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Francisco Franco
Generalisimo Francisco Franco (1892-1975) was the dictator of Spain from 1937 until his death. He came to power during the Spanish Civil War and was a close ally of Mussolini.

Probably not related to Dave or James.

Franco in fiction:

  • Franco was something of a film aficionado, and wrote the screenplay for Raza.
    • Note that, like Hitler, he only allowed films explicitly approved by himself. Underground, of course, was El Movimiento (eng: The Movement) led by Pedro Almodovar.
  • Given the penchant of the Spanish film industry for making movies about the Civil War, he's also appeared as a character in a few others, like Madregilda, Espérame en el Cielo (where the protagonist is his body double) or Dragon Rapide.
  • "Generalissimo Francisco Franco is still dead" was one of the first Catch Phrases of Saturday Night Live. On "Weekend Update", Franco's continuing death was repeatedly reported as "news" by Chevy Chase. This was a parody of earlier real news converage, which had constantly reported that Franco was still clinging onto life.
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