->'''Salario:''' Why, I am sure, if he forfeit, thou wilt not take his flesh: what's that good for?
->'''Shylock:''' To bait fish withal.
-->-- ''Theatre/TheMerchantOfVenice''

A threat intended to make someone sexually uncomfortable; more often than not, a character threatens (sometimes subtly) to castrate someone.

Compare GroinAttack.



[[folder: Anime & Manga]]
* ''Manga/{{Bleach}}'':
** In an anime-only episode showcasing the backstory of Harribel and her Fracción, Apache threatens to bite the crotch off of a Hollow after causing it to flee.
** In the manga, Senshumaru tells Renji to cooperate with her or she'll cut off "[[ICallHimMisterHappy little Renji]]" if he doesn't.
* In the ''Manga/MaiOtome'' manga Natsuki says that if the public finds out "Mashiro" [[DisguisedInDrag is actually a boy pretending to be the princess]], in addition to banishment they'll also cut his penis off.
* In the manga version of ''Manga/{{Berserk}}'', as part of his InsultFriendlyFire, Guts replies to [[StrawMisogynist General Adon's]] threats of capturing Casca and making her his troop's SexSlave by warning him that she would "bite it right off". Casca elbows Guts in the back of the head.
* In ''Manga/AkameGaKill'', Chelsea catches Tatsumi attempting to peep at her bathing. She says she'll forgive him, but if he ever tries it again, she'll snip it off.
* Ange in ''Anime/CrossAnge'' threatens Tusk with this when she bites a mushroom so violently that he cringed.
* In ''Manga/FateKaleidLinerPrismaIllya'', Shirou's mother Irisviel playfully threatens to do this to him, making scissor motions with her fingers, if she catches him trying to make a move on his sisters Illya and Kuro/Chloe. He repeatedly protests that he would never do that to his own sisters, to no avail.

[[folder: Comic Books]]
* During the opening scene of the ''ComicBook/SinCity'' story "The Big Fat Kill," Dwight [=McCarthy=], having dropped in on an asshole by the name of Jackie-Boy who's been abusing his ex, issues this vicious threat:
-->'''Dwight:''' You ever so much as talk to Shellie again -- you even ''think'' her name -- and I'll cut you in ways that'll make you ''useless'' to a woman.
* The Morrigan's WarGoddess aspect Badb in ''Comicbook/TheWickedAndTheDivine'' is unsettlingly fond of these, once threatening to rip a man's shinbone out out to use as a dildo. (This man being her boyfriend, for added {{Squick}} or {{Fetish}}).

[[folder: Fan Fics]]
* In ''Fanfic/RonmanTheBarbarian'' (a ''WesternAnimation/KimPossible'' fanfic in a ''Franchise/ConanTheBarbarian''-esque setting), Ronman was sold as a slave to Bonya at one point. She threatens to have him castrated if he does anything to get her mad.
* In ''[[https://www.fanfiction.net/s/10554509/9/Never-Betray-A-Fox Never Betray a Fox]]'', Sirius threatens to castrate Fred and George if they go further than kissing with Harry.
* In ''[[https://www.fanfiction.net/s/10588283/43/Came-Out-of-the-Darkness Came Out of the Darkness]]'' Narcissa Malfoy threatens Harry after he and Hermione initiate their soul bond by kissing after the Second Task.
-->'''Narcissa:''' If you get her pregnant before you wed her, I will remove your manhood with a rusty spoon.
* In ''Fanfic/FateLongNight'', to get Brandon to stop teasing her, Rin threatens to use a Command Spell to make him rip off his own genitals.

[[folder: Film]]
* ''Film/FatalInstinct''. In the {{backstory}}, Max Shady threatened to cut off his lawyer Ned Ravine's penis after Ravine lost Shady's case.
* ''Film/MenInBlack'': "I want you on the next transport off this rock or I'm going to shoot you where it don't grow back."
** In the sequel, we get this exchange: "You got kids?" "No." "You want 'em?" between an MIB guard and Frank the Pug.
* In ''Film/TheThreeMusketeers1993'' when Cardinal Richelieu starts making advances on Lady [=DeWinter=] she pulls a knife and holds it to his crotch. Richelieu warns that he can have her executed with "a snap of [his] fingers" to which she replies, "And with a flick of my wrist I could change your religion"; he backs off.
* ''Film/FightClub''. The threat to cut off someone's balls happens a few times. This is, after all, a movie about men who are deeply insecure about their masculinity.
* ''Film/NineToFive''. Finally losing her temper at her BadBoss, Doralee (Music/DollyParton) threatens to "get that gun of mine, and turn you from a rooster to a hen in one shot!"
* ''Film/AClockworkOrange''. Mr. Deltoid, a truancy officer, grabs protagonist Alex's crotch while warning him of the dangers of his skipping school.
** However, his extremely creepy actions throughout this scene suggest he did this more because he's a pervert than because he was trying to frighten Alex.
* And who can forget ''Film/TheBigLebowski'' and the three German nihilists who corner the Dude in his CandlelitBath and threaten to cut off his "johnson?"
* Happens very darkly in the backstory of Frances Dolarhyde in ''Film/RedDragon''. His abusive grandmother would threaten to "cut it off" just for wetting the bed.
* Sergeant Mullins in ''Film/TheHeat'' is fond of playing FalseRoulette with a gun aimed at the interrogatee's groin.
* In ''{{Film/Transporter 2}}'', Lola holds a gun to Frank's groin and comments that she hates kids, but if he ever plans on having any, he'll cooperate. He reluctantly does.
* In ''Film/TheManWithTheGoldenGun'', Film/JamesBond interrogates a man by pointing a gun at his groin and saying, "Speak now or forever hold your piece."
* ''Hoffa'' (1992). An IntrepidReporter is looking into the corrupt activities of the Teamsters Union, so Hoffa's men hack the testicles off a corpse in the morgue and send it to the reporter in a jar of formaldehyde. He decides to stop his investigation.
* In ''Film/ThisIsTheEnd'', Danny [=McBride=] has ADateWithRosiePalms using one of James Franco's ''Penthouse'' magazines, leading to a long, ridiculous argument between the two. At the end, James threatens to shoot off Danny's dick if he sees it again and Danny retorts that he doesn't have enough bullets.
* ''Film/IndianaJonesAndTheTempleOfDoom'' heavily implied this once happened to the protagonist on a previous adventure:
-->'''Chattar Lal:''' Dr Jones, wasn't it the Sultan of Madagascar who threatened to cut off your head if you ever returned to his country?
-->'''Indiana Jones:''' No, it wasn't my head.
-->'''Chattar Lal:''' Then your hands, perhaps?
-->'''Indiana Jones:''' No, it wasn't my hands. It was my...
-->[looks down at his groin]
-->'''Indiana Jones:''' My misunderstanding.
* ''Film/{{Kopps}}'': How Agneta makes Göran to tell her and Benny that Jacob and Lasse forced him to steal something in the local supermarket.
--> '''Göran''': No, I will say nothing.
--> '''Agneta''': Shall we pierce the ball sack, Göran?
* In the famous YouMakeMeSic scene from ''Film/MontyPythonsLifeOfBrian'', the irascible GrammarNazi Roman centurion threatens Brian with this if he doesn't write out the correct grammar a hundred times.
--> If it's not done by sunrise, I'll cut your balls off.
* ''Film/ReeferMadnessTheMusical'': Jesus warns Jimmy that if he goes to hell for smoking marijuana, he might be forced to endure "separation from your family jewels".
* In the Hong Kong gangster movie ''To Be Number One'', a member of Ho's gang forces a fisherman to reveal where the drugs he's smuggling are hidden by shoving a pistol barrel inside the fisherman's shorts.

[[folder: Literature]]
* Unsurprisingly, the Literature/{{Discworld}} has a few examples:
** Cohen the Barbarian's explanation of psychological warfare in ''Discworld/InterestingTimes:'' "It's where you bang your shield all night before the fight so's the enemy can't get any sleep and you sing, 'We're gonna ''cut'' yer ''tonkers'' off!' and stuff like that."
** In ''Discworld/TheFifthElephant,'' Commander Vimes corners a suspect who tells him to "look down" at the knife he's holding to Vimes' stomach. Vimes' reply? "Look down further."
** In the ''Discworld'' series, witches work but don't accept money, instead gifts (such as old clothes) or just getting stuff for free. When a pair of witches want to take a coach ride back home from the big city, the coachman tells them they need to pay. They offer to remove any embarrassing diseases in exchange. When he tells them he has no venereal diseases, they reply "how many would you like?" They get a free coach ride.
** The night watchmen ask a prisoner if they want him to "roast [his] figgin" ... [[spoiler: which is actually a tart. They were trying to befriend him, not threaten him.]]
* In ''Yellow Blue Tibia'', the protagonist is threatened by a cop, who is using a tape recorder to record everything ''but'' the threats, and who goes on and on about cutting that off and, while any hospital can transfuse blood, "there is no hospital in the world that can transfuse you a new set of balls!" The protagonist (inwardly) chuckles at this one-note attempt at intimidation, made worse when [[spoiler: the cop realizes he's been recording ''only'' the threats]].
* In Elizabeth Vaughan's ''Epic of Palins'' series, particularly ''White Star'', the mage Marlon is fond of threatening to make people's balls rot off.
* ''Literature/ASongOfIceAndFire''
** Grand Master Pycelle finds himself on the receiving end of a threat from a mountain clansman to cut off his "manhood" and [[CoolAndUnusualPunishment feed it to a goat]]. Turns out [[spoiler:this refers to his [[WizardBeard beard]]. When he makes good on it Pycelle is sufficiently traumatized... but still probably glad it wasn't what he thought.]]
** Tyrion's CrowningMomentOfAwesome is when he threatens to geld [[TheCaligula King Joffrey]] after one too many KickTheDog moments aimed at Sansa Stark.
** During pre-battle negotiations, a mercenary commander lewdly boasts of being a BiggusDickus, and threatens to rape Queen Daenerys after they win. The fifteen year-old queen calmly replies that she'll have her soldiers geld him so she can examine his cock at her leisure.
** Brienne of Tarth when Ser Hyle Hunt offers to slip into her room at night and make a woman out of an ActionGirl. "Do that and you'll be a eunuch when you leave."
** When DepravedDwarf Bonobo keeps trying to grope her before their play, Mercy threatens to tear off his GagPenis and use it to DopeSlap him.
* ''Literature/TheTerror''. When Dr Goodsir refuses to help mutineer Cornelius Hickey [[NoPartyLikeADonnerParty dissect a man so they can eat him]], or participate in their cannibalism, he has various appendages cut off. Despite repeated threats to castrate him however, Goodsir suspects that Hickey is too clever to do so as the shock would likely kill him, and he's their only doctor.
* ''African Revenge'' by Andrew [=McCoy=]. The protagonist is convinced to go on a risky but potentially profitable crocodile hunt because if he doesn't pay his gambling debts, he won't need a jockstrap the next time he plays football.
* ''Flood'' by Creator/AndrewVachss. Burke comes across Flood facing down several muggers in an alley. He produces a firearm and tells them to take a walk. To encourage them to comply, Flood unzips the trouser fly of a man she's just knocked unconscious, takes out his testicles and holds a knife to them.
* ''Running Blind'' by Desmond Bagley. In the protagonist's BackStory, he was an undercover British agent who accidentally castrated a KGB spymaster during a shootout. He now finds himself up against the same man in Ireland and has to worry that he might decide to inflict some LaserGuidedKarma.


[[folder: Live Action TV]]
* On ''Series/TheBigBangTheory'', when a large internet bully won't give Sheldon his things back, Penny hunts him down and says (cheerfully), "I've got good news. Today's the day a girl is finally going to touch you in your little special place!" [[CrowningMomentOfFunny Then she kicks him in the balls.]]
* ''Series/BuffyTheVampireSlayer''. In "Hells Bells" Buffy gets hit on by Xander's drunken father.
-->'''Mr. Harris:''' Hey, what do you say we slip in the back room and I show you my--
-->'''Buffy:''' You finish that sentence and I guarantee you won't have anything to show.
** In "Into the Woods", Buffy isn't happy when she wakes up in her bedroom [[StalkerWithACrush to find Spike standing over her]].
-->"Spike, every time you show up like this, you risk all your parts."
* ''Series/GameOfThrones'':
** In "The Climb" [[FieryRedhead Ygritte]] tells her lover Jon Snow that if he ever betrays her, she will chop off his cock and wear it on a necklace.
** PlayedForLaughs when Shagga warns Tyrion that Shagga will cut off his manhood if he betrays the hill tribes. Tyrion is familiar enough with the threat to interrupt him and complete the phrase "...and feed it to the goats, yes". Later in King's Landing, Tyrion tells Timett to cut off Pycelle's manhood and feed it to the goats. Timett protests that there are no goats, so Tyrion tells him to "make do."
** PlayedStraight when Tyrion threatens Joffrey with this to stop him harassing Sansa in "Second Sons".
* ''Series/OdysseyFive''. Hedonistic scientist Kurt Mendel has an attack of paranoia and is convinced that his friends are Synthetics (artificial humans). His former lover, Angela Perry, gets Kurt to swallow the medicine that will cure him by pointing a Beretta 9mm at his testicles.
-->'''Angela:''' I ''will'' do it, Kurt!\\
'''Kurt:''' Oh God, even as a Synthetic, you're a ballbuster...
* ''Series/PersonOfInterest''. In the episode "In Extremis", the VictimOfTheWeek has discovered he was poisoned, so encourages a conspirator to reveal WhoDunnitToMe by firing a few bullets [[BulletDancing past his feet]]. He then says that the poison has made his vision increasingly blurred, and starts waving the gun at the man's groin.
* In the 1983 Australian mini-series ''Scales of Justice'', corrupt police force a crime boss who [[YouKnowTooMuch knows too much about them]] to [[MakeItLookLikeAnAccident commit suicide]] or be [[TheEasyWayOrTheHardWay tortured by having various body parts cut off with bolt cutters]]. This trope is implied when a cop threatens, "We will cut off everything that sticks out."
* Comes up on ''Series/TheThickOfIt'' when Malcolm is castigating hapless press aide John Duggan.
-->'''Duggan:''' Malcolm, you're really scaring me now.\\
'''Tucker:''' I'm scaring you? I'm so sorry I'm fucking scaring you. I mustn't scare you, must I? I won't scare you, okay? I'm just gonna explain to you what I'm gonna fuckin' do to you. I'm gonna take you're fuckin' bollocks, I'm gonna rip them off, I'm gonna paint eyeballs on 'em. And I'm gonna stitch them onto a fuckin' soap and use THAT as our new mouthpiece.


[[folder: Professional Wrestling]]
* Manager Yamaguchi-san threatened [[WrestlingDoesntPay wrestling pornstar]] Val Venis, on the occasion of Venis making time with Yamaguchi's wife: "I CHOPPY-CHOPPY YOUR PEE-PEE!!"

[[folder: Theater]]
* The legendary exchange between Salario and Shylock in ''Theatre/TheMerchantOfVenice'', quoted above.
* Actually carried through in ''In Extremis''. Poor Abelard.

[[folder: Video Games]]
* During an interrogation during Thane's loyalty mission in ''VideoGame/MassEffect2'', a Renegade Shepard can choose to rough up the suspect and wrap things up like so:
-->'''Elias Kelham''': Are we done here? Because I got people to see.
-->(''Shepard slams his/her forearm against the guy's throat'')
-->'''Shepard:''' I'm done being patient. Give me a name, or I'll cut your balls off and sell them to a krogan! [[note]]Krogan are a species which have been largely sterilized and a mistaken belief flows around that replacing their testicles with transplants will increase their virility.[[/note]]
* In ''VideoGame/NoMoreHeroes'', Sylvia says to Travis: "If I ever hear you mumble another woman's name in your sleep, you'll wake up the next morning with your joystick missing."
* A well-known part in ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyVII'' where Cloud, Tifa and Aeris threaten the resident pimp Don Corneo while likewise interrogating him by telling him they'll "cut", "rip" and "smash them" in turn.
* In ''VideoGame/TheElderScrollsVSkyrim'', you can come across a note in the Ragged Flagon in which Vex threatens to cut off Delvin Mallory's "most valuable asset" if she ever catches him trying to spy on her bathing in the lake again.
* One level in ''VideoGame/FarCry3'' has Vaas offer a tidy sum to whichever Mook brings him Jason's scrotum.
* ''VideoGame/MassEffectAndromeda:'' Drack's loyalty mission begins when a krogan botanist's assistant accidentally causes the theft of a ship of vital importance to the krogan colony. As Drack puts it to the unfortunate schmuck, if [[MeanBoss Nakmor Morda]] finds out what's happened, she'd roast his quads over a low fire.

[[folder: Web Comics]]
* Berthold the Wolf from ''Webcomic/TheLastDaysOfFOXHOUND'' frequently makes more-or-less subtle threats to bite off other character's dicks if they don't do as they're told. (Since the only female member of the team is his mistress, Sniper Wolf, it's a convenient sort of threat.) At one point, Liquid comments on how often he uses that specific threat, and he basically just shrugs and goes "Hey, it works..."

[[folder: Web Original]]
* [[Blog/ThingsMrWelchIsNoLongerAllowedToDoInAnRPG Mr. Welch]] "can't make anyone Jewish with a called shot".
* [[Website/NotAlwaysRight ...]][[http://notalwaysrelated.com/they-understand-what-you-are-seine/26617 and feed them to the pigeons.]]
* ''WebVideo/UltraFastPony''. In the first episode, Applejack apparently mistakes Twilight for a stallion, because she threatens, "Don't even think about telling the law! I'll cut your nuts off!"
* ''WebVideo/HellsingUltimateAbridged'':
--->'''Integra:''' "You're going to spill every single thing you know or I'm going to have Walter here peel your dick like a banana!"

[[folder: Western Animation]]
* In ''WesternAnimation/XMenEvolution'', Rogue catches Spyke videotaping her without her permission. She tells him that, if she sees herself in his video when he presents it to their class, "They're going to call [him] Spyke-''less''."
* On ''WesternAnimation/TheBoondocks'', in Granddad's tale of "The Story of Catcher Freeman", after the other slaves trick Masta Colonel into condensing his efforts at intimidation onto solely his ButtMonkey house slave Tobias, Masta Colonel states that if their work isn't done when he next comes out, "I'm cutting both [Tobias'] balls off."
** In another episode, Riley enlists Ed III's help in getting back a chain a bully stole from him. Ed hangs the kid upside down, and places two grapes in front of him. He tells him to imagine that the grapes are his testicles, right before he smashes them with a sledgehammer. Ed threatens to do the same to him if he doesn't give back the chain. Ed being Ed, it turns out he got the wrong kid. Even though Riley gave him a picture.
* In the ''WesternAnimation/{{Archer}}'' episode "Placebo Effect", Archer threatens to slide a knife into a terrified pharmacist's urethra unless he gives him information regarding Irish mobsters selling fake chemo drugs. Needless to say, he spills the beans so fast that Archer can barely keep up.
* In ''WesternAnimaton/FreaknikTheMusical'', Jesse Jackson ''really'' wants to cut Freaknik's nuts off.
* A bizarre train-equivalent example occurs in ''WesternAnimation/ThomasTheTankEngine'' where Sir Topham Hatt threatens to "cut Duncan down to size" if he acts up again. It's shown that he's referring to [[DoesThisRemindYouOfAnything Duncan's rather long funnel]], and Duncan immediately behaves upon hearing said threat.
* In ''WesternAnimaton/TheSimpsons'', Bart tries to avoid getting beaten up in a juvie by hanging on the fence separating the girl and boy side of the yard, but that just leads the leader of a girl's gang to threatened him with a "very uneventful puberty".
* ''WesternAnimation/BatmanUnderTheRedHood''. The Joker is babbling away as usual while the Red Hood is giving his MotiveRant, so he threatens the Joker with his pistol.
-->'''Red Hood:''' You be as quiet as possible, or I'll put one in your lap first.
-->'''Joker:''' Party pooper. No cake for you.