prefer diplomacy]], will almost never give up on a friend turned enemy, and also [[FriendToAllLivingThings communicates with animals]].
* Guido Carosella a.k.a. Strong Guy from ''ComicBook/XFactor''. Overbulging with muscles due to malfunctioning superpowers. Has to sit on the floor a lot because he's just too tall to function in most rooms. Brainwashing had him kill a man and he took it horribly bad until the victim's own wife forgives him. Like the others in this sub list, nice and sweet until innocents/his friends are threatened, then things get smashed. He's also in pain most of the time, but conceals it by joking around so people [[DontYouDarePityMe won't take pity on him]].
* ''ComicBook/XMen'':
** Hank "The Beast" [=McCoy=] is a good example of the super-intelligent giant subversion.
** Similarly, Piotr "Colossus" Rasputin is a young mountain of a man even before he turns into steel, but at heart is a gentle-souled artist unless brain-damaged or provoked.
* The shapeshifting Hulkling of the ''ComicBook/YoungAvengers'' is more often than not a big guy, and is generally the nicest, sweetest person on the team. [[BerserkButton Unless you hurt and/or threaten his boyfriend]].

[[folder:Comic Strips]]
* Georgie The Giant from ''ComicStrip/{{Popeye}}''. He is a benign being that lives alone on a small island, because he does not want to accidentally hurt anyone that is around him. Popeye has to fight him once when he is under the control of an evil sorceress.
* The skinhead (no Nazi, though) Bully from ''ComicStrip/{{Rudi}}''.
* In ''ComicStrip/{{Luann}}'', there's Oxford ("Ox" for short), a really big, muscular kid, who's actually a friendly guy who ''hates'' bullies, and defends students like Gunther from them.
* Big Stoop from ''ComicStrip/TerryAndThePirates''.
* Henry, the Wizard's pet dragon in ''ComicStrip/TheWizardOfId''; he wouldn't hurt a fly. (Well, [[WalkingDisasterArea at least not on purpose]].)

[[folder:Eastern Animation]]
* Shumadan from ''Animation/QumiQumi''. He's still young, but his other tribemates treat him like a formidable and strong adult thanks to his size...when he's the kindest and most innocent member of his [[TheNapoleon short and short-tempered]] colleagues.

[[folder:Fan Works]]
* ''FanFic/ANewChanceSeries: A New Chance for Adventure'': Skailyn, a ''one hundred foot long'' black [[Anime/{{Pokemon}} Rayquaza]] with a mouth full red, sharp teeth. She is described as being very kind and peaceful, and tries to act as discreetly as possible... until she sees a horrible injustice done to Pokémon.
* ''FanFic/ItsNotTheRaptorDNA'' has Elise the ''Indominus Rex'', especially after she finds out she loves entertaining children. She is gentle enough that her threat level is lowered from red (Very High) to green (Low). Just don't make her angry; she ''is'' part ''T. Rex'', after all.
* ''WebComic/GS260'': Rini who has grown into a six-story tall girl, is helpful to people and uses her size for good.
* ''Fanfic/PonyPOVSeries'':
** Fauna Luster's true form is so huge that she's larger than the ''universe''...and she's also Empathy Personified and loves literally every living thing in existence. [[BewareTheNiceOnes Just don't do something to legitimately tick her off]].
** Dark World!Spike is a fully grown dragon and as massive as that implies, but he's still ''Spike'', and one of the most gentle dragons on the planet. He's more than willing to fight for a good cause and definitely dangerous if he does, but he'd prefer just being a good friend.
* In ''Fanfic/TheBridge'':
** Godzilla Junior is this so long as lives aren't in jeopardy, in a sharp contrast to his father and grandfather. This was because he was raised with love by Azusa and then mentored by the likewise human loving Kong.
** Mothra Lea is as Mothra, her being this when not in combat is kind of a given.

[[folder:Films -- Animation]]
* Disney/{{Hercules}}. For all his muscles and incredible strength, Herc remains a kind hearted soul who wouldn't hurt anyone. Given, that this version is pretty much a Superman expy, and in a Disney adaptation that couldn't very well be faithful to the original myth; this is only to be expected.
* ''WesternAnimation/ABugsLife'':
** [[DumbMuscle Dim]] is a big, scary-looking but very friendly rhinoceros beetle.
** Heimlich the caterpillar is also larger than the other bugs, but is a kindhearted FatIdiot.
* The FrankensteinsMonster in ''WesternAnimation/AlvinAndTheChipmunksMeetFrankenstein''.
* Beast from Disney's ''Disney/BeautyAndTheBeast'', after he [[ThePowerOfLove is moved by the love of a]] beautiful woman.
* Baymax from ''Disney/BigHero6'' is large, squishy and pear-shaped but is also unassuming, naive, ridiculously friendly and (as described on the work's [[Heartwarming/BigHero6 Heartwarming Moments page]]) essentially a robot version of Franchise/WinnieThePooh. Even after Hiro adds Kung-fu to his programming, he still remains gentle as a lamb. [[spoiler:The same cannot be said when Hiro removes his caretaker programming, although Hiro was fully aware of this.]]
-->''[[MemeticMutation Hairy baby! Hairy babyyyyyyyyy...]]''
* Carmelo from ''WesternAnimation/TheBookOfLife'', is the biggest of the Sanchez and one of the most light-hearted.
* ''Disney/ChickenLittle'' has Runt of the Litter, who despite being the smallest of his porky family is the largest of the kids at school. His size doesn't stop him from being completely {{adorkable}}.
* Valka's Bewilderbeast/Alpha in ''WesternAnimation/HowToTrainYourDragon2''. TheGoodKing of the dragons (a counterpart to the Red Death from [[WesternAnimation/HowToTrainYourDragon the first film]] and [[spoiler:Drago's Bewilderbeast]]). He has created an icy haven for dragons, helps Valka free captured dragons, allows baby dragons to play on him, catches fish for all the other dragons, and is ready to defend his nest from [[spoiler:Drago's army]]. Unfortunately, [[spoiler:Drago's Bewilderbeast proves to be stronger and gores him to death]].
* ''Disney/TheHunchbackOfNotreDame'': Quasimodo is an interesting example, as due to his physical deformity he stands shorter than most men, but he still counts specifically because a lifetime of ringing the bells of Notre Dame Cathedral have left him strong enough to shatter iron chains with his bare hands.
* Manfred the mammoth from ''WesternAnimation/IceAge'', as well as fellow mammoth Ellie and sloth-like creature Cholly from the sequel. Mama ''T. rex'' from the third movie could count as well, as long as you aren't whoever she wants for dinner...
* Pictured above: In ''WesternAnimation/TheIronGiant,'' the eponymous giant is a rather pensive, sweet robot who is horrified when a deer dies in front of him, declares himself not a gun, and gets a lesson on souls from his young human friend, Hogarth. However, [[spoiler: threatening to attack him or hurting Hogarth is not advised, as he can very well be a walking ''arsenal.'']]
* Po from ''WesternAnimation/KungFuPanda'' is a big, chubby panda with a friendly, enthusiastic {{fanboy}} personality.
* Pumbaa from ''Disney/TheLionKing'', as well as Mufasa. Just [[BerserkButton don't call Pumbaa a pig]] or [[PapaWolf threaten Mufasa's son in front of him]].
* Sully from ''WesternAnimation/MonstersInc'', especially considering he takes advantage of his fearsome appearance to [[PunchClockVillain scare kids to collect their screams as energy]]. The difference between his job persona and his amiable personality is pulled off ''very'' well; when we've become used to him as an UglyCute fatherly figure, it's quite a shock to see him in full-on scare mode.
* Ginormica and Insectosaurus from ''WesternAnimation/MonstersVsAliens''.
* Chien-Po from ''Disney/{{Mulan}}'' is soft-spoken and loves to eat more than anything, but his StoutStrength is such that he can lift the weight of several fellow soldiers ''and'' a horse, all at once. He's even a bit of a CuddleBug, too.
* Corporal of the North Wind from ''WesternAnimation/PenguinsOfMadagascar'', is a polar bear who coos visibly whenever he sees a penguin.
* ''WesternAnimation/{{Shrek}}'':
** Shrek deserves a mention here. He's a misanthropic loner, but never actually hurts anyone unless they really really deserve it.
** Dragon; seemingly vicious at first, she turns out to have a soft side, and is even open to the idea of being Donkey's girlfriend.
* ''Disney/TreasurePlanet'':
** First mate Mr. Arrow. He's an enormous creature apparently made out of ''rock,'' yet he's the most approachable member of the crew. [[spoiler:Until he gets killed, that is.]]
** To an extent, old Silver himself from the same movie, though his level of "gentleness" is questionable, given that he's something of a villain character. He's not the most villainous character in the movie, though. That'd be Scroop, the scorpion...thing.
* Ralph of ''Disney/WreckItRalph''. [[OpeningNarration Nine feet tall, 643 pounds, with really big hands and a bit of a temper]], he possesses SuperStrength that lets him utterly demolish the Nicelanders' apartment building, can split open a jawbreaker which Vanellope said was unbreakable, lifts and trashes much of the racing stadium, is rather HotBlooded and will utterly thrash [[PapaWolf anyone who threatens someone he cares about]]... but outside of this he's the kindest, friendliest, most sympathetic and gentlest of guys you could meet, or want as a friend.
* Meena from ''WesternAnimation/{{Sing}}'' is a gigantic elephant with a ShrinkingViolet personality. Johnny the gorilla is also one of the larger contestants, and a NiceGuy who doesn't want to work in the criminal gang of his KillerGorilla father.

[[folder:Films -- Live-Action]]
* Many characters played by the late John Candy fit this trope. Uncle Buck, Irv, and Barf the mog from ''Film/{{Spaceballs}}'' and Del from ''Film/PlanesTrainsAndAutomobiles'' deserve an honorable mention here.
* Ditto for John Goodman, who's become something of a SpiritualSuccessor to Candy.
* ''Film/TheBlindSide'': Michael.
* One from ''Film/TheCityOfLostChildren''.
* The short film ''[[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V1zFeHJzS5E Dennis]]'' fits the bill with Kim Kold, a professional bodybuilder, playing a very shy man who lives with his mother.
* FrankensteinsMonster has been portrayed this way in many movies, though in the original source material bitterness at being rejected by his creator and fearful responses from the {{Muggles}} turned him bitter and vengeful.
* The ''Giant of Thunder Mountain's'' title character easily fits this trope. He's massive enough to take on a giant bear that previously [[spoiler: killed both his parents]] with his bare hands in order to protect a little girl he's befriended --Non-romantically fulfilling the HugeGuyTinyGirl trope -- and while he doesn't work very well in social situations, it's purely from inexperience because he grew up all alone in the woods, he's as gentle and kind as can be as long as his BerserkButton doesn't get pushed. Namely, if you don't want a mega-sized PapaWolf giving you a beatdown like nothing you've ever seen before-don't mess with the little girl. You will regret it.
* Film/{{Mothra}} is the most peaceful monster from the ''Franchise/{{Godzilla}}'' universe...[[BerserkButton as long as you don't kidnap her fairy companions or her babies]]. Though it may be worth noting that Mothra sometimes seems to be one of the smallest Kaiju in the series.
** Godzilla's son has grown to this in ''Film/GodzillaVsDestoroyah''. Although he's now 40 meters tall, Godzilla Junior is a lot more mellow than his dad towards humans and has a sort of friendship with Miki Saegusa.
* The eponymous character of the 1920 silent move ''Film/TheGolem'' suddenly turns into this in the end, just after going on a rampage and nearly incinerating the town -- thus revealing that he is, after all, only a misunderstood NonMaliciousMonster.
* "Sloth" Fratelli from ''Film/TheGoonies''.
* John Coffey from ''Film/TheGreenMile'' is a quintessential example of this trope. He is a messianic figure played by Michael Clarke Duncan, with camera tricks to make him look even larger.
* ''Film/GuardiansOfTheGalaxy'': Groot. Tender and gentle with everyone. [[BewareTheNiceOnes Unless you get]] [[BadassAdorable on his bad side]].
* [[MeaningfulName Moses Hightower]] from the ''Frachise/PoliceAcademy'' movies, so long as you stay on the right side of the law. His soft side is best demonstrated in the sixth movie where he poses as a milkman in a sting operation, and uses one bottle to feed a hungry kitten.
* In the movie adaptation of Mike Mignola's ''Film/{{Hellboy}}'', Hellboy is given a JerkWithAHeartOfGold makeover. While he's gruff and his job involves battling evil demons, he also has a sweet side, as shown by his fondness for cats and his almost childish crush on fellow BPRD team-member Liz.
* Dagonet from the film ''Film/KingArthur''. Ray Stevenson is a very big and scary man, but he also comes across as the most thoughtful and gentle of the knights. It helps that he also seems to be TheMedic.
-->'''Dagonet:''' (To a small boy he's just rescued) "You must not fear me."
* Film/KingKong, especially in the [[Film/KingKong2005 2005 remake]]. Showing just how tender -- and close to human -- the great ape could be makes [[ItWasHisSled the ending]] even more [[TearJerker tragic]].
* The eponymous giant gorilla of ''Film/MightyJoeYoung'' is even gentler than Kong whom he's based on.
* ''Film/AKnightsTale'' has Roland who is a big bearded guy who sews and is implied to do all of Will's tailoring and clothes-making. In a deleted scene he mentions that he does embroidery and invites Christiana to see it.
* Ludo, the furry giant from ''Film/{{Labyrinth}}''.
* ''Film/MyGiant'' is about a man who is really like this, but ends up becoming famous by playing evil characters. The story was apparently inspired by Wrestling/AndreTheGiant, and the character in question was played by 7'7" (2.31 m) Romanian [[UsefulNotes/NationalBasketballAssociation NBA]] player Gheorghe Mureșan.[[note]]As of this writing (October 2017), Mureșan is the tallest living person in the entire [[UsefulNotes/EuropeanUnion EU]].[[/note]]
* The aptly named Rock Biter from ''Film/TheNeverendingStory'' is absolutely massive, but has a TearJerker scene where he laments not being able to hold onto his tiny friends.
* Mose in ''Film/OpenRange'', played by Abraham Benrubi, is a hulking cowboy with a gentle disposition. When his friends find out that he singlehandedly fought a whole bar full of patrons, they note suspiciously that Mose is never one to ''start'' a fight.
* Fezzik, from ''Film/ThePrincessBride''. Massive and strong (he doesn't even work out!), but a gentleman who will go easy on because "...I just want you to feel you're doing well."
* [[spoiler: Hercules (aka The Beast)]] from ''Film/TheSandlot''. [[spoiler: The kids spend most of the movie assuming he's a crazed kid-eating dog, when he's just this trope who really likes baseballs.]]
* Chewbacca from ''Franchise/StarWars''. While he has his moments of Wookie rage, mostly he is a very loving and gentle creature, even snuggling with Han Solo during ''Return of the Jedi''. Performer Peter Mayhew explained that this is largely due to his own experience, because as a large person he was always taught to be nice to people smaller than him.
* The prisoner Grossberger in ''Film/StirCrazy'' starts off very scary but ends up becoming friendly and protective towards the characters played by Creator/GeneWilder and Creator/RichardPryor. He also has a beautiful singing voice.
* ''Film/StrokerAce'': Arnold, Torkle's personal driver. Everything he says comes out as a polite suggestion, and he bears no malice toward anyone in the film. Yet he towers over every other character and is strong enough to lift one side of a racecar so that the pit crew can replace the tires. Did we mention he's played by the same man who played [[Film/PoliceAcademy Hightower]] above?
* ''Film/TankGirl'': Booga, the title character's Ripper love interest with the mind of a child.
* The T-800 in ''Film/Terminator2JudgmentDay''. Double points for being the villain in the first.
* Little George (Merlin Olsen) in the 1969 John Wayne/Rock Hudson post-Civil War flick ''The Undefeated'' would much rather play with the kids than perform as the unit's undisputed champion at fisticuffs.
--> Biggest Reb I ever saw.\\
That's the biggest ''anything'' I ever saw.
* Sanda from ''Film/WarOfTheGargantuas'' is one. Unlike his savage half-brother Gaira, he is benevolent and kind to humans. He even tries to protect his brother (though still making sure he doesn't hurt anyone. However, upon realizing Gaira's actions, he abandons his will to protect him and fights him. It doesn't end well for either of them.
* ''Film/XMenFilmSeries''
** Beast is huge and animal-like, but on the good guys' side.
** Colossus is also on the good guys' side. ''Film/Deadpool2016'' in particular plays up both the "gentle" and "giant" sides of the equation.
* Private Thomas, one of the Welsh soldiers in ''Film/{{Zulu}}'', who gets chewed out for taking care of a calf instead of being on duty early in the film.

* Boxer from ''Literature/AnimalFarm''.
* The Hork Bajir in ''Literature/{{Animorphs}}'' qualify. Despite being 7 feet tall, covered in blades, and being used as [[TheVirus alien brain slugs']] foot soldiers, they have no aptitude for fighting, and use their blades to slice and eat tree bark.
* Creator/RoaldDahl's title character in ''Literature/TheBFG''. All the ''other'' Giants are monstrous {{Child Eater}}s though. Somewhat subverted when you consider that by Giant standards, the BFG is very small.
* ''Literature/BlackDogs'': Gunnar, a ten foot tall anthropomorphic giant ground sloth, is very calm and placid, but can be provoked to violence. He often acts as the voice of reason to his extremely aggressive and bloodthirsty companion Spite, who is an anthropomorphic weasel and about three feet tall.
* Stephen King's ''Literature/{{Blaze}}''; the titular character is a big, mentally challenged con man who kidnaps a millionaire's baby for ransom. It's not before long before he begins to bond with the child.
* ''Literature/{{Brotherband}}'' has Ingvar, large enough to be far stronger than the rest of his RagtagBunchOfMisfits combined, and with a heart to match. [[AwesomeButImpractical His shortsightedness makes it hard to deliberately miss hitting people, though.]]
* Similarly, the Giants in the ''Literature/ChroniclesOfThomasCovenant'' are an entire race of Gentle Giants.
* Ben Colm in the ''Daring Finds'' series. Six foot three and built like a tank his best friend, Candyce Dare has never seen him lose his temper even though the first time they met, in seventh grade, he rescued her from three bullies. As she describes it it wasn't really a fight, he just walked over calmly, extended his fists and the bullies just ran into them.
* ''Literature/{{Dinotopia}}'' is a {{Utopia}} with peaceful dinosaurs. Go figure. The largest ones are explicitly the most careful around smaller beings, to the point where they can safely play with young humans by flinging them into water or annihilating them at tug-of-war.
* In Creator/TerryPratchett's ''Literature/{{Discworld}}'',
** Many civilized trolls adopt a Gentle Giant demeanour when dealing with other, more breakable races, but mostly out of convenience, not niceness. One member of the City Watch, though, a troll constable named Bluejohn, is the largest the commander of the Watch has ever seen, much bigger even than normal trolls, and "like many big people" is really quite gentle and diffident. He's so massive and tough he can function as an impromptu riot shield for a squad of coppers. However, this is by no means universal, as plenty of trolls find employment as hired goons, and there are more than a few troll criminal masterminds who operate out of the meat refrigeration areas.
** Also, Captain Carrot is six-feet-six, broad-shouldered, and immensely strong due to growing up in a dwarven mine, but he's just about the nicest guy you'll ever meet.
** Lady Sybil Ramkin is an unfailingly polite and gracious Valkyriesque dragon breeder who, by the fact of being large and kind, is sometimes misinterpreted as being "stupid" (or "deaf").
** Constable Dorfl is a golem, and has chosen to be nonviolent. So far he is also quite possibly the strongest person/thing on the watch, as golems have been described as capable of ripping trolls in half. While golems in general are this way because they have the functional equivalent of the Three Laws embedded in their heads, Dorfl does ''not'', and is very specifically nonviolent by choice alone.
*** Mind, when he was first "freed" he went around and exacted revenge on a number of his former masters. But the worst he did was dress up a slaughterhouse owner with an apple in his mouth and a carrot "somewhere else", and free all the animals.
** Jason Ogg, son of Nanny Ogg and Lancre's premier blacksmith, is huge and strong (so that it is hard to believe he was born and not, say, constructed), and definitely a gentle giant, though this doesn't stop the local pub owner from calling on him to break up drunken brawls by knocking the combatants together "in the friendliest way possible": holding one of the combatants ''off the floor'' [[NeckLift in each hand]], then knocking their heads together.
** Ludmilla Cake in ''Discworld/ReaperMan'', a rather diffident [[WolfMan Wolf Woman]] who even in human form appears to be built to a larger scale than everyone else and is described as one of those people who goes through life in a crouch in case they're accidentally looming at people.
* Al from ''Literature/{{Divergent}}'' is much bigger than everyone else, yet is so afraid of hurting others he refuses to fight during the first phase of initiation.
* ''Literature/DonQuixote'': The giant Morgante is one of Alonso Quixano’s favorite characters, because despite being a giant (and in the chivalry books all giants are arrogant and angry), he is affable and well bred… The whole point is that Alonso Quixano thinks [[ArchetypalCharacter this kind of character]] is original to his beloved chivalry books, but [[NewerThanTheyThink really it’s not]]. This trope was a cliché even when Don Quixote was written, in 1605, as we can see in Part I, Chapter I, Alonso Quixano:
-->''"… approved highly of the giant Morgante, because, although of the giant breed which is always arrogant and ill-conditioned, he alone was affable and well-bred."''
* Father Roche in ''Literature/DoomsdayBook'' is a gentle, meek and almost inhumanly patient GoodShepherd. Kivrin describes him as having enormous hands and the FaceOfAThug. Late in the book she remarks how tiny she is compared to him.
* Literature/TheDresdenFiles''
** Harry Dresden is, by his own description, NBA tall, being just not far short of 7 feet tall. He's also a total dork, a massive nerd and a FriendToAllChildren. When all is said and done, he's happiest hanging out with his friends or researching the Art (magic). He's also one of the most powerful Wizards on the planet with a [[PlayingWithFire penchant for fire magic]] who can handle himself in a fight without magic and has been scrapping with Dark Wizards and supernatural monsters since he was a teenager. And like his fictional idol, Spider-Man, if you make him angry, really, properly ''furious'', something best achieved by hurting women, children or someone he cares about, you can kiss your ass goodbye. Unlike Spidey, he has absolutely no problem with killing, if the situation warrants it, extending [[spoiler: right the way up to full blown ''genocide'']]. In fact, of all the people who've crossed him, it would be considerably quicker to list those that survived the experience...
** Harry's dog Mouse is much like his master, standing nearly four feet at the shoulder, weighing in at 200 pounds and is quite capable of savaging anyone who threatens Harry... but as soon as there is no threat, he becomes a goofy, adorable fuzzbucket whose great delights in life are scritches, people food and rides in the car. He has even managed to melt the hearts of people who are phobic about large dogs.
* In ''Literature/DragonBones'', the protagonist Ward is this. He mainly uses his size advantage to carry wounded people and animals, or protect people by simply being there and looking intimidating. His father averts the trope by being the tallest man around, and a jerk.
* ''Literature/TheEdgeChronicles'' gives us an entire species of these in the banderbears, who stick out all the more in the Deepwoods. So long as you don't mess with them, they're affectionate teddy bears who happen to be the size of grizzlies (and have sharp tusks). When Twig has an AndroclesLion moment with one in the first book, he ends up befriending the lot of them by extension -- generations later, they remember the word "friend" he taught them.
* The Giants in Creator/GuyGavrielKay's ''Literature/TheFionavarTapestry'' are so pacifistic that they won't fight back against people actually killing them. The reason is complicated, but it involves an ancient curse.
* From Glen Cook's ''Literature/GarrettPI'' series we have seven- (or nine, if you ask Garrett) foot-tall imposing black man named Playmate, who does not have "a mean bone in his body" and Saucerhead Tharpe who, while earning a living as a strongarm specialist, is very civil to the people he knocks out.
* ''Literature/GirlWaitsWithGun'' tells the story of Constance Kopp, A hulking farmgirl who only wants people to leave her family alone.
* Joe from Creator/CharlesDickens's ''Literature/GreatExpectations'' fits this trope. He doesn't hurt anyone, except Orlick who he knocks out in one punch after Orlick kept insulting his wife.
* ''Literature/HarryPotter'' books
** Rubeus Hagrid is a kindly half-gaint, though he'll get angry [[BerserkButton if you insult Dumbledore, Harry, or anybody else he cares for]].
** Though he's very much ''not'' one in his first appearance, Grawp, Hagrid's half-brother, learns by Hagrid's patient and determined example to be a Gentle Giant, at least when dealing with people. If the people he cares for are hurt or killed, he is the first to utterly break down crying. He's much more tender and caring than any of the main characters.
** The GiantSquid living in the Hogwarts lake seems to be a friendly monster -- it's first introduced putting an overboard student back in the boat, and Fred and George have been seen tickling it. Although Harry still hopes not to see it when he swims in the Hogwarts lake.
* ''Literature/TheHeroesOfOlympus'':
** In their native home, the Hyperborean giants are peaceful. Percy and Co. still use one to help them escape from some griffins.
** Tyson also technically counts.
** Damasen, as the opposite of Ares, is the most benevolent of the Giants.
* Ward of Literature/{{Hurog}} is a very kind person, who is protective of his younger siblings and pretty much everyone who is there to be protected. He is described as having the stature of an ox by less nice people, and nicknamed "giant of [his homeland]" by nicer ones.
* The Literature/InDeath series: Leonardo is very much this. Dr. Mira even refers to him as such in ''Vengeance in Death''.
* The [[WhenTreesAttack Ents]] of Creator/JRRTolkien's ''Literature/TheLordOfTheRings'' are, like trees, stolid, slow to move, and strong enough to crack rocks. They're eventually rallied into war, but it takes a ''lot'' of talk.
** The Lonely Troll in the poem of the same name qualifies. Unlike most trolls, he doesn't steal gold, drink beer, or eat meat, but everyone's scared of him. To the only person who isn't scared, he teaches the secret of making the best bread anyone ever baked.
* Innocent Smith from Creator/GKChesterton's ''Manalive'', although just how gentle he is [[AmbiguousInnocence comes into]] [[PsychopathicManchild question]].
* Hammond from ''Literature/MistbornTheOriginalTrilogy''. He's a big burly man, and furthermore is a [[SuperStrength Pewterarm]], or as they are more commonly known, a [[MeaningfulName Thug]]. He's also HappilyMarried (the only protagonist to be so [[spoiler: for most of the series]]) and loves to debate philosophy with anyone who's interested. Or who can't run away.
* Queequeg from ''Literature/MobyDick'' is a pretty intimidating guy: tall and strong, decked out in tribal tattoos, has filed-sharp teeth, a partially shaved head, and is always seen toting around his beloved harpoon. Ishmael was initially terrified of Queequeg, but became fast friends with him after discovering how kind and polite he really was. Also many of the whales are portrayed as such, only fighting back when the whalers strike first.
* Mr. Tall in the ''Literature/MrMen'' series, though he's only a giant because of his long legs. He is very self-conscious about his height, and has to be convinced by the other characters that it has any advantages.
* In Robert Asprin's ''Literature/MythAdventures'' series, one of the members of M.Y.T.H. Inc., is Chumley, a huge green-furred troll. Although he works as muscle-for-hire under the persona of 'Big Crunch,' he's actually the most erudite and poetic of the M.Y.T.H. Inc. crew.
* The Giants in Creator/CSLewis's ''Literature/{{Narnia}}'' are usually depicted as dumb or evil (especially in ''The Silver Chair''), but in the second book (''The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe'') we meet a very gentle and polite one: Rumblebuffin, who was TakenForGranite by Jadis the Witch ''especially'' because of this. Aslan revives him and he joins the cause of the Pevensies immediately.
** The Giants in ''The Silver Chair'' are ironically the ones referred to as 'Gentle Giants'. While they are far gentler and more refined then their brutish cousins, few of them show qualms against eating weaker, sentient beings.
* The literary archetype for this sort of character is probably Lennie in ''Literature/OfMiceAndMen'', by John Steinbeck. Averted shockingly at the end when he assaults Curley's wife (after she lets him touch her hair, then panics) and flees into the countryside. His travelling companion George follows him and [[spoiler:shoots him dead to prevent the posse lynching him instead]]. It's also strongly implied that this is not the first time Lennie has done something of this sort. Although he's more of a subversion of the whole "gentle" part, seeing how many animals he kills by accident.
* Tyson from ''Literature/PercyJacksonAndTheOlympians.''
* Adzel in the ''Polesotechnic League'' series by Creator/PoulAnderson. He's a sort of huge mix of a dragon and a centaur, he looks like a bloodthirsty scaly monster, yet he's a pacifist scholar following the buddhist doctrines. You can't blame him for his size, after all.
* Fezzik from ''Literature/ThePrincessBride''. His backstory mentions that he can rip a tree up by the roots, but he's scared of the bugs that live among said roots.
* In Creator/RogerZelazny's novel ''Literature/{{Roadmarks}}'', Mondamay is a large alien robot with the power to obliterate entire planets, but finds himself left behind by his creators due to a malfunction. He becomes a potter and lives a peaceful life until reactivated by an assassin and ordered to kill a friend.
* Subverted in the ''Literature/SeptimusHeap'' series with the dragon Spit Fyre, since while he's depicted as being rather gentle in the first books, in ''Darke'' it's mentioned that he nearly ate a person who had run into his Dragon House for a dare.
* Longinus Podbipięta from ''[[Literature/SienkiewiczTrilogy With Fire and Sword]]'' is huge, carries a {{BFS}} his ancestor got at Grunwald, but he's only sent on a mission against brigands once, since he just let all the captives go. Which wasn't the point, understand. He's also eternally patient towards his [[VitriolicBestBuds snarky friend]], Zagłoba and adorably shy around ladies.
* ''Literature/ASongOfIceAndFire'':
** Hodor is almost seven feet tall but has the mind of a young child. He's timid, frightened easily, and completely incapable of defending himself.
** Brienne of Tarth stands at roughly 6'6" and a lean 250-300 lbs, and has a keg-shaped head, a barrel chest with thick, rippling pecs and narrow hips instead of teats and curves, shoulders so wide and heavy with muscle that they are "hunched" under their own weight, a bull neck, and hands and feet so enormous they are comparable to [[WorldsStrongestMan Gregor Clegane's]] in size and shape. She's also one of the sweetest, most kind-hearted characters in the series, unswervingly loyal, and truly lives up to the ideals of knighthood despite not actually being a knight.
* In ''Literature/TheSorceresssOrc'', orcs in general tend to be this. They look like stereotypical orcs, big, broad and with dangerous teeth, but aren't more aggressive than humans, rather less. The titular orc, who is the sorceress' bodyguard, mentions that his parents wanted him to become a smith and were rather disappointed when he chose to become a mercenary. Despite his career choice one doesn't get the impression that he is fond of killing people, and it often happens that his employer gets more obviously angry at the anti-orc racism than he does.
* In Creator/StephenKing's ''Literature/TheStand'' there is the character of Tom Cullen: a big, strong, friendly man with a mild case of mental disability. Tom is so gentle that he would never dream of commiting violence, and possesses a child-like sense of innocence and wonder.
* Boo Radley from ''Literature/ToKillAMockingbird'' Throughout the majority of the novel, the kids have no idea what he looks like, and fear him greatly. The simple act of touching his house is a feat for them. But in the end, he's revealed to be a nice, timid, harmless man, as he saves Jem from Bob Ewell (albeit by killing him) and makes his appearance known. (Although, in the film version, he's really not so big.)
* In ''The Wanderer'' and ''The Adventurer'' by Mika Waltari, Antti the Cannoncaster is almost superhumanly strong, and very tall. Despite sometimes accidentally breaking things (sometimes people's necks, for example...) he is not violent by nature and is, all things considered, a somewhat docile person. The protagonist/narrator thinks him dumb as well, but the reader may well disagree, as he can both use his incredible strength as a means of subtle threats, and can think on his feet very admirably. At some point one starts to wonder whether he prefers to keep up a facade of stupidity to get into less trouble, but he might just refuse to keep up a facade of intelligence like the narrator, Mikael, does. As a character, Antti is very TheLancer-like, and sort of a StraightMan to the sometimes CloudCuckooLander protagonist.
* In Simon Spurrier's ''TabletopGame/{{Warhammer 40000}}'' Literature/NightLords novel ''Lord of the Night'', Cog. As long as Mira isn't threatened and you don't call him an ogryn.
* A RareFemaleExample is [[GenderBlenderName Stephen Gordon]] from ''Literature/TheWellOfLoneliness'', who is as tall, broad-shouldered, narrow-hipped, and barrel-chested with muscle as her father (who himself is a big man), but also extremely self-conscious.
* ''Literature/TheWheelOfTime'':
** The Ogier are an entire race of gentle giants, though [[spoiler:not those in the service of the Seanchan.]]
** Perrin is characterized like this at the beginning of the series, but it shows up less as he takes on more responsibility for protecting people.
* Longinus Podbipięta from ''With Fire and Sword''. He fits the Giant part because he's a two meter tall Lithuanian toting a {{BFS}} so heavy no one else can wield it in combat. And he fits the Gentle part because he's friendly and loyal unto death to his friends but TranquilFury for his enemies. When he was young, he made an oath that he won't walk to the altar with a woman until he repeats a SugarWiki/MomentOfAwesome one of his ancestors did ([[OneHitPolykill decapitating three heathens in one swing]]) in order to prove himself worthy of his name.
* In Ken Follet's novel ''Literature/WorldWithoutEnd'', Mark Webber, the Kingsbridge weaver, is regularly described as a gentle giant.
* Lowbacca from the ''Young Jedi Knights'' series is Chewbacca's nephew and a promising Jedi apprentice. Like his uncle, he's huge and intimidating, but is actually uncomfortable and shy when he arrives at the Jedi Praxeum, being unfamiliar with everyone. He takes to going off into Yavin IV's jungle alone until the Solo twins get him to open up to them.
* Sea Serpents described in ''Literature/FantasticBeastsAndWhereToFindThem'' can grow up to 100 feet long (to a Blue Whale's 98) but there is no record of them ever harming a person, or in the author's opinion, no credible record.
* ''Literature/RedCountry'': Subverted by Lamb. Shy notes that the hulking man may be the most timid and cowardly person she's ever met. He spends all his efforts working the farm and being a tender ParentalSubstitute for her and her young siblings. However, it turns out that [[spoiler:he's actually a retired Logen Ninefingers, the most violent and bloodthirsty bastard in the North, and perhaps the whole world. When circumstances turn desperate, he reveals that he can and will kill anything that moves]].

[[folder:Live-Action TV]]
* David Palmer in ''Series/TwentyFour'' is an example of this trope. He acts that way at times and he's not particularly vicious.
* Lurch from ''Series/TheAddamsFamily''.
* Mack on ''Series/AgentsOfSHIELD'' is 6'4" and carrying a lot of muscle, but very kind (albeit with a penchant for BrutalHonesty) and actually kind of nerdy, as well as one of the few characters with the patience to help Fitz work through his post-brain injury communication problems.
* ''Series/{{Arrow}}'':
** Ray Palmer. He's tall and muscular, but one of the most genuinely nice characters in the show. Subverted in that no one actually seems frightened of or intimidated by him.
** The same goes for Diggle, who is TheBigGuy and TheLancer of Team Arrow, but is also the guy who keeps Oliver from going too far and is a very loving father.
* Mr. T's character B.A. on ''Series/TheATeam'' has a Gentle Giant side, in which his fear of flying forces the others to drug him whenever they need to get him on a plane. He is also revealed as a GeniusBruiser in episodes that feature his skills as an electronics and gadgetry whiz. He also shows the gentle side in any episode dealing with kids. Of course, this is also true of the actor in real life, so it fits. (As well as in [[AnimatedAdaptation his cartoon show]].)
* Olag Gan from ''Series/BlakesSeven'', who is also a TechnicalPacifist due to having his brain altered by the Federation.
* Hoss Cartwright from ''Series/{{Bonanza}}'' fits the trope; a truly strong fellow whose love for children and all round sweet nature are always in evidence, in addition, he is quite naïve. However, any [[TheBully bully]] pushing around an innocent around him is going to regret it most forcefully.
* Frankie from ''Series/BoyMeetsWorld'' is ultimately revealed to be one when he has a good influence.
* Sgt Terry Jeffords on ''Series/BrooklynNineNine'' played by ex-football player Terry Crews. A co-worker describes him as an "enormous, muscular Creator/EllenDegeneres".
* ''Series/{{Carrusel}}'':
** Jaime Palillo. Big, strong, loud, gluttonous -- but friendly towards everyone, laid back, always in a good mood, and ''never'' tolerant of any bullshit against his friends.
** Its InTheBlood, actually: his parents are seen on-screen, and both Mr. and Mrs. Palillo are just as large and kindhearted as their son.
* Profesor Jirafales in ''Series/ElChavoDelOcho'', the taller of all the actor (as Rubén Aguirre, the actor who played him was almost 2 meters tall), yet he's a very committed and caring school teacher and frequently the moral voice on the show, he opposes violence and hitting children as Don Ramón often does. Of course, he more than once beats Don Ramón, especially when he thinks Don Ramón is promoting boxing among the children, which according to him [[{{Irony}} is encouraging violence]].
* ''Series/ColdCase'':
** The massive Detective Vera fits this trope. Despite being snarky, he's amazingly good with children and as Rush tells a rape victim: "He only ''looks'' like a Neanderthal."
** Subverted in ''Metamorphosis''. The Circus Giant everybody thought was mentally handicapped and a gentle soul, was actually highly intelligent and a cold-blooded murderer.
* ''Series/{{CSI}}'':
** Nick Stokes. Evident when Greg Sanders is attacked in the episode "Fannysmackin'"; normally a gentle soul, Nick went berserk at the kids who were taunting him. For a few seasons, some fans joked that the [[BreakTheCutie constantly tormented]] Nick would have his "Day of Justice."
** Grissom himself is almost never angry. However, if you press [[BerserkButton just the right button]], such as by selling drugs to kids, Grissom may lose his cool and [[AndThatsTerrible go into quite the rage]].
* Archie "Snake" Simpson from ''Series/{{Degrassi}}''. Minus the "not book smart" part in this case (one of the smart kids in the '80s version, he comes back as a teacher and makes principal well before age 40).
* ''Series/DoctorWho'':
** Toberman from the story "The Tomb of the Cybermen".
** Condo from "The Brain of Morbius". His {{Berserk Button}}s are his missing arm (which his MadScientist superior uses to blackmail him), and that time that Solon effectively betrayed him by offering him up as a replacement sacrifice to the Sisterhood of Karn in exchange for the Doctor's life (Or, at least, his head).
* Who could forget TheBigGuy Robert from ''Series/EverybodyLovesRaymond''? He's massive, hulking, sometimes seen as dull-witted but actually very smart in many situations, became a cop, and is one of the gentlest guys you will ever meet, both in the show and reality.
* D'Argo of ''Series/{{Farscape}}.'' Though he was primarily a WarriorPoet, he tended to be very much a gentle giant around children -- his friendship with Cyntrina in "[[SetRightWhatOnceWentWrong Different]] [[TearJerker Destinations]]" being the most obvious example.
* The Friendly Giant from the Canadian children's show of the same name.
* ''Series/GameOfThrones'': Hodor, the gigantic, simple-minded servant who is scared of thunder and unable to defend himself unless he is controlled by Bran. This was probably the reason he was chosen to carry Bran around. Also, despite finding himself in increasingly dangerous circumstances, he continually refuses to hurt anyone, and was extremely reluctant to take one of Sam's dragonglass knives and only did so on Bran's insistence. In "Oathkeeper", he can't bring himself to fight back against the Night's Watch mutineers. In "The First of his Name", he is utterly horrified after being forced via warging to kill Locke. In "The Children", he can't bring himself to fight back against ''wights''. However, in "Home", it is shown that back when he was Wylis, he was eager to train and spar with the other children, but Old Nan scolded him and told him not to participate in foolishness.
* There is a reason Finn from ''Series/{{Glee}}'' has been called Frankenteen.
** David Karofsky, after experiencing a change of heart, is also shown to be sensitive and gentle on the inside. Aw.
* Monroe on ''Series/{{Grimm}}''; played by the very tall Silas Wier Mitchell. Clockmaker, cellist, gourmet vegan chef, geeks out in decorating for both Hallowe'en and Christmas, beloved by the children of the neighborhood (except for the bullies). Also is a retired werewolf.
* The Cyclops in ''Series/HerculesTheLegendaryJourneys'', the episode with AnAesop is that people should not be judged by their looks, the Cyclops is a monstrous giant, but is a nice guy.
* Marshall from ''Series/HowIMetYourMother''. He's played by 6'4" Creator/JasonSegel, but he's the most sentimental (and sympathetic) character on the show, but winds up coming in handy when Ted and Barney try to pick a fight outside the bar.
* Mr. J from ''Series/KamenRiderFaiz'' is probably this too. He's a [[ScaryBlackMan large, powerful black man]]...who is mainly working for the bad guys because he's forced to. He's shown to be a very sweet guy and [[PetTheDog loves his doggy]].
* The [[Franchise/UltraSeries Ultramen]], who are 40-60 meter tall alien giants composed of [[LightIsGood light]] and have dedicated themselves to protecting humanity from {{kaiju}} and evil aliens. Occasionally, some of the kaiju can be this, which in that case, the Ultras will usually have to assist them somehow.
* Creator/LouFerrigno from ''Series/TheKingOfQueens'', lampshaded in the quote above. (Despite the fact that he used to play ''Series/TheIncredibleHulk''.)
* ''Series/LawAndOrderCriminalIntent'' 's Bobby Goren, [[HugeGuyTinyGirl who seems particularly large compared to his partner]], [[ActionGirl Alexandra Eames.]]
* Eliot Spencer on ''Series/{{Leverage}}.'' He's not big heightwise but he's solid muscle and a powerful fighter, which is what makes him such an effective "hitter" for the merry band of do-gooding criminals. "Mushy" attributes include a love of cooking (he's a Master Chef), a fondness for children, and proclaiming his favorite movie is ''Casablanca.''
* The overweight lovable slob Hurley from ''Series/{{LOST}}'' fits this to a T -- he's also quite resourceful. He made a golf course on the island early on.
* Willy on ''Series/MissionImpossible'' mostly fits, although it can be assumed he was just as intelligent as the others.
* Herman Munster of ''Series/TheMunsters'', definitely. Body of Frankenstein's Monster, personality of a BumblingDad.
** Really, most anyone played by Fred Gwynne qualifies. His 6'5" frame, baritone voice, and pleasant, shy nature made him a natural for these parts.
* ''Series/NightCourt'''s Bull Shannon. He's a 6'8", bald, muscular, very intimidating guy who's strong enough to crush a bowling ball in his bare hands (seriously, he did just that in one episode), and he's one of the nicest guys you'd ever meet, so nice that more than one young mother has hired him to babysit their children.
* ''Series/NurseJackie'' has this in the form of Thor, a tall, imposing dude who is sweet as sugar, cute as a button, and gay as a glittery top hat. Calling out "Thor!" in an early episode brings him looming, scaring off the creep, and when Jackie says "Thank you," he spins around with a perky "No problem!"
* Matt from ''Series/OperationRepo'' (minus the the "don't push him" part). The guy is a big bald dude with tree-trunk arm who runs and hides at the first sign of trouble. At one point he began crying after being shot with pepper spray (actually crying, as in "boo-hoo".)
* Kubiak from ''Series/ParkerLewisCantLose'', although he starts as a bully. Abraham Benrubi, the actor for Larry "Kube" Kubiak often plays this role, and is noted in the Real Life section for also being this.
* Lead from ''Series/SapphireAndSteel''.
* Dagwood from ''Series/SeaQuestDSV/2032'' was a failed prototype of a brand of genetically engineered soldiers. Not only was his intelligence lower than his creators expected, he was so gentle that when the rest of the crew had their aggression heightened, he remained the same because there was "not a mean bone" in him.
* Gouki of ''Series/SeijuuSentaiGingaman''.
* Teal'c from ''Series/StargateSG1'': former First Prime of Apophis, crack shot with a staff weapon or a machine gun, stronger than dirt. At the end of one episode, he gives a little girl a honkin' huge water gun, then pulls out one of his own. Much hilarity ensues.
* The giant at the beginning of the Season 2 of ''Series/TwinPeaks''. He's a lot more mild-mannered than most of the other residents of the Black Lodge, and is implied to be some kind of BigGood as well given the helpful advice he gives Agent Cooper.
* Conrad from ''Series/WildBoys''. The biggest of the bushrangers, he is the only one who isn't an outlaw at heart; having being forced to give up an honest trade (farrier) and turn criminal when he was framed for a crime he did not commit.
* Goliath in ''Series/XenaWarriorPrincess'' is a gentle, good-hearted family man forced to fight David.

* From Music/TheyMightBeGiants' "Particle Man": "Universe Man, Universe Man, size of the entire universe man. He's usually kind to smaller man..."
* During TheSeventies, there was a British ProgressiveRock band named [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gentle_Giant Gentle Giant]]. Talk about AGoodNameForARockBand...
* Not a song, but a performer: Music/BarryWhite. The Walrus of Love was a huge guy, but as easygoing and loving as you could find.
* Music/{{Gorillaz}} has Russel, who despite being very large (and growing to enormous size after [[ILoveNuclearPower ingesting large amounts of nuclear waste]]), is a good person.
* In "Down Under" by Music/MenAtWork, the narrator meets a man who's "six foot four, and full of muscle", who befriends him. (Leading to the song's most famous line, "He just smiled and gave me a Vegemite sandwich."
* Music/{{UTAU}}'s Ruko Yokune is a Amazon compared to the other Vippers (even Tei), but has a deredere personality. [[KickTheDog Doesn't help her from being decapitated]] in ''"Circle You, Circle You"'' though.

[[folder:Myths and Religion]]
* OlderThanPrint: According to the ''Golden Legend'' (c. 1260 A.D.), [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saint_Christopher Saint Christopher]] became one of these after years of being an arrogant GeniusBruiser who swore he'd only serve the greatest king ever. When he decides that the greatest king ever is UsefulNotes/{{Jesus}}, specifically Baby Jesus, his perspective changes a bit.
* Most depictions of SantaClaus... but [[BadSanta some of them no one's entirely sure]].
* [[BigfootSasquatchAndYeti Bigfoot and its kin]] are sometimes thought of as this, though with creatures like the Yeti or the Yowie it's often a lot more debatable. With Bigfoot at least, it's very rare to hear about eyewitness reports where it gets violent--indeed, many reports end with the creature being just as afraid of the witness as the other way around!

[[folder:Pro Wrestling]]
* Surprisingly, this has been used on occasion in pro wrestling. When Wrestling/AndreTheGiant got older and couldn't really wrestle anymore because of his gigantism, he became this trope. Also, the Oddities ([[Wrestling/JohnTenta Golga]], Wrestling/{{Kurrgan}}, and the Wrestling/GiantSilva) from the late 90s WWF were pretty much this trope after their HeelFaceTurn from a CircusOfFear to a bunch of happy-go-lucky lets-have-fun dudes. This ultimately led to BadassDecay and RedemptionDemotion.
* The Great Khali post face turn. You still wouldn't want to fight him, though.
* Even Wrestling/TheBigShow has dabbled into this trope on occasion whenever he's teamed with the smallest guys on the roster such as [[Wrestling/TheDudleyBoys Spike Dudley]] or {{Wrestling/Rey Mysterio|Jr}}. Harshly adverted as a heel.
* While Giant Gonzalez, the tallest professional wrestler to ever live, portrayed a vicious monster, he was one of the nicest guys in the business, to the point where it hindered his ability to be a "mean heel" type.
* Wrestling/BigJohnStudd was said by Wrestling/BobbyHeenan to be "too nice for the business".
* Wrestling/{{Yokozuna}} was a 6'3,  behemoth EvilForeigner FatBastard on screen, but in real life he has been described as one of the nicest, most caring people in the business. Just ask his real life best friend Wrestling/TheUndertaker.

[[folder:Puppet Shows]]
* Junior Gorg from ''Series/FraggleRock''.
* Sweetums from ''Series/TheMuppetShow'' is one of the show's larger characters, standing at about 8 feet, with angry looking yellow eyes, but [[MeaningfulName ultimately lives up to his name]] as he's incredibly friendly and eager to please. He also has an OddFriendship with Kermit's nephew, Robin. Subverted, however in his original appearance, ''Film/TalesFromMuppetlandTheFrogPrince'', where he is FluffyTheTerrible.
* Big Bird on ''Series/SesameStreet''. His foreign counterparts also play the trope straight, including:
** Abelardo from ''Plaza Sesamo'' (Mexico and Latin-America in general)
** Pino -- Big Bird's blue cousin -- from ''Sesamstraat'' (Netherlands)
** Moshe the giant [[SeldomSeenSpecies meerkat]] from ''Takalani Sesame'' (South Africa)
** [[KingOfBeasts Boombah the lion]] from ''Galli Galli Sim Sim'' (India)
** Two bears: Samson the Brown Bear from Sesamstraße (Germany) and Basil the Polar Bear from ''Sesame Park'' ([[CanadaEh Canada]]; the character showed up in segments on the earlier ''Sesame Street Canada''[[note]]which was identical to the American version except for some exclusive Canadian segments[[/note]] in its last few years)
** Big Bird's friend the Snuffalupagus counts, too.

[[folder:Tabletop Games]]
* While the Ogre Seeming from ''TabletopGame/ChangelingTheLost'' has the reputation of being violent, they can some times simply be [[JerkWithAHeartOfGold gruff]].
** Seelie Trolls from [[TabletopGame/ChangelingTheDreaming the predecessor game]] often turn out the same way. Built on dreams of [[ProudWarriorRaceGuy honor]], they're both the most accomplished warriors of fae kind and some of its most noble, gentle protectors. [[UnstoppableRage Break an oath to one of them, though...]]
* Cloud giants in ''TabletopGame/DungeonsAndDragons'' are literal Gentle Giants who mostly care about philosophy and the arts, but woe to the evildoer who pisses one off.
** With the exception of 4th Edition, storm giants were also generally very pleasant people in most settings. They're also the most powerful of main giant races (Cloud Giants come in second).
* ''TabletopGame/{{Shadowrun}}'' 3rd ed. states that trolls are less likely to be violent than other races simply because trying to provoke one is usually one of the [[TooDumbToLive most foolish things you could choose to do]].
* The [[EnsembleDarkhorse Salamanders]] Space Marines of ''TabletopGame/{{Warhammer 40000}}''. As with all marines they tower over an unmodified human. Unlike other marines, due to their Father Primarch Vulkan and the radiation of his home planet of Nocturne, they have literal coal black skin and bright red eyes. Their use of flame weapons and fearsome looks have stopped more than one rebellion before it had even started. Despite this they and their Primarch have a lot of empathy and compassion towards normal humans and will butt heads with other marines, such as the Space Wolves, if innocent lives are threatened. All of these qualities stemming from Vulkan himself.
** You don't get to see it often, given the nature of the setting, but the backstory says that Ogryns, when not in combat, are generally this. Particularly ones that have been assigned to protect an Imperial Guard officer.

* [=McCarthy=] in ''Theatre/TheTimeOfYourLife'':
-->"I'm a longshoreman. And an idealist. I'm a man with too much brawn to be an intellectual, exclusively. I married a small, sensitive, cultured woman so that my kids would be sissies instead of suckers. A strong man with any sensibility has no choice in this world but to be a heel, or a ''worker''. I haven't the heart to be a heel, so I'm a worker."
* Hercules Mulligan in ''Theatre/{{Hamilton}}'' was an Irish American war revolutionary and is played by the tall, imposing looking, buff and BadassBaritone Okieriete Onaodowan. He swears, he drinks and he raps about having sex with women. But he's also a Tailor's apprentice and was the flower man at his best friend Alexander Hamilton and Eliza Schuyler's wedding.
* The remarkable brawn of Jean Valjean in ''Theatre/LesMiserables'' becomes a significant plot point when he single-handedly lifts a crashed cart off an injured man and Javert recognises him as a result, remarking that he's only known one man capable of such a feat of strength. But despite being a desperate escaped criminal, the most violent thing he ever does is ''threaten'' to fight back against Javert if he tries to prevent him saving Cosette... after which he runs away instead.

[[folder:Video Games]]
* Minsc from the ''VideoGame/BaldursGate'' series. Easier to provoke than most of these examples, though.
** It's rare to have a BoisterousBruiser who fits this trope, but then again, few examples of ''any'' trope get distracted from a lecture on serving nature with dignity by the sight of squirrels playing.
* Clanker from ''VideoGame/BanjoKazooie'' is a GIANT METAL SHARK.. and a pretty nice guy.
* Double H from ''VideoGame/BeyondGoodAndEvil'' is a Gentle Giant to the letter. He's an archtypal BigGuy (albiet one without a FiveManBand) with an insane dedication to his [[BadassCreed military code of actions and morals]], yet he [[TrueCompanions cares like crazy about his allies]], he has an almost boyish love of [[UnexpectedGameplayChange hovercraft racing]], and he plays with the [[ParentalAbandonment orphaned children]] at the shelter the heroine Jade runs.
* The Big Daddies of ''VideoGame/BioShock'' are enormously gentle and overprotective of the Little Sisters they've been programmed to safeguard, to the point where the Little Sisters consider them close friends, and the worst they'll do to anything not a direct threat to it or the Little Sister (including you as long as you don't attack it or the Sister) is either shove it out of the way or try to intimidate it by basically shouting at it. This makes the ''immensely'' violent and destructive shift they undergo [[PapaWolf when the Little Sister is in danger]] all the more shocking and disconcerting. The Alpha Series Big Daddies are a downplayed version of this; one Daddy mourned the loss of his Little Sister as noted by Gil Alexander, but overtime they became crazed and started attacking anything and everything they feel is a threat (read: '''everything that moves''').
-->''A [[HugeGuyTinyGirl lumbering hulk aside a delicate flower]],''\\
''A gentle leviathan of terrible power.''\\
- '''Music/MiracleOfSound''', ''Little Sister''
* Similarly, ''VideoGame/BlazBlue'' has Iron Tager. Like Potemkin above, Tager also has GeniusBruiser leanings, with the added fun of '''SCIENCE'''! He's a rather easygoing person with dislike for needless conflicts.
* Mr. Torgue of ''VideoGame/{{Borderlands 2}}'': TestosteronePoisoning out the whazoo, [[NoIndoorVoice YELLS ALL THE TIME]], thinks StuffBlowingUp is [[BloodKnight the greatest]] [[SoundEffectBleep f*cking]] [[BloodKnight thing since sliced bread]], FriendToAllChildren (including [[CuteAndPsycho Tiny]] [[MadBomber Tina]]), and a firm believer that "'''[[NiceGuy THERE IS NOTHING MORE BADASS THAN TREATING A WOMAN WITH RESPECT.]]'''"
* ''VideoGame/DarkSouls'' has the giant blacksmith of Anor Londo, who is better at smithing than talking, but he's happy about the company and perhaps the nicest NPC in the game.
** Yhorm the Giant from [[VideoGame/DarkSoulsIII the third game]] used to be one, protecting the humans of his kingdom, entrusting them with a sword that was extremely effective against Giants in order to prove his good will, and sacrificing himself to the First Flame in order to stop the Profaned Flame that was destroying his kingdom. Then he is resurrected by the First Flame as a Lord of Cinder, and sees that [[NiceJobBreakingItHero his original sacrifice caused the total destruction of the very kingdom he swore to protect]]. No wonder he actively refuses to sacrifice himself again to the Flame.
* Victor von Gerdenheim of the ''VideoGame/{{Darkstalkers}}'' series is a kind-hearted FrankensteinsMonster who loves his "father" and his dead sister Emily. Basically, the only reason he fights is to find a way to revive Emily, which he eventually does by sacrificing his own life.
** Huitzil/Phobos also has traits of this. On the first game he's often seen with birds perching on him, while on the second game he looks after a little boy named Cecil.
* FrankensteinsMonster in ''VideoGame/DieReiseInsAll'' is this, especially when it's about Fräulein Eleonore.
* ''VideoGame/DoshinTheGiant'', star of the Gamecube game of the same name. [[GodOfGood Doshin]] [[VideoGameCaringPotential helps the villagers of the island expand their villages and build new ones]], and grows bigger and stronger by absorbing [[ThePowerOfLove their love for him]]. Of course, there's also [[SuperpoweredEvilSide Jashin]], who [[VideoGameCrueltyPotential averts]] [[ThePowerOfHate this]] [[GodOfEvil trope]] ''entirely''.
* Chunky Kong of ''VideoGame/DonkeyKong64''. He has a rather childlike demeanor, and yet he's the biggest and burliest of the playable kongs. A further example of his gentleness is the fact that his musical instrument is the triangle.
* To some extent, Sten in ''VideoGame/DragonAgeOrigins''. While on the outside he's a Stoic DeadpanSnarker he's shown to have a definite soft side, such as [[SweetTooth a love of baked goods]], [[CulturedBadass an appreciation of art]] and a tendency to pick flowers and play with kittens when no one is looking. However he's also atoning for the massacre of a family in a fit of rage over his own failure of duty.
* Golem, Seere's pact-partner in ''VideoGame/{{Drakengard}}'', is under this category. He only becomes angry if anyone ever threatens his KidWithTheRemoteControl.
* Xu Zhu in ''VideoGame/DynastyWarriors 5''. In his ending [[spoiler: he is shown to be tossing a giant boulder away from some land for some farmers.]]
** In real life too. He was nicknamed "stupid tiger/tiger fool/other translations", because he was simple-minded and honest outside of battle, but he was as ferocious as a tiger in it.
* ''Franchise/TheElderScrolls''
** The series has a race of [[OurGiantsAreBigger Giants]] who ''generally'' play this trope straight. Giants typically keep to themselves and don't interact much with the other races. As long as they are not provoked (by attacking them directly, attacking their mammoth herds, or by entering their camps) they generally will not attack. That said, they do provide aversions in the form of OffscreenVillainy. Giants are known to raid farms, steal livestock, and attack settlements. However, outside of a few exceptions with justifications, Giants have not been seen attacking unprovoked in-game. Additionally, there are mentions of Giants attacking and even forming armies in the backstory. The ancient Giant Clan led by Sinmur the Terrible is one such example. Sinmur led [[TheHorde an army of hundreds of Giants]] against the forces of the Atmoran [[FounderOfTheKingdom Ysgramor]] and his 500 Companions. Both sides suffered massive casualties, but the war ended when Ysgramor personally slew Sinmur.
** ''[[VideoGame/TheElderScrollsVSkyrim Skyrim]]'' provides examples with some [=NPCs=]. Being the first game in the series that doesn't simply use the same body model for all members of the same race, some individuals are bigger and more muscular than others. Farkas, a member of the [[AdventureGuild Companions]], is a big Nord with a claymore and [[spoiler:can turn into a werewolf]], but is quite gentle when not out on a mission. Some of the blacksmiths also qualify, such as Balimund in Riften. This is a logical TruthInTelevision since blacksmithing requires great patience and provides a hell of an upper-body workout.
* O'Hanrahan from ''VideoGame/FalloutNewVegas'', as one of the tallest humans in the game he states that his mother used to tell him, "You're the biggest and strongest of us, so you mind yourself", and also cites this as the reason behind his tendency towards pacifism and diplomacy. Easily one of the politest [=NPCs=] in game, his method for solving the quest he's in yields the best results in the [[WhereAreTheyNowEpilogue epilogue.]] Also, there's [[DeathbringerTheAdorable Mean Sonofabitch]], the Super Mutant protector of Westside.
** ''VideoGame/{{Fallout 3}}'' gives us Uncle Leo, one of two friendly Super Mutants. He's such a friendly guy that if you choose to mug him, he'll give you a set of clothes, and even laments that he can't give you something nicer.
* Guy from ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyII'' is the original Gentle Giant in the ''Final Fantasy'' series. He's simple-minded, doesn't talk much, and can talk to animals. Most significantly with beavers.
** Also there's Ward from ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyVIII'' who, after losing his voice, only conveys his thoughts through his emotions. Apparently Laguna and Kiros understands what he tries to say.
** Kimahri Ronso from ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyX''. Despite rarely expressing his emotions and being of few words, he is extremely loyal to Yuna, and is more than willing to lay down his life for her.
** Snow Villiers from ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyXIII''. A tall, strong man with an athletic build, he is very compassionate and loves his fiancee with all his heart. He likes to consider himself a 'hero' to those in need.
** [[VideoGame/FinalFantasyVI Sabin]] is a BareFistedMonk, and well-muscled enough that Terra initially mistakes him for a bear; yet he's easily one of the most upbeat and forward-thinking characters in the party.
* Generally in ''Franchise/FireEmblem'', the characters belonging to the Fighter, Warrior and/or Berserker classes (all of them axe users) are all sort-of different versions of the Gentle Giant. The closest are:
** The Knight Arden and General Hannibal (''[[VideoGame/FireEmblemJugdral Genealogy of the Holy War]]'')
** The Knight Bors, the Bandit Gonzales, and the Warriors Geese and Bartre (''[[VideoGame/FireEmblemElibe Sword of Seals]]'')
** The Berserkers Hawkeye and Fargus, the Warrior Geitz, Dart the Pirate, a young Bartre and his best friend Dorcas (both Axefighters), and the HotBlooded Lord Hector (actually one of the ''main'' characters) (''[[VideoGame/FireEmblemElibe Blazing Sword]]'')
** Garcia the Axefighter, his son Ross the Journeyman, and Dozla the Berserker (''[[VideoGame/FireEmblemTheSacredStones The Sacred Stones]]'')
** Nolan is the philosopher and is TeamMom of LaResistance. Brom is a close-to-earth farmer who is also heavily decked in armor when he's forced to fight, and his daughter Meg is a kindhearted girl who follows in her father's footsteps. (''[[VideoGame/FireEmblemTellius Radiant Dawn]]'')
*** The ''VideoGame/FireEmblemTellius'' series also has Mordecai, a very large and powerful tiger shapeshifter ("laguz") who makes friends with squirrels, [[FantasticRacism humans]] [[CallARabbitASmeerp ("beorc")]], and [[spoiler: ostracized {{Half Human Hybrid}}s]] with ease.
** Kellam is an extremely tall [[MightyGlacier Armored Knight]] who is as sweet as he's big (despite being continually [[ForgettableCharacter forgotten]] by the rest of the cast) and Gregor is a cheerful, good-natured mercenary who's a mixture of TheAhnold, BoisterousBruiser and CoolOldGuy. (''VideoGame/FireEmblemAwakening'')
** Benny is a [[FaceOfAThug scary-looking]] Armored Knight with huge in-game Strength and Defense growths, plus a quiet and thoughtful nature. [[spoiler: His son]] Ignatius is just as big ''and'' gentle. (''VideoGame/FireEmblemFates'')
* Potemkin in the ''VideoGame/GuiltyGear'' series is an example; he also has mild GeniusBruiser leanings, being highly intelligent and rather philosophical, although sometimes rather naive.
* ''Franchise/{{Halo}}'':
** ''VideoGame/HaloReach'': Jorge, the huge SPARTAN-II member of the team, is also the nicest and most amicable member of the group, especially towards civilians. He's also the TeamDad. Played with in that he's still a [[BewareTheNiceOnes killing machine.]] This stands also as a commentary on the differences between [=Spartan-IIs=] and [=IIIs=]. While Jorge is clearly regarded as the most dangerous and toughest soldier in Noble Team, he is also the most clearly emotionally stable, and shows the most humanity. The [=Spartan-IIIs=] are all a little off, especially [[BloodKnight Emile]].
** Spartan-[=IIs=] in general come off as as gentle (if rather {{Stoic}}) giants, as long as you're not Covenant trying to destroy or take over their planets, or Insurrectionists trying to overthrow the UNSC.
* Zhong the Ox carrier from ''VideoGame/JadeEmpire'', an ogre -- a member of a normally brutal and territorial race - that ran away from home because he accidentally killed one of his master's oxen. Another example is Chai Ka; a demon that inhabits the body of a little girl.
* MASK De Smith of ''VideoGame/{{killer7}}''. A huge, burly man in a suit, cape and wrestling mask, armed with [[{{BFG}} two grenade launchers]] that burn his enemies to the ground, but he's a surprisingly nice, mellow guy under the mask.
* Aganos of ''VideoGame/KillerInstinct'' looks like a typical RockMonster, but the clue to its nature lies in its name ("gentle" in Greek). It is quite polite and peaceful, and was given free will and thinking by the king it served under, [[GoodIsNotSoft but do not mistake it for being soft in battle]]. Even then, at the end of its victory animation, it will always top the impromptu rock grave it makes for its opponent with a flower (including, intentionally or not, its ArchEnemy Kan-Ra).
* Goro Daimon from ''VideoGame/TheKingOfFighters''. The guy is peaceful by nature, usually fighting only to help out Kyo, Benimaru, and Shingo if they require his aid. He also finds time to immerse himself in nature and teach younglings the secrets of Judo. His warm heart was probably why his ''very'' hot wife Jokyojo fell in love with him, and he's a devoted husband and father outside the ring.
* Zaalbar from ''VideoGame/KnightsOfTheOldRepublic'' is a painfully shy and quiet fellow, despite being two meters of very intimidating walking fur. His partner-in-crime refers to him as a "big ol' softie." It seems his only BerserkButton is if someone harms Mission. [[spoiler: Unless you get [[VideoGameCrueltyPotential him to do it himself]].]]
* Shigen of ''VideoGame/TheLastBlade'' series is extremely large and powerful, and, with his [[ElementalPowers stone abilities]], he can partially become an even more powerful LivingStatue. Despite his fearsome appearance, he's a dutiful father to his adopted daughter Kotetsu.
* ''Franchise/TheLegendOfZelda'':
** Yeto, the mountain-dwelling cook and snowboard enthusiast in ''VideoGame/TheLegendOfZeldaTwilightPrincess'', is shown to be one of these. His wife Yeta also fits the bill, when [[spoiler:she isn't possessed by the soul-eating powers of a piece of the Mirror of Twilight.]]
** ''VideoGame/TheLegendOfZeldaBreathOfTheWild'' has Yunobo, who like all Gorons is twice as tall and wide as Link but is a CowardlyLion who must be actively guided in his and Link's battle against Vah Rudania (in contrast to the other {{Guest Star Party Member}}s who are far more proactive in fighting the Divine Beasts), and Hestu, who has the same gentle and childlike personality as all the other Koroks despite being abnormally large for one. The [[FishPeople Zora]] also have two characters, [[LargeAndInCharge Prince Sidon and King Dorephan]], who are twice and ten times as big as Link respectively but are two of the nicest characters in the game. Lastly, there's [[WanderingMinstrel Kass]], one of the tallest and bulkiest [[BirdPeople Rito]] characters who is nonetheless a NonActionGuy.
* ''VideoGame/TheLongestJourney'' has a former circus performer, Q'aman. Not surprisingly, his official circus nickname is "The Gentle Giant." It could not be more appropriate.
* Tae, the [[BearsAreBadNews Bear God]] of ''{{VideoGame/Lusternia}}''. Hulking and powerful but simple-minded and little-appreciated by his peers, his [[LittleGuyBigBuddy relationship]] with his best friend/mate Bollikin is one of the most SweetDreamsFuel-inducing parts of the otherwise bleak [[HopelessWar Elder Wars]]. When Tae [[PiecesOfGod splinters his essence]], the mortal race that results -- the Tae'dae, or bearfolk -- carry this trait on, known as much for their compassion and charisma as their legendary strength and [[BigEater girth]].
** Also, the [[BigfootSasquatchAndYeti Igasho]] race. The tallest (averaging nine feet or more) and [[{{Constitution}} hardiest]] mortal race, they tend to be solitary wanderers, but are generally courteous in their dealings with the outside world.
* According to his entry in the ''VideoGame/MegaManAndBass'' robot database, ''VideoGame/MegaMan1's'' Guts Man is one of these. Specifically, it states that he is sentimental, hates arguments, and likes karaoke.
* Steelheart Massimo fills this trope nicely. He's a massive reploid from ''VideoGame/MegaManXCommandMission'' in equally massive armor, wielding an equally massive beam-axe. Though not "dumb", his primary function (was?) is combat, but he has a great personality, once you get past his scaredy-cat nature. Notable acts range from hurling a Maverick larger/denser then Flame Mammoth across a room with one arm, as well as using his body as a shield to cover a covert- and nurse-type reploid from a really really big gunship's heavy laser cannons. Despite acts of great strength and defense, he's oftentimes heard whining about how things can't be done peacefully.
* The Iron Golems in ''VideoGame/{{Minecraft}}''. They are neutral by nature and will go apeshit if anyone attacks them or a villager, but can be occasionally seen giving villager children a red rose.
* The Espinas in the ''VideoGame/MonsterHunter'' series is noteworthy for being the ''only'' monster that not only doesn't try to kill you on sight, but continues to ignore you even if you hit it, only harming you accidentally if you're too close to its feet or tail while it's moving around, minding its own business. However, [[BewareTheNiceOnes if you harass it long enough]], it literally TurnsRed and goes ballistic on you. Even then, with enough time, it'll calm down and go back to being peaceful.
** According to WordOfGod, Espinas is capable of killing ''Elder Dragons'' when angry enough.
* The Dragos from ''VideoGame/MOTHER3'' are essentially full-size tyrannosaurus rex, and they're one of the gentlest and most playful of friendly creatures you'll find. [[spoiler:It comes as a ''huge'' shock to the people of the island when a [[MechaMook mechanized]] drago becomes aggressive, and is a massive TearJerker played akin to ''Film/OldYeller'' when you are forced to bring it down.]]
* Vigk Vagk the Troll in ''VideoGame/NinetyNineNights'' is a massive beast captured by the Orcs and a miniboss in the other characters' campaigns. When he becomes unlockable, he's actually shown as a gentle creature at nature who befriends a weak-willed Goblin soldier.
* Kintoki from ''VideoGame/OtogiMythOfDemons'' is very kind and soft spoken. This is despite being a 7 foot tall behemoth of a man, with enough raw strength to grab and pick up demons twice his size with one hand and throw them through buildings. Not to mention his {{BFS}} sized [[AnAxeToGrind axe]] which he swings around with ease. He is by far the physically strongest member of the good guys, but he only fights in order to save the land and help his friends.
* In ''VideoGame/PapoAndYo'', Monster plays this role to the hilt... Most of the time. Unfortunately, if he gets his hands on some [[GRatedDrug frogs]], that ends and he becomes quite aptly named.
* ''Franchise/{{Pokemon}}''
** Snorlax is enormous, but is also said to be so gentle ([[BigEater unless if it's hungry]]) that small children can actually play on its massive belly.
** Dragonite is a large, towering dragon that can learn powerful moves like "Outrage" but is quite docile and friendly. Its Pokédex entries often say that it helps guide people who are lost, especially those who were involved in shipwrecks.
** Aggron. Incredibly [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin aggressive]], extremely territorial and will beat intruders into a pulp without hesitation, but will go out of its way to restore any part of its own territory damaged by nature through planting trees and hauling in topsoil.
** Torterra is a giant turtle that looks intimidating at first, but it's Pokédex entry states that it lets smaller Pokémon live on its back.
** Tangrowth is essentially a heap of vines that happens to very stupid and very friendly.
** Abomasnow, the "abominable snowman" of Pokémon, is usually only described as shy, not gentle. (Although it does like snow flowers.) However, one particular Abomasnow in ''VideoGame/PokemonXAndY'' qualifies; after you rescue it from Team Flare (and it gives you the Mega Stone needed for an Abomasnow's Mega Transformation) a guy outside of Dendemille Town tells you that years ago, it rescued a baby Swinub who was wounded and brought it into town. (The same Swinub is now a fully evolved Mamoswine, and before you rescue the Abomasnow, the Mamoswine is restless and upset because it knows that the current bad weather means its friend is in trouble.)
** Regigigas, once you [[DefeatMeansFriendship befriend]] it after [[BerserkButton waking it up]].
*** In fact, in one game, it's only Level 1 when you encounter it, which makes capturing it a problem. (Defeating it is easy, but to capture a Pokémon, you have to weaken it as much as possible ''without'' defeating it.)
** Haxorus, a ferocious-looking dragon with axes for tusks that are unbreakable and can slice through steel beams with one blow. However, its Pokédex entry states that it is a kind Pokémon, albeit territorial.
** Lapras, an eight foot tall plesiosaur-like Pokemon, is also known for being very friendly and likes carrying people on its back. Unfortunately, its trusting nature made it endangered.
** Golurk is a nine foot tall {{Golem}} that resembles a giant robot. It was originally made to be a protector of people and Pokemon.
** Drampa, one of the new Pokemon introduced in ''VideoGame/PokemonSunAndMoon'', is a nearly-ten-foot Dragon-type described as being "very gentle". It [[FriendToAllChildren likes to play with children at parks and playgrounds]], and is [[PapaWolf fiercely protective of them]].
** Heck, due to the Nature (i.e. personality) aspects added to the more recent games, it's possible to get ''any'' large Pokémon with a "Docile" or "Gentle" nature. Examples include Dialga, Lugia, Onix, and yes, [[HotSkittyOnWailordAction even your Skitty-loving Wailord]].
** As far as human characters go, there's AZ from ''VideoGame/PokemonXAndY''. [[spoiler:He wasn't always gentle, however; three millennia ago, he was a violent warlord who built a dangerous DoomsdayDevice that threatened humans and Pokémon alike, and cost him the friendship of the Pokémon he cared for most dearly. The weapon also made him immortal, and thousands of years of wandering in self-imposed exile changed his outlook.]]
* ''VideoGame/{{Psychonauts}}'':
** Edgar is a gigantic bearded Spaniard with bigger arms than [[VideoGame/ResidentEvil5 Chris Redfield]]. He's also pleasant and soft-spoken, loves art and is in fact a painter, and wouldn't need to refer to his sensitive side as a side. He only breaks away from being possibly the second nicest character in the game when he's [[BerserkButton pissed]]. Fittingly, he has a bull motif going on.
** [[spoiler: Linda the lungfish]] turns out to be this way as well. It turns out [[spoiler:her kidnapping of children]] was a result of [[spoiler:mind control.]]
* ''{{VideoGame/Rift}}'''s bahmi are basically the [[VideoGame/WorldOfWarcraft draenei]] of Telara.
* Boman Delgado from ''VideoGame/RivalSchools''. He looks like a ScaryBlackMan at first, but the game reveals he's actually religious and hates unnecessary fighting.
** If you get to know him, Gan Isurugi becomes this too. The Gedo ending in the first game has him cheerfully carrying [[SweetPollyOliver Akira]] [[HugeGuyTinyGirl on his shoulder]], and according to his profile he's a CountryMouse with a very large family.
* Talos from ''{{VideoGame/Rosenkreuzstilette}}''. From what Freudia told Spiritia, dragons are kind, gentle creatures, and this dude is no exception. [[spoiler:After being freed from his seal by Tia (and Grolla), he agrees to take them to Iris, as he wasn't happy with her enslaving him and making it look like she was kidnapped by him to accomplish more portions of her plans, and he rescues Tia when Iris self-destructs her own palace in an attempt to take Tia down with it, and returns her home to everyone.]]
* In the third season of [[SamAndMaxFreelancePolice Sam & Max: The Devil's Playhouse]] we have Sal, a hulking man-sized cockroach who wouldn't hurt a fly and is probably the nicest, most easy-going guy in the game. This unfortunately also makes him the game's ButtMonkey.
* ''VideoGame/ShadowOfTheColossus'' has Phalanx. It is the ''only'' Colossus that will never attack Wander, even when he begins shooting arrows at it and stabbing its weak spots. Avion might also qualify, since it will not attempt to attack Wander at all unless he provokes it first.
* Claude from ''VideoGame/ShiningForceII'' is a golem that served the ancients even before you get the chance to add him to your party, the turtle pet you can get can also evolve into a "monster" that's actually kind and helpful... and has a [[GameBreaker gamebreaking]] fire-breath attack.
* Subverted in the game ''VideoGame/Sly3HonorAmongThieves''. During [[VideoGame/Sly2BandOfThieves the preceding game]], Murray was quite fond of destruction, being a big bruiser. Now, he has taken to the path of peace... until his friends help justify destroying things (here, pumps that spew sludge into Venice's canals).
** Afterwards, Murray (who was OK breaking objects but was still trying to be peaceful against people) is present when one of his friends gets threatened by the villain. Result: [[spoiler: [[BerserkButton "That does it!]] [[BadassBoast I'll floss my teeth with your spine!]] [Punch] [[LargeHam THE MURRAY RETURNS!]]"]].
* Bark the Polar Bear from ''Franchise/SonicTheHedgehog'' is the largest character in ''VideoGame/SonicTheFighters'', and one of the strongest. His official bio describes him as "blunt and quiet, but gentle, shy and with a kind heart". This went over the head of the [[ComicBook/ArchieComicsSonicTheHedgehog comic writers]], who [[AdaptationalVillainy wrote him and Bean as villains]].
* Thunder Hawk from ''Franchise/StreetFighter''. He is a 7 foot tall Native American fighter who fights to save his village from Shadaloo and also doesn't go anywhere without his pet Eagle as seen in his victory pose.
** Zangief, too, especially in his ending in ''VideoGame/StreetFighterIV'' where he acknowledges his young fans with quite the affection.
** Post-HeelFaceTurn Sagat (formerly a BloodKnight, for...very complicated reasons) has some traits of this. [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t4nAhvZk6Vs The biggest proof is here.]]
** And a RareFemaleExample is found in Elena, the GenkiGirl StatuesqueStunner from ''VideoGame/StreetFighterIII'' and its sequels.
* In ''VideoGame/{{Subnautica}}'', Reefbacks are so gigantic that whole ecosystems live on their backs and they are also completely harmless. The Sea Emperor, which dwarfs every other creature in the game, is despite its size and threatening appearance not only very gentle [[spoiler:but also intelligent and philosophical, and capable of telepathically communicating with the player character. She's also the key to curing the [[ThePlague Kharaa]].]]
* Subverted with The Heavy from ''VideoGame/TeamFortress2'':
--> Like a hibernating bear, the Heavy appears to be a gentle giant. Also like a bear, confusing his deliberate, sleepy demeanor with gentleness will get you ripped limb from limb. Though he speaks simply and moves with an economy of energy that's often confused with napping, the Heavy isn't [[DumbMuscle dumb]], he's ''not'' [[TheBigGuy your big friend]], and he generally wishes you'd just shut up before he has to make you shut up.
** Technically a DoubleSubversion, if ''VideoGame/PokerNightAtTheInventory'' is to be believed, which reveals several aspects of his personality not previously seen in his game of origin. For instance, as a child, he buried a dead sparrow out of sorrow for it after another kid had killed it with a throwing knife at a training camp.
** The same can be said for the comics, where Heavy insults a child for expecting free candy on Halloween. When the kid starts to cry, Heavy frantically apologizes and gives him money.
** In-game, the Heavy is more of a BoisterousBruiser. He also enjoys telling his teammates that they are "credit to team" and is often heard saying "I love this doctor!" when a Medic heals him.
* King from ''VideoGame/{{Tekken}}'' is a pro-wrestling priest who is gentle and kind to the children of his small town in Mexico, despite his massive size and intimidating jaguar mask.
** This carries over into his appearance in ''VideoGame/NamcoHigh'': during [[VideoGame/{{Mappy}} Meowkie's]] route, he's one of the only people besides the Cousin to befriend her.
** His successor with the same name since ''Tekken 3'' (King II) took up the mantle and the trope, seeing that he was one of the children raised by the first King before his untimely death against Ogre. He resumes being the {{Face}} for the wrestling industry and be an idol for the children watching him while resuming to donate the money he got from wrestling to the orphanage that raised him, and other orphanages.
* Hank from ''VideoGame/TraumaTeam'' is TheBigGuy who loves flowers, has a soft spot for a young patient of his, and performs operations requiring precision and caution rather than speed.
* ''VideoGame/{{Undertale}}'' uses the trope for [[spoiler: Asgore, the King of Monsters. Asgore is easily the largest character in the game, wears some badass armor that has a BadassCape to go with it, has a manly beard, and wields a trident that is taller than he is. While Asgore ''is'' capable of kicking ass when push comes to shove, he is actually quite the pushover as certain characters will tell you about him since he loves to garden, make tea, and had gained an EmbarrassingNickname of "Lord Fluffybuns" which he decided to roll with. Not only that, but a message left by him in his home shows that Asgore is willing to listen to people if they have a problem they need to talk about. That being said, Asgore can be challenging to fight and while he doesn't want to take your life and will try to delay the inevitable, circumstances dictate that he ''must'' kill you.]]
* ''VideoGame/WorldOfWarCraft''':
** Tauren are nearly an entire ''race'' of Gentle Giants. No, you'd be best not to trust those vicious promotional images they gave you. Trust me. The uncorrupted draenei introduced in ''[[ExpansionPack The Burning Crusade]]'' are sort of Alliance tauren, really. Only both more humanoid and weirder-looking. And blue. Both races, however, can be fearsome in battle, especially against a foe like the [[TheLegionsOfHell Burning Legion]] or [[ZombieApocalypse the Scourge]]. On the whole, neither group is looking to start a fight, but they know how to finish one if it finds them.
** Ancients also fit (the ones who aren't undead and/or corrupted) as are dryads, who also count as FriendToAllLivingThings.
** Arguably the most amusing is Lunk, an ogre and ActualPacifist you encounter in the Searing Gorge. He ''really'' gets upset if the player kills anything, and tries to convince you to complete quests in nonviolent ways. (Not as easy as it sounds.)
* A community-origin case in ''VideoGame/WorldOfTanks'' is the TOG II. The Land Ship is enormous, slow and not generally considered to be much good, competetively. However, the gargantuan size and huge hitpoint pool plus a good gun earn it some love as being interesting, and it has broadly been characterised as a massive KindHeartedSimpleton.

[[folder:Visual Novels]]
* Will Powers from the ''Franchise/AceAttorney'' series. When people first meet him, they [[FaceOfAThug look at his face]] and presume he's guilty. After spending five minutes with him, they'll insist he's innocent.
** And Terry Fawles from the third game. Despite his stature and scarred face, he's a childlike, sensitive man who happens to be Dahlia Hawthorne's [[UnwittingPawn ex-boyfriend]]. [[spoiler: When he's DrivenToSuicide, [[TearJerker you will shed a tear]].]]
* Sakura Ogami of ''VisualNovel/DanganRonpa'' [[HugeSchoolgirl towers over her fellow students]], is bulky and muscular with the FaceOfAThug and encyclopaedic knowledge of how to beat someone down (due to being a wrestler), and is one of the most polite, kind, and noble souls in the school. [[spoiler: All the way down to her [[DrivenToSuicide suicide]] to protect her friends, as she'd rather die herself than be forced by the Mastermind to kill another.]]
** Gonta Gokuhara from ''VisualNovel/NewDanganRonpaV3'' comes off as intimidating at first (and can be quite scary when angry), but in reality he's very friendly, and would never use his strength to hurt others, but he's also rather gullible. Since he's been disconnected from civilization up until high school, he tries to make himself a "perfect gentleman" so he can fit in with society. [[spoiler: Unfortunately, the "Gentle" part gets averted in Chapter 4 when he murders Miu, but [[ApologeticAttacker he apologizes while killing her]] and the circumstances of the murder make him a SympatheticMurderer.]]
** the Great Gozu from ''DanganRonpa3'' :Future Arc, is the extremely large and powerful "former ultimate wrestler" who works as a bodyguard for the chairman of the Future Federation and wears a weird bull mask but, following in the franchise's tradition, he is actually the [[TokenGoodTeammate most kind hearted and moral of the group.]] He is vehemently opposed to his comrades decision to kill their members one-by-one to end the Mokuma Hunter killing game and tries to talk reason into them. He is also seen in the background [[spoiler: covering Chisa's dead body with his jacket and praying after Bandai's death.]] The only time that he actually fights anyone is to protect Makoto and Aoi from being killed by the distrustful members of the Federation, and he chooses to side with them over his own friends and promises to help them survive the game. Unlike the other examples of this trope in the franchise, Gozu never kills or hurts anyone. The worst thing he does is [[SirSwearsALot cuss a blue streak]] due to his anger at his comrades bloodlust. Not that being one of the few purely good characters helps him any [[spoiler: he is the third person to be killed at the end of episode 2, unlike the above two examples, who lasted until a bit later on in their respective series]]
* ''VisualNovel/LittleBusters'' has Masato, who is big and tall and always working on his huge muscles, but who is also one of the most kind, innocent, and friendly characters in the whole series.

[[folder:Web Animation]]
* Strong Mad from ''WebAnimation/HomestarRunner''. He is big, he is muscular, and he is hostile, but he nevertheless has a soft side and a big heart. He is especially gentle towards his best friend, The Cheat, [[PapaWolf of whom he is quite protective]] and he loves arts and crafts. Also, despite being the oldest of the Strong brothers, Strong Mad is also the most childish and naive, and a bit of a {{Cloudcuckoolander}}.

[[folder:Web Comics]]
* Nate and Chadling, from ''Webcomic/BobAndGeorge'' are devils in the vein of the Yellow Devil from the ''VideoGame/MegaMan'' series (Nate is actually yellow, while Chadling is purple), taking the form of a giant demon or changeable size in battle while actually being nice guys (especially Nate).
* ''Webcomic/CurseQuest'': Mogarth, when not in battle, is very much this. In his first conversation with Walrus and Requiem he zoned out and acted like a dork.
* In ''Webcomic/DaughterOfTheLilies'', mercenary leader Orrig is this. He's a scary looking orc berserker, but a perfectly nice employer who considers it his job to take care of his employees. Ironically, he is way more mature and sensible than the half-orc and the ''elf'' in his team, both of whom have short tempers and are prone to violent outbursts.
* Kahn from ''Webcomic/{{EVIL}}'' is easily the biggest and strongest character, but also the nicest.
* The rock giant Paddington Rumblebottom the Third from the webcomic ''[[http://dreamlandchronicles.com The Dreamland Chronicles]]''.
* [[Webcomic/{{Drive}} Veetans]] are usually this.
* Justin from ''Webcomic/ElGoonishShive'', from Rhoda's point of view. She's normally scared of people bigger than her (and his 6' to her 5' is quite a difference), but also knows that he's friends with Nanase, and that Nanase wouldn't be friends with anyone bad.
** Also Greg, who is 6'10, falls under this. Although he is a martial arts master he has never been shown to be violent.
* Trolls in ''Webcomic/FairyDust'' are very large, physically powerful and, if necessary, capable of violence, but they typically have mellow personalities.
* A giant only by comparison to his companions, the Wallaroo Brisbane of ''Webcomic/FauxPas'' is one of the most laid-back characters of the strip.
* Sawtooth Rivergrinder (often just Sawtooth for short) from ''Webcomic/{{Freefall}}'', is a construction droid who's very laid back most of the time, but gets a bit incensed when robots try to disassemble other robots. Not overly cautious about damaging buildings, although this is probably because, as a construction droid, he can repair most of the damage he'd be likely to do.
* Adam from ''Webcomic/GirlGenius'' (also known as Punch) is a mute FrankensteinsMonster style creature, often depicted as a lumbering moron in plays and stories. People who know him however describe him as a wise and gentle soul who spent his spare time making toys for orphan children.
* Gith the bodyguard from ''Webcomic/{{Glorianna}}'' is a scary-looking brute, but turns out to be kind and friendly, if a bit shy.
* [[Webcomic/{{Homestuck}} Equius]] is one of the strongest of trolls on Alternia. Even gently patting his beloved lusus -- one of the strongest creatures on his planet -- will leave a bruise. While he has a racist attitude, Equius speaks in a polite, formal tone and loves his moirail Nepeta (a CuteBruiser) more than anyone else. It's interesting to note that he is also one of the less violent trolls, and only spars with his robots.
** Gamzee could be considered this before his freakout. A stoner LoveFreak who by himself did more damage to the Black King than anyone else on his team with the exception of the [[PhysicalGod God-Tier]] Vriska. He's also commonly depicted as the tallest of the trolls in fanart as no one has a canon length.
* Roan from ''Webcomic/ImpureBlood''.
* Roofus the robot, Rocko Sasquatch, and Goona in ''Webcomic/TheInexplicableAdventuresOfBob.''
* Mr. Fish from ''Webcomic/ManlyGuysDoingManlyThings'' is even bigger and stronger than the average Gyarados thanks to Jared feeding him well, but he's as docile as a well-trained dog. Though he does still make occasional attempts to eat other Pokemon.
* Malloy from ''[[{{Webcomic/Morphe}} morphE]]'' has a sprite so tall that it almost breaks the top of the frame and he certainly looks like he could hold himself well in brawl. Despite his imposing structure he is the only member of the cast to take pity on Asia for her inability to cast magic and actually plays a fatherly role to her, trying to get her adjusted to her new environment.
* ''Webcomic/TheOrderOfTheStick'': The "Monster in the Darkness" is a gentle giant played straight. Terribly powerful and scary, but turns out to be a nice guy. When challenged to a game of "hit the other person as lightly as you can", it earnestly tries (not realizing that its opponent was only trying to hit it with her sword)... and loses. How he loses? He hits his opponent and her horse ''straight through a stone wall and several hundred feet away.''
* Ruby from ''Webcomic/RubysWorld'' , who keeps her kind nature after her transformation (unless [[BewareTheNiceOnes provoked]]).
* In ''Webcomic/ScandinaviaAndTheWorld,'' Norway is the largest of the Nordics, by a margin of at least half a head, but has the mellowest personality and is so in tune with nature that he can get butterflies to land on his finger.
* In ''Webcomic/SchlockMercenary'', where there exists flying tanks and low-profile armor that turns even the smallest grunt into a FlyingBrick, size isn't as important as one might think. Nonetheless, there are examples:
** Corporal Elizabeth, a gorilla like alien about the size of an elephant, is usually depicted as one of the kinder souls among her peers, and has been described as "like a kitten, really." Of course, when it comes time to fight, she knows how to throw her weight around at least as well as anyone else, even when it's just her fists against foes with firearms and PowerArmor.
** Burt Nicholson, even without armor, is the size of a shed and can safely deliver a punch that would shatter every bone in a 21st-century boxer's arm. [[HeroicComedicSociopath He's also one]] [[SociopathicHero of the few]] unambiguously ''good'' people in the entire series, is well-meaning and loyal, and once [[DivingSave dove off a platform]] to rescue a falling enemy spy who'd been playing him like a cheap record up to that point, simply because she'd been rendered unconscious and couldn't save herself.
** Jeffy "Brad" Bradley started out relatively scrawny, but a chain of events involving his own decapitation revealed that without deliberate stunting he would turn into the eight-foot mountain of muscle he spent the rest of his time as, but he never really lost the respectful habits he developed while smaller than a house. [[spoiler:His eventual death comes about when he blows up a crashing tank with improvised explosives rather than risk it crashing into a place it could inflict serious damage, hurling him out to freefall into the side of a building without functional armour.]]
* Rich of ''Webcomic/{{Thespiphobia}}'' is usually this ('''usually'''). [[BerserkButton Mess]] [[BewareTheNiceOnes with]] [[PapaWolf his]] [[TrueCompanions friends]], [[OhCrap however]]...
* Uaid, the [[NinjaPirateZombieRobot giant enchanted frog-man-cyborg]] in ''Webcomic/{{Unsounded}}''. He [[http://www.casualvillain.com/Unsounded/comic/ch03/ch03_13.html sorrowfully regrets]] destroying the home of some squirrels, and then he [[SubvertedTrope eats them]], [[DoubleSubversion and then they fall out of his chest unharmed]]. He's generally very non-confrontational, but threatening Matty turns out to be quite the BerserkButton for him.
* Umf the rat of ''Webcomic/{{Scurry}}''. The mice accept him as a member of their colony mostly due to his gentle, affable nature, despite being huge even by rat standards.
* ''Webcomic/SlightlyDamned:'' [[FullBoarACtion Sahne]] is a mixture of this and BigFun. Unlike [[TheBrute most Earth demons]] in the story, she's a kind, fun-loving demon who easily makes friends with the main protagonists and [[spoiler: [[DefectingForLove defected from Hell]]]] so she could start a family with an angel woman named Kinako and a water demon named Lakritz. She also positively ''adores'' her stepson, Tirol (Kinako's [[CuteMute mute]] son).
* In the "Unsinkable" storyline of ''Webcomic/SkinHorse'', [[spoiler: Rhodey the Sea Serpent]] turns out to be this. [[spoiler: It seems to be in battle with the setting's superhero team, but it's only defending itself, and it turns out AG-I waited until the nationwide WeirdnessCensor kicked in before attacking it because otherwise the nearby town would have been ''horrified'' that someone was trying to take out their beloved town mascot]].

[[folder:Web Original]]
* [[ReluctantMonster Enderbro]], from the [[http://askenderbro.tumblr.com askenderbro]] CharacterBlog.
* In ''Roleplay/TheGamersAlliance'', [[TheEngineer Daven]] and [[ScaryBlackMan Ismail]], despite their size, are actually quite gentle guys outside combat.
* Ultra-Man, a stalwart member of the [[Roleplay/GlobalGuardiansPBEMUniverse Global Guardians]] is a bit of a mix between the Gentle Giant and the GeniusBruiser. Regardless, he is the moral compass of the team.
* WebVideo/MarzGurl. She's about the tallest female contributor on Website/ThatGuyWithTheGlasses and is sometimes depicted as rather strong, but she is a rather nice person in real life.
* Marcus Roddy of ''Roleplay/SurvivalOfTheFittest'' - he is absolutely massive, yet wouldn't hurt a fly. However, due to various exceptions, it's easier to say that when dealing with very large characters in ''Survival of the Fittest'', roughly half are subversions of this trope, and the other half are played straight. Vesa Turunen started as straddling the border between playing this straight and subverting it, but eventually turned into a BloodKnight and DeathSeeker.
** Craig Hoyle in season four of Survival Of the Fittest also certainly counts. He's one of the tallest students at Bayview High and probably the heaviest, at 6'7" and well over 300 pounds. His main interest? Drawing. Craig joined the football team, but only because he wanted to be more popular; to boot, he's quite horrible at any part of the game besides being a wall of meat.
* LetsPlay/{{Raocow}} said in one video that he's 6'5". Yet he has such a gentle, easygoing personality (among other things, he's a KindheartedCatLover and frequently promotes a positive attitude).
* ''Wiki/SCPFoundation'': [[http://www.scp-wiki.net/scp-516 SCP-516]] is a sentient T-55 battle tank. A picture was taken of it by SCP-978 (a polaroid camera that produces a picture of the target doing whatever they want to do) and it produced an image of 516 in a meadow, underneath some trees, with birds perched on its main gun and flowers growing all over it. In other words, 516 dreams of a world where tanks don't need to exist. It has ''never'' attacked an unarmed being, and only fires upon people who fire at it with weapons that can harm it first, [[KickTheSonOfABitch with only one notable exception]]:
-->'''Testing Log: 516-01j'''\\
'''Target:''' Two (2) [[CannonFodder D-class personnel]] (D-101, D-521) [[SadisticChoice handcuffed together]]. 2kg of C4 plastic explosive strapped to D-101, instructed to approach SCP-516 and detonate explosive. D-101 fitted with 'dead man's switch' to induce explosion if D-101 killed.\\
'''Result:''' As Dr. ██████ detailed instructions to D-101, SCP-516 [[[RoaringRampageOfRevenge DATA]] [[SugarWiki/MomentOfAwesome EXPUNGED]]]
* ''WebAnimation/IfTheEmperorHadATextToSpeechDevice'' has [[spoiler: Rogal Dorn and Vulkan]]. The former wears Centurion power armor (usually power armor over power armor), acted as the Emperor's teddy bear, and (as horribly blunt as he is) does speak up for the common citizen (such as Boy, the vox-serf) whenever anyone bad mouths them. The latter is considered by his father as "[[AC: too fucking nice]]" and it's true: he's constantly going on about friendship, loving his friends, and giving hugs to all his friends even [[spoiler:Magnus]] but the problem is he's ''huge'' and he's ''strong''. Many of [[spoiler:his sons]] have had their backs broken after being given one of his spine-breaking hugs and [[spoiler:Magnus]] winds up killing him [[spoiler:again]] after having his already broken back being hugged for a little too long. He got better in quick order but still.

[[folder:Western Animation]]
* Plato from ''WesternAnimation/AdventuresFromTheBookOfVirtues''.
* Genie's Kindness from the ''WesternAnimation/AladdinTheSeries'' episode "The Seven Faces Of Genie" is a hulking giant who towers over the city Aladdin and the Sultan are staying at, but [[MeaningfulName true to his moniker is very kind, gentle, friendly, and sensitive]].
* WesternAnimation/TheAmazingWorldOfGumball has Hector, who is a massive ape like creature, who although seems menacing, is actually very gentle. Because of this, he is often seen as boring to his class mates. In "The Colossus", it is shown why he lives a "boring" life, [[spoiler: [[RealityEnsues which is because, as a giant, he can be very destructive when excited]].]]
** There is also [[MixandMatchCritters the Chimera]], who is a massive monster made out of toy parts who befriends Anais. [[spoiler: In the episode he appeared in, he was shown to have been [[NotEvilJustMisunderstood thought of as a criminal]] due to breaking into houses to look for a new friend after his creator died.]]
* In ''WesternAnimation/AmericanDragonJakeLong'', giants are peaceful despite their huge size.
* Tiger from ''WesternAnimation/AnAmericanTail''. Double points for being [[CatsAreMean the lone friendly cat]] to the [[SpeciesSurname Mousekewitz]] family.
* Appa, Pipsqueak, and Flopsy from ''WesternAnimation/AvatarTheLastAirbender''.
** Sky Bison in general seem rather friendly towards humans, as wild ones are seen allowing humans to get close and wander through their herds. [[MamaBear Just don't get close to their babies, though.]]
** Naga from the SequelSeries ''WesternAnimation/TheLegendOfKorra'' is a BigFriendlyDog who gives people she likes big, sloppy kisses.
* In one episode of ''WesternAnimation/TheBackyardigans'' (appropriately called "A Giant Problem"), Tasha is one. ''Literally.''
* The eponymous character in ''WesternAnimation/BigBuckBunny''.
* Modo from ''WesternAnimation/BikerMiceFromMars'' is a very fine example of this, although Limburger's dimwitted henchman Grease Pit could also count.
* Booster in ''WesternAnimation/BuzzLightyearOfStarCommand'' is an AscendedFanboy with a tendency to be clumsy.
* Gor from ''WesternAnimation/CaptainSimianAndTheSpaceMonkeys''. He really hates to fight, and often does so only if his friends are in danger. His pacifistic nature causes him to try and talk to the villains, but it rarely works (except in one {{Aesop}} episode); and there have been occasions where his own friends [[BerserkButton goaded]] him into transforming into Gormungus, a hulk-like creature, to win battles or save a crew member, usually Spydor.
** He actually managed to talk several gladiators (at least one on screen) out of their job in the episode where he received his [[OneWingedAngel Gormungus]] mutation -- up until then, pushing his BerserkButton resulted in something more like an UnstoppableRage.
* WesternAnimation/CliffordTheBigRedDog.
* Fishlegs Ingerman in ''WesternAnimation/DragonsRidersOfBerk'' is the biggest and chubbiest of the teen characters, but he's also by far the most tender and kindhearted, especially towards his dragon Meatlug. Nevertheless a lot of the characters in the setting are kindhearted big vikings, but the tallest of all is also the most innocent and gentle: Bucket.
* In ''WesternAnimation/DuckTales1987'' and ''WesternAnimation/DarkwingDuck'', Launchpad [=McQuack=] is the strongest member of the regular casts and towers over most of them, but he'd never hurt a fly.
* Ed from ''WesternAnimation/EdEddNEddy'' is the friendliest kid in Peach Creek by far. He has an obsession with chickens, but seems to like all animals. He also tends to carry his friends around.
** In some episodes, Ed is seen [[PapaWolf defending his younger sister, Sarah]].
** Double D even lampshades this in one episode -- "He wouldn't hurt a fly! [[ThePigPen They're actually attracted to him!"]]
* Myth/PaulBunyan from the Creator/{{Rankin Bass|Productions}} "Festival Of Family Classics" adaption of the tall tale. Paul is actually portrayed as a nicer guy than in the original myth, which is saying something. Completely averted with Panhandle Pete, the villain of the story, the giant boss of a sawmill who is not only an enormous JerkAss, an abusive BadBoss, and a dirty cheater, he is also clearcutting the forests for no reason.
* Eduardo from ''WesternAnimation/FostersHomeForImaginaryFriends''; he was created by a little girl who lived in a bad neighborhood and needed an imaginary friend who was scary-looking enough to frighten off thugs and bullies, but gentle enough to help her throw tea parties for her baby brother. Later, she realized her subconscious had a secondary purpose in inventing Eduardo's personality: he's such a coward that she eventually had to find her own inner courage and step up to protect ''him''. (She was later shown to have grown up to be a police officer.)
* Goliath in ''WesternAnimation/{{Gargoyles}}'' looks like a hulking, fanged, clawed, glowing-eyed monster, is big even by gargoyle standards, and is a Badass in battle. He's also a WarriorPoet who reads Dostoyevsky and doesn't like killing people, whose greatest wish is peace between gargoyles and humans.
** Even more so, his friend and companion Broadway. He's as gentle as he's huge, unless he's VERY pissed off.
* Roadblock from ''WesternAnimation/GIJoeRenegades'', while looking like a stereotypical ScaryBlackMan, is actually one of the most laid-back and easy-going members of the team. He's more than willing to use his size to intimidate an enemy though.
* PJ from ''WesternAnimation/GoofTroop'' is what you get when the 'Giant' is 11-years-old and yet to hit his growth spurt -- a Gentle Giant In Training. He's not too bright, overdominated, insecure -- and can bench-press 150 lbs., punch out bullies, and does most of his dad's manual labour. He seems pretty unaware of how strong he really is. He becomes a straight example in the movies, which even helps land him a girlfriend in the sequel.
* Grape Ape. Unfortunately, almost everyone is afraid of him.
* Jeff the Spider from ''WesternAnimation/TheGrimAdventuresOfBillyAndMandy''
* Baby Huey in the old Harvey cartoons.
* Ram-Man, from ''WesternAnimation/HeManAndTheMastersOfTheUniverse1983'' and [[WesternAnimation/HeManAndTheMastersOfTheUniverse2002 its reboot]]. Although, if you ''do'' make him angry, trying to stop him is like trying to stop a tank.
* Muscle Mutt of ''WesternAnimation/TheHoundcats''. A huge, muscular Old English sheepdog: also the quietest, most affable of the otherwise frenetic and explosive crime-fighting team. And able to bend steel with his bare paws.
* Female example: Eva from ''WesternAnimation/{{Igor}}''. She's a lumbering giant, but very sweet.
* The Hooded Fang from ''WesternAnimation/JacobTwoTwo'' is a wrestler with a disguise and attitude that make him incredibly intimidating and big enough to pick up Jacob with ''one hand''. Out of the ring he's a soft-spoken guy named Gary.
* Beezy on ''WesternAnimation/JimmyTwoShoes''. Though the reason he's so gentle is that he's probably [[TheSlacker too lazy to be aggressive]].
* [[EmotionalBruiser Eugly]] the rabbit from ''WesternAnimation/{{Kaeloo}}''.
* ''WesternAnimation/LooneyTunes''' [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j_tmv0EDKPo Abominable Snowman]] wasn't exactly gentle...but he meant well.
* The Ferocious Beast of ''WesternAnimation/MaggieAndTheFerociousBeast'' is the size of a bus and [[DeathbringerTheAdorable the exact opposite of his name.]]
* Magilla Gorilla is one of the nicest gorillas you'd ever meet. And he's great with kids.
* Java the caveman from ''WesternAnimation/MartinMystery''.
* The ''WesternAnimation/MegasXLR'' episode "Department of Megas Violations" has the villain's {{Giant Mook}}s turn out to be significantly more peaceful and civilized than the show's main character, and were forced to fight by the alien bounty hunter who was the main villain of the episode. When the main control collar on their leader is broken, they proceed to help Megas up, apologise for the carnage, grab the villain so she can stand trial, and leave, ''with classical music playing''.
* Nathan Explosion of ''WesternAnimation/{{Metalocalypse}}'' isn't quite a textbook example, but he is a lot more warm-hearted and amiable than his intimidating appearance and reputation would have one believe.
* Grin from ''WesternAnimation/TheMightyDucks'', an ardent follower of Zen philosophy.
* Ivan from ''Series/MiraculousLadybug'' towers over ALL his classmates and his love interest Mylene and has a generally intimidating look to him. But at heart, he's extremely friendly towards his classmates and loves Mylene more than anything.
** Marinette's Dad Tom Dupain also towers over most of his family, but is a baker and loves his wife and daughter.
* Winsor Gorilla from ''WesternAnimation/MyGymPartnersAMonkey''. He's also somewhat of a genius.
* Muzzy from ''WesternAnimation/MuzzyInGondoland'' is an enormous, hairy alien with a very friendly personality. He is also a bit of a GeniusBruiser, as he's very skillful with computers and other technology.
* ''WesternAnimation/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagic'':
** Big Macintosh is "very gentle", according to his blind-bag toy, and his younger sister Apple Bloom claims at one point that [[TheQuietOne his quiet nature]] is due to the fact that he's shy. He's shown to be fairly soft-spoken and level-headed on the show, but at a few other points is shown performing feats of immense strength, such as shrugging off a huge dog-pile of other ponies in "Lesson Zero" (sending several of them [[ATwinkleInTheSky flying over the horizon]]), lifting up a cupboard with one single foreleg in "Pinkie Apple Pie", or towing a full house in "Hearts and Hooves Day"... while ''skipping''. Also, [[RealMenWearPink he apparently likes dolls]].
** As she is larger than most of the other ponies in the show, Princess Celestia also counts.
** Pretty much any big creature in the show that [[FriendToAllLivingThings Fluttershy]] interacts with. Granted, this is because of her natural connection to animals and most of them wouldn't hesitate to cause trouble without her influence, but hardly any seemingly dangerous giant creature stays angry for long when Fluttershy's around.
** The giant river serpent from the second episode turns out to be quite a nice (if [[AmbiguouslyGay prissy]]) guy.
** Bulk Biceps may be a big, muscular guy, but he is friendly with both the Cutie Mark Crusaders in "Flight To The Finish" and Fluttershy in "Rainbow Falls".
** Despite his name, Trouble Shoes, from "Appleloosa's Most Wanted", who very well may be the largest pony in all of Equestria, [[https://derpicdn.net/img/view/2015/5/15/896608__safe_vector_big+macintosh_frown_unshorn+fetlocks_size+difference_standing_appleoosa%27s+most+wanted_troubleshoes+clyde_size+comparison.png dwarfing even Big Mac]], is very kind and even helps the Cutie Mark Crusaders back to town after they get lost in a rainstorm and take refuge in his home. He even seems to willingly live alone, lest his his inherent clumsiness and size cause anypony harm. Too bad said clumsiness gets him mistaken as a Rodeo-destroying outlaw.
* The "big, shaggy, and kind of slobbery" Niblet from the 2010 version of ''[[WesternAnimation/PoundPuppies2010 Pound Puppies]]''. Not the brightest dog you'll ever meet. Or the bravest. But friendly he has down pat.
* On ''WesternAnimation/TheRealGhostbusters'', the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man seemed to be in a HeelFaceRevolvingDoor. When he was a good guy, he fit this Trope.
* Mikey from ''WesternAnimation/{{Recess}}'' is much larger than the other kids -- yet loves poetry and wouldn't hurt a fly. And has a singing voice exactly like Robert Goulet. In one episode, though, a rumour starts that Mikey has pushed a boy into the girls' bathroom, which everyone believed. [[spoiler:A rumour he started ''himself'', mind. He was tired of people pushing him around, and the story took on a life of its own...]]
* Played in a ''horrifyingly'' dark way in ''WesternAnimation/RobotChicken'' when a giant robot is struck by lightning and develops emotions. He just wants to hug the puppies, whom he accidentally crushes with his horrifying strength, and when the cops open fire he "wants to play too" and guns them down with a gau-8. It ends with the robot sleeping in the fetal position, soaked in blood, and the scientist being gunned down by the police.
* Shirley in ''WesternAnimation/ShaunTheSheep'' is by far the biggest sheep of the flock, yet probably one of the more gentle and inofensive ones.
* In ''WesternAnimation/TheSmurfs'' episode "Gargamel's Giant", the villain's EvilPlan is to mold a giant out of clay and then use alchemy to turn it into a real giant that will become his servant, which he'll use against the Smurfs. However, he has a problem: one ingredient he needs is choke cherries, which don't grow in that part of the world. After realizing this, Gargamel decides to try using smurfberries, figuring that since the Smurfs used them for everything, why shouldn't they work? At first, they ''do'' work, and while the giant, whom he names Dufus, is a little dimwitted, he is more than willing to do what Gargamel tells him at first. Eventually, however, Dufus turns out to be a MinionWithAnFInEvil, who is far too friendly to hurt anyone, due to the fact that Gargamel used smurfberries to create him.
* Knuckles in ''WesternAnimation/SonicBoom'' could count as well. He's big, tall, and muscular, possesses incredible strength, loves punching things...but is also probably one of the friendliest characters on the show. Despite his tough appearance, he has a soft spot for nature, and is incredibly loyal to his friends. (His VA, Travis Willingham is also an example of this trope, see the Real Life People folder)
* Junko from ''WesternAnimation/StormHawks'' is a textbook example, as he's a Class 2 [[TheBigGuy Big Guy]] who towers over most humans, but is considered a wussy weakling by his own kind. Despite this,he's more than capable of beating the crap out of any human (including TheBrute Snipe) with his bare hands when [[BewareTheNiceOnes pushed too far.]]
* Memnock from ''WesternAnimation/SuperNoobs'' is a tall alien who has many intimidating features such as fangs and claws but has a tender heart towards children such as the Noobs and he showed these traits in "I Know You Noob" as he tried to reason carefully with several little girls who were blackmailing the Noobs. He also turns out to have several traits of a CampStraight as he loves cooking and made the infamous tiara jokes towards the Noobs. He also loves to eat candy, likes puppies whether real or stuffed, and likes to do childish activities
** Zenblock, who is Memnock's comrade, recruiting partner, and roommate, may not seem to fit in this due to being a non romantic {{Tsundere}} and a JerkWithAHeartOfGold, combined with his intimidating Austrian accent, hot temper, manly personality, and having biological features similar to Memnock but Zenblock does have the capabilities of being gentle as he does care about the Noobs and saving the world and is just as childish as Memnock. He also likes eating candy and loves puppies whether real of plush. He also loves plush animals and sleeps with a teddy bear at night,
* Leatherhead from ''[[WesternAnimation/TeenageMutantNinjaTurtles2012 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012)]]'', who is a giant, mutant alligator, and a {{Genius Bruiser}} to boot! Just as long as he [[BerserkButton stays in control...]]
* ''WesternAnimation/TeenTitans'':
** Thunder, looking past the fact that he and his brother Lightning love destroying every inanimate object in sight.
** And Red Star practically lives this troupe, even though the alternative is so much easier.
** There's also Galfore, Starfire's ''k'norfka'' (guardian), a huge, hulking, intimidating guy, who's actually quite friendly and approachable -- so long as you don't do anything that might be interpreted as a threat against Starfire. (Oddly enough, this is one of the few things that Beast Boy learns very quickly.)
* The Elephant Tribe from ''[[WesternAnimation/{{Thundercats2011}} Thundercats]]''. The majority of the time, they're peaceful and ''very'' forgetful monks, spending their days meditating and the like. But, they're still Elephants. As the Lizards and Grune found out when they finally joined the fight.
-->'''Ssslithe:''' The elephants... the elephants never fight!\\
'''Anet:''' Only rarely. But when we do, we fight to win!
* Mighty Manfred from ''Tom Terrific.'' Tom always touts him as a brainy intellect and fierce fighter, but all Manfred would rather do during the duo's adventures is sleep.
* DJ from ''WesternAnimation/TotalDramaIsland''. He's the largest and most muscular of the males but wouldn't hurt a fly. Owen is probably the heaviest character overall, and likewise sweet.
** Rodney from the Pahkitew Island season. He's an extremely muscular farm boy who is very shy and falls in love with several girl contestants.
** Jasmine is one of the tallest contestants in the series and her size can scare other contestants but she has a tender heart towards animals, take the role of leader for her team, and managed to gain a love interest.
* The titular giant in ''WesternAnimation/TheIronGiant'', A Super robot War Machine who disproves of killing, gains a thing for art, [[spoiler: and [[HeroicSacrifice flies into a nuke]] to save Rockwell.]]
* Whatever {{Franchise/Transformers}} multiverse you come from, you ''will'' possess this trope if you are Optimus Prime. Or almost any Autobot protagonist.
** Omega Supreme in G1. Starfire, a pacifist and scientist with a stature that dwarfs Optimus Prime, also qualifies.
** Rhinox from ''WesternAnimation/BeastWars'', also a GeniusBruiser and both a tech-head and a spiritual guru. Push him just that one inch too far, though, and you'll find out just how tough he really is.
** Bulkhead in ''WesternAnimation/TransformersAnimated''. He causes a lot of collateral damage despite his best efforts, though, mostly do to clumsiness, and it makes him kinda self-conscious.
*** [[spoiler:He also turns out to be something of a super-tough GeniusDitz, in that he's somehow the foremost expert on space bridges.]]
** His counterpart in ''WesternAnimation/TransformersPrime'' definitely fits this trope.
** Like the Discworld example above, most Autobot protagonists tend to use Gentle Giant mannerisms when dealing with humans. Decepticons...not so much. Except in the ''[[ComicBook/TransformersShatteredGlass Shattered Glass]]'' universe, where, naturally, [[MirrorUniverse it's reversed]].
* Cindarr from ''WesternAnimation/{{Visionaries}}: Knights of the Magical Light'', always eager to PetTheDog and in general gives the vibe of playing for the wrong team. It seems he persists to be a Darkling Lord only because of his [[IGaveMyWord oath]] to Darkstorm.
* In ''WesternAnimation/WinxClub'', the ogre Knut fits this Trope, [[MinionWithAnFInEvil despite working for the bad guys.]]
* Clay from ''WesternAnimation/XiaolinShowdown'', who's as sweet as a piece of ol' Aunt Nelly's homemade cherry pie. Seriously, he once [[WouldntHitAGirl refused to fight a villain]], instead defeating her by giving her a big hug. The guy is a teddy bear. When faced with the Challenge of catching a bird to win the Shen Gong Wu of the episode, he fills his hat full of seeds. [[spoiler:He won.]]
* In the animated TV show ''WesternAnimation/XMenEvolution'', The Blob is this towards Jean through most of his introductory episode, as she is the only person who bothers to show him any kindness, while most [[BerserkButton laughed at him]] and used him for their own entertainment, despite the fact that he could easily crush them in the palm of his hand. When a tantrum he's thrown over being made fun of in the school cafeteria causes a building to collapse, he tries to protect her by shielding her with his own body, but she still gets struck in the head and knocked out, at which point he gently picks her up and takes her to an abandoned building, where he ties her up "to keep her safe", and promises to take care of her, setting up a candle-lit dinner for her and bringing her flowers and an old-fashioned gramophone to play soothing music for her, at which point Xavier's other students, most notably Cyclops (in angry protective boyfriend mode) blasts their way in to rescue her. The Blob ends up as a villain of the show, joining the Brotherhood, but every once in a while you still see a gentler, warmer side shine through, if only for a moment -- specially in how he treats Todd "Toad" Tolansky, the local ButtMonkey, as a younger brother.
* The title character of ''WesternAnimation/RekkitRabbit'', a big white magical rabbit who doesn't always get it right when it comes to using magic, but nonetheless is friendly to everyone and highly protective of Jay and his family.

[[folder:Real Life - People]]
* Israel "IZ" Kamakawiwo`ole, a Hawaiian singer famous for his hit cover of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow", was incredibly fat, and was also a kind, happy person; as a result, he was known as "the Gentle Giant".
* Brett Dennen, a folksinger from Oakland, CA, fits this trope to a T. He's about 6' 7" (201 cm) and largely built, yet possesses a heartbreakingly sweet voice and writes sensitive, happy, socially-conscious tunes, and is just as happy and sensitive himself. [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8tRZGrdssNU This song's called "Follow Your Heart".]]
* John Candy. This man was tall, weighed somewhere around 300 lbs. (136 kg), and had a very lovable and caring nature. He was also a great dad. He played this type of role in some (if not most) of his films.
* President UsefulNotes/WilliamHowardTaft was known for being a huge man. He was 5' 11.5" (181.5 cm) inches tall; his weight peaked at 335–340 pounds (152-154 kg) toward the end of his Presidency. He was a polite, kind, and gentle man, known for being incredibly loyal (sometimes blindly loyal, according to some) to his family, friends, and political party.
* Wrestling/AndreTheGiant. With the exception of when he acted as an "evil wrestler" (who wasn't that evil, by the way) he had always been adored by fans and wrestlers alike for his kind, gentle nature. Creator/WilliamGoldman, a wrestling fan, based the character Fezzik in his novel ''Literature/ThePrincessBride'' on Andre. In a documentary about him, the people from his childhood village in France recalled that he was the sweetest, kindest man they had ever known. Many actors and wrestlers who worked with him cannot speak of him without fighting back tears.
* The crew for the comedy movie ''Without a Paddle'' described character actor Abraham Benrubi (6'7" (201 cm) and built like a padded bank vault) as one of the best-natured actors they'd ever worked with. His character in the film was a [[TheBrute hulking thug]].
* Robert Wadlow was a 7+ foot (213+ cm) boyscout at one point, and the tallest human on record in his adulthood (Last measured at 8'11.1" (272 cm)).
* CountryMusic singer Music/DonWilliams was nicknamed the "gentle giant" because, despite being rather tall, he has a soft, gentle singing voice and often sings quiet midtempos suited for it.
* The Liverpool indie band {{Music/Space}} have keyboard player Franny Griffiths, the tallest member of the band, once described by the late Steven Wells as 'an Easter Island statue-faced bouncer on the door of the hardest nightclub in Hell'. He might look imposing, but he's actually an easygoing, friendly guy who's happy to talk to fans at gigs.
* Creator/StephenFry. The guy's about 6'5" (196 cm) and is otherwise large, yet comes across as a particularly erudite teddy bear.
* The late Creator/MichaelClarkeDuncan, Hollywood's go to guy for any ScaryBlackMan role, by all accounts was the nicest and most gentle person you are ever likely to meet. [[KindheartedCatLover He owned several cats]] and a chinchilla (which he carried pictures of them with him), and many of the people he worked with say that he tended to treat everyone and everything as if it was made of fine china. He was also a vegetarian. This is all especially relevant as, by all reports, he WAS as monstrously strong as the characters he often portrayed.
* Tor Johnson, a professional wrestler and actor in several of Creator/EdWood's opuses, was by all accounts an extremely gentle and friendly man, despite the fact that, as [[Series/MysteryScienceTheater3000 Tom Servo]] says, he could snap your neck like celery.
* New York Yankees starting pitcher CC Sabathia. 6' 7" (201 cm) and upwards of 300 pounds (136 kg), he's an imposing presence on the mound, but is well known for giving back to his hometown of Vallejo, CA.
* A surprisingly large percentage of {{Badass Biker}}s are this, rescuing animals and defending people who are threatened by robbers and other unpleasant types, or simply giving someone who's lost directions or even guiding them where they need to go themselves.
* Creator/StephenMerchant. He's 6'7" (201 cm), and people who have met him admit they're pretty shocked when they first meet him due to his height. However, he's also said to be quite shy.
* The politician Inejiro Asanuma, leader of the Japanese Socialist Party in TheSixties, was nicknamed "speech-making farmer" and "human locomotive" for his huge height and HotBlooded speech patterns, but was very well-loved by people due to his his frugal and kind behavior. Too bad he suffered one HELL of a [[SnuffFilm televised/photographed death]].
* Creator/MrT is infamous for his tough-guy persona, and for being pretty huge. Interviews with him, however, reveal him as a very NiceGuy, bordering on a MessianicArchetype - he once actually expressed genuine [[SympathyForTheDevil pity for]] ''{{Satan}}'' (apparently, the Devil is the foo' he pities most of all, because "he's all about the hate" and "he aint got nothin' good goin' for him.").
* Retired New York Giants Defensive End Michael Strahan, 6'5" (196 cm) and absolutely OneOfTheKids.
* At 6'4" (193 cm), Jared Padalecki towers over his Series/{{Supernatural}} co-stars. However, he's well-known for being an extremely friendly goofball and a dog-lover to boot.
* Former Pittsburg Steelers defensive tackle "Mean Joe" Greene is 6'4" (193 cm), and as proven by the famous 1979 Coca-Cola commercial [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xffOCZYX6F8 seen here,]] he's a big softie.
* On the subject of football, retired Chicago Bears fullback William "the Refrigerator" Perry. He got his nickname because he was huge, standing 6'2" (188 cm) and weighing over 300lbs through most of his career in football. (He has the largest Super Bowl ring of any player in NFL history, size 25, as opposed to 12, which is average size.) He's a big teddy bear, and he has been known to make light of his size (often when appearing in advertising spots).
* The late, 7-foot-1.5 actor Richard Kiel who played "Jaws" in the ''Film/JamesBond'' movies ''Film/TheSpyWhoLovedMe'' and ''Film/{{Moonraker}}''. Lewis Gilbert, director of those two films, says on the DVD featurette for TSWLM: "He was a remarkable size, but like all giants he was sweet and charming and a real pussycat."
* As mentioned above, the late soul/R&B/ funk singer and songwriter Barry White.
* [[UsefulNotes/{{Tennis}} Tennis]] player Juan Martin del Potro is 6'6" (198 cm) tall and [[http://www.tennis.com/pro-game/2011/02/one-large-step-at-a-time/40391/ widely regarded as one of the nicest guys on tour]]. He even once stopped play to [[http://www.dropshotdispatch.com/2012/09/07/todays-tennis-thoughts-del-potro-is-back/ guide a moth out of the court]]!
* You -- just ask your [[CuteKitten pet(s)]]!
* The bassist for Music/{{Rammstein}}, Ollie Riedel, is around six-foot-seven and towers over the rest of the band. He's probably the quietest member of the band, though, although reportedly friendly with fans.
* Stephen Amell is 6'1" (185 cm), muscular as hell, and known for playing [[Series/{{Arrow}} a hooded vigilante who terrorizes corrupt businessmen on a daily basis]], but is a very amiable, friendly person in real life.
** Similarly, David Ramsey is 6'3 (190cm) but is a very gentle and friendly person, and is also a KindHeartedCatLover.
* In the voice-acting world:
** Creator/TroyBaker is 6'3" (190 cm) but is a very sweet, goofy and talkative person towards his fans.
** Similarly, another VA, Creator/TravisWillingham is 6'4" (193 cm) and rather muscular and imposing like but he's a huge kind-hearted goofball and is extremely nice to his fans.
** Creator/JMichaelTatum is 6'3½" (192 cm) but is possibly the nicest person in the voice acting industry.
** Creator/JohnDiMaggio is 6'3½" (192cm) and is VERY nice and talkative to his fans.
* British author/apologist/journalist G.K. Chesterton: 6'3" (190 cm) and about 300lbs (136 kg), yet beloved by friend and foe alike for his kind, good-humored nature.
* [[http://d24w6bsrhbeh9d.cloudfront.net/photo/a8W1vwO_700b_v1.jpg Bikers helping children who have been targets of abuse get rid of their fears.]]
* [[UsefulNotes/TheNapoleonicWars Marshal Edouard Mortier]] was 6'6" (198 cm), and as good-natured as he was tall. He was not a very brilliant general, but was reportedly the only one of the Marshals who never quarreled with any of his peers (even in Spain, where lack of collaboration proved the French's undoing), and even the meanest memorialists of the time cannot seem to find anything bad to say about his character.
* Bao Xishun, the tallest man in China and one of the tallest people in the world, is 8'3'' tall and once saved a dolphin's life by using his unusually long arms to extract small pieces of plastic from its stomach.
* Creator/DougJones is 6'3 (190 cm) and is best known for playing monsters and villains in TV and film, but in person is possibly the sweetest man on the planet.
* Willard Scott is 6'3 (190 cm) and about 250lbs (113kg), but is near-universally beloved for his sweet, folksy nature. Is it any wonder why he was on ''Series/{{Today}}'' for '''35 years''' even after he stopped doing the weather on a regular basis?
* [[Franchise/TheMuppets Muppeteer]] Jerry Nelson is rather large, but is arguably the kindest, most sensitive and introspective of the entire Muppeteer bunch and outside the Muppet world was a composer and guitarist[[note]]one of his songs was featured on the Henson Company series ''[[Film/TheChristmasToy The Secret Life Of Toys]]'' and appeared on his (self-released) ''Truro Daydreams'' album almost 20 years later[[/note]].
* Contrary to the popular expectation that they'd simply be a JerkJock turned up to eleven, most bodybuilders and weightlifters are actually this, being quite friendly, personable, and even supportive to others. Though a word to the wise, if you see them in the middle of a workout, it would be wise to stay out of their way. Since so many of them make some kind of living off of their physiques (fitness modelling, sponsorship deals and the like,) their time in the gym is technically work and they'll be about as annoyed with you if you walk into a kitchen and start bothering a chef.
* Strongmen Take this up to eleven : while strongmen come in various sizes (the lightest strongwomen are incredibly powerful compared to normal people) the absolute top tier are almost all ENORMOUS (the smallest winner of worlds strongest man being 6ft1 and 270lbs and most modern strongmen averaging at about 6ft4 and 330lbs)and unimaginably powerful (to put into perspective the average deadlift for a high level WSM competitor is 400kg (880lbs) and more. Strongman as a whole is a sport that is known by many as being the most welcoming friendly and open minded of all strength sports and virtually every strongman you meet will be a gentle giant (and often a genius bruiser) of the highest order, to the point they CHEER THEIR COMPETITORS ON.
* Creator/TonyTodd, one of Hollywood's quintessential [[ScaryBlackMan Scary Black Men]] who is 6'5" with a voice like a lion chewing gravel and roles like Film/{{Candyman}}, [[WesternAnimation/TransformersPrime Dreadwing]], and [[Series/TheFlash2014 Zoom]] under his belt, also has a wicked sense of humor and is extremely laid back in real life.
* Despite being [[Series/SpartacusBloodAndSand The Bringer of Rain]] and [[Series/TheFlash2014 a weather-manipulating supervillain]], 6'2 Aussie actor Liam [=McIntyre=] definitely fits this trope, being an {{adorkable}} goofball and a NiceGuy.
* Neil Peart of Music/{{Rush}} stands at 6'4", is a bit chubby, has been drumming since he was 13, spent years bicycling long-distance to concerts (he rides a motorcycle now, and should his 500 pound bike tip he only requires a bit of help righting it), and has a [[BadassBaritone very deep speaking voice]]. That said, he also adores his young daughter, loves dogs, has written several non-fiction books about his motorcycle travels, likes birdwatching and photography, and writes nearly all of the band's introspective and intellectual lyrics. He's also notoriously [[ShrinkingViolet reclusive and shy]] and doesn't like doing meet and greets with fans or being recognized on the street as Neil Peart from Rush due to his difficulties with people, but once people get to know him they invariably report that he is an incredibly intelligent and genial guy.
* Broadway actor Okieriete 'Oak' Onaodowan fits this trope. He towers above his other ''Theatre/{{Hamilton}}'' cast mates (minus Daveed Diggs) and is very well built and muscular but is very tame, sweet, kind, humble and a KindHeartedCatLover/all around animal lover.
* '''Creator/BrianBlessed!!''' Yes, [[MeanCharacterNiceActor really]], the man who is famous for playing obnoxious, violent, rude and constantly bellowing characters (such as the drunken King Richard in ''Series/{{Blackadder}}'' or Vultan, King of the Hawkmen in ''Film/{{Flash Gordon|1980}}''). In private life, he is an extremely gentle soul, always friendly and welcoming and with a disarming wit despite his intimidating size. He's also a big animal lover and shares his home with ponies. Though he remains just as ''loud'' as ever off-screen, he is nonetheless warm and charming to everyone he meets. It's been said that his default setting is to treat everyone as if they have been his best friend for years.
* Mexican actor and comedian Rubén Aguirre was 1,96 meters (6 ft 5 in) tall. Probably one of the most beloved actors in Latin America, especially among children's as most of his career was in children's show, he also owned a circus for a while.
* Geoff Capes, 6'5½", twice World's Strongest Man champion and Highland Games champion five years running. So gentle that he is also a world champion at breeding budgerigars.

[[folder:Real Life - Animals]]
* Many domesticated species of animals:
** [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UqiBYebop8c Draft horses]]. You would have more danger riding a pony. Such a calm, patient demeanor is a deliberate part of the breeding for something that is as strong as we could make them. [[http://www.gentlegiantsdrafthorserescue.com/ Available for adoption]].
** Also Maine Coon cats. They can weigh more than 20 pounds and are actually sometimes ''called'' "gentle giants".
** Ragdoll cats. Along with the Maine Coon, this breed of cat is regarded as a Gentle Giant because it can grow three times the size of other cats, yet are one the most docile, mellowest cats among any breed. There are rumours that they even lack the instinct to fight back due to their overwhelming gentle and innocent nature.
** When it comes to domestic rabbits, the larger breeds (some being fifteen pounds or more) tend to be the calmest and most easygoing.
** Jersey Giant chickens are the world's biggest breed of chicken and are known for their calm natures. The roosters even rarely get aggressive.
* The Hickory Horned Devil caterpillar, the largest caterpillar in North America and larval form of the [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Citheronia_regalis regal or royal walnut moth]], is five inches (13 cm) long, covered in menacing-looking spines from head to end, and yet it's completely and totally harmless. Also doubles as an inversion of KillerRabbit.
* The whale shark. Not only the biggest shark, but the biggest fish alive today, period, at forty feet long. Gentle towards human divers - indeed, one of the most docile and gentlest marine animals any diver would have the fortune to encounter, and friend to all living things except its natural prey - plankton. The basking shark, the second largest living fish, is also very friendly and peaceful despite its gaping mouth, which it only uses to suck up plankton. The [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rVAbJoINVPo megamouth shark]] qualifies as well. You see, [[ThreateningShark not everything is worse with sharks]].
* Manta rays. Huge, harmless, and beautiful to watch.
* A smaller example is the Mola Mola, aka Ocean Sunfish. These odd-looking creatures grow to about the size of a car, but subsist entirely on jellyfish and crustaceans, and are very curious and gentle, often examining divers and even letting them touch them.
* Many large dog breeds, like St. Bernards, Newfoundlands, Old English sheepdogs, Great Danes, etc., are quite playful and friendly - in fact, much training involves teaching them that no matter how happy they are to see you, they still [[BigFriendlyDog shouldn't knock you over]]. There is a reason for this: most people would not breed from a dog with the body of a Great Dane and the brain of a Terrier. In general most kinds of dogs bred for water rescue are huge but very kind and gentle.
** Pit bulls especially, despite their [[AlwaysChaoticEvil bad reputation]]. Large and beefy and tough they may be, but if raised with the love and care one should treat any dog with, they are sweet, loving, dependable, and the worst thing they will ever do to you is bruise your leg from wagging their tails too enthusiastically when you're within whap-range. (Protip: raise them with love, and also '''train them well'''.)
* Gorillas. And more specifically, [[http://www.lelion.co.uk/index.html Jambo]]. Still not wise to approach them in the wild, though - but if you do so by accident, their first response will be a threat display from some distance (most often a PrimalChestPound or a fake charge), and if you back off at that point, they're quite happy to let you leave.(Important note: never make eye contact. They interpret that as a challenge).
** Scientists observed that troops of gorilla prefer to solve things diplomatically rather than use violence.
* Galapagos tortoises. They can weigh over 900 pounds and live up to 170 years, but they wouldn't hurt a fly.
* Rhinoceros beetles. They're the largest of beetles, often have big, intimidating looking horns, and some species [[SuperStrength can lift 850 times their own weight]], but they're docile and completely harmless to humans and only eat [[SweetTooth nectar, sap, fruit, and other sugary foods]]. Even in territorial fights among rhino beetles, their tremendous strength and imposing horns are only used to flip the opponent on its back. They're actually popular pets in Japan.
** African goliath beetles are among the heaviest insects in the world and as long as 3 inches, but are a lot like rhino beetles in temperament. Children in Africa will keep them as pets.
** We can also say all the same about stag beetles.
* Played straight with Asian elephants (usually), but averted (at least most of the time) with African elephants.
** It really depends on the elephant and whether or not humans have hurt it. There's a story about one who was tasked with lowering logs into pre-dug holes and did as expected with most of them, but refused with one hole. A dog was sleeping in the hole. The elephant would only lower its burden when the dog had left.
* Crane flies. Several species can grow to large sizes, between 1.5 and 3 inches (3.8 and 7.5 cm) due to the large diameter of their legs, and they look like gigantic mosquitoes. But the worst a crane fly can do to someone is when their larvae do some damage to your lawn.
* Blue whales, the largest living creature on Earth. Very docile filter feeders, but with a bit of a reputation for shyness, and they can and will become defensive if in trouble. It's interesting to note they have virtually no natural enemies because of their sheer size.
** On a slightly smaller scale, right whales are very friendly and curious about humans, and in fact this willingness to approach boats is part of what made them the "right" whale to hunt, which in turn contributed to their endangered status today.
** Whales in general are often perceived as such. This image was promoted by the album ''Music/SongsOfTheHumpbackWhale'', which was the first album with nothing but sounds of singing whales. At the time humans had always thought whales were mute, but this record proved otherwise and was instrumental in showing people that these creatures' singing abilities were a hidden talent.
* Tapirs. They're very docile and shy, although they can bite when provoked.
* White rhinos. They are the largest species of rhinoceros, but are known for being docile. Still not a good idea to go near one, however, if you want to avoid a RhinoRampage.
** Averted with black rhinos, which are known to be more aggressive and prone to charging.
* The GiantSquid. Contrary to [[SeaMonster what the media might tell you]], giant squids have no interest in eating humans. The few times humans have interacted with these creatures, they either didn't notice the humans or didn't care that they were present at all.
* It's often theorized that the biggest plant-eating dinosaurs may have been this. A justified trope in the case of sauropods, many of whom were so incredibly huge that they had absolutely no natural enemies whatsoever, meaning that they had no need to be particularly aggressive. Averted with ceratopsians, though, which are usually depicted as being extremely aggressive. Also averted with stegosaurs and ankylosaurs, both also considered to have been highly dangerous.
* Averted with moose. They actually cause more animal-related deaths in the United States than bears, despite looking big and goofy. Then again, most of those deaths are from people crashing cars into them.
* Also averted with the common hippopotamus. They are known to kill over 2900 people a year in Africa and aren't afraid to attack any boats that enter their territory or even with no provocation at all.
** Pygmy hippos aren't as ferocious, even said to behave similar to tapirs, but can still turn aggressive and will bite if they feel threatened. Despite this, they are often inquisitive and laid-back animals.
* For a relative value of "giant," [[https://www.youtube.com/user/dcjanelle Murkin the dog]] is one toward a seemingly-endless stream of foster kittens.
* The liger (offspring of a male lion and a tigress) Hercules weighs nearly half a ton (~), six feet tall, and eleven feet long. To put things in perspective, his parents weight ~ ''combined''. Hercules is also powerfully built and almost as fast as a cheetah. Fortunately, he's also a tame and relatively gentle big cat.
* The [[CreepyCockroach Giant Cave Cockroach]] may qualify as one, despite being the second largest cockroaches, compared to the rest of the species, they are docile and do no harm to household environments, and they are actually beneficial to the ecosystem, as they primarily feed on decayed woods and plants.
* European hornets are big and scary-looking and are known to eat their smaller wasp cousins, but actually prefer to avoid conflict. [[BewareTheNiceOnes Just don't piss them off unless you want to be dealt a sting that REALLY hurts like hell.]] The larger Asian giant hornet, on the other hand, is generally an aversion.
** Unlike their terrible power in ''VideoGame/FalloutNewVegas'', Tarantula Hawk wasps are two inch long docile nectar-sippers[[note]]They hunt tarantulas for their baby to feed on. It avoids eating anything important first to make sure its meal lasts.[[/note]] and only the female stings when threatened. They only need to sting once because it will hurt and it hurts '''bad'''.
* Many species of tarantula are known for their docile and gentle personalities ([[DownplayedTrope at least towards larger animals]]), which make them popular as exotic pets.
* Pot bellied pigs can grow quite big, but are very friendly, laid-back and intelligent, providing they are raised well.
* Compared to the smaller honeybees, bumblebees are docile and prefer to ignore other animals unless provoked (which takes a lot to do). This is spite of the fact they are able to sting repeatedly without injuring themselves due to their stingers lacking barbs.
* Giant stick insects can reach nearly two feet in length, making them among the biggest insects in the world. Fortunately, they are completely harmless, feeding only on vegetation.