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->''"Given enough time, any man can master the physical. With enough knowledge, any man can become wise. It is a true warrior who can master both."''
-->-- '''Emperor Yoshiro''', ''VideoGame/CommandAndConquerRedAlert3''

The personification of StrongAndSkilled, this trope is what happens when you put BrainsAndBrawn as one character, brawn dominant. It's a possible benefit when you carry a heavy {{Doorstopper}} or two ([[UpToEleven or a whole shelf of them]]) while using it as weight-lifts and studying calculus at the same time.

The diametric opposite of DumbMuscle. This guy has not only huge muscles and fists, but a very bright brain! There ''is'', however, a difference between "especially smart" and "not a total moron"; keep that in mind when adding examples. Here's a tip: A character who is strong but displays frankly average intelligence is simply not an idiot. But if they constantly spout {{technobabble}} and are considered an expert in some scientific field, that's especially smart. Similarly, if they're especially smart, they must also be unusually strong to qualify. "Beats people up" or "very physically fit" don't count.

The inversion is the BadassBookworm. In general, a Genius Bruiser looks huge and powerfully muscled, then unexpectedly shows off an intellectual side, whereas a BadassBookworm looks like a standard geek, but then displays a surprising amount of physical prowess. Remember, in this case [[MusclesAreMeaningless Muscles Are]] [[{{Aversion}} NOT]] [[MusclesAreMeaningless Meaningless]]. The character ''does not'' need to look the part to qualify for this trope, though it's never a minus. If AuthorityEqualsAsskicking, you may well end up with an EmperorScientist. A Genius Bruiser is almost always also a CulturedBadass, but not necessarily.

This trope is very much TruthInTelevision, and often the {{Foil}} for JerkJock. While the latter are over-represented in team sports, GeniusBruiser types often come from individual sports, such as track and field, gymnastics, skiing or swimming. Compare AcademicAthlete.

In fantasy, a Genius Bruiser is often a MagicKnight or a MightyGlacier. They also tends to be combined with LightningBruiser, as the speed is frequently tied into intelligence or very specific training. See also MinoredInAssKicking. In a {{team}} specializing in brains, is TheBigGuy (he is their Class 5) and if specializing in brawn, is TheSmartGuy. Contrast with ShorterMeansSmarter.

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[[folder:Fan Works]]
* [[BadFuture Dark World!]]Spike from the ''Fanfic/PonyPOVSeries'' is a fully grown dragon and as such extremely powerful. But, unlike most dragons, he's also able to come up with complex strategies (such as superheating the area around an opponent, then having Twilight freeze it to cause a temperature shock explosion or using his opponent's own weapon against them) and is quite intelligent. Twilight outright says this is an advantage he has over other dragons, whose combat strategy normally amounts to 'smash it till it stops moving' or 'KillItWithFire'. We find out later that he spent those thousand years Discord ruled the world (when not busy being Discord's mount) reading books. He has in depth knowledge on everything from combat styles and meditation to chiropractic massage. [[spoiler:This comes in handy fighting Rancor, the Spirit of Violence who's ''immune'' to violence, and thus only things that aren't violence are capable of hurting her, like chiropractic massage.]]
* ''Fanfic/LastChildOfKrypton'':
** Shinji is pretty intelligent, knows several languages and reads about a wide variety of subjects. He is also Franchise/{{Superman}}, ergo he is a super-strong fighter.
** Asuka was out of college when she was thirteen. She is also a HumongousMecha AcePilot and a super-heroine endowed with SuperStrength and other FlyingBrick skills.
* ''Fanfic/SOE2LoneHeirOfKrypton'': Canonically Asuka was out of college by age 14. Here she is also ''Comicbook/{{Supergirl}}''. Her powerset includes SuperStrength and computer-strong intelligence.
* Xenilla (a.k.a Spacegodzilla) from ''FanFic/TheBridge''. While we got indications he was intelligent in the kaiju home realm, once he arrives in Equestria and [[AnimalTalk we can understand what he's saying]]; he's got quite the mind on him. While most kaiju are sentient, it's obvious Xenilla was the one with the brains behind his faction. Aside from using his wit to trick his way into getting to the Crystal Empire, where he'd be stronger; he seems well learned in more trivial matters. PlayedForLaughs briefly when he forces the entire Crystal Court to pause and consider the illogical nature of PrincessesRule in an ''Empire'', think it ridiculous Cadance wasn't an empress. Oh, and he's easily one of the most physically powerful kaiju in existence. His equine form being a full head taller than Shining Armor and very well muscled. [[spoiler: Now consider his true form is a 110 meter tall, 70,000 ton dinosaur.]]
* In ''FanFic/OriginStory'', Alexandra Harris, a Kryptonian with all the super-powers that entails, is very intelligent, a speed-reader, and has perfect recall. Her mind literally operates faster than that of a normal human being's. She's just not used to thinking of herself that way, having memories of an emotionally abusive childhood in which the phrase "you're an idiot" was used a lot.
* ''Sailor Moon: Legends of Lightstorm'':
** Jason Shepard, aka Lightstorm, is this. Despite losing his powers before the beginning of the story, his intelligence is so great that he can use ordinary human tech to create Moon Kingdom-level weapons and armor. He's also one of the deadliest fighters known to exist.
** Sailor Mercury, upon receiving military training from Jason. She is shown to be smart enough to learn the Moon Kingdom science that Jason teaches her, despite it being so advanced that it appears to be magic. Her skill with her ice powers also makes her a force to be reckoned with in a fight.
** Sailor Jupiter. Her knowledge of chemistry exceeds that of Sailor Mercury's, and even before Jason began training her, she was able to kill six human adults at the beginning of her debut episode.
* In ''Fanfic/HopeForTheHeartless'', [[Disney/TheBlackCauldron the Horned King]] is portrayed this way (while also being a case of AdaptationalBadass). He's both a warlord and a former Huntsman who's [[LightningBruiser a formidable fighter in all aspects]] (like [[SuperStrength formidable strength]] and weapons usage) and exceptionally educated (and mostly self-taught).
* [[MeaningfulName Badass Octopus]] in ''The Last Brony: Kingdom Hearts With a Black Sora.'' Being an elephant-sized octopus that can survive on land and shoot FrickinLaserBeams is quite formidable, but mostly he's known for being the smartest member of the team and having a vast knowledge of the universe's history.
* ''Fanfic/BloodAndHonor'': Sanguis becomes one of the best lightsaber combatants of her era, but she's also cunning, well-educated and a student of Sith politics, history and poetry.
* Sonic is this in ''FanFic/PrisonIslandBreak.'' He's a LightningBruiser on par with [[TheDreaded Shadow,]] successfully managed to defeat [[MightyGlacier Knuckles]], and is able to easily adapt to any given situation by being a brilliant and intelligent strategist.
* Kevin O'Donnell, the Irish Blue Ranger from ''FanFic/PowerRangersGPX'' is both the smartest member and TheBigGuy-slash-TheLancer. He also mixes this with BadassTeacher.

[[folder:Films -- Animation]]
* Professor Padraic Ratigan from ''Disney/TheGreatMouseDetective'' is the rodent CaptainErsatz of Prof. Moriarty, plus is very physically imposing due to him being a... ahem... big mouse.
* ''Disney/LiloAndStitch'': Stitch himself was designed to be this, being super strong (and NighInvulnerable) with a mind that can think faster than a supercomputer. Best exemplified with his prison escape (tricking the DNA-tracking blasters guarding him, for starters) and his rescue of Lilo (using a tanker truck full of gasoline on a volcano to propel himself into the air to reach and break into a spaceship, then throwing out its huge pilot).
* Not explicit, but Mr. Incredible from ''WesternAnimation/TheIncredibles'' must be very intelligent to master the subtle ins-and-outs of Insuricare, which we see even before he outwits Syndrome's Omnidroid and goes for a delve in the computer network. Mr. Incredible is actually quite sharp, and when he's infiltrating Syndrome's base, this fact helps him just as often as his strength does.

[[folder:Films -- Live Action]]
* The actor Richard Kiel has played with this trope more than once; his ''Film/JamesBond'' villain Jaws is far from stupid, although he only gets one line of dialogue to truly reveal this. Years earlier, he appeared in a similar role in a Bond [[FollowTheLeader rip-off film]] titled ''A Man Called Dagger''. At one point his BigBad employer asks rhetorically why Hitler lost World War II, and Keil's character considers for a moment, then starts to give a complex and erudite answer before being cut off.
* John Candy also played with this a little bit. ''Film/{{Stripes}}'', for example, has Ox.
* Xander Cage in the movie ''Film/XXx''.
* The musclebound Luther Stickell in the ''Film/MissionImpossible'' films and video games is also one of the world's foremost computer experts.
* Killjoy in ''Film/TheIcePirates'', played by the late John "[[Film/TheGoonies Sloth]]" Matuszak, is not only the biggest of the pirates, but also the smartest.
* ''Franchise/StarWars'':
** Chewbacca is an enormous Wookiee who has the strength to tear your limbs off if you get him angry enough. He's also quite the engineer, able to keep the Millennium Falcon running, chart hyperspace routes, and repair C-3P0 from virtual scrap. In ''Film/RevengeOfTheSith'', Chewie is a high-ranking commander of the Wookiee forces, so he must be skilled at strategy and military tactics. He also [[SmartPeoplePlayChess plays Dejarak]] (the Star Wars equivalent of Chess), although he's apparently less skilled than R2-D2.
** Darth Vader is a huge guy with extensive cybernetic implants. Although he usually kills people with his lightsaber or Force Choke, he is also capable of crushing a man's throat with his bare hands. He also built C-3PO as a child and modified his star fighter extensively. In addition, the entire plot of ''Film/TheEmpireStrikesBack'' was his own very cunning BatmanGambit to draw Luke to him.
* Ivan Vanko in ''Film/IronMan 2''. He's able to reproduce Tony Stark's Arc Reactor technology and bashes through Hammer's secure firewalls, as well as improve on Hammer's rather pathetic PoweredArmor designs into genuinely viable weapons. During the prison-break sequence, he kills two men unarmed - one of them a burly prisoner and the other a guard who was grabbing him. Later, we see the aftermath when [[spoiler: Hammer tries to lock him up - Vanko kills two security guards entirely unarmed and strings up their corpses for no readily apparent reason except it was amusing.]]
* Arnold Schwarzenegger's character in ''Film/{{Twins}}''. He was a result of an experiment of producing an advanced human being by combining sperm from six fathers who are athletes and scholars. Being raised by a doctor, he's physically strong, spiritually pure, and excels in history, science, mathematics, literature, and can speak twelve languages. Until he learns he has a fraternal twin played by Danny [=DeVito=] who inherited the leftover genes and living in shady lowlife schemes.
* A dock worker in ''Film/{{Eraser}}'' hints at being a Genius Bruiser while he and his colleagues are observing an arms deal between the bad guys and some men from the former Soviet Union.
--->'''Boss''': Damn Commies.
--->'''Bruiser''': Actually, Sir, they're not Communists anymore. They're a federation of independent, liberated states.
* ''Film/XMen'':
** Victor Creed in ''Film/XMenOriginsWolverine''.
** In ''Film/XMenFirstClass'', Hank goes from being a BadassBookworm at the beginning to being a Genius Bruiser toward the end. [[spoiler: This is because he injected himself with something that utterly transformed his appearance.]] By ''Film/XMenTheLastStand'', he's a scientist/diplomat who can kick lots of ass.
** ''Film/TheWolverine'': Implied with Viper since she's a scientist. Shingen Yashida makes a brief mention to the fact he graduated in biology, and is as well a very competent businessman. Ichirō Yashida served in the military in World War II, and later founded a highly successful technology conglomerate.
* ElSanto, the famous MaskedLuchador hero of Mexico, was always portrayed as highly intelligent and cultured, and often as a true genius. To take just one example, in ''Film/SantoEnElTesoroDeDracula'', Santo invents ''a working time machine'' all by himself!
* Gunnar Jensen in ''Film/TheExpendables2'' is rvealed to have a Fulbright scholarship and a degree in chemical engineering... [[ActorAllusion just like]] Creator/DolphLundgren, who plays him.
* In ''Film/TheDarkKnightRises'', ComicBook/{{Bane}} looks like a gorilla wearing a [[{{Star Wars}} Darth Vader]] costume. But he's a match for Franchise/{{Batman}} tactically as much as physically. He's also [[WickedCultured highly cultured]] and [[SesquipedalianLoquaciousness well-spoken]] and one line even indicates that he has a good working knowledge of nuclear physics.
* In ''Film/TheAmazingSpiderMan'', the Lizard stands 7'6" tall and is capable of punching through inch-thick steel emergency doors. When he and Peter fight in a chemistry classroom, he takes note of the vials standing around and mixes the contents of two them together to create a bomb. It makes it clear Connors' intellect is still there under the scales. In a DeletedScene he convinces himself he doesn't have to be afraid of Spider-Man because he is bigger, faster and stronger than he is, has teeth and claws ''and'' an Empire State University degree.
* Roadblock from ''Film/GIJoeRetaliation'' he's not only strong, but he's also pretty smart and good at coming up with strategies.
* In ''Film/BrokenArrow1996'', Terry nearly bites off more than she can chew by trying to sneak-attack a mook in NerdGlasses and a lab coat.
-->"You probably thought I was some science nerd! I was a Navy SEAL, lady! You should see what I can do with just my thumb!"
* ''{{Film/Warrior}}'': Brendan is a physics teacher, and a badass MMA fighter. This is even lampshaded by his trainer.
* In ''Frankenstein: The College Years'', the Frankenstein's Monster nicknamed "Frank" starts out as the typical lumbering moron of other film adaptations since the process to resurrect him is incomplete. The protagonists eventually figure out the secret to saving Frank [[spoiler:namely sugar, since the anti-rejection serum that keeps Frank's organs working together causes glucose deficiency. This explains Frank's SweetTooth throughout the movie.]] After his brain fully recovers, Frank is able to speak for the first time in the movie and he claims that he's fluent in multiple languages.
* Jason Bourne from ''Film/TheBourneSeries''. Extremely good at lateral thinking and finding highly creative ways to stay one step ahead of the people hunting him, but when the chips are down, can annihilate anyone who goes up against him in a fight.
* Cady, the villain in ''Film/CapeFear (1991)'' is both in exceptionally good shape and terrifyingly smart. He studied law in prison, becoming a lawyer, even acting as his own defense during his appeals.
* In ''Film/{{Godzilla 2014}}'', Franchise/{{Godzilla}} is rather crafty for a giant reptile. After seeing how his atomic breath only had a minor effect on the female Muto, he switched to [[spoiler:grabbing her head and firing it down her throat until it decapitated her]]. As for the male Muto, Godzilla was having difficulty dealing with the male constantly resorting to hit and run attacks from the air. So Godzilla [[spoiler:suckered the male into attacking him from behind by pretending that he didn't know it was there, then giving him a tail attack that knocked the male out of the air into a protruding beam, impaling it.]]
* Nathan from ''Film/ExMachina'' is a muscular fitness nut who practices boxing and works out constantly. At the same time, he wrote the code for the world's most-used search engine when he was thirteen, built up a multi-billion dollar corporation around that product, and designed a ground-breaking artificially intelligent robot all by himself.
* Music/{{DMX}}'s character in ''Film/ExitWounds''. Besides looking like a typical thug and being able to fight Creator/StevenSeagal to a draw, he turns out to be a tech whiz who got rich during the Dot Com boom and who is using high-tech equipment to try to expose {{Dirty Cop}}s. In addition, BigBad is in charge of a large drug smuggling operation and can kick some ass to boot. No one suspects him of even being involved.
* DMX in ''Film/Cradle2TheGrave'' plays a tough guy who can also plan out bank heists and execute them flawlessly.
* The Operative from ''Film/{{Serenity}}'' is an exceptionally dangerous hand-to-hand fighter and a lethal swordsman as well as ruthless and cunning planner. He proves incredibly adept at predicting the actions of Serenity's crew and forces Mal to resort to an IndyPloy.
* Film/ManOfSteel:
** {{Superman}} himself, in line with his comicbook counterpart. He's shown reading philosophy texts as a teenager, and demonstrates a good working knowledge of medicine (when he treats Lois' wounds) as well as physics, and also displays more creative use of his powers than most adaptations. He also uses a fair level of skill in hand-to-hand combat despite lacking any combat training whatsoever, as opposed to relying on strength alone.
** Jor-El might have been Krypton's greatest scientist, but he still [[BadassBookworm dishes out a severe beating]] to [[SuperSoldier Zod]] while [[PapaWolf buying time to launch Kal-El's ship]].
** Zod himself is a genetically bred and trained SuperSoldier who modified Jor-El's Phantom Zone drive into a working Warp Drive for interstellar travel.
* ''Film/RiseOfThePlanetOfTheApes'' are this trope mixed with ItCanThink. They've had their intelligence boosted as a side-effect of the experimental drug ALZ-112. They're able to speak (in HulkSpeak, though it's a JustifiedTrope as they communicate in ASL, a simplified language with implied conjunctions), use wrought-iron fence posts and manhole covers as {{Improvised Weapon}}s, and trick SWAT troopers into a CurbStompBattle. And of course, they're apes. In [[Film/DawnOfThePlanetOfTheApes the sequel]], they can [[spoiler:vocalise, use firearms and engage in GunboatDiplomacy.]]

* ''Rummelsnuff'' looks like a [[http://cdn.prinz.de/imedia/925/601925,UXBIcrnvf1hmy4rOGx8x_jyZ9inPXZZse1JhSbXc5lM=.jpg real life german Hulk]] with the brain of a fly, whom you'd rather expect to work as an enforcer for the Mob. However, both of his parents were classical musicians and music teachers. The working class image is part of his art.
* One of the most common MetalHead stereotypes is that they are DumbMuscle. The technical ability required to play the music definitely creates this when combined with the typical image. This is especially the case for FolkMetal, where the musicians are invariably well-versed in history and folklore and they generally speak at least one language besides English (the only exceptions come from English-speaking countries), probably more.

[[folder:Myths & Religion]]
* Most [[Myth/GreekMythology Greek]] heroes are Genius Bruisers. The ancient Greeks believed as much in exercising the mind as the body.
** King Odysseus of Ithaca is the epitome of this trope in Greek mythology. Odysseus was the Achaians' most cunning general as well as one of their best warriors. Most notably he commissioned the Trojan Horse used to invade Troy. At the end of the ''Odyssey'', he demonstrates that he's still a badass after all these years by performing some archery feats and then slaughtering a roomful of younger men. His combination of brains and brawn makes him the favored hero of Athena. However, like many Greek heroes, some of his best work was possible only with substantial help from the gods.
** Athena is the goddess of wisdom and intellect and is known for her cunning and inventiveness. Though she prefers tactics and strategy instead of brute force, there are accounts of her incredible physical feats, such as crushing the giant Enceladaus with the island of Sicily. She is also undefeated in combat. In the ''Iliad'', Ares, the god of war, challenged her on the battlefield and Athena knocked him out in a single strike.
** Prince Theseus of Greek mythology; his use of brains as well as brawn to pass tests, defeat opponents, and slay monsters.
** Hercules' Twelve Labors required a substantial amount of [[IndyPloy cunning as well as strength]]. When he found out that the Nemean Lion's hide was impervious to weapons, he strangled it. To fight the Hydra, which could grow its heads back, he seared the stumps with a torch. And to clean up the enormous and never-cleaned Augean Stables, he uses his strength to alter the course ''of two nearby rivers''. Athena was the Olympian who liked Hercules best, excluding his father anyway.
* ''Literature/TheShahnameh'': Rostam, Siavash, Esfandiar and many other heroes are not only strong fighters and good tacticians, they're quite eloquent, witty, and knowledgeable. Rostam is mentioned to have played the tanbour and he could sing.
* ''Literature/TheBible''
** Christian martyrology has several cases of Genius Bruisers who were high-ranked Roman soldiers before their conversions, becoming {{Badass Preacher}}s and facing the cruelest tortures and martyrdom with much badassery. Some of the more popular examples are:
** [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saint_George Saint George of Lydda.]] Assuming that he existed--he may not have--he was a powerful soldier and then able and charismatic captain and administrator for Emperor Diocletian. He stunned the Emperor by declaring himself a Christian just as said Emperor was beginning the last Roman persecution of the Christians; he refused all kinds of gifts to convert to paganism and was martyred for his trouble. Unlike many other martyrs, he had led a long enough life in the Roman military to make other badassery possible, and people naturally added new stuff to his story. The most famous of these additions has him [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/St_George_and_the_Dragon slaying a dragon]], saving the local BarrierMaiden, and then managing to convince everyone in her kingdom to convert to Christianity. He later became PatronSaint of [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Patronages_of_Saint_George a ridiculous number of things]], including England, Georgia (the country), Genoa, Portugal (because of blood ties between the English and Portuguese royal families), the Palestinians (well, the Palestinian Christians, but the Muslims of Bethlehem and Lod[[note]]Lod is the Hebrew name of Lydda, George's hometown; it is today home of Ben-Gurion International Airport and a very large Arab Israeli ghetto.[[/note]] like him, too), Scouting, and [[TankGoodness armored units]]. This patronage, by the way, is why the [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flag_of_England flag of England]] looks exactly like the [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Genoa flag of Genoa]] and both are awfully similar to the [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flag_of_Georgia_(country) flag of Georgia]].
** [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saint_Sebastian Saint Sebastian]]. This ex-captain of the prestigious PraetorianGuard (meaning, the guy was among the guards that protected TheEmperor) was so badass that he had to be martyred ''twice'' (first by arrow shooting, later by flogging).
** [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saint_Christopher Saint Christopher]]. A man over 7 ft. tall who started out as an arrogant Genius Bruiser obsessed with finding the best and more noble king to serve, then became a GentleGiant after coming to believe that Jesus Christ (specially as Baby Jesus) was such master, and remained a BadassPreacher as he was tortured and killed by the Romans.
** More recently, we have [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ignatius_of_Loyola Ignatius of Loyola]] who began his career as a Spanish knight but was severely wounded when a cannonball struck him in the legs. During his convalescence, he was inspired to switch his focus to religious study and eventually founded the Jesuit order. Fitting for the trope, Ignatius is the patron saint of both educators ''and'' soldiers.
* Ogma of Myth/CelticMythology. He's described as the Celtic Hercules based on his appearance, but he is so well-spoken that he can lead men happily into hell. If you prevent said men from following him, they'll get pissed at ''you''.
* Odin of Myth/NorseMythology. He is a god of [[MagicKnight war]] and hunting, but also of wisdom, [[MagicKnight magic]] and poetry. AND he's a [[TheTrickster trickster]] to boot. While old and gray, he is often depicted as quite physically imposing.
* Literature/TheBookOfMormon gives several examples:
** Nephi was said to be "large of stature" even in his youth, and the vocabulary and terminology he uses indicates the he might well have been [[TheBlacksmith a smith by trade.]] He also built a deep-water ship for his family and ended up leading his people once they had crossed the ocean, both in building up civilization and creating civic projects and also as a warrior.
** Captain Moroni was the general of the Nephite armies several hundred years later. He would end up in the middle of battle from time to time and acquit himself quite well on the field, but some of his greatest victories in the war against the Lamanites came as a direct result of [[GuileHero the strategies and ruses he devised.]] Several of his sub-commanders also qualify.
** At the end of the narrative, Mormon is made the general of the Nephite armies specifically because (much like Nephi a thousand years earlier) he was really big and strong even from his youth. In addition to his military exploits, he was also an accomplished historian and scholar (he clearly admired Moroni so much that he named his son after him) who ended up abridging a thousand years of the spiritual history of his people to form the record that bears his name.

[[folder:Pro Wrestling]]
* [[Wrestling/{{CMLL}} EMLL]] luchador Lizmark is known as "El Geniecillo Azul". Meanwhile Blue Panther, a doctor outside of the ring, opened his own acupuncture clinic.
* [[Wrestling/GeorgeSteele George "The Animal"]] Steele, Bill "Masked Superstar"/"Demolition Ax" Eadie, Little Wrestling/SpikeDudley and Matt "Prince Albert"/"A-Train"/"Giant Bernard"/"Lord Tensai" Bloom all were teachers before getting into pro wrestling. Steele would mostly wrestle during summer vacations. Matt Striker had to resign from his teaching position because the school system found that he had taken "sick days" when he was actually wrestling in Japan, or, as in the incident that caused his dismissal, wrestling a try-out match for Wrestling/{{WWE}}. Caylen Croft, real name Christopher Pavone, went in the opposite direction, retiring from wrestling to become a teacher.
* "Precious" Paul Elllering, best known for his work in the 1980s as the manager for Wrestling/TheRoadWarriors [[{{Kayfabe}} on television]] and [[ProWrestlingIsReal off]] roles, is a member of UsefulNotes/{{Mensa}} and carried copies of ''The Wall Street Journal'' or ''The New York Times'' with him to the ring during the Road Warriors' early days in Georgia in 1983. Despite this, he still accepted the ridiculous Rocco the ventriloquist dummy gimmick in 1992 WWE.
* Scott Levy, better known to ProfessionalWrestling fans as Wrestling/{{Raven}}, has an I.Q. of about 160.
* Likewise, Accie Julius Conner (a.k.a. Wrestling/DloBrown) is a Certified Public Accountant.
* Female wrestler Wrestling/{{MsChif}} is a genetics scientist outside the ring.
* WWE NXT participant David Otunga is a Harvard Law grad and a licensed attorney, having passed the Bar in Illinois.
* Former wrestler and WWF Tough Enough season 1 finalist Chris Nowinski was also a Harvard grad. He went on to be signed by the WWF, and did quite well for himself until forced to retire due to post-concussion syndrome. He now heads the Sports Legacy Institute, a non-profit group dedicated to researching the long-term effects of concussions and other injuries in sports and "[[InsistentTerminology sports entertainment]]".
* Similarly, pro wrestler Wrestling/JohnBradshawLayfield, who's about 6-6, 290, has made millions with his keen stock market acumen, makes frequent appearances on financial programs to dole out advice, and is a Senior Vice President with Northeast Securities, as well as CEO of Layfield Energy. And you thought the whole ScrewTheRulesIHaveMoney thing was all an act... Doubly appropriate as he's apparently a complete jerk in real life too.
* Wrestling/JohnCena has a degree in exercise physiology. Might explain the superhuman rate of recovery from just about any major injury...
* Modern pro wrestling is particularly good for these. When on the road, wrestlers have a lot of time in cars and on airplanes, so they take to reading to pass the time, which ends up with quite a few rather knowledgeable autodidacts. Wrestling/MickieJames has been slowly but surely working toward a Business degree, Shantelle Malawski (Wrestling/{{TNA}} Knockout Taylor Wilde) retired to focus on her psychology studies, and bodybuilder Chris Mordetzki (Chris Masters) is fond of reading books on politics on the road.
* Wrestling/MichelleMcCool is a former 7th grade science teacher.
* Glenn Jacobs, better known as Wrestling/{{Kane}}, has degrees in English and Teaching, and has said that if he weren't wrestling, he'd be teaching. He's also a quite knowledgeable blogger in political matters. Check out "The Adventures of Citizen X in the Land of the Free" sometime.
* Wrestling/{{Sheamus}} was an IT Technician before coming to the ring.
* Wrestling/WadeBarrett is a former bare-knuckle boxing champion and a former marine biologist.
* WWE talent Wrestling/XavierWoods (formerly known as "Consequences Creed" in TNA, most infamous for losing the tag title belt held by Adam "Pacman" Jones and Wrestling/RonKillings on his debut with the company) has a graduate degree in Psychology and is looking to earn his doctorate in the field.
* Baron Corbin has a degree in Psychology and Sociology. He's also 6'8.
* WWE talent Mojo Rawley started working for Morgan Stanley as an intern in 7th grade, attended college on a full ride academic scholarship, graduated from the University of Maryland in 3 years and was on the Dean's List for all of them. He was all-ACC academically and earned numerous academic awards. He also still holds several University of Maryland strength and agility records, and played professional football (as a Defensive End and Nose Tackle, positions generally reserved for the biggest and strongest) for two teams before becoming a pro wrestler. Funnily enough, his wrestling gimmick is that of a meathead jock.

* Alexander Karelin was the most dominant Greco-Roman wrestler in history. He went 12 years without a single defeat in international competition, 6 years without giving up a single point and made a habit of defeating his opponents, the toughest wrestlers in the world, in a minute or less. His signature move, the Karelin lift, involved lifting a struggling heavyweight from the mat and suplexing them into submission. He is 6'4" and wrestled at over 280 lbs, but was renowned for his incredible physique and conditioning, and responded to accusations of steroid use by passing every test ever asked of him and remarking, "I train every day of my life like they have never trained a day in theirs." He is also a poet, an enthusiastic fan of opera and ballet, holds a [=PhD=], a law degree and is currently a politician in Russia.
* [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chess_boxing Chess boxing]] is a sport designed for genius bruisers. The players alternate between rounds of boxing and rounds of speed chess. You can win by a knockout, a checkmate, judges' decision or by your opponent running out of time in the chess game.
* Josh Waitzkin, the former chess prodigy whose early career was portrayed in ''Film/SearchingForBobbyFischer'', also has a black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.
* A number of MixedMartialArts fighters are surprisingly intelligent.
** Rich Franklin, who is considered one of the top fighters in the UFC and the promotion's former middleweight champion, was a high school math teacher at one of Ohio's top public schools. He holds a master's degree in education and a bachelor's degree in mathematics from the University of Cincinnati.
** Matt "The Law" Lindland ran for Oregon state representative but lost partially due to his opponent's anti-MMA ads. He also earned his nickname by successfully litigating to overturn a wrestling match he lost via illegal move. He went on to win the rematch.
** Chael Sonnen also ran for state representative. More infamously, he took part in a money laundering scheme as a real estate agent while fighting professionally at the same time.
** Shane Carwin is a full-time mechanical engineer and showed up to work as usual at 9:00 a.m. on March 29, 2010... two days ''after'' he won the UFC Interim Heavyweight Championship.
** [[NotThatKindOfDoctor Dr.]] Rosi Sexton has a 13-2 win record as of July 2012 and a Ph.D in theoretical computer science.
** Nick "The Goat" Thompson achieved his J.D. in Law and became a practicing attorney while amassing more than 50 fights across almost every major fighting promotion.
* Several Boxers. In fact, this may be fairly common at the lower levels, where the pay isn't as good and so most boxers have full-time jobs.
** The Klitschko brothers (Wladimir and Vitali) were both reigning heavyweight boxing champions, renowned for their prodigious knockout percentages, huge size and amazing physiques, as well as doctors of Kinesiology. They are also [[SmartPeoplePlayChess pretty good chess players]]. As of 2014, the eldest brother, Vitali, has retired from boxing and is currently the head of a Ukrainian political party and Mayor of Kiev.
** Recently retired Mexican boxer Marco Antonio Barrera is a qualified lawyer.
** His countryman and one-time opponent Juan Manuel Márquez is still recognized as one of the top 10 boxers in the sport. Marquez is also an accountant.
** Lennox Lewis is/was well-known to be an avid and skilled amateur chess player.
** George Foreman is not only one of the greatest heavyweight legends of the sports and on top of being considered as both the hardest puncher and toughest StoneWall in the sport, he is also a very successful businessman whose clever endorsement helped sell millions of a various electric grills. On top of that, he's also the pastor of a local church in his current town of residence.
* Zdeno Chára of the Boston Bruins is a Certified Financial Planner (he took courses during his stint in Ottawa), can fluently speak four languages, with a working knowledge of two others. With plans to learn Italian. [[TheBigGuy He also holds the all-time NHL records for tallest player and hardest slapshot.]]
* Ice hockey players Douglas Murray and George Parros are both the epitome of a stereotypical hockey player (large, heavy hitters who are not afraid to get physical during a game), yet they're also both UsefulNotes/IvyLeague grads -- Murray from Cornell, Parros from Princeton. Murray even runs his own business, [=UberTap=], that produces a three-spout beer keg tap.
* Despite being more known for his physical play and fighting, Kevin Westgarth (like Parros) graduated from Princeton. During the 2012 lockout, he became a representative of the NHL players and assisted with getting a new collective bargaining agreement worked out.
* Shaquille O'Neal is widely recognized as one of the best centers in the history of professional basketball who often used his size (over 7 feet tall and over 300 pounds) to overpower opponents on the court. As of May 2012, it's now Dr. Shaquille O'Neal, as Shaq has earned a doctorate in education, which he earned with a cumulative GPA of 3.8. He also attended film school, and is currently attending law school, simply because he thinks it's fun. Shaq may be the only man in the world with a [=PhD=], a platinum album and an Olympic gold medal. Shaq is also a savvy businessman, having made large of sums in real estate, and was one of the original investors in both Google and Vitamin Water, both of which became enormous successes.
* Pau Gasol started medical studies in his hometown of Barcelona before basketball got in the way. He also speaks five languages, two of which he taught himself.
* Examples in [[UsefulNotes/RugbyUnion rugby union]]:
** Conrad Smith, a member of the UsefulNotes/NewZealand national team, the All Blacks, and the 2012 captain of the UsefulNotes/{{Wellington}} Hurricanes, has a Law degree with Honours and is therefore a qualified lawyer.
** Uruguay's Diego Ormaechea, the oldest player ever to appear in a Rugby World Cup (in 1999 at age 40), is a veterinarian.
** Felipe Contepomi (Argentina), Jannie du Plessis (South Africa), and Jamie Roberts (Wales) are all qualified medical doctors. As was 1970s Welsh great JPR Williams—though in Williams' era, it wasn't all that uncommon for rugby players to be degreed professionals, as union (as opposed to [[UsefulNotes/RugbyLeague rugby league]]) didn't become a professional sport until 1995.
** France's Imanol Harinordoquy doesn't have a professional qualification... but is fluent in three languages[[note]]Basque, French, English[[/note]], ran his family's cattle-trading business for the last several years of his professional playing career, and also has his own apparel company.
* New York Jets Quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick was an economics major at Harvard and interned at a hedge fund.
* Similarly, Andrew Luck--a star quarterback picked number one in the 2012 NFL Draft by the Indianapolis Colts--chose to remain at Stanford (the Harvard of the West) for an extra year to complete his degree in architecture and engineering.
* The SECOND pick of the 2012 draft: Robert Griffin III. Let's let [[Wiki/{{Wikipedia}} The Other Wiki]] explain: "Griffin graduated from high school a semester early, after serving as class president and ranking seventh in his class. He began attending Baylor University during the spring 2008 semester when he was 17 years old. As a member of Baylor's track and field team, Griffin finished in first place in the hurdles at both the Big 12 Conference Championship and the NCAA Midwest Regional Championship meets; he also broke the NCAA Midwest Regional hurdles record. He placed third in the NCAA meet and also participated in the U.S. Olympic Trials, in which he advanced to the semifinals. Griffin graduated in three years with a degree in political science and a 3.67 GPA, while appearing on the Dean's List twice. During his final year of college sports eligibility, he was studying for a Master's degree in communication."
* Offensive lineman Ron Mix, the second ever American Football League player inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame,[[note]]his longtime teammate, Lance Alworth, was the first[[/note]] was known as "The Intelectual Assassin" during his playing days, known as much for his SesquipedalianLoquaciousness as for his playing prowess. He became a lawyer after his playing career, practicing out of San Diego for over three decades.
* Alan Page, Hall of Fame defensive end for the Minnesota Vikings. Practiced law after his playing days, eventually becoming a Justice on Minnesota's Supreme Court for over 20 years, only leaving the bench because state law required him to retire upon reaching 70.
* "Touchdown" Tommy Vardell, longtime NFL fullback, once was late to workout for NFL scouts, because he was back at Stanford giving his Master's Thesis in Computer Science.
* [[http://www.nytimes.com/2009/10/25/sports/ncaafootball/25rolle.html?_r=1 Myron Rolle.]] Rhodes scholar and 6'2" 215 pound safety for Florida State University. Was drafted by the [[UsefulNotes/NationalFootballLeague Tennessee Titans]], but never played a regular-season game... but no need to cry for him. Rolle enrolled in medical school at FSU in 2013, graduating in May 2017 (making him [[https://twitter.com/sinow/status/865985035035447297 DOCTOR]] Myron Rolle), and is soon to [[http://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/18938175/ex-florida-state-seminoles-star-myron-rolle-begin-residency-harvard-medical-school-massachusetts-general-hospital start a residency in neurosurgery at Harvard]].
* Linebacker Dhani Jones stands out in particular, as one of the only pro football players to have conducted an orchestra while on an NFL roster.
* Tim Ruddy, former center for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish and Miami Dolphins football teams, who at 6'3" and 300 lbs. easily manhandled opposing linemen for 15 years, finished high school with a perfect 4.00 GPA, and graduated from Notre Dame with a 3.86 GPA (including a perfect 4.00 during his junior and senior years) and a B.S. in mechanical engineering.
* Malcolm Brogdon, guard for the [[UsefulNotes/NationalBasketballAssociation Milwaukee Bucks]]. His parents each have a [=PhD=] and law degree, and his grandmother was disappointed in the idea of him choosing Virginia over [[UsefulNotes/IvyLeague Harvard]]. After breaking his foot his freshman year, he redshirted[[note]]sat out a season to recuperate[[/note]], and with a fifth year of eligibility, [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S1Iqb73vhMM enrolled in UVA's Master's in Public Policy program]]. He wants to use that degree to create an {{NGO}} to alleviate Third World poverty. He was an All-American in both 2014–15 and 2015–16, the ACC Player of the Year in the latter season, and NBA Rookie of the Year in 2017.

%%A reminder on the delicate care needed when adding sports entries: memorization and problem solving do not equal genius (especially when this talent is only applied to the sport itself) and do not follow the description of the trope itself. Likewise, playing some sports does not mandate bruiser strength.%%

[[folder:Tabletop Games]]
* Creator/GamesWorkshop games:
** Although the Chaos God Khorne, from ''TabletopGame/{{Warhammer}}'', ''TabletopGame/WarhammerAgeOfSigmar'' and ''TabletopGame/Warhammer40000'', is usually seen as a [[TheBerserker blood mad berserker]], he is still the physical embodiment of war itself and no mortal, god or daemon can match his understanding of tactics or his military expertise. As extensions of his will, the most favoured of Khorne’s daemonic generals are also gifted with a fraction of this knowledge.
** ''TabletopGame/{{Warhammer 40000}}:''
*** TheEmperor himself was a giant of a man, but also an EmperorScientist who was said to have achieved mastery of humanity’s technology and labored for years to create what would become the Space Marines.
*** Along with the Emperor are his sons the Primarches, all are exceptionally intelligent with superhuman strength, most of them are either powerful warriors, great statesmen, brilliant scientists, or any combination of the three. The standout though is probably Roboute Guilliman, the Ultramarines Primarch: Guilliman was a monumentally powerful asskicker, that's true - he faced five other Primarchs and beat four, losing only to the one who was considered the greatest warrior of the eighteen) but he approached war as a science and emphasized having information over having raw power, and his real talents lay in statecraft and logistics; he literally wrote the book on how to be a SpaceMarine, the Codex Astartes.
*** Techmarines of the [[SuperSoldier Adeptus Astartes]] are field mechanics and combat engineers. With all the custom high-tech weaponry and dangerous tools they have on hand, they are also among the most formidable individuals the Space Marines can field!
*** The Space Marine Librarians, though they're also an inversion of SquishyWizard. They have both great PsychicPowers and all the strength and equipment of a regular SpaceMarine!
*** Warlord Gazghull Mag Uruk Thraka; not content with being as big as a Space Marine Dreadnought, he's brought the Imperial planet of Armageddon to its knees twice (the first time was just a test run, see) and, unusually for an Ork, has learned from his experiences to the extent that he can outwit most Imperial field commanders before they even make their decisions. And all whilst fighting in the front lines with his ladz.
*** Boss Snikrot, the leader of the Red Skull Kommandoz of Armageddon, is an Ork Warboss who learned how to employ guerilla warfare tactics after his Boyz were massacred by the Imperial Guard's Armageddon Ork Hunters in the initial skirmishes in the Second War of Armageddon. In fact, even by human standards, he's brilliant at leading his boyz in infiltrating Imperial positions and sabotaging them, using elaborate kunnin' plans.
*** Ork Warbosses in general, [[LargeAndInCharge large by definition]], are sometimes portrayed as {{Genius Ditz}}es. Though mindlessly obsessed with war and destruction, and unconcerned with the losses their numerous and disposable soldiers suffer, they can and do use tactics more complex than the stereotypical "charge screaming at the enemy".
*** The Beast was the peak of this, being a Warboss strong enough to fight a Primarch to a standstill with a mind to match. Not only was he a genius strategist, he also knew how to harness WAAAGH! energy to power fearsome reality-defying technology that put even ''Eldar'' tech to shame. The Beast even had Ork ''diplomats'' who could deliver a ''verbal'' beatdown to the High Lords of Terra, ''in fluent High Gothic''. [[spoiler:It turns out there were actually ''six'' of them. And Gazghull Mag Uruk Thraka is well on his way to becoming the next Beast.]]
** In ''TabletopGame/{{Necromunda}}'', the Heavy has to have both copious amounts of brawn to carry the massive squad-support weapons they use, and just as much technical skill to maintain the equipment of his entire gang.
** ''TabletopGame/{{Warhammer}}:''
*** The Ogre warlord Greasus Goldtooth from is both a stunningly powerful (if also very lazy) warrior and an incredibly shrewd businessman who has built his empire on physical conquest, intimidation, bribes, and cunning trade agreements in equal measure. It helps that he commissioned a magic crown that increases his intellect.
*** Burlok Damminson, Guildmaster of the Dwarven Engineers Guild, who when not maintaining cannons is ripping goblins in half with his SteamPunk [[ArtificialLimbs prosthetic claw-arm]].
*** And Malakai Makaisson, the Slayer Engineer, responsible for, among other things, a fully automatic throwing-axe launcher, various successful modifications to the repeater cannon known as the Organ Gun, and the Warhammer world's first successful airship. All of this whilst under an oath to [[DeathSeeker seek an honourable and violent death]]. And he's a ViolentGlaswegian in all but name, right doon to th'accent.
*** Gotrek Gurnisson: former engineer, now turned into what must be the single most dangerous creature in the Warhammer world, which is no small feat.
*** Also Azhag The Slaughterer, one of the strongest Orc warlords, who happens to have a crown that "gives him good ideas", probably because it contains the spirit of [[NamesToRunAwayFromReallyFast Nagash]] the [[AGodAmI strongest wizard ever]], inventor of necromancy and all around [[BigBad evil dude]]. Most of the other famous Orcs and Goblins qualify too, especially Grobad Ironclaw, Grom the Paunch, Grimgor Ironhide and Skarsnik (if you count Gobbla).
** In ''TabletopGame/WarhammerAgeOfSigmar'', those who have never faced an Ogroid Thaumaturge in combat believe them to be nothing more than dumb brutes due to their size and monstrous appearance. In reality the Thaumaturges have incredibly cunning minds and possess a deep knowledge of the arcane arts.
** ''TabletopGame/BloodBowl'':
*** The famous Orc Star Player Varag Ghoul-Chewer, captain of the Gouged Eye has an unusually tactical mind for a greenskin. This combination of intelligence, muscle and a violent playing style has earned Varag a legion of fans.
*** The [[AllTrollsAreDifferent Troll]] Star Player Ripper Bolgrot underwent experimental ‘sports therapy’ that greatly elevated his intelligence. Now, despite retaining the look of the average troll, Bolgrot is easily one of the smartest players to have ever taken to the Blood Bowl pitch and has become famous for his strategic plays that combine tactical manoeuvring of his teammates with extreme violence.
* The [[SuperSoldier Adamantine Arrow]] of ''TabletopGame/MageTheAwakening'' endeavors to train all of their members to be formidable physical combatants (''without'' the use of their magic) as well as highly capable with a wide range of mental skills. As their [[BadAssCreed creed]] goes, "Adaptability Is Strength".
* Many Euthanatos of ''TabletopGame/MageTheAscension'' may also fall under this category. To counter the effect their assassin training has on their psyche, many of them dedicate what's left of their "normal" life to various forms of science and academics - from medicine, to philosophy, to computer science.
* In ''TabletopGame/DungeonsAndDragons''
** Any character or creature with a high Strength and Intelligence score will be an example by default.
** A Fighter/Mage build in any of the various editions uses physical ability and arcane knowledge, hopefully by combining the two into a powerful synthesis.
** In fourth edition, Assault [[MagicKnight Swordmages]] and Tactical/Resourceful Warlords rely on both strength and intelligence, and unlike the gish example above their strength is not a result of magical buffs, thus making them even better examples of this trope.
** The canonic ''TabletopGame/ForgottenRealms'' character Fyodor is a big lad with an [[{{BFS}} enormous sword]] and all the education non-witch can get in average Rashemaar village, TheBerserker, and ''[[PowerIncontinence uncontrollable]]'' one at that. He also got a magic sense, can see spirits, is a good storyteller and smart enough to outtrick a drow. Sort of {{lampshaded}}, as he carries a sword that is ''blunt'' piece of metal he normally cannot swing, but fits his strength well while in UnstoppableRage (and the sword's sheer mass makes it truly unstoppable) and bears a strong enchantment, so it can cut or chip even things immune to normal weapons, blunt or not.
** Ogre Magi. They are as strong as regular ogre, but they are smarter than average human. [[OhCrap And they can use magic.]]
** While most of the [[DemonLordsAndArchdevils Lords of the Nine Hells]] are both very intelligent and dangerous fighters, Bel, Lord of the First fits this trope best. He's the largest and most physically powerful of the Archdevils, but is an absolutely brilliant military mind. Indeed, most all of his type of devils, Pit Fiends, fit this very well. Powerful demons are like this too. Mariliths and nalfeshnee both have genius-level intelligence, and are strong enough to defeat small legions of enemies on their own. (To say nothing of their masters; Orcus didn't get his position ''just'' because he was the strongest.)
** And of course, there are the monsters the game is named after. Dragons, especially the oldest ones, are overwhelmingly powerful, and most of them have very high Intelligence scores, which only get higher as they get older.
** ''Tome of Battle'''s warblade was often acclaimed for this. Most melee combat classes either dump Intelligence or get it just high enough for Combat Expertise, and recieve a minimal two skill points. Warblades, on the other hand, receive four skill points, and many of their abilities key off Intelligence, meaning that most warblades invest in it. Your average warblade is a competent tactician, a skilled speaker, and an expert in military history, but still quite capable of slicing an iron golem in half.
** The Knowledge Devotion feat allows a character to become this, letting you roll [[AwesomenessByAnalysis an appropriate Knowledge check while battling an enemy]] (for instance, Knowledge (nature) while battling [[WhenTreesAttack a plant]]) and then getting a bonus to damage proportionate to the roll. It's particularly useful for MagicKnight characters like duskblades, which get access to Knowledge skills and enough Intelligence to max them out.
** This also applies to hybrids from tieflings and orcs. Tieflings are known to be often very smart. Orcs are very strong. And the common children of them often unite both qualities in themselves.
* Beckett the [[{{Animorphism}} Gangrel]] [[BadassBookworm scholar]] from TabletopGame/VampireTheMasquerade.
** Clan Brujah tends to have quite a few of these. To the common outsider they may just look like your average street punk, caring little about any intellectual pursuits, but the facts are more complex than that. Back in the days of the medieval era they were known as the Learned Clan, and housed many {{Warrior Poet}}s who were skilled both physically and intellectually. While this has detoriated quite a bit over the centuries, this bit of intellectualism crops up more than once in a while to further reinforce the clan's passions.
* ''TabletopGame/{{Pathfinder}}'' has an interesting example in Absalom resident Dr. Bensi Skule, a renowned alchemist and {{knowledge broker}} who sits at the vast web of street urchin informants known as Skule's Army. Unbeknownst to most of Absalom's citizens, the real Dr. Skule actually died years ago, and his operations were taken over by one of his experimental subjects--an adult male troll whom Skule was vivisecting in order to uncover the secrets of its HealingFactor. The new Dr. Skule is an eight-foot tall, 300 pound predatory giant who can recover from almost any injury; he's also as talented an alchemist as his predecessor, and is the one who assembled Skule's Army, turning him into TheFagin of the city.
* in ''TabletopGame/{{Wasteland 2010}}'', Bogg was a 20-year old "a science nerd and sci-fi enthusiast" when [[TheEndOfTheWorldAsWeKnowIt the Changing]] caused him to mutate into a furry BeastMan, and he retains his intelligence in his new form. Also, he's the only one of the three leads who remembers the pre-Changing world, which he often has to explain to his younger teammates.
* Crops up in ''TabletopGame/PsionicsTheNextStageInHumanEvolution'' a lot. Average intelligence and strength for an esper are just shy of being a genius and peak athlete by human standards.
** This goes double for somakinetics, who have increased strength and speed.
** The character Tony, whose picture is used to demonstrate the Bruiser archetype.

* ''Toys/{{Bionicle}}'',
** All [[DishingOutDirt Toa of Earth]] from the main teams qualify. Onua was typically regarded as one of the wisest of the Toa, and possessed SuperStrength. His mentor Whenua was a historian before becoming a Toa, and Nuparu was an unrivaled engineer and inventor. Unsurprisingly, these are skills that became just as important in their adventures as their super powers.
** All Makuta to an extent, but none moreso than [[BigBad Teridax]].
** [[BadassNormal Hydraxon]] has extensive knowledge of weapons and tactics. He is also one of the most badass characters in the series, once bringing a mountain down on Teridax.
** Brutaka is is a scholar warrior when not cracking skulls or [[{{Troll}} teleporting Tahtorak underneath Metru Nui for a laugh.]] Highly intelligent and learned-and went ''toe to toe'' with Teridax. That's pretty much the definition of Genius Bruiser.

[[folder:Web Comics]]
* Klaus and Othar from ''Webcomic/GirlGenius'' are prime examples. They are both immense men, towering over most normal people but they are also ''{{Mad Scientist}}s''. The two of them once got into a rip-roaring brawl from one end of [[FloatingContinent Castle Wulfenbach]] to another busting through walls as they did so.
** Also, the constructs known as Punch and Judy are pretty big and tough. A member of one of the "traveling Heterodyne shows" based on the adventures of the previous generation cheerfully plays Punch as the big, slow and stupid type that folklore would have him... until he meets someone who knows [[http://www.girlgeniusonline.com/comic.php?date=20050914 what he was ''really'' like]], and learns that Punch was an intellectual GentleGiant.
** The Jager Generals. Big, heavy-hitting bruisers... and extremely intelligent and world-wise, with literal centuries of military experience ''each''.
* In ''Webcomic/LookingForGroup'', Krunch Bloodrage, the [[strike:Tauren]] minotaur-like member of the main group is known to be part of two brothers, one a scholar and one a warrior. While he is confirmed to be the scholar and is generally the most knowledgeable of the party, he often relies on pure brute strength in battle and to solve other problems.
** And despite being "the scholar", he has been shown to be capable of [[http://lfgcomic.com/page/11 taking down a dragon]] [[http://lfgcomic.com/page/12 and killing it without much effort]].
** Later, we see what Krunch's brother, a proper warrior, actually looks like. Suffice to say Krunch finds it amusing that other races could mistake ''him'' for a warrior.
* Parodied with Dr. Birding in ''Webcomic/TheAdventuresOfDrMcNinja'', who is a genius with the ability to turn into a Hulk-like monster. He ''would'' be a Genius Bruiser -- if his paralysis didn't carry over to that form. Martin, his son, is an example of DumbMuscle.
* ComicBook/{{Buck Godot|Zap Gun for Hire}} is extremely strong and tough, owing to his HeavyWorlder physique, but is also shown to be a very quick thinker, able to outsmart his enemies (and occasionally employers) and come up with complex plans at moment's notice... [[ThePlan and being very handy with plans.]]
* Paige from ''Webcomic/AgentsOfTheRealm'' is a powerful MagicalGirlWarrior who can BlowYouAway, but also a straight-A student who thinks before she acts.
* In the fantasy theme of ''Webcomic/IrregularWebcomic'', although Alvissia has the most common sense of the party, Draak has the most book smarts. He is also clearly the physically strongest member of the party.
* Sauerkraut of ''Webcomic/TriggerStar''. The party's [[TheBigGuy Big Girl]] sports dual master's degrees in literature and finance.
* Uni-Man of ''WebComic/AxeCop'' starts off as a [[BadassBookworm normal-looking, albeit extremely intelligent, man]] with a magical unicorn horn (ItMakesSenseInContext). Events through the story see him use his own magic to permanently transform into a muscle-bound MightyGlacier who keeps his intelligence and later builds an invisible lab. He's now seen with a lab coat instead of a suit and tie.
* [[Webcomic/{{Homestuck}} Equius]] [[TheBigGuy Zahhak]] loves being [[SuperStrength STRONG]] and also [[MadScientist builds robots]]. And then [[UnstoppableRage destroys them in steel-cage brawls in order to blow off steam]]. With his bare hands.
** Dirk has an AI of himself that only fails the Turing Test because it wants to, builds robots, and is able to understand the Sburb code. He's also an alternate universe version of [[spoiler: Bro Strider]] and like Equius, also has death matches with robots.
** Equius's alternate universe counterpart, Horuss, has Equius's STRENGTH, but is smart enough to build not only robots, but also a steam-powered suit to actively reduce his STRENGTH so that he doesn't break stuff. (Of course, being a member of the Zahhak family, [[{{Squick}} the steam is supplied by boiling his own sweat]].)
* Illyra of ''Webcomic/RumorsOfWar'' is TheBigGuy in a smarts-centric FiveManBand. Not that she doesn't qualify as TheBigGuy on her own merits, she just tends to fall into TheBigGuy role since she isn't [[strike:[[BrokenBird as nice as]]]] [[TheChick Occela]], and she isn't [[strike:[[ActionGirl as motivated as]]]] [[TheHero Elysia]]. [[DeconstructorFleet You know what? Never mind]].
* [[http://nerfnow.com/comic/425 The gamer of the future]] is expected to follow this road, according to ''Webcomic/NerfNow''.
* More combative members of [[Webcomic/{{Digger}} the Veiled]] tend towards the gray area between this and BadassBookworm. [[ActionGirl Murai]] says it all in one simple sentence: "Our specialties are hand-to-hand combat and comparative theology."
* In ''Webcomic/TheWhiteboard'', Doc easily qualifies, being a polar bear and built like one would expect of a member of the bear family who builds things like pizza teleporters, mecha, and reality-altering devices (as a paintball gun!) as a hobby.
* [[TheHero Roy Greenhilt]] from ''Webcomic/TheOrderOfTheStick'' is the party's fighter and leader. He also holds an MBA (Master of Battle Administration). The party's wizard is insulted when a mind-flayer finds Roy's brain to be the most appetizing in the party. When his DumbMuscle EvilCounterpart [[http://www.giantitp.com/comics/oots0791.html asks]] how he intends to use his Intelligence score in combat, he says "I'll figure something out, that's sort of the whole point". That something [[http://www.giantitp.com/comics/oots0808.html later]] turns out to be [[spoiler:using knowledge of architecture to ''collapse a ceiling on him'']].
-->"THAT'S how I use my Intelligence score in combat, DUMBASS!!"
* In ''Webcomic/JetDream'', Marlene is both the team's strongwoman and a brilliant scientist capable of achieving [[Film/TheLostSkeletonOfCadavra actual advances in the field of science]]!
* Biscuit of Clan Roak in ''Webcomic/{{Goblins}}'' has been alive for six hundred years, and all creatures in the realm receive a stackable wisdom bonus based on their age. This allows him to deliver some eloquent {{Badass Boast}}s in between murdering everything that looks at him funny.
* In ''Webcomic/TheInexplicableAdventuresOfBob'' Jean's ex, Slick Simmons, is a tall, very imposing, muscular guy, and also a brilliant scientist. And a [[MadScientist loony.]]
* ''Webcomic/{{Waterworks}}'': Typhoon is described as a huge, extremely strong "beast of a man" whose hobbies include discussing scientific theories or reading fine literature.
* ''Webcomic/SketchComedy'': Professional wide receiver [[http://thesketchy.com/ic/2011/02/01/ubiquitus-moss Ubiquitus Moss]] spends his spare time mastering chess and writing essays on Nietzsche.
* At least two major characters in ''Webcomic/TheDragonDoctors'' fit the trope:
** Goro was in the army before becoming a legendary surgeon and joining the Dragon Doctors. She demonstrates both her NervesOfSteel and combat training during Smith's surgery: [[http://dragondoctors.dhscomix.com/archives/comic/ch-2-page-5 when an assassin tried to enter the operating room, she threw the scalpel Aki had just handed her like a throwing knife and casually requested another to operate with.]]
** Tanica is introduced as an assassin on the team sent to kill Smith. After she is [[BalefulPolymorph accidentally turned into a tree]] during the fight, she ends up as a patient of the Dragon Doctors, and they decide to take turns keeping her company to save her from [[GoMadFromTheIsolation going crazy from lack of social interaction]]. Mori, TheSmartGuy, [[http://dragondoctors.dhscomix.com/archives/comic/ch-3-page-16 decides on his first turn to challenge Tanica to a relaxing game of]] TabletopGame/{{Go}} -- and learns to his discomfiture that Tanica is ''good'' at it. [[spoiler:It is later revealed that Tanica became an assassin specifically to pay off the student loans incurred earning her multiple university degrees]].
* The ''Webcomic/ManlyGuysDoingManlyThings''-version of [[VideoGame/GodOfWar Kratos]] is headed this way, as is his video game counterpart. He is still very much the HotBlooded EmotionalBruiser, but also loves puzzles and thought-games of all kinds, and is regularly shown doing sudokus or fiddling with a Rubik's Cube. He also considers a [[Franchise/{{Hellraiser}} Cenobite]] puzzle box to be too easy, and tells Pinhead to bring back a twenty-story one (as opposed to the original five-story one) instead.
* The Psycho Stalker story arc of ''Webcomic/SuicideForHire'' has one of these. The object of the stalker's affections is quarterback of the football team, active in three other sports as well and is also on the honor roll and a certified mechanic to boot. As the main characters say, egghead jocks are quite rare.
* ''Webcomic/GrrlPower'' has Vehemence, a hulking muscleman who's proven to be quite smart and well informed, as savvy as Sydney, and who manipulated a horde of other villains into attacking the heroes [[spoiler: to hugely increase his own superpower, which feeds on violence]].
** Judging by her reactions to Sydney's nerdy trivia and LeetLingo, [[AmazonianBeauty Maxima]] is a ClosetGeek.
* One perk of wearing a Vitalogy Ring in ''Webcomic/HeroByNight''.
* Lemurians in ''TabletopGame/AtlantisTheSecondAge'' are a race of gorillas with advanced technology, who not only have one of the highest bonuses to Strength in the game, but also much higher Intelligence scores than anyone else. Though it's an Iron Age fantasy world, they often prefer to fight with guns. And [[RuleOfCool ride into battle on rhinoceroses]] if they can get one!
* Mungo of ''Webcomic/{{Housepets}}''. K-9 officer, certified therapy dog, [[DoesNotKnowHisOwnStrength has a bad habit of breaking doors by knocking.]]
* ''Webcomic/GuildedAge'': Byron, the heavy-hitting berserker, is also the core tactician of the group, and often trades the role of leader/diplomat between himself, Syr'nj, and Bandit.

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* In ''Roleplay/TheGamersAlliance'', [[BaldBlackLeaderGuy Ismail]], the captain of the Black Guard, is quite a strong and skilled warrior but also has a good understanding of politics and magic thanks to having been taught by his friend [[MagicKnight Belial]].
%%* WebVideo/MarzGurl
* In ''Roleplay/SurvivalOfTheFittest'', professional boxer Bobby Jacks stands at 190 and weighs in at . He's also shown to be very intelligent, capable of trickery, fighting very tactically, and being able to quote Creator/WilliamShakespeare (relevantly) purely from memory.
* In the [=RPs=] ''[[Roleplay/InsaneCafeSeries Insane Cafe]] 2: Rise of the Shurlups'' and ''Insane Cafe 3: The Curse of the Haunted Hotel'' features Zachary Johnson, an anthropomorphic Clydesdale who is very well versed in biology and is shown to be capable of tearing doors out of the wall with his bare hands.
* [[FunnyAnimal Zachary Johnson]] from ''Roleplay/DarwinsSoldiers'' is a researcher at Pelvanida. He is so strong that when he kicks a combat robot, ''he leaves the imprint of his foot on the robot's armor''.
** [[FunnyAnimal Keegan]] [[TheDragon O'Neill]] stands over six feet tall and is almost all muscle. He's also a high ranking officer of Dragonstorm.
** [[FunnyAnimal Piotr]] [[TheBrute Kozlov]] is seven feet of pure [[HuskyRusskie Siberian]] [[BearsAreBadNews grizzly bear]] muscle, who is also a talented weapons designer.
** Hans Donitz in the story ''Ship Of State'' is capable of understanding and explaining how the [[CoolGate Einstein-Rosen bridge]] works. He is also a huge man with great strength and extraordinary combat prowess.
* Will Heggers of ''Roleplay/{{AJCO}}'' is the Crew's patient engineer, and can work his way around the many machines needed to keep the Castle powered with ease. Going by MACELIPS stats, he's actually smarter than his [[spoiler: former]] boss Nights as well as most of the other characters on the server. He's also absolutely ''enormous''; the only people who beat him in terms of strength have a natural advantage due to being a demon/a robot/a [[OurMonstersAreWeird Hector.]]
** He once knocked a metal door off its hinges with his ''bare hands!''
* [[Literature/TheOdyssey Odysseus]] and Attila the Hun from ''Roleplay/FateNuovoGuerra''. One's a GuileHero best known for the original TrojanHorse and a LightningBruiser, and the other's a tactical genius who also happens to be a MightyGlacier.
* Ultra-Man, a stalwart member of the [[Roleplay/GlobalGuardiansPBEMUniverse Global Guardians]] is a bit of a mix between the GentleGiant and the Genius Bruiser. Regardlesss, he is the moral compass of the team.
* At the SuperHeroSchool Whateley Academy in the Literature/WhateleyUniverse, there are plenty of examples. Pyrs is a huge, brutish mutant 'with a brow ridge you could camp under', but obviously knows just what people think of him. We see him at the Whateley Weapons Fair (don't ask), looking for holdouts because he knows everyone assumes he wouldn't use anything other than a fist.
** Maybe a better example: Montana, who looks like a huge blond Sasquatch. But his real power is a genius-level ability with small electronic gadgets.
* Rowan Longstripe in ''{{Literature/Tasakeru}}'' treads the line between this and BadassBookworm.
* [[Literature/{{Zoofights}} Muhammut Kali]]; fifteen feet tall, able to punch through solid steel, and wields a sword taller than a man with incredible power. He's also the president of a steel company and a brilliant businessman.
* ''Literature/{{Worm}}'' has a few, such as Weld, who is [[ChromeChampion literally made of metal]], but has a sharp intellect.
** Alexandria is best known in-universe for being a FlyingBrick, but she also has SuperIntelligence.
** The Numbers Man first appears as the guy who seems to manage every cape's money, but later we find out that he's actually Harbinger, a former member of the Slaughterhouse Nine.
** The Endbringers are shown to be quite intelligent during battle, despite being {{Kaiju}} that do literally nothing but [[OmnicidalManiac try to kill everyone]].
* This ''Website/{{Cracked}}'' article called "[[http://www.cracked.com/blog/6-myths-about-body-builders-that-are-total-bs/ 6 Myths About Body Builders That are Total BS]]" discusses the DumbMuscle stereotype. According to it, a lot of body builders are total nerds about what they do for a living in the sense that they have extensive knowledge on things like deadlifts and are very passionate about body building.
* In ''Machinima/RedVsBlue'', Agent Maine/The Meta seems to just be a hulking, mute brute. However, even without Sigma to guide him, he can be quite cunning. For example, biding his time and pretending to be subservient to Wash until he got what he needed, neutralizing weapons that can damage him as soon as possible, and immediately getting into melee range when the Reds try to use grenades on him.