[[caption-width-right:300:This is the last person you'd want to be [-PWNED-] by in ''Franchise/CallOfDuty''.]]

->''"[[Theatre/TheMerchantOfVenice If you prick us, do we not bleed?]] If you challenge us, will we not pwn you? Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go bring some hurt to my ''Franchise/{{Halo}}'' multiplayer friends, and after that, maybe I'll go enjoy a spa treatment!"''
-->-- '''[[Series/XPlay Morgan Webb]]'''

To counter the assumption that MostGamersAreMale, stories involving games have a tendency to incorporate at least one female character that is into the same sort of games as the male characters. Going beyond just TokenMinority, this character type has her own genetics that tend to show up more often than not. She's usually very {{tomboy}}ish, but because she is brought in for fanservice, she usually looks exceptionally feminine and well-kempt, she's confrontational, and self-aware of her gender, with the need to mention it more often than she should.

Also common is for this character to have high skill in games, or at least higher than the misogynistic characters, so she can promptly destroy them. A form of PositiveDiscrimination, it was probably originally meant as a subversion, but has become ''so'' overused that it's now a subversion when the character ''doesn't'' have significantly better than average skill.

Almost guaranteed to show up in a TwoGamersOnACouch series. Compare OtakuSurrogate. Contrast DungeonmastersGirlfriend, NerdNanny.


* A [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wi4ffgYCMVs commercial]] for the Nintendo 3DS shows a trio of grown men getting soundly beaten in ''MarioKart 7'''s online multiplayer mode. As they speculate on who these mystery guys are, we cut to a pair of Japanese schoolgirls, who briefly wonder if they should show mercy on their opponents for once before laughing and returning to their game.

[[folder:{{Anime}} and {{Manga}}]]
* Fujiko from ''Manga/SevenSeeds'' spent majority of her leisure time playing videogames before she was chosen for the project.
* ''Manga/AiKora'': Yukari is revealed to be one of these.
* ''[[Anime/AnoHanaTheFlowerWeSawThatDay Ano Hana]]'': Naruko "Anaru" Anjou loves playing video games and in fact, she works part time at a video game store and this is reflected in [[CaptainErsatz her looks]], as she identical to [[VideoGame/DragonQuestVIII Jessica Albert]].
* ''Manga/ArcadeGamerFubuki'': All the girls.
* ''Manga/AxisPowersHetalia'': Vietnam, the Asian Tomboy, who was showed playing ''Uncharted 3'' on author's blog.
* ''LightNovel/BokuWaTomodachiGaSukunai'': Sena Kashiwazaki, the beautiful, drop-dead gorgeously sexy school idol, turns out to have a thing for games -- specifically, {{eroge}}s. She invokes VideoGameCaringPotential as her reason.
* Digimon Tamers featured a pair; Rika and Jeri both played the Digimon Card Game. Only Rika fulfilled the skill aspect of this trope.
* ''EXCITE!'' A {{Hentai}}-doujin, is about a guy who finds out the popular, quiet girl in his school is a gamer chick.
* ''Anime/GirlsUndPanzer'' introduces the members of Anteater Team in Episode 10 - [[spoiler:a trio of girls who previously met in [[VideoGame/WorldOfTanks an online tank game]].]]
* ''Manga/HayateTheCombatButler'': [[TheOjou Sanzenin Nagi]] is very much this on top of being a loli {{Tsundere}} and pretty much a {{Hikikomori}} - basically, every waking moment she's not either harassing or fawning over Hayate or trying to draw a manga, she's playing a variety of {{RPG}}s, racing games or fighting games, and is generally uninterested on more "feminine" stuff. She doesn't seem to have as much skill as is the norm for this trope, though.
* ''KoeDeOshigoto'': Kotori, Kanna's friend, is one of these, but doesn't play eroge so she didn't know that Kanna got into voice acting.
* ''KOn'': [[GenkiGirl Ritsu]] and [[{{Caretaker}} Ui]] played video games during Season 1 when Mio and Mugi were helping Yui cram for her make-up exam, the former because she got bored, the latter presumably to keep company. Ui kicks Ritsu's ass.
* {{Lovely Complex}} : Koizumi Risa is a great example of this.
* ''Anime/LuckyStar'': Konata. Kagami too, to a lesser extent.
** Also, Kuroi-sensei; ''Konata'' of all people wondered if she [[MustHaveLotsOfFreeTime traded social life for gaming]].
* ''LyricalNanoha'': In Sound Stage 1, it's mentioned that Nanoha is into and really good at fighting games. [[ActionGirl Makes]] [[LittleMissBadass sense]].
* ''MahouSenseiNegima'': Turns out that Evangeline enjoys playing video games... [[NakedPeopleAreFunny while naked]]. Or, at least, she did back in TheEighties. She occasionally references RPG tropes, and implies that she took up gaming as a way to alleviate her boredom being stuck at Mahora.
** [[MetaGuy Chisame]] sometimes speaks in game terms. And later [[spoiler:Poyo Rainyday]] [[IronicEcho replies her in same fashion!]]
--->'''[[spoiler:Poyo]]''' (completely [[TheComicallySerious deadpan]]): I have a rather high status among [[spoiler:demonfolk]]. Yes, high enough to be "final boss"
* ''SeitokaiNoIchizon'': Mafuyu . Apparently writing game walkthroughs is her mission in life or something.
* Eiko from ''ShinryakuIkaMusume''. And Ika herself to a lesser extent, which of course just creates more tension between the two.
* ''StarshipGirlYamamotoYohko'': Yamamoto Yohko .
* ''Literature/HaruhiSuzumiya'' has Yuki Nagato, who at first doesn't even know how to operate a computer mouse, but quickly defeats the Computer Club in an RTS game.
* ''Manga/YuYuHakusho'': Genkai. Yes, the OldMaster of Yusuke. She has a lot of free time after all.
* The ''Manga/ExcelSaga'' manga has Matsuya Misaki, whose interest in games is a shock to most of her male co-workers, except for the other gamer.
* ''LightNovel/OreNoImoutoGaKonnaNiKawaiiWakeGaNai'': Both Kirino and Kuroneko are hardcore gamer. While Kuroneko is very good at many type of games, Kirino only loves {{eroge}}.
* ''LightNovel/KagerouDays'': [[{{Tsundere}} Takane Enomoto]] of the ''Yuukei Yesterday'' chapters in the manga. She has a fearsome reputation with an online community playing a FPS-style zombie survival game, to the point that when she and Haruka are made to set up a booth for the school festival, they design a game and offer a grand prize to anyone who can beat Takane, [[spoiler:codename Ene]].
* Minako Aino from ''Manga/SailorMoon''. To the point the Sailor V Game was originally created as a training simulator because initially Artemis couldn't get her to train more traditionally but [[TaughtByTelevision noticed she could easily learn from video games]].
* Mima from Anime/PerfectBlue has a game system in her room. We never get to see her use it, though.

[[folder:Comic Books]]
* ''ComicStrip/KnightsOfTheDinnerTable'': Several examples, although these are tabletop gamer chicks rather than electronic ones. Sara is the regular, but others appear - most notably Sheila Horowitz and Patty Gauzweiler.

* If you thought female gamers were never thought as a serious marketing element in the game console department, be ready to get introduced to the [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Casio_Loopy Casio Loopy]], the yet only console to be marketed specifically for a female audience.
** The most ironic part is that most Gamer Chicks would pick up this console as one of their least favorites, if they even know about it.

* ''Film/TheGamers 2'': The female newbie on her first session comes up with a feat combo that allows her a crit range of 13-20 with a spear and lets her take an extra attack every time she does. That means 40% of the time, she gets to deal double her normal damage and take an extra attack. Meanwhile, the men in the group are all depicted as powergaming assholes, but for some reason, [[FridgeLogic despite being veteran DND players and played through this campaign twice before, never thought of this combo.]]
** They are powergamers, they just are not any good at it.
*** Or she's dug it out of some third party sourcebook, given that it's not in any of the official ones. Not that we were pathetic enough to scour the 3.5 library from top to bottom hunting for the requisite feats, of course. That would be pathetic.
*** Third party or not, the key could have been her "thinking outside the box" approach to gaming (she's never gamed, so she has a fresh perspective). She plays a warrior-type, but the aforementioned feat combo is based on intelligence and other unconventional feats for fighters to take, so the other players, who typecast a lot (warrior HAS to be big and strong, etc.) never even thought of such a combo, because it is not conventional for a fighter to be anything but a big brute.
** The build turns out to not be as good as it seems; she cuts through low level mooks like paper, but she does very poorly against anything she can't kill with one crit (and the campaign is full of undead enemies immune to critical hits), she has a poor armor rating, and just barely survives taking one hit.
** The third movie, ''Gamers: The Hands of Fate'', gives us a much more cynical example in Natalie. She's one of the top players in her favored game and has won national tournaments, but this hasn't prevented her being the target of blatant misogyny from a small-but-vocal segment of other players. When one of the returning characters gets into the game to try and court her she calls him on fetishizing her as this archetype, knowing absolutely nothing else about her. Oddly enough she's otherwise a completely straight example, far more typical than Joanna in the previous movie.
* ''Film/ICouldNeverBeYourWoman'' has this as a minor plot point. Rosie (MichellePfeiffer) comes across her daughter, Izzie (SaoirseRonan), playing ''VideoGame/ApeEscape''. Izzie reveals it's her crush's favorite game, and she's trying to get good at it, so she'll have something in common with him. She's seen playing it several times during the movie, and at the end, when she's sitting with her crush, he asks if she likes games, and if she likes "Ape Escape". She lies and says, "No, but maybe you could teach me."
* ''Film/TheWizard'' had one appear as early as 1989. A bratty tween tomboy (played by Jenny Lewis, [[RetroactiveRecognition who's now the frontwoman]] of the indie band RiloKiley) joins Fred Savage and Withdrawn Kid for their trek to California.
* ''Film/BestPlayer'' has Chris Sanders aka Prodigy, played by JennetteMcCurdy. She's a serious gamer that she's able to defeat Jerry Trainor's character.
* October in ''Film/StayAlive'' (2006).
* Kirby in ''Film/ProjectX'' is seen whooping Costa's ass on the 360.
* The focus of the adult film ''Geek Girls: The Gamers''. To quote a comment on the trailer:
--> "Frankly, after watching the trailer, [[NotDistractedByTheSexy I am disgusted]]. That one lady keeps licking a NES Zapper. Those came out in 1985; it's an antique, damn it. Show some respect."
* ''Disney/WreckItRalph'' has the "Moppet Girl", a young girl often seen in Litwak's Arcade who serves as the AudienceSurrogate reacting to the events of the film from the point of view of a random player.

* ''NuklearAge'' Brian Clevinger's novel. Rachel, Atomic Lad's girlfriend, is also a notable example. Mildly subverts the normal gamer chick template in that she is portrayed as being very attractive and feminine, with a wide variety of creative interests and quirky mannerisms. In short, the perfect woman for about 90% of the book's target audience. [[spoiler:Which makes [[MoralEventHorizon what happens to her]] all the more [[PlayerPunch gut-wrenching to witness]].]]
* Played with by Kirsty in ''[[Literature/JohnnyMaxwellTrilogy Only You Can Save Mankind]]''; as the characters are pre-teens attractiveness doesn't enter into it, and while she's ''technically'' better at the game than Johnny, this results in a refusal to acknowledge that TheGameComeToLife isn't going the way [[WrongGenreSavvy it's supposed to]].

[[folder:Live Action TV]]
* ''Series/TheBigBangTheory'' S1 Ep07, "The Dumpling Paradox." Penny isn't a gamer chick, but the first time she picks up an XBox controller for the guys' ''Franchise/{{Halo}}'' night, she manages to outclass all of them on her first try. And yes, the guys are 30-year-old geeks who play ''Franchise/{{Halo}}'' religiously. However, considering Penny's more rounded characterization, this is surely less PositiveDiscrimination and more RuleOfFunny.
** Sheldon clearly doesn't believe in this trope.
--> '''Sheldon''': I don't know how, but she is cheating. Nobody can be that attractive ''and'' this skilled at a video game.
** S2 Ep03, "The Barbarian Sublimation," also has Penny getting addicted to ''VideoGame/AgeOfConan''.
** S6 Ep23, "The Love Spell Potential" has Penny, Amy and Bernadette joining the guys on a game of ''TabletopGame/DungeonsAndDragons'' after a trip to Las Vegas falls apart. They approach it as a game of craps.
* ''Series/CSIMiami''. The infamous episode "Urban Hellraisers" (which revolved around a group of gamers going around recreating crimes from the titular ''[[VideoGame/GrandTheftAuto GTA]]''-esque game) had this as its final "twist": that the best gamer (and most brutal killer) was a woman, and that she did this both to get attention (!) from the male gamers as well as prove she was "better" than any man.
* ''Series/{{Dollhouse}}'': Topher once imprinted Sierra as one of these as part of [[IsThatWhatTheyreCallingItNow a "diagnostic"]]. She beat him at a Quasar-style game.
* ''Series/GoodLuckCharlie'': Jo, and she takes it very seriously. She ends up ''dislocating Gabe's shoulder'' when she thinks he's cheating at the game they're playing.
* ''Series/ICarly'': Sasha Striker from the episode ''iStage An Intervention''.
* ''Series/KyleXY'': Andi started out as a tough-talking tomboy who Josh first encountered in a Halo-like game. However, her love of video games was barely ever mentioned after her debut episode.
* ''Series/{{Martin}}'': While it may not involve video games, one episode has the title character so badly hustled by a female pool player that he goes home in his underwear.
* ''Series/WizardsOfWaverlyPlace'': In the 'Fashion Week' episode, a group of fashion models turn out to be gamers, and play the fictional TabletopGame/{{Dungeons and| Dragons}} [[BrandX Gargoyles]] with Justin and Zeke.
* ''Series/VeronicaMars'': In the episode "[[ShoutOut The Wrath of Con]]", Veronica disguises herself as an anime geek/gamer in order to track down a group of nerds who are running a [[FourOneNineScam 419 scam]]. She winds up sucking when playing a multiplayer shooter... but this is actually a ruse designed to get the scammer to reveal himself (she repeatedly [[{{Griefer}} team-killed him]] in order to get his attention, the reason why she was doing so poorly).
* ''Series/{{NCIS}}'': Max, Tim [=McGee's=] love interest from the eighth season episode "Kill Screen."
* In ''Series/BuffyTheVampireSlayer'' when Faith works for [[BigBad The Mayor]] he gives her a Playstation. We don't know if she actually plays it but she does {{Squee}} over it.
* ''Series/RetroGameMaster'': There has been at least one female AD.
* In one episode of ''Series/PowerRangersZeo'', Rocky had a crush on a female classmate who not only ''played'' video games, but ''designed'' one. Unfortunately, after the two collaborated on said game for a class project, [[BigBad King Mondo]] got the idea to steal the program and use it to modify one of his robots. The resulting MonsterOfTheWeek even looked like the robot fighters in the game, even thought that technically didn't make much sense, plot-wise. (The Cogs had built him before Mondo had even known about the game.)

[[folder:Newspaper Comics]]
* ''FoxTrot'' Eileen Jacobson becomes one of these in order to facilitate some plots, but never seems to retain it otherwise.
** There were a few instances where Paige, oddly enough, gave off this vibe.
*** In one strip she complains to Roger that Jason is playing an extremely violent game, ''[[PrimalRage Primal]] [[VideoGame/KillerInstinct Instinct]]''. Roger first thinks she wants him to tell Jason he's too young for it, but instead Paige demands that he tell Jason to let her play too.
*** Another strip involves her trying Jason's game and being able to get past the boss he'd been [[ThatOneBoss trying to beat for a month]] simply [[SheatheYourSword by walking past him]].
** When Andy complained about the violence in Jason's ''[[VideoGame/{{Doom}} Doomathon 2]]'' game, Jason convinced her to try the game herself. Andy becomes so addicted to the game Jason gets rid of it to get his computer back.

[[folder: Professional Wrestling]]
%% * Wrestling/BethPhoenix (yes, that Beth Phoenix).
* [[Wrestling/VelvetSky Talia Madison]] cited video games as a way to wind down off road, ''Off Road Challenge'' and ''Time Crisis'' being her favorites when she wanted to go retro.
* Kana, though she's more so a wrestling ''game developer'' (specifically the DS and other handheld devices) and a wrestling advertisement for the X Box.
* [[Wrestling/LayCool Michelle McCool]] states that she plays video games with her nephews and trains on the side to beat them.
* Jennifer Blake's a fan of ''Videogame/FireProWrestling'', though her favorite is ''Videogame/FinalFantasy''.
* Wrestling/AJLee from NXT. As a double whammy she loves X-Box and Playstation and put out her gamer tag in a promo.
* Lucha Sister Mia Yim has been seen passing time on arcade cabinets while waiting on Leva Bates
* Wrestling/{{Naomi}} Knight, which isn't too surprising considering her association with Wrestling/TheUsos, though she prefers old school platform games to the brothers's shooters.
* Women Of Wrestling's Armenian Superhero Tatevik's red baron is the "The Gamer" because she's an avid player and likes to strike Videogame/StreetFighter poses.
* Half of the Ring Warriors Bombshells Tag Team Champions, Solo Darling, sometimes wrestles in a shirt with an eight bit rendition of "game over" on it. She also has a OneUp [[Videogame/SuperMarioBros mushroom]] belt buckle.

[[folder:Video Games]]
* Ritz from ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyTacticsAdvance'' ''knows'' that people will stereotype her into being [[WomenAreWiser smarter.]] She outright states that she prefers games to books. (Obvious, considering the game is an escapist fantasy based on video games, specifically ''Franchise/FinalFantasy'').
* ''Kagetsu Tohya'', the sequel fandisc to ''{{Tsukihime}}''. In an optional scene, it is revealed that [[StepfordSmiler Kohaku]] is an avid gamer and capable of kicking Shiki's butt in every genre they play.
* ''TokimekiMemorial'' Yuuko Asahina from the DatingSim is implied to be one. A more straight example is Yumi Saotome.
* Kaguya Houraisan from ''VideoGame/{{Touhou}}'' gained notoriety as the "NEET-Hime" (NEET being the originally British acronym that came into Japanese use that functionally means "unemployed slacker" and hime meaning princess... basically a royal that doesn't do anything), and is frequently shown in fanworks as playing video games in her room (despite Gensokyo being rather like medieval Japan and [[AnachronismStew not having that kind of technology]]). Fan interpretation almost universally assumes she's actually a massive gamer nerd, and often is shown being willing to game anyone in anything better than them if there is a storyline with some character being introduced to video games from the outside world involved.
* [[VideoGame/{{Darkstalkers}} Morrigan]], as shown in ''VideoGame/TatsunokoVsCapcom''. As if she didn't have enough kinks as it was...
** And ''VideoGame/MarvelVsCapcomClashOfTheSuperheroes'' has her accepting Ryu's challenge in ''Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo''. Unfortunately, we never get to see the result of this battle.
* Ai from ''VideoGame/NeoGeoBattleColiseum'' not only collects and plays video games, but has attacks themed after various Neo Geo games. Yeah, Neo Geo stuff isn't that popular, but hey, it still counts.
* In ''VideoGame/{{Persona 3}}'', "Maya" from the Hermit social link if you play as the male protagonist. She's a girl who he plays a MMO with... [[spoiler:who later turns out to be his homeroom teacher.]]
** The social link was replaced in the female protagonist's route, but she herself might qualify as well--if the player so chooses, she can spend her free time at the arcade, either alone or with a social link such as Junpei.
* Vert from ''{{Neptunia}}''
* In ''VisualNovel/SuperDanganRonpa2'', Chiaki Nanami's title is the Super High School Level Gamer. She's often found playing video games at the game machines in Hotel Mirai, and cracks a few references to other video games from time to time.
** In the [[UpdatedRerelease original's remake]], Junko Enoshima School Mode will note that she's a fan of FPS games in School Mode (a rarity, given that FPS games are less prevalent in Japan). In fact, she's the only female character that Naegi will make comments about the (lack of) video games to. [[spoiler:In hindsight, "Junko Enoshima" being the SHSL Soldier Mukuro Ikusaba helps explain her love of the genre]]
* In ''Videogame/{{Borderlands 2}}'' DLC ''Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep'', Lilith and Tina are big fans of Tabletop [=RPGs=], particularly when compared to the guys. Lilith even claims that as a child, she was bullied for being a Siren as well as her love of Bunkers and Badasses. The attitude towards gamer girls is parodied in the sidequest "Fake Gamer Guy" where [[TestosteronePoisoning Mister Torgue]] is accused of not being a true nerd since he's an overly masculine buff guy, to which he repeatedly points out how discriminatory this type of thinking is and how insecure Lilith must be to make such an accusation.

* ''Webcomic/{{Cheer}}'' Lita differs from the stereotype in that she's a highly competitive D&D fanatic ''cheerleader'' who actually glories in being a girl because it allows her to use her "feminine wiles" to [[http://www.cheercomic.com/?date=2008-03-14 manipulate her]] [[http://www.cheercomic.com/?date=2008-03-18 fellow gamers]].
* Erin from ''Webcomic/CriticalMiss''. Played with, in that she's not particularly attractive, feminine, and has almost no social life; the only people she talks to are a few of her co workers and her own psychotic hallucinations, so while she's female and plays games, she doesn't fit the "hot girl with plastic" stereotype. She's just as socially awkward as the male stereotype.
* In ''Webcomic/CtrlAltDel,'' Lilah fits this perfectly. The more stereotypically extreme traits have been softened over time, at least, but she's still a tomboy (her father even mentions this in the polite way), still highly confrontational, and still self-aware of being female on the tournament level. She even regularly defeats Ethan at several games.
* ''Webcomic/{{Enjuhneer}}'' has a plethora of [[GamerChick Gamer Chick]]s running around.
* "''[[http://fanboys-online.com/ Fanboys]]''" has Sylvia. [[http://fanboys-online.com/index.php?comic=229 The author has confessed that he originally intended to make the third main character a black male, but was afraid of being called racist if he made a single wrong move with him.]]
* ''Webcomic/FiveColorControl'' has Jules. When she beats Elf Kid in ''TabletopGame/MagicTheGathering'', he assumes she must be a guy after all, because girls don't play ''Magic''.
* The webcomic ''Webcomic/GamerChicks'' is all about this trope, if you couldn't figure it out from the title.
* ''Webcomic/GarnetAndGure'' is something of an inversion. Though there is little evidence regarding the actual skill of the titular gamer girl, she often acts as a noobish foil to her traditionalist roommate. Any evocation of her sexuality is met with comically inversive results as well, notably in [[http://www.bonedragoncomics.com/html/garnet_and_gure_50.html this strip]].
* ''Webcomic/GenderSwapped'' Eddy sort of plays with this trope a little bit. Formally a girl, 'she' is the best gamer in the comic. Another good example would be Morgan. A video game tournament in book 2 showcased a number of other gamer girls, the number of which, actually exceeded the males
** In fact, [[spoiler: every round of the tournament was won by a girl]]
* ''Webcomic/GeneralProtectionFault'' Ki and Sharon.
* ''Webcomic/{{Homestuck}}'':
** Latula plays this completely straight. [[http://homestuck.bandcamp.com/track/gamegrl-original-1993-mix Her character theme]] is more of a parody of the concept.
** Roxy is also this in the RetroGaming sense. [[spoiler:In which said RetroGaming also includes games for the Wii, since she's from the future]].
* ''Loaded Dice'' Amy is an [[http://www.rdinn.com/comic.php?comicid=52 excellent example]] of a tabletop RPG gamer chick.
* ''Webcomic/{{Loserz}}'' Jodie.
* ''TabletopGame/MagicTheGathering'' webcomic ''Webcomic/UGMadness'', Erin fits the mold, and has a strong urge to prove herself as a result.
* ''Webcomic/MegaTokyo'' Miho has some elements of this (amongst a ton of others), but she plays male characters and her staggering gaming prowess is due much in part to lying, cheating, backstabbing her party members, and [[MundaneUtility misuse of her powers and knowledge to this effect]].
* ''Webcomic/{{Narbonic}}'' Parodied when Dave's tabletop gaming buddies treat him differently after his GenderBender.
* The ''Webcomic/NoNeedForBushido'' [[http://www.noneedforbushido.com/nnpg/index.php?strip_id=3 bonus strips]] which [[{{Mundanization}} bring the characters into the modern day]], RebelliousPrincess Ino becomes one of these.
* ''Webcomic/PennyArcade'' Even though it avoided this trope for years, they still played with it in the form of Annarchy (who is partially based on a real person). Even her introduction is memorable ([[http://www.penny-arcade.com/comic/2005/01/31/ "No, on the Famicom. In the original Japanese."]]).
** Gabe's wife Kara, however, only fits the trope in comparison to Tycho's wife Brenna.
* ''[[StealthParody Powerup Comics]]'' Alix.
* ''Webcomic/PvP'' Marcy is a pretty cookie-cutter example. The same webcomic averts this trope with Jade, who both acts like a normal woman and isn't portrayed as being any more skilled at {{MMORPG}}s (which, interestingly enough, actually is one of the most popular genres amongst women) than an average person.
* ''Webcomic/{{Slackerz}}'' Parodied. As they make a strip parodying gamer comics with one girl that's constantly complaining that the fact that she's a gamer does not make solid grounds for a relationship with a horribly incompetent male gamer.
* ''Webcomic/SluggyFreelance'' Gwynn has moments like this. It's not a major aspect, but there have been a couple sub-plots concerning her hogging the video game consoles and (along with Torg and Riff) becoming addicted to Fashion Rancher, a simulation game about being a supermodel's manager.
** Zoe also; though she took the piss during the beginning of Years of Yarncraft, she rebounded into an avid player.
* ''Webcomic/SomethingPositive'' [=PeeJee=] with tabletop gaming. The Redneck Trees were '''her''' idea.
** Note that [=PeeJee=] is not a better gamer, although she is the GM more often then anyone else.
* ''Webcomic/VGCats'' Aeris, although at least she has some {{fangirl}} traits to balance this out. The comic also parodied this character type in one strip.
* ''Webcomic/ElGoonishShive'' Grace is this with [[http://www.egscomics.com/?date=2002-03-01 pc]], [[http://www.egscomics.com/?date=2003-03-24 console]] and [[http://www.egscomics.com/?date=2010-05-07 hand held]] games.
* ''Webcomic/LastRes0rt'' introduces Jigsaw's sister, Sudoku, by having her complain about her parents throwing her "off her rythym" by pausing her game in the middle of a boss fight to watch the reality show. Granted, she doesn't know Jigsaw's on there (just Daisy), but it doesn't matter because [[GenreSavvy nobody's going to die in the first episode]] ''anyway''...
* Main character Italy Ishida of ''Webcomic/TheLounge''.
* ''Webcomic/QuestionableContent'' has Marigold Farmer. Unusually, it is ''not'' a gaming webcomic and part of Marigold's CharacterDevelopment is learning to come out of her shell. There ''is'' mention of girls who make a big deal out of being female World Of Warcraft players, though.
* ''[[http://thewretchedones.smackjeeves.com/ The Wretched Ones]]'' features Yayne, who references and is seen playing video games in her underwear. Kazuko, the younger sister of Gamer Guy Charlie, has been seen playing online with both him and Yayne.
* ''Webcomic/{{Tripp}}'': Sam loves to beat Tripp at Mario Kart. She even shows off her new Elder Scrolls tattoo in an early strip.

[[folder:Web Original]]
* TvTropes itself has quite a number of examples.
* ''TheGuild'': Tinkerballa . Although she's slightly more feminine, she's even more confrontational. And there are two other, non-stereotypical females to balance it out.
** FeliciaDay claims she got a lot of criticism for having not one, not two but three female gamers on her show, despite the numerous female MMO players.
** There's also Riley, better known as Stupid Tall Hot Girl, an {{FPS}} girl that shows up at the end of the second season. She's a lot more tomboyish then the MMO women and fits the trope much better.
** And [[NoNameGiven Venom]], the only female member of rival guild Axis of Anarchy. Confrontational is an understatement, although it's not her gender that she mentions all the time - it's her wheelchair.
* Some of the members of the ''LetsPlay/{{Yogscast}}'', including LetsPlay/HannahRutherford, LetsPlay/KimRichards and LetsPlay/ZoeyProasheck, are females.
* ''TheOnlineGamer'' Becca definitely counts. She got into an irl FlameWar at dinner and used a mixture of horror and ''VideoGame/CallOfDuty'' terminology to insult her boyfriend. see it here at [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ioqxZitukVc&feature=channel]]
* ''WebVideo/PurePwnage'' Anastasia is a ''WorldofWarcraft'' player who at the start of the series is a fairly casual gamer but becomes increasingly more and more of a [[strike:harcore gamer]] hopeless social-networking-site-with-graphics addict as the show progresses.
* [=TheGameStation=] (now Creator/{{Polaris}}) has surprisingly many female gamers, i.e. ''WebVideo/PressHeartToContinue''.
* [[HeyAshWhatchaPlayin Ashly Burch]].
* Of Tracer's team in ''Roleplay/WeAreAllPokemonTrainers'', Audrey the [[FanonPokedex/{{Riolu}} Lucario]] merits a mention, as a very avid gamer, and pretty capable given the limitations of her physiology, playing games like the [[LawyerFriendlyCameo in-universe analogue of]] ''VideoGame/TheWorldEndsWithYou''. Then there is also her teammate Teala the Druddigon, as much as a chick, not as much as a gamer.
* In season 2 of ''WebVideo/BiteMe'', Shawna becomes one after Greg introduces her to ''VideoGame/ResidentEvilRevelations''.
* Sofie Liv of WebVideo/MovieDorkness has alwaysed play games, (Especially LegendOfZelda and ProfessorLayton) seems to slowly be turning into a full-fledged gamer girl as evidenced by the inception of "The Positive Gamer Woman" and her review of NiNoKuni.
* A chart of the different types of gamers gives us The GURL Gamer ("That's right, I'm a '''GURL, AND''' I play games games") and The Gamer Girl ("Hey guys, what game are you playing?").
* Button's Mom from ''WebAnimation/ButtonsAdventures'' was apparently this in her youth, , since she has an old gaming machine with a game that resembles ''VideoGame/Pong'' and can understand the ConLang that Button speaks. She's evidently where Button gets his love of video games from.
* TwoBestFriendsPlay's Best Friend Zaibatsu makes repeated references to someone called "Dork Girl" but she has yet to be really seen. Some girls also play with Matt and Pat in some of their videos but they don't talk much.
* ''Roleplay/WeAreOurAvatars'': Lust (no relation to the Homunculus from ''Manga/FullMetalAlchemist'') is very good at video games. In fact, Krissy, a skilled gamer himself, has complimented her skill a few times.
* ''Creator/RoosterTeeth'' has Lindsay Jones, who primarily acts as the voice of [[WebAnimation/{{RWBY}} Ruby Rose]], but has gotten involved in Creator/AchievementHunter's VS series. She's proven herself to be a worthy competitor as well.

[[folder:Western Animation]]
* ''WesternAnimation/BatmanBeyond'': Maxine (Max) Gibson. She's featured in a lot of the video game based eps and in one ep she gains a StalkerWithACrush when she beats him at a an action/adventure game.
* ''WesternAnimation/DannyPhantom'': Sam(antha) played this trope rather straight with Danny and Tucker uncharacteristically assuming Sam isn't a savvy gamer until she proved otherwise, and Danny even takes a shot at her about it ''afterward''.
** Also Sam said that all the girls who play the game as well are better then any boy playing.
* ''WesternAnimation/TheFairlyOddParents'': The episode, "The Boy Who Would Be Queen" revealed Trixie Tang was secretly a {{Tomboy}} who was both one of these and an OtakuSurrogate. This was a CompressedVice and never brough up again.
* ''InvaderZim'': [[CreepyChild Gaz]]. Getting between her and her games is her BerserkButton.
* Spinelli from ''WesternAnimation/{{Recess}}'' can be seen playing video games in some episodes particularly when they're outside of school.
* The title character of ''WesternAnimation/PepperAnn'' loves videogames especially "Crunch Pod".
* Lor from ''WesternAnimation/TheWeekenders'' often competes with Tino and Carver at the arcade, and she usually beats them.
* Numbuh Three was able to beat Numbuh Four at video games in at least one episode of ''WesternAnimation/CodenameKidsNextDoor''. (What made the scene hilarious is the fact that Numbuh Four is the BloodKnight of the team, while Numbuh Three can usually manage little more than a GenkiGirl unless you make her angry.)
* In one episode of ''WesternAnimation/XiaolinShowdown'', Kimiko seems to be this, as she offers the depressed Raimundo her hand-held system with a hot new release, ''[[FictionalVideoGame Goo Zombies II]]''. (Unfortunately, seeing as he was humiliated by Tubbimura earlier, it doesn't cheer him up; however, after beating the villain in a rematch, he changes his mind and is seen playing it at the end of the episode.)

[[folder:Real Life]]
* There is some TruthInTelevision in how a great many female gamer do end up very frustrated with not being taken seriously by men.
** Some of the more skilled female gamer use this to their advantage. One ''ElectronicGamingMonthly'' (EGM) article interviewed a teen girl who was a hardcore ''Franchise/{{Halo}}'' player and she mentions how the guys at a tourney would always assume she wasn't good just because she was a girl and some would even go a little easy on them, thinking they would still win, only to go home with their tails between their legs when she kicked their ass hard in the game.
** It got really bad at the late 1990s when female gamers began "invading" the hardcore gaming scene, particularly the ''VideoGame/{{Quake}}'' online multiplayer community. Reactions from detractor male gamers ranged from shrugging it off, to making accusations of them being {{GIRL}}s, to outright harassment. A notorious example of a victim of the latter was [[http://www.salon.com/1998/06/08/feature_310/ Hellkitten]], who also happened to be a model in real life. Once she made her presence known by posting her own pictures on her website, attacks came in, ranging from defacing her website, spam mails, and being sent scare pictures, such as those of her face spliced to nude females, but the worst was a picture of a mutilated dog (which absolutely frightened her because she was an [[FriendToAllLivingThings animal lover]]).
** The controversy has spilled out into accusations of sexism in the nerd culture in general (i.e. the "fake nerd girl" stereotype).
* The aforementioned [[Series/XPlay Morgan Webb]] (also known as the "Gaming Goddess"), co-host of ''Series/XPlay'' and source of the page quote. Since the show's premiere fans have continuously accused her of being chosen just to be eye candy and not really being a gaming fan.
** There was a different female co-host during the early days of ''ExtendedPlay,'' but [[HollywoodHomely for some reason nobody seems to remember her.]] Kate Botello was the second female host, heading to 'Extended Play' after she left 'The Screen Savers'. The first host of the show was Lauren Fielder, back when it was Gamespot TV.
%% * IGN's Jessica Chobot.
* Adult film starlet and top ''Unreal Tournament'' amateur player Jessica "Asia Carrera" Steinhauser.
* A study has shown that the girls tend to be better at certain games than the guys (though the reverse is also true). Something about having better hand eye co-ordination and having more dexterous fingers (for girls) and better 3d and abstract thinking (for guys).
** OlderThanTheNES. One segment of VH1's ''I Love The 70s'' discussed the introduction of Pong, and how some women proved to be so good at it that they'd scam unsuspecting men in bars, betting hard cash that they could beat the guys at this Ur-arcade game.
** There's some theories and papers and whatnot that this is true on average but not always. The general consensus is that men have more skill at games that involve geometry and navigating in 3D space, such as first person shooters or combat flight simulators; and women are better at 2D games and [=RPGs=] due to landmark recognition and visual patterns or somesuch. The 'better at [=RPGs=]' part could be chalked up to increased female interest in those games due to their storyline/character-driven nature. (Ever notice that guys are usually all about getting [[VideoGame/FinalFantasyVII Cloud]] to do 9999 damage, and girls are sometimes all about getting Cloud with Tifa/Aeris in the date scene?) This is all one communication student's conjecture naturally.
* Former ''VideoGame/{{Quake}}'' tournament pro "killcreek" ([[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stevie_Case Stevana "Stevie" Case]]) famous for humiliating JohnRomero at [=QuakeCon=], by [[BeatThemAtTheirOwnGame beating him at the game he designed]].
** Actually, what made her famous was becoming Romero's [[http://www.javno.com/en/foto.php?id=22&rbr=7720&idrf=371424 hot]] [[http://www.javno.com/en/foto.php?id=22&rbr=7720&idrf=371430 girlfriend]] after that. After they broke up, he found himself another gamer chick: in early 2004, he married Raluca Alexandra Pleşca, a fan from Romania, whom he met by email. (You could say "chick" in more than one sense: she's 18 years his junior.)
* The Australian video game show ''Series/GoodGame'' on ABC (publically funded) has drawn a lot of flak for replacing one of their hosts, experienced gamer Junglist with girl-gamer Hex. ABC actually stated that the reason for Junglist's replacement was for broader mass appeal.
** The flak is mostly because they simply introduced Hex and went on, not even referencing the fact that Junglist was gone is what rubbed most fans the wrong way. He'd been on it since it started and now they act like he was never there.
** The show also has Rei, who was on before Hex came along. She does segments about the topical element of gaming culture such as "Art in Games" and the UsefulNotes/ChildsPlay charity.
* FeliciaDay. She even writes and stars in a web series [[TheGuild about gamers]].
* The Frag Dolls, a FPS tournament team sponsored by UbiSoft. They are reportedly terrible gamers, but very pretty.
* Korean ''{{Starcraft}}'' tournament queen Tossgirl. Gamer girls seem to be a bit more common and respected there than in other countries, but then again their national sport is more or less ''{{Starcraft}}''...
** Team [=SlayerS=], pet project of legendary 'Father of Competitive RTS Gaming' Lim Yo Hwan, has a female manager. She has recently begun an effort to improve the position of females in ''{{Starcraft}} 2'' by recruiting more girls. Reactions have been mixed so far due to her stating that looks are one of her criteria but the most prominent new addition [=SlayerS_Eve=] has achieved some success.
%% * [[http://www.youtube.com/user/TheEcstacy TheEcstacy]].
* The [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SZjLUIfYppE TipperQueen]], who participated in a number of pro competitions, such as a VideoGame/GuitarHero 3 [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6BaBrvgmhvQ tournament]].
* Creator/MilaKunis (Jackie from ''That70sShow'') is a former ''VideoGame/WorldOfWarcraft'' player. In one interview, she claims to be a completely different person when she plays.
* Former supermodel Paulina Porizkova stated in an issue of Family Circle that she and her kids are huge fans of ''VideoGame/WorldOfWarcraft''.
* Lisa Foiles. Former ''Series/AllThat'' cast member. Current [[http://kotaku.com/5466983/lisa-foiles-bio Kotaku columnist]] and [[http://www.escapistmagazine.com/videos/view/top-5-with-lisa-foiles Escapist contributor]], ''WebVideo/TheAngryJoeShow'' reviewer, and ''[[http://www.loadsavepoint.com/ Save Point]]'' editor-in-chief.
%% * Lydia Winters, aka [[http://www.minecraftchick.com/ MinecraftChick]].
* According to Series/TheColbertReport, 40% of gamers are women, and 94% of girls under 18 play games. Those are, presumably, based on US estimates, rather than international. They also lampshade the GIRL aspect in the interview.
* There are several demotivator posters with this theme, such as a bunch of skimpily-dressed women excitedly playing with an ([[TheyJustDidntCare unplugged]]) XBox, or one with a 12th-place MarioKart screen despite the system containing a Zelda cartridge.
* Nintendolife introduced us to [[http://www.nintendolife.com/news/2013/02/ninterview_heather_miss_gamer_girl_cascioli Heather "Miss Gamer Girl" Cascioli.]] The posters in her room feature such games as ''Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, Kingdom Hearts 3D, Battlefield, Brink'' and ''Mass Effect 3''. And she owns a UsefulNotes/VirtualBoy!
* Female producers in hip-hop tend to face similar stereotypes, stigmas, and fetishizations (the most well known example probably being {{OFWGKTA}}'s Syd tha Kydd).
* There are a good deal of female Let's Players around YouTube, including [[http://www.youtube.com/user/lucahjin Lucahjin]], [[http://www.youtube.com/user/MasaeAnela MasaeAnela]],[[http://www.youtube.com/user/stephenplays Mallory from StephenPlays]], and [[http://www.youtube.com/user/donnabellez Donnabellez]]. All are skilled gamers in their own right.
** Youtube also hosts several female internet personalities that also happen to focus on games (in particular VideoGame/LeagueOfLegends). Some include [[http://www.youtube.com/user/sweetiebutt Natsumii]] and [[http://www.youtube.com/user/LilyPichu Lily Pichu]] (the latter is also noted for having a real life {{Moe}} voice)
* Music/{{LIGHTS}}. Her game of choice is ''VideoGame/WorldOfWarcraft'', to the point where some of her songs (most notably "Lions") actually contain World of Warcraft references.
* Aisha Tyler(of ''24'' & ''CSI'') once grew so annoyed at people decrying gamer chicks that she posted a [[https://www.facebook.com/notes/aisha-tyler/dear-gamers/10151040991508993 lengthy rant on her Facebook page.]]