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->''"There are ''4'' cakes! '''ARE THEY TELLING ME TO GO ''DIE'' OR SOMETHING?!'''"''
-->-- '''Guido Mista''', ''Manga/JoJosBizarreAdventureVentoAureo''

In most {{UsefulNotes/Chinese|Language}} languages and languages that borrow words from it, the words for "four" (四) and "death" (死) are written differently but pronounced similarly (somewhat like "''sì''" in Mandarin, "''sei''" in UsefulNotes/{{C|hineseDialectsAndAccents}}antonese, "''shi''" in Sino-Japanese, "tư" in Sino-Vietnamese, and "''sa''" in Sino-Korean). As a cultural trope, East Asian works of media tend to treat the number in much the way Western writers treat the number 13 (a number that Arabian and European culture consider Magical, [[TheFairFolk and usually in a bad way]]).

As a similar point of reference, building floors and apartments are (mis)numbered accordingly [[MissingFloor to omit the fourth floor]][[note]]The US does the same with the number 13. Floors will go straight from 12 to 14, while the UK skips Rm13.[[/note]] or substitute the numeral with an alternative sign, such as the letter F or 3A, and some Japanese people prefer to say "''yon''" (the ''kun'yomi'' for four) instead of "''shi''" (the conventional ''on'yomi''). Apparently the Japanese word form ''shi ni'' (four twos), which translates to 'death', gives [[Literature/{{Discworld}} the number eight]] a related association.

Powerful, usually Villainous, groups of four are often given the name of Shitennō, a reference to the Four Heavenly Kings, Buddhist guardian gods of the four cardinal directions. When not directly translated into Four Heavenly Kings, localizations may call them the EliteFour.

On an unrelated note, Christianity also has several examples of Four Is Death, with the Four HorsemenOfTheApocalypse and the Four Last Things (Death, Judgment, Hell, and Glory). In Judaism, the number four is also prominent, some examples being the four worlds described in the Kabbalah, [[http://www.ou.org/chagim/pesach/foursons.htm the four sons]], the four horns of the altar in Daniel, the forty days of raining during the Deluge, and the four matriarchs (plus the ''Tetragrammaton'', or four letter name--the written name of God YHVH).

Compare OneHundredAndEight, ThirteenIsUnlucky and the NumberOfTheBeast.

'''Note''': This is not a repository for every time the number 4 just happens to appear in a work (or for series where the fourth installment was [[{{Sequelitis}} particularly bad]]), this is for when the trope is consciously addressed.



[[folder:Anime and Manga]]
* In ''Manga/FistOfTheNorthStar'', there are four heirs of the Hokuto school of combat. And there is a reason if Kenshiro, the ''fourth'' of them, is the {{Trope Namer|s}} for YouAreAlreadyDead.
* In ''Anime/NeonGenesisEvangelion'', the fourth Evangelion unit (really the fifth unit if you count the prototype 00, but being called the 04 was all it took) disappeared into a Dirac sea during a startup experiment, taking a large chunk of the Mojave Desert with it. Also, Unit 03 -- the ''real'' fourth Evangelion -- [[spoiler:got taken over by an Angel and had to be destroyed, nearly (and in the manga, ''actually'') killing Toji too, who was, of course, the Fourth Child.]] And if that wasn't enough, Toji shortly prior became the fourth person that Hikari makes lunches for. Ouch. Unit-04 was always referred to as ''yon''-gouki in dialogue. Even ''Rebuild'' does this. And when Shinji achieves a synchronization ratio of 400%, [[spoiler:his body dissolves into LCL. Don't worry, he came back]].
* From ''Manga/{{Naruto}}'':
** Naruto's SuperpoweredEvilSide becomes dominant and goes into "kill everyone" mode when he grows four fox tails. At this point, he can't tell friend from foe anymore and has to be forced to simmer down.
** The Fourth Hokage spent the shortest time in office, a tenure that ended with him saving the village with a "Seal Evil" technique that required him to sacrifice his own life and seal his soul in the Death God's stomach, in eternal combat with the sealed Evil.
** Meanwhile, the Fourth Kazekage seemed to be the worst thing to ever happen to Suna. He sealed a Tailed Beast in his son (in this case Shukaku, the One-Tailed [[{{Obake}} Tanuki]]) which was already [[SealedEvilInACan contained in a tea kettle.]] Gaara wasn't born yet and as a result the Kazekage's wife died delivering him. He then proceeded to alienate the boy from birth and when Gaara showed signs of being AxCrazy (like all of Shukaku's previous hosts) he ordered the poor kid's uncle (the only person up to this point who had shown any kindness to him) to assassinate him. And to top off his career, he got his face torn off by Orochimaru as a prelude to his village being used as cannon fodder in an invasion.
** According to the Fifth Mizukage, the Fourth Mizukage was like this for the Mist Village, and is largely responsible for the "Bloody Mist" image held by most other countries. The fact that [[spoiler: he was being mind-controlled by Madara [[note]] More accurately, Obito [[/note]] probably didn't help]].
** The Forest of Death's official title is the 44th Training Ground and has 44 gates.
** The fourth stage of the Uchiha's Sharingan is the Mangekyo, which requires the user kill their best friend.
** Of the Eight Celestial Gates, first through third are Initial, Heal, and Life; the fourth, however, is the Harm Gate. When opened, this gate puts enough strain on the body that the muscles tear themselves apart. And twice that, the eighth gate, is the Death Gate ([[DeadlyUpgrade Opening that gate gives the user great power for a while and then a one-way ticket to Dead Meat County]]).
** Sasuke was going to be the fourth body Orochimaru claimed before [[spoiler:Sasuke thwarted Orochimaru and killed him]], and before that, was going to be the fourth body Orochimaru had, including his original, before the Sound Four took too long and Orochimaru had to transfer prematurely.
** Akatsuki member Kakuzu harvests the hearts of the victims he kills, and his special ability is Four Hearts Jutsu, with which he prolongs his life by adding four hearts to his own.
** The series' final war is the Fourth Shinobi World War, and the Fourth Division, who suffers the most casualties, is first to be victimized by Madara Uchiha.
* ''Manga/ChieShinoharaTheBestCollection'' has the one-shot ''Suicide Room Number 404'', a room on the fourth floor, which is said to be cursed and cause women to commit suicide over scorned love.
* One episode of ''Manga/{{Chobits}}'' deals with an apparently haunted Room 104.
* ''Manga/{{Bleach}}'':
** Ulquiorra Cifer is the most powerful espada Ichigo fights, leading Ichigo to initially assume he's number one. Not quite. He's ranked fourth. He's also the only Espada with a second [[SuperMode release state]], and the first release is so powerful it shouldn't be used under the dome of Las Noches. He also has deathly pale skin, black hair, permanently cold-looking eyes with lines underneath running down his cheeks like tear marks... you get the picture.
** The Eleventh Division's fourth seat is empty for both the superstition and because Yumichika thinks the kanji for "Four" is ugly.
** Unohana Retsu, the captain of the Fourth Division is TheDreaded. [[spoiler:She is also the ''First'' Kenpachi of the Eleventh Division, and the '''''worst''''' criminal to ever exist in Soul Society. Meaning that she was (and still is) worse than '''''Aizen'''''. Her actual name is Unohana Yachiru, the person Zaraki Kenpachi respected the most, and Yachiru's namesake. The name "Yachiru" means 8000 styles, referring to the fact that she has mastered ''every'' sword style in Soul Society. To top it all off, she is the inventor of the Art of ''Killing'', which she plans on teaching to her tenth successor. She is probably the most blatant example in all of ''Bleach''.]]
** Askin Nakk le Vaar holds the letter designation "D", the alphabet's fourth letter, and his ability is "The Deathdealing." [[spoiler: He makes his opponent's blood lethal to them, and the only way to escape his power is to bleed to death. Oh, and it's almost impossible for him to die - even finally being taken down by Oetsu didn't stick, courtesy of Yhwach's Auswählen.]]
** A subtle example occurs in Yamamoto's past, which reveals that he previously went by the nickname Eijisai, written 丿字斎 - with the first character being the fourth kanji radical. [[spoiler:This is revealed as part of the lead-in to the fight ending in his death.]]
* ''Manga/DragonBall'':
** Inverted the Four Star Dragon Ball, which saves Son Goku's life during his first battle against Tao Pai Pai. This Dragon Ball is a memento to his grandfather Son Gohan. In the anime, after Goku's first son was born, he [[LastMinuteBabyNaming gave him the name of his grandfather]] [[LineOfSightName when Goku looked up to the Dragon Ball]].
** ''Anime/DragonBallGT'' takes this inverted trope even further with the Devil Dragon/Shadow Dragon of the Four Star Dragon Ball, Si Xing Long/Nuova Shenron. Si Xing Long is the TokenGoodTeammate, the NobleDemon and the AntiVillain among the seven Devil Dragons. He even saves his enemy/friend Goku on several occasions.
* The Phantom Lord guild from ''Manga/FairyTail'' has the Element 4, a FourElementEnsemble of wizards and the equivalent of Fairy Tail's S-Class wizards: [[BlowYouAway Aria]], [[MakingASplash Juvia]], [[DishingOutDirt Sol]], and [[PlayingWithFire Totomaru]].
* Moroboshi Ataru of ''Manga/UruseiYatsura'' was marked out as a CosmicPlaything by being born on the second most ill-omened day in the Japanese calendar, the thirteenth of April: ''4''-13. (This was also on ''Butsumetsu'', the anniversary of the Buddha's death; the only unluckier day is April 4th, which is Four Is Death ''squared''.) Additionally in the first episode, his jersey has the number 4 on it.
* In episode 4 of ''Manga/{{FLCL}}'', Naota gets beaned by Haruko during the 4th inning of the baseball game at the beginning of the episode. The umpire even shouts "dead ball!"
* ''Franchise/{{Gundam}}'''s sequels and {{Spiritual Successor}}s like toying with this:
** Being the protagonist's TemporaryLoveInterest, Four Murasame in ''[[Anime/MobileSuitZetaGundam Zeta Gundam]]'' was so predestined to die. And she did. Twice. And again in the {{Compilation Movie}}s with a bullet to the head.
** The soundtracks for both ''Zeta Gundam'' and ''[[Anime/MobileSuitGundamZZ Gundam ZZ]]'' have a sting specifically for significant character deaths, which is exactly four chords of descending notes. [[SubvertedTrope Subverted]] at least once for a FakeKillScare, when the person who was thought killed turned up alive later.
** The second season of ''[[Anime/MobileSuitGundam00 Gundam 00]]'' seems to go to complete overkill with regards to the number four: it takes place 4 years at the end of the first season, the main Gundam Meisters are still composed of 4 members, the protagonist unit's designation number is 0000 and it is also the only 4th generation model at the start of the series. And if you want to take things further, the said unit is powered by two GN-Drives, one's from the very first (O) Gundam, while the other is from the protagonist's previous unit which is part of the third generation. Thus 1 + 3 = 4. And [[spoiler:the [[ArtificialHuman Innovades]] are '''four''' pairs, and it includes the BigBad and Tieria]].
** Also worth mention is that both ''[[Anime/MobileSuitGundam00 Gundam 00]]'' and ''[[Anime/MobileSuitGundamSeed Gundam SEED]]'' skip the obvious fours in their Gundam lineups (there is no GN-004 or GAT-X104). We then later find out what became of 004: it's [[spoiler:hidden underneath GN-005, [[{{Bishonen}} Tieria]]'s Gundam Virtue. It's a girly looking FragileSpeedster down to the flowing red "hair" coming out of its head and is called Gundam Nadleeh, which is incidentally the word for [[{{Transsexual}} people of the third, fourth, and fifth genders]] in Navajo culture]], which only deepens the mystery of [[spoiler: whether Tieria's a GenderBender.]]
** The ''Gundam 00'' side stories play it straight: In ''00P'' (the precursor to the TV series), the GNY-004 Gundam Plutone suffered a major malfunction which killed two of the Gundam Meisters and horribly scarred a third (including [[LockedIntoStrangeness her hair turning white]]). The survivor, who ends up running a Celestial Being sub-group years later in ''Gundam 00F'', is understandably reluctant to allow the Plutone to be used again.
** ''[[Anime/MobileSuitGundamWing Gundam Wing]]'' has an interesting take on this, Quatre Winner is the fourth Gundam Pilot (it's even in his name), and has an aversion to killing whenever possible. [[spoiler: Yet with his destruction of a whole colony with Wing Zero he has the highest body count of any of the [[FanNickname Gundam Boys]]]]. Also [[AllThereInTheManual he apparently killed his Mother giving birth to him]].
* In the 1000-Year Demon story arc of ''Manga/ZatchBell'', the main bad guys our heroes have to get through to get to mastermind Zofis are the "Shitennō", the four strongest demons from last millennium's battle.
* ''Manga/{{Claymore}}''s work in fours when participating in group demon-exterminating missions. In addition, when Number 6 (Claymores are ranked by power) lists the top five for her companions to watch out for, the only one to warrant emphasis and additional description is not Number 1 (by definition the strongest) but rather Number 4, who ''"cares nothing for the lives of her comrades or the lives of humans in general... A woman who lusts for battle and the blood spilled."'' The Number 4 to take over for her, Miata, is also little more than a PsychopathicManchild, leading at least a few to conclude that all Number 4 Claymores are crazy.
* There are powers of four all over ''Manga/DeathNote''... for obvious reasons. Take the Note's rules as one example: once a name is written in it, that person dies 40 seconds later. In addition, you have six minutes and forty seconds to write the details of the death after the name and cause - in other words, 400 seconds. One of the rules unmentioned in the series is that writing a name incorrectly four times in the Death Note by accident will grant the person who the user was trying to kill immunity to that Death Note. However, writing the name four times incorrectly on purpose will not only not render the target immune to that Death Note, but kill the user who wrote the name.
** On a far more obscure note, Light's given name is spelt as "moon" (月). This has four strokes, which is ... crashingly unlucky and symbolic. Poor Light, doomed from birth. On top of that, Mikami's office is number 4. Also, Rem is Shinigami ranked number 4
* ''Manga/JoJosBizarreAdventure'':
** In the 5th arc Guido Mista has a problem with the number 4. This is seen in not only his normal life where any time he is around anything that has 4 of itself he freaks out, but in his Stand which is six bullet-kicking creatures that have numbers on their heads... that of course skip the number 4. He himself said that whenever he is around the number 4 bad luck follows him. Ironically he is Italian, not Japanese.
** Near the end of that part, after a bunch of people end up switching bodies... (ItMakesSenseInContext) Guido accidentally ends up dropping four bullets on the ground. He begs another character to drop another, but then the villain attacks and [[spoiler: kills Narancia.]] After that, the number of protagonists left is, in an instance of twisted humor, ''four''.
* In ''Manga/YakitateJapan'', Kazuma's Ja-pan Number 44 is rather dangerous. It's so delicious, anyone who eats it for the first time has a NearDeathExperience.
* Appears repeatedly in ''Anime/WeissKreuz'': not only is Weiss, a team of [[ProfessionalKiller assassins]], made up of four members, so are three different groups of antagonists they go up against, and one team of allies. Sequel series ''Anime/WeissKreuz [[OddlyNamedSequel2ElectricBoogaloo Gluhen]]'', which re-forms the team into its fourth iteration, does not end well.
* In ''Manga/OutlawStar'', the #4 Caster bullets are capable of killing the shooter if they fire them in succession. (As do the #9 and #13 bullets, both also being unlucky numbers.)
* ''Manga/RosarioToVampire'':
** In the anime, Tsukune arrives at the bus stop at 4:44 pm and is attacked by rivals for Moka's love. Later on, 4:44 pm is the scheduled time for [[spoiler:his execution for being human]].
** Kuyou, the leader of the Student Police, is a [[spoiler:youko with four tails]].
* ''Franchise/Digimon'':
** In ''Anime/DigimonXrosWars'', Tactimon calls his attacks in increasing levels of severity (e.g. Ichi no Tachi, Ni no Tachi, San no Tachi). His most fearsome attack is called Shi no Tachi. Using the ''on'yomi'' for "four", the anime plays on both meanings of the term "shi".
** In ''Anime/DigimonAdventure'', there are four Dark Masters who are the fourth major enemy faced.
* ''Manga/SoulEater'':
** Weapon meisters use a form of spiritual telephone to keep in contact -- the number for direct contact with Shinigami-sama is 42-42-564 ('shini, shini, goroshi' out loud -- in other words, 'die, die, kill').
** The 'shini' part gets used for [[{{Shinigami}} Kid]] in the increase in the size of his soul - one scanlation translated Liz's comment as "42 soul-widths") and the Sanzu Line-enabled form for the Thompsons - Death Eagle .42.
** This is also the other reason that [[BlandNameProduct Death Robbins]] ice cream has 42 flavors instead of 31. Ohkubo seems to really love this trope.
** Also, the zeppelin they use to get [[spoiler:on the moon to fight the kishin]] has a big '42' painted on the side ((only in the manga)).
* Lord Fungus in ''Anime/FinalFantasyUnlimited'' survived the first three shots from Kaze's Magun, but the fourth did him in.
* The Godhand in ''Manga/{{Berserk}}'' originally had four members before Griffith did his epic FaceHeelTurn.
* In Franchise/DotHack GU, Tri-Edge's mark looks like a stylized rendering of the Arabic numeral "4", rotated to its side (or mirrored, depending on how you look at it). The mark signifies those that have been killed by the enigmatic Tri-Edge, making the people that got killed [[YourMindMakesItReal fall into comas left and right]].
* In ''[[Franchise/CodeGeass Code Geass R2]]'', the first person with any screen time to die against Suzaku's new Lancelot Albion is the debuting Knight of Four. In the same series, the Valkyrie Girls, a group of pilots under the command of Luciano Bradley, are four in number- and they are the first to be killed by Kallen in the Guren SEITEN. Weirdly enough, one of them (Marika Soresi) is revealed to have survived in Manga/CodeGeassOzTheReflection.
* In ''Manga/DGrayMan'' a Level 4 Akuma could take on Generals easily and was close to annihilating the Black Order.
* In ''Manga/BlackLagoon'', Roanapur is controlled by four criminal organisations - {{the Triads|AndTheTongs}} headed by Mr. Chang, [[TheMafiya the Russian Mafiya]] headed by Balalaika, [[TheMafia the Italian Mafia]] headed by Verrochio ([[spoiler:and succeeded by Ronny the Jaws following the Vampire Twins arc]]), and a [[TheCartel Colombian drug cartel]] headed by Abrego.
* ''Manga/OnePiece'':
** Though they haven't all had screen time yet, the series has four superpowerful pirates known as the Four Emperors (one of whom happens to be someone extremely important to Luffy) who act as a counterbalance to the Marines and the [[LuckySeven Seven Warlords of the Sea]]. [[spoiler:Whitebeard ended up dying among the four, and Blackbeard usurped the empty spot he left.]]
** The 4th division commander of the Whitebeard Pirates, Thatch, was the only commander who met an unfortunate end before the present story. [[spoiler:He was murdered by Marshall D. Teach because Thatch had found the one Devil Fruit Teach desired most- the Dark-Dark Fruit.]]
** PX-4 was the first of the [[ArtificialHuman Pacifista]] to be destroyed.
* ''Manga/SaintSeiya'':
** In the Zodiac arc, the local PsychoForHire resides in the Fourth Temple of the Sanctuary, the Temple of the Giant Crab. He's actually named [[MeaningfulName Cancer Deathmask]]. [[spoiler:{{Subverted|Trope}} in that Pisces Aphrodite is said to be actually ''worse''-Deathmask is just more blatant]].
** As the fourth sign, all Cancer Saints have powers strongly associated with death and the underworld. They also tend to be violently insane.
** In ''Anime/SaintSeiyaOmega'', both the Martians and the Pallasites have a group of four high-ranking members referred to as the "Shitennō".
* In a FictionalDocument in ''Manga/{{Monster}}'', called "The Nameless Monster", the Nameless Monster goes through four hosts. [[spoiler: The first three are consumed from the inside out. The fourth consumes everyone who knows his name.]]
* ''Manga/{{Cyborg 009}}'': Albert Heinrich, aka Cyborg 004, is the most heavily reconstructed and had most of his body replaced with various weapons. The original manga even saddled him with the nickname "[[{{Shinigami}} God of Death]]", and his original personality was that of a rather frightening vengeance-seeker that enjoyed battling Black Ghost. However, his character evolved over the years, and in the 2001 version, he's more of a [[GermanicDepressives withdrawn]], BigBrotherMentor who's very disturbed by his enhancements.
* ''Anime/GhostStories'':
** Akane-san from the broadcasting room will kill without fail any and all people who hear her voice. She counts aloud the exact time of the sunset before she finally kills her victim, carefully avoiding the number 4. Her spirit can be repelled if one interrupts her count and say the number 4 out loud. To seal her, [[spoiler:she has to hear the chime that indicates the end of a broadcast before sunset]]. That makes four bell rings.
** If you hear the piano ghost play a particular piece of music four times, you will die.
** A ghost named Datto, the spirit of a boy who ran track, returns to the school on the day of the sports festival to take the feet of a runner in the race. The runner attacked is in lane four. Datto attacks them at 4:44 PM.
* In ''[[Manga/BlackButler Black Butler II]]'', Ciel and Alois arrange to have a formal duel while their {{Battle Butler}}s face off. Ciel explains that it is traditional, in duels, to take ten paces away from each other before the beginning, but, after reaching four (which is deliberately pronounced "shi" rather than "yon") Ciel attempts to cheat by attacking. He is thwarted, but this starts off the duel nonetheless, with it ending in [[spoiler:Ciel stabbing Alois, which later leads to his death]].
* ''Manga/DeadmanWonderland'': The earthquake happened on 4/4/2014, measured 11.4 on the Richter scale, and 148,000 people died/went missing. The odd number out is that it happened at 5 PM.
* In ''Manga/MermaidMelodyPichiPichiPitch'', the QuirkyMinibossSquad of the first arc has four members.
* In the animal adventure episode of ''Anime/ExcelSaga'', one of the dogs is portrayed as a gambler who compulsively fiddles with a pair of dice. At one point he rolls a 4 and 2 ("shi ni", meaning "to death") and remarks that it's a bad omen.
* ''Anime/TheGirlWhoLeaptThroughTime'': Makoto [[spoiler: alternately, Kousuke and Kaho]] is fatally hit by a train just as the town clock strikes 4:00.
* At the very beginning of ''Manga/GhostHunt'', Mai and two other girls are telling ghost stories, at the end of which they count one-by-one, and there's supposed to be an imaginary fourth person. Only, Naru sneaks in and fills the role for real, with obvious results.
* In ''Anime/MagicalGirlLyricalNanohaStrikers'':
** There are four models of MechaMooks used by the BigBad. Types I through III are relatively benign: sure, they might hurt you and knock you out for a bit, but they are not really meant to kill people. [=Type IVs=], on the other hand, are the HeroKiller kind, designed specifically to make people (especially mages) very dead. In addition to redshirts, their rap sheet almost included the title character herself and [[spoiler:Vita]] by the end of the series. And it's also probable that they killed [[spoiler:Subaru and Ginga's mother Quint when they showed up, and Lutecia's mother Megane barely survived]].
** The four Wolkenritter, harbingers of the destruction the Book of Darkness will bring.
** Quattro is one of the two most evil Numbers (the other is Due), and she [[ForTheEvulz enjoys to do evil things]], including bringing people to death. Ironically, she is also one of the two weakest Numbers (the other is Uno).
* The four of spades in the Creator/OsamuTezuka ReusedCharacterDesign playing card deck is Kiriko, the doctor of death from ''Manga/BlackJack''.
* The fourth episode of ''Manga/{{Shiki}}'' is appropriately titled "Fourth Death". It repeats for episode 14, given the kanji used.
* In ''Anime/UltimateMuscle'' Tel Tel Boy ({{D|ubNameChange}}ialbolic) schedules his fight against Mantarou for 4:44 PM. Mantarou immediately notes that four is unlucky.
* ''Manga/{{Sekirei}}'' gives us the Black Sekirei, #04 "Karasuba". Considered the most dangerous Sekirei in existence [[spoiler: by those that don't know about #01, Miya]], she is referred to as "MBI's dog" for her work hunting down anyone that breaks the rules of the game. She's a BloodKnight MasterSwordsman obsessed with killing the heroine during the final battle, and actively encourages her to become stronger because otherwise [[CombatSadomasochist it won't be enjoyable]]. And she's an OmnicidalManiac that intends to use her victory in the Sekirei Plan to destroy all life.
* In ''Anime/KillLaKill'', the four prefects of the AbsurdlyPowerfulStudentCouncil are known as the Shitennō. Also, Nonon Jakuzure is the fourth of the Council Ryuuko fights and the one with the most death focused visual motif, what with the skulls and bones.
* During the Hunter Exam arc of ''Manga/HunterXHunter'', Hisoka, one of the most deadly villains, is participant #44. And as the (fake) member of the Genei Ryodan, his tattoo has the #4 (though, we don't know for what the numbers of the Genei Ryodan actually stand for).
* In ''Anime/JewelpetKiraDeco'', the four elite members (Kaiser, Dian, Tour, and Kohaku) of the evil group Decoranain are called Shitennou or Four Heavenly Kings.
* Parodied in episode 2 of ''Manga/HaruhiChan'', when a dying [[KnifeNut Asakura]] claims to be part of a 'Radical Big Four', the [[SortingAlgorithmOfEvil rest of whom will soon attack]]. [[DeadpanSnarker Kyon]] proceeds to call her story cheesy. They never come, nor are they ever mentioned again.
* In ''Anime/ReKan'', when the [[FriendlyGhost friendly samurai ghost]] ''somehow'' manages to send a text message to Kana, his phone number appears as a string of fours.
* In the KoreanWebtoon ''HelloHellper'' there's a group of four Asian [[TheGrimReaper Grim Reapers]] known as the Four Poisons (smoking, drinking, gambling, and women). The Gambler asserts that the phrase was named after them, not the other way around, because they were so terrifying not even [[{{reincarnation}} reincarnated souls]] could forget them.
* In ''Manga/AkumaNoRiddle'', Chitaru is out for revenge on Angel Trumpet, a merciless assassin who kills for fun, doesn't care if the victim is innocent, and uses [[PoisonIsEvil poison]]. Chitaru knows her target is a student in Class Black but doesn't know which one. She should have remembered her numerology: Angel Trumpet is number 4 in class order and is staying in ''room'' 4.
* ''Anime/TengenToppaGurrenLagann'': In RealLife, the fourth episode was guest-directed by Osamu Kobayashi and greatly criticized for its animation quality and odd character designs.
* Episode 68 of ''Anime/BoboboboBobobo'' has the characters participating in a popularity contest (The results of which are based on an actual contest in Shonen Jump), and Dengakuman ends up in fourth place. Afterwards, he climbs into a coffin.
* Played with in ''Manga/SailorMoon'': counting Sailor V as the first, Sailor Mars is the fourth Sailor Senshi to be found-and upon transforming for the first time she's the first to score a kill on Beryl's QuirkyMinibossSquad (who, incidentally, are the Shitennō). Also, the fourth member of the Shitennō is by far the more powerful: where the others were killed by a Sailor Senshi each (Jadeite by Sailor Mars, Nephrite by Sailor Jupiter, and Zoisite by Sailor V), Kunzite holds his own against Sailor V and is only killed when he's hit by a Sailor Planetary Attack from the entire team minus Sailor Moon-meaning he's killed by ''four'' opponents.
* In episode 4 of ''LightNovel/FateApocrypha'', [[spoiler: Siegfried, The Saber of Black, [[HeroicSacrifice dies after he transplants his heart into the wounded Homunculus.]]]]
* In ''Anime/YourName'', October 4th is when [[spoiler:Tiamat crashes into Itomori and destroys it, killing 500 of its inhabitants.]]

[[folder:Comic Books]]
* The four Dark Judges in ''ComicBook/JudgeDredd'', who take the role of HangingJudge to the ultimate extreme by declaring ''life'' illegal. They're composed of Judge Mortis, Judge Fire, Judge Fear, and Judge Death, and are also close analogues for the Four Horsemen: Famine (Mortis), Conquest (Fire), War (Fear), and Death (of course, Death).
* In ''ComicBook/BoxersAndSaints'' Four-Girl was unwanted by her family and wasn't even given a name, called a devil and believed to be bringing misfortune onto the family.
* ''ComicBook/UsagiYojimbo'' features a band of four assassins called... Shi. It is made explicit that this is an intentional pun on their part.
* In ''ComicBook/VForVendetta'', Vendetta was held in Room 5 (V) at the Norsefire Larkhill "resettlement camp" (actually a concentration camp), and was inspired by the letters smuggled to him by Valerie, a girl imprisoned for lesbianism who was finally killed, who was in the room next to his. This, of course, was Room 4.

[[folder:Fan Works]]
* ''Manga/Evangelion303'': In this fancomic we have [[CoolPlane Unit-04]]. During a trial flight one of its engines exploded and the Unit crashed and blew up. One of its two pilots died and the another nearly did, spending several months in a coma.
* In [[http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5597112/1/Humble_Shopkeeper Humble Shopkeeper]], of the Bleach fandom, Shichi (an OC), whose (nick)name means 'seven', splits it into "Shi" (aka, 4) and "Chi", spelling them "death" and "blood", or, alternately, together "the place you die". This is explained due to her being an [[CrazyAwesome insane linguist]].
* The four number is carried on in ''FanFic/KiraIsJustice'', to the point that sixteen is a number used a few times. For example, the sixteen SIS agents.
* Used lightly in the crossover ''FanFic/TheBridge'', fittingly due to one of the properties being primarily Japanese. There are four times kaiju are brought to Equestria. The first, King Caesar is summoned by a magical being to aid historical Equestria against Tirek. The second and third times were uses of Dimension Tide. The fourth was a purposeful invasion by [[spoiler: Bagan]]
* In ''FanFic/{{Horseshoes and Hand Grenades}}'', [[spoiler: Haruto]] gets killed by the Four of Swords card. More importantly, the death is from the ''fourth'' sword as Yayoi blocked the first three.
* In ''Fanfic/{{Mutant}}'', the 911 call rings 4 times before it goes to the answering machine. [[spoiler: And then the one who made the call dies soon after.]]
* In ''Fanfic/TheLastSpartan'', Wrex actually says four is considered a ''lucky'' number among Krogans. [[ProudWarriorRaceGuy Krogans]], incidentally, hail from [[DeathWorld Tuchanka]].
* In ''[[Fanfic/AceCombatEquestriaChronicles Ace Combat: Wings of Unity]]'', the main enemy squadron of pegasi is known as the Reapers and they fly in a formation of four.
* ''FanFic/DeathIsForcedToTakeAVacation'': Fall Harvest is sent off to work in zone four of the farm where he works. Naturally, that area is where he dies.

[[folder:Film -- Animated]]
* ''WesternAnimation/Cars3'': Lightning [=McQueen=]'s crash during the Los Angeles 500 occurred at lap 461, with 40 laps to go.
* ''WesternAnimation/TheEmojiMovie'': Alex's phone store appointment is at 4:00, which is the time the phone is to be erased. Prior to this, he calls the store at 12:00 and the appointment is in four hours from then.

[[folder:Film -- Live Action]]
* ''Film/{{Juon}}'', the Japanese movie on which ''Film/TheGrudge'' is based, features a scene in which Mizuho goes back to her school to meet her boyfriend, Tsuyoshi, only to find that he isn't there. All she discovers is a mysterious cell phone that happens to be lying around. She ends up having to wait inside the school whilst a member of staff searches the building - [[spoiler:suddenly, the room goes dark, Toshio starts running around out of her eyesight, and the cell phone she found earlier begins to ring when she is hiding underneath a desk. The number displayed on the screen is simply "4444444444". And when she takes the call, she only hears Toshio's creepy mewing noise. Of course, Toshio also happens to be ''right behind her'' at this point. Obviously, these are ghosts who like making culturally appropriate dark jokes]]. There's also the ''Film/{{Juon}}'' short film, which is simply titled ''4444444444''. It is set during the first movie, and is directly connected to the scene above - it details just what happens to poor Tsuyoshi after he also discovers the mysterious phone.
* ''Film/{{Shutter}}'' features a horror sequence where the protagonist is running down a series of stairs. No matter how many flights he goes down, it's always level 4. Creeeepy.
* In the Robert Duvall vehicle ''Film/BrokenTrail'', his character rescues from sexual slavery five immigrant Chinese girls. Since none of them speaks English, and he obviously doesn't speak Chinese, he names them "Number One" to "Number Five". When the girls realize this, "Number Four" objects to being given an unlucky number for a name. One of the other girls eventually accepts to be "Number Four", and she does so because she fully expects a tragic fate to befall her--which indeed it does.
* Japanese horror film ''Gakkou No Kaiden'' revolves around things that haunt an abandoned school when the clock hits... 4:44AM. 4:44AM typically is more horrifying than 4:44PM, where it's {{handwave}}d that it's actually 16:44.
* ''4:44: Last Day on Earth'' is, [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin as its title suggests]], a movie set during the last day on Earth, with everybody aware that the world will end at 4:44 AM.
* The Gang of Four in ''Film/RikiOhTheStoryOfRicky'': Huang Chan, Shorty, Taizan, and Hai.
* The Korean horror film ''White'' is about a K-pop group made up of four members, who all become cursed after covering a song haunted by a ghost.
* ''Film/TheAmazingSpiderMan2'': The clock stops with the minute hand pointing at the number 4 at the very moment [[spoiler:Gwen Stacy dies]]. The actual time shown is 1:21, a subtle reference to Amazing Spider-Man #121, the original comic in which the same event occurs.
* ''Film/XMenApocalypse'': The Four Horsemen; Agent [=MacTaggert=] [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pastin69D5c details their importance]] in En Sabah Nur's cult.
-->'''Moira''': Wherever this being was, he always had four principal followers, disciples, protectors he would imbue with powers.\\
'''Alex:''' Like the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. He got that from Literature/TheBible.\\
'''Moira:''' Or the Bible got it from him.
* In ''Film/{{Versus}}'', the Forest of Resurrection is the 444th Portal out of [[NumberOfTheBeast 666]].
* ''Film/SuckerPunch'' has a FiveManBand of girls. On the first mission where only four instead of five take part [[spoiler: someone dies]] and things go FromBadToWorse. What's more is that this is the fourth mission.
* In ''Film/DiamondsAreForever'', when trying to kill James Bond at Slumber Inc., Albert Wint pushes the button labeled "4" on the incinerator control panel's Oven subpanel. Thanks to some well-placed forgeries, it doesn't work.

* ''Literature/ArtemisFowl and the Atlantis Complex'' has a heavy focus on Artemis's new-found phobia of the number four, and love for the number 5.
* Features heavily in one of the stories in Amy Tan's ''Literature/TheJoyLuckClub'', although with the Chinese ''si'' instead of Japanese ''shi''. For example, it is a very bad thing to be the fourth concubine.
* In the ''TabletopGame/{{Shadowrun}}'' short story "It's All Done with Mirrors", the characters go to meet with a {{Yakuza}} boss who arrived in Seattle because of mishaps in his business to ask what will appease him into leaving. The Yakuza boss then outlines a task they will have to do for him. One of the mob boss's servants lays out sake with cups, and the boss offers to pour the drink for his guests. When TheSmartGuy asks what will happen if they fail, the mob boss doesn't answer but pours three times into his cup and four times into the cups of his guests. Only TheSmartGuy, the GeniusBruiser, and TheProfessor in the group get the message.
* ''Literature/HouseOfLeaves'' has a lot of this: the Navidsons put four [[SealedEvilInACan locks]] on the door leading to the scary parts of the [[color:blue:house]]; the [[color:blue:house]] is explored in teams of three with one person remaining behind to man the radios; there are four members of Will Navidson's nuclear family; there are four Exploration videos; and lots of little things peppered throughout the text.
* Seen on occasion in ''TabletopGame/BattleTech'' novels set in or involving characters from the Draconis Combine. Which isn't a big surprise, since being feudal Japan [[RecycledInSpace In Space!]] is basically that Successor State's [[PlanetOfHats hat]]; it just means the authors [[ShownTheirWork actually did do some research]].
* ''Literature/HarryPotter'':
** Creator/JKRowling [[WordOfGod admits]] that she's always disliked the number four, finding something cold and unpleasant about it. When coming up for an address for Harry's {{abusive|Parents}} MuggleFosterParents, she settled on 4 Privet Drive.
** The trope subtly plays into Voldemort's character arc. Voldemort casts the infamous "Avada Kedavra" spell against Harry exactly four times in the entire series. The first time, Harry survives thanks to his mother's protective charm; the second time, Harry dodges the curse; the third time, [[spoiler: Harry dies from the curse, but recovers soon after]]; the fourth time, [[spoiler: the curse rebounds and kills Voldemort--''permanently'']].
** The fourth book - ''Literature/HarryPotterAndTheGobletOfFire'' - also marks Voldemort's resurrection and the story officially becoming DarkerAndEdgier. It also features the first real case of characters being KilledOffForReal, with a significant death of a major character near the end.
* In ''Literature/TheSecretsOfTheImmortalNicholasFlamel'', the fourth book is titled ''The Necromancer'', and it also marks the point where Dee is declared an outlaw by his masters, Josh makes something of a FaceHeelTurn to join him and characters start dying.
* A Literature/HerculePoirot novel, ''The Big Four'', gives the fourth member of the titular group the moniker "the destroyer", and indeed is responsible for killing those who would oppose the Big Four. As the mastermind (Number 1) of the group is Chinese, this is justified.
* A strangely literal example: while the previous three ''Literature/{{Discworld}}'' books contained Death as a [[AnthropomorphicPersonification character]], it took until the fourth book, ''Discworld/{{Mort}}'', to feature him as a main character. This is doubly so in French-speaking countries, where 'Mort' is a word for 'death', so to them, the fourth Discworld book ''is'' Death. And in the Discworld the unlucky number is ''eight'' - twice four.
* ''{{Literature/Divergent}}'''s dystopian CrapsackWorld has Chicago divided into five factions. The point where things start going to hell for the society is when one faction is slaughtered, knocking the factions down to four.
* ''Literature/JourneyToChaos'': When Eric uses a series of tricks to defeat Gruffle for the right of living under Cutlass Bridge, he frames the series of defeats as lessons for his guild junior; "lesson four is death, care to learn it?". This becomes a RunningGag between them as they clash throughout the series. In ''Literature/ManaMutationMenace'' Gruffle has become a {{necromancer}} and states that he now knows "lesson four" far better than Eric does.

[[folder:Live-Action TV]]
* In the ''Series/{{CSI}}'' seventh season episode "Toe Tags", this trope is mentioned as they investigate the drowning of the bodyguard of an Asian high roller at a casino. She had been drowned because [[spoiler:the high roller had bad luck and came unexpectedly back to his room and found her taking a bath in the bathtub he had sprinkled with rose petals for good luck. So]] he blamed her for his bad luck.
* ''Franchise/KamenRider''
** In ''Series/KamenRiderDenO'', Momotaros, who counts his attacks, ends up missing "Part 4" due to some combination of tiredness and feeling unappreciated. When Ryotaro calls him out on this, he claims that not using four is cool and proves it by counting from one to ten... while skipping four.
** ''[[Series/KamenRiderFaiz Kamen Rider 555]]'' had the Lucky Clover, a group of four elite villains. When one of their members was permanently downed, they all went on an obsessive chase to get another fourth member to join, as the Clover should always have four leaves/members.
** The same happened in ''Series/KamenRiderKiva'', by the same head writer. The Checkmate Four are the badass leaders of the [[OurVampiresAreDifferent Fangire]], and all have noticeable similarities to their ''555'' counterparts. Rook is TheBrute, only interested in his own amusement but it brings him into combat with the Riders often enough that his job security is assured (see Kitazaki), Bishop and Queen police the other Fangire, eliminating members of the not-[[AlwaysChaoticEvil Always-Chaotic-Evil]] monster race who won't stay with the program (see Takuma and Saeko), and King is the BigBad who runs the MegaCorp the world doesn't know is evil (okay, ''technically,'' Murakami wasn't a member though he spent most of his time with the other three, who lost their fourth early on.) The main difference? It's [[spoiler: King who has a change of heart.]]
** In ''Series/KamenRiderBlade'', the 4th Rider Leangle was possessed by the evil Spider Undead and could defeat the other Riders with ease during his first appearances. Sadly almost his whole life gets ruined by this. But after a few {{heroic sacrifice}}s and ThePowerOfLove, he breaks free of the Undead's influence and was able to control his powers freely.
** In ''Series/KamenRiderWizard'', the mysterious White Wizard is attempting to recruit and train four other magic-users, including the titular Wizard. [[spoiler:Because he has a spell to restore his dead daughter to life, and it requires sacrificing the lives of four magic-users...as well as everybody within the [[GeometricMagic magic circle]] they form, which in this case would be all of Tokyo.]]
** ''Series/KamenRiderGaim'' has four Ygdrassil riders. All but the [[OnlySaneMan one]] are above being evil just for evulz and [[KnightOfCerebus their arrival]] is marked with things going downhill. [[spoiler: The OnlySaneMan is the only one to make it out.]]
** The [[AiIsACrapshoot Roidmudes]] in ''Series/KamenRiderDrive'' want to evolve four of their members to the ultimate state of being, in order to instigate TheEndOfTheWorldAsWeKnowIt. In their point. It's complicated.
** In ''Series/KamenRiderExAid'', the 4th Rider introduced in the series, Lazer, was the first Rider getting killed in the show.
* ''Franchise/SuperSentai:''
** Played straight in ''Series/GoseiSentaiDairanger'', where the BigBad summons his four greatest warriors, who are even called the Gorma Shitennõ.These are a team of four powerful magicians, capable of fusing into a four-headed monster.
** The Four Hell Kings from ''Series/MahouSentaiMagiranger'', who ended up being so powerful that the heroes needed to gain their [[SuperMode Legend]] [[MidSeasonUpgrade Modes]] just to be able to defeat two of them, though the other two they handled on their own. In ''Series/PowerRangersMysticForce'', these villains are called the Barbarian Beasts, thus downplaying the trope.
* In the ''Series/{{NCIS}}'' episode "Hung out to Dry" Tony initially refuses a switch of reserve parachutes with a marine because their reserve is number 4, citing the fact that four is unlucky in China. He relents when Gibbs points out they're not in China.[[spoiler: Turns out that the reserve Tony had ([[ThirteenIsUnlucky Number 13,]]) was unable to open as the marine he swapped with sabotaged it to kill the victim. It was up there as part of a BatmanGambit by Gibbs to expose him.]] The number of the "dirty" reserve parachute was selected ''because'' the victim was like a living rabbit's foot. The guy's mindset wouldn't let him say no to taking the 'chute.
* Numerous occurrences on ''Series/{{Lost}}''. Four is one of the show's Numbers. Boone wears multiple t-shirts in the first season containing fours or sets of four and is the first regular character to die. In a season 5 flashback, Miles discovers his ability to speak to the dead by finding a dead man in Apt. #4. [[spoiler:In Jacob's cave, Locke is indicated by the number 4, and is the first of the six uncrossed names to be crossed out (as he is dead).]] There are ''many'' other instances.
* Creator/FoodNetwork used to have a Chinese-cuisine show called ''East Meets West'', whose chef/host Ming Tsai occasionally mentioned this trope and went out of his way to make servings consist of either three or five.
* In the episode "Phantom Traveler" of ''Series/{{Supernatural}}'', planes keep crashing after 40 minutes of their departure. Later it is even mentioned that this is because four is a "biblical number" and "means death" ([[TheGreatFlood Noah's ark and the forty days of flooding]] given as an example). Hell, the ''episode itself'' is the fourth episode of the show ever! On top of this, try to guess what's [[ThirteenIsUnlucky the number of the gate the last plane takes off?]] Talk about {{numerological motif}}s!
** A very literal example occurs in Season 5, where the Winchesters encounter [[HorsemenOfTheApocalypse the Four Horsemen]]. The last one they meet is [[TheGrimReaper Death.]]
* In ''Series/DoctorWho'', the death of [[spoiler:the [[TheNthDoctor Tenth Doctor]]]] is heralded by the prophetic ArcWords "He will knock four times."
* The ''Series/FreshOffTheBoat'' episode "Very Superstitious" focuses on this, with Jessica being forced to sell a house with the number 44 on 4th street, containing 4 bedrooms. Her commission cheque also has the number 4444, convincing her to destroy it. Cutaways also show that she's removed the number from the entire house - all her children had two third birthdays, and the clocks have the number flipped to look like a lowercase 'h'.
* Four (Ryo Tetsuda) from ''Series/DarkMatter'' is a murderous, brooding ninja. Since he's Japanese [[spoiler: (and a crown prince of a space empire)]], his silent acknowledgement of his new name is pretty telling.
* Done in ''Series/{{Gotham}}'' twice with Jerome Velaska, including [[spoiler:with his actual death]]:
** His fourth episode [[spoiler:is also his last]].
** He'd have died sooner had Theo allowed him to go a fourth round of Russian Roulette.
* The game show ''Series/PressYourLuck'' had the {{Whammy}}, which not only reset a player's score to zero, but getting four of them total disqualified them from the game permanently; even if there is an all-zero tie, anyone who has four Whammies have already automatically lost the game in addition to no money, so they won't be invited back.
* ''{{Series/Charmed}}'''s fourth season features the eldest Halliwell sibling being KilledOffForReal, never to return.

* The song 4の歌 (Song 4) on Music/BabyMetal's first album [=BABYMETAL=] is full of wordplay based on this. Although it is track 8 on the album.
* The fourth track on Music/{{Coldplay}}'s ''Viva La Vida''--their fourth full-length album--is "42." All of its lyrics explicitly reference death, ghosts, and the afterlife, and it's almost exactly four minutes long. That's four 4s. There's no way this is a coincidence, but [[ShrugOfGod good luck getting them to cop to it.]]
* Music/ShiinaRingo's ''Kalk Samen Kuri no Hana'' runs for exactly 44 minutes and 44.4 seconds long and is full of allusions to death, with the final song translating as "Funeral".
* ''Music/KagerouProject'' has the Mekakushi Dan, who numbers their members. Member number four is Marry, who is not only the granddaughter of a Medusa referred to as a Shinigami, or Death God, but also is [[spoiler:forced to watch her friends die over and over again as she resets the timeline so she can see them once more]].
* The fourth and last Chapter of End of An Empire, Music/{{Celldweller}}'s newest album, is named Death.

* The four Dark Judges in the ''Pinball/JudgeDredd'' pinball -- Judge Mortis, Judge Fire, Judge Fear, and Judge Death.

[[folder:Professional Wrestling]]
* SMASH had the four Apostels of Hell, Michael Kovac, Gabriel Antonik, Lin "Bitch" Bairon and Sir Robin.[[/folder]]

[[folder:Tabletop Games]]
* Some [[TabletopGame/GeistTheSinEaters Sin Eaters]] have the number 4 tattooed onto them as a reminder of their deaths.
* The older ''TabletopHame/{{Ravenloft}}'' supplement ''Islands of Terror'' had an isolated Chinese-themed domain that played this trope for all it was worth.
* ''TabletopGame/YuGiOh'' gives us Sasuke Samurai #4, the very definition of {{Demonic Spider|s}}. When it battles an enemy, if the player gets a coin flip right, [=SS4=] instantly destroys that enemy without actually battling it. If you're playing one of the video games, expect [[TheComputerIsACheatingBastard the computer to ALWAYS FREAKIN GET THE RIGHT FLIP]].
* West (西) is another near-homophone for death. In at least some versions of {{TabletopGame/Mahjong}}, when played in Asian countries, it is considered bad luck to end the game during the West round; and if all four players in succession discard a West Wind, the hand is drawn.
* ''{{TabletopGame/Warhammer}}'' and ''{{TabletopGame/Warhammer 40000}}'':
** The games have the four evil Chaos Gods, omnicidal eldritch creatures that feed on emotions and mess around with the real world for the lulz. They are the main antagonists of both settings. 40k also had the four C'Tan, the material gods of the Necrons, though those have been broken into pieces and can be used like forces of nature in weapon form. Games Workshop has since filled out their ranks a bit, though in order to differentiate them from the Chaos Gods.
** The Eldar pantheon was slaughtered by Slaanesh, leaving only three survivors: [[GodIsGood Isha]], [[WarGod Khaine]] and [[CrazyAwesome Cegorach]]. The Eldar are trying to make a 4th one, Ynnead, from the souls of their fallen in the hopes that he'll rise up and defeat Slaanesh. Unfortunately, Ynnead is a god of ''death'' and will require every last one of their race to come into being. For the Eldar, four ''really is'' death.
* Actually used as a game mechanic in {{TabletopGame/Kuro}}: when you roll a 4 for anything other than weapon damage, it actually counts as a 0. Rolling too many 4s in a single check can count as a CriticalFailure should the GM deem it so. All in all, rolling 4s during important moments can quite literally mean your character's death.
* [[Tabletopgame/MagicTheGathering Magic the Gathering]] has the card [[http://gatherer.wizards.com/Pages/Card/Details.aspx?multiverseid=398433 Demonic Pact]]. Choosing the fourth option on the card will result in the player losing the game.

[[folder: Theme Parks]]
* At [[Ride/DisneyThemeParks Disneyland Hong Kong]] in the Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine Cars rollercoaster, the train goes through shaft no. 4 (which is covered in danger signs) instead of shaft no. 8 (a lucky number). Inevitably, later in the ride, a cable "breaks" on a chain lift, sending the train backwards.

* Toys/MachineRobo's MR-4, Gyro Robo, was designated as an Enemy character in the American ''Gobots'' line.
* The first wave of ''Franchise/TeenageMutantNinjaTurtles'' action figures only had four Foot clan characters.

[[folder:Video Games]]
* ''Franchise/MegaMan'':
** ''Mega Man Zero 4'' has that [[TearJerker heartbreaking]] conclusion, which implies [[spoiler: Zero was killed]].
** ''VideoGame/MegaManBattleNetwork 6'' features [=EraseMan=].EXE (aptly named [=KillerMan=].EXE in the original Japanese version), an assassin Navi whose design draws on ''{{shinigami}}''. When Mega Man fuses with [=EraseMan=], he gains the ability to instantly kill viruses when the digit 4 is in their HP. As for Navis, they get an HP-sapping bug that eventually does them in.
** The first game has Wily acquire four superprograms to create the Life Virus. Later on, ''Battle Network'' '''''4''''' has the impending impact of a meteor that will wipe out Planet Earth- which turns out to be an insanely powerful and near-omnipresent robot called Duo.
** In between the time periods of ''VideoGame/MegaManX'' and ''[[VideoGame/MegaManZero Zero]]'', there's the [[WorldSundering Elf Wars]], resulting in a barren world, and a massive drop in the population (60% humans and 90% [[RidiculouslyHumanRobots Reploids]] were wiped out), that lasted for four years.
** ''VideoGame/MegaManX4'' was the first game in the ''X'' series to escalate the body count up to a horrific extreme- and first to present a legitimate threat to destroy the entire planet. It was also the same installment where Zero suffered a tragic loss... [[spoiler: the death of his crush Iris]]. In addition, three more key-to-the-plot Reploids perish: [[spoiler: Colonel, a martyr to his own cause, Double, who performs a gory FaceHeelTurn and gets a KarmicDeath, and General, who performs a HeroicSacrifice]]. That makes four major deaths in the story.
* In ''VideoGame/SlyCooperAndTheThieviusRaccoonus'', one of the safes has the code being 4... 4....... 4... Bentley says he "had to overcome some personal demons to calculate this one".
* In ''VideoGame/SilentHill1'', an elevator in an AbandonedHospital that previously had only three floors [[MissingFloor suddenly gains a fourth floor button]]. Travelling to this "fourth floor" triggers a trip to the town's hellish DarkWorld.
* In ''VideoGame/SilentHill2'', the [[spoiler: fourth time that James meets Eddie and Angela, they die]].
* ''Neo VideoGame/{{Contra}}'' takes place in the year A.D.4444. The game also features a [[EliteFour Four Elite]].
* A good number of ''Franchisee/HarvestMoon'' games do evil things to you at precisely 4:44 when you perform a specific action. For example: looking at the TV in ''VideoGame/HarvestMoonFriendsOfMineralTown''. This feature is often removed from the US version, and in some cases is related to more serious glitches caused by a bad removal! Maybe it ''is'' cursed. Also, if you go to your doghouse at 4.44am in ''VideoGame/HarvestMoonDS'' sends you into some sort of battle game with all the main bachelorettes.
* Death-related bosses and enemies in video games often have 444 or 4444 HP. ''Franchise/{{Castlevania}}'''s Death is usually an example of this. So is Mitsuki Konishi, aka Tigris Cantus, from ''VideoGame/TheWorldEndsWithYou''.
** Also, Master Tonberry, a robed green lizard like thing carrying a butcher knife and lantern that will slowly advance on your party before one hit killing you with said knife, or attack with 'Everyone's Grudge' doing 1 damage for each enemy a character has killed in the game, had 44,444HP in ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyVII''.
** Death-themed items in Castlevania play by this trope as well. The Book of Death in Portrait of Ruin has 44 ATK, while Death's Robe in Dawn of Sorrow boosts STR, CON and LUCK by 4 (and Int by 13!). Death's Ring is especially noteworthy, as it boosts 4 different stats by 44 each but turns you into a OneHitPointWonder.
* The ''Franchise/FinalFantasy'' series often has a group known as the [[EliteFour Four Fiends]] or some variation thereof, called the Shitennō in Japanese versions of the games.
* ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyIV'', not surprisingly, ran with this trope. It's a recurring motif and it's never a good sign. Starting with Tellah, the fourth person who joins the party (after Cecil, Kain, and Rydia). No guesses as to his eventual fate. [[spoiler:In fact, despite what some of the characters go through, he's the only one who ''[[DeathIsCheap stays]]'' dead.]]
* ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyIX'' features the Four Fiends, and the last one fought is an undead creature Lich.
* ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyX'' has OmnicidalManiac Seymour, whose name in Japanese contains ''shi'', and who is fought... that's right, four times over the course of the game.
* ''VideoGame/{{Tenchu}} 2'' has the Four Lords of the Burning Dawn, who are named after the Four Heavenly Kings.
* In the fourth ''VideoGame/FireEmblem'' game, ''VideoGame/FireEmblemGenealogyOfTheHolyWar'', halfway through the game, [[spoiler: your army falls into Arvis' trap. Most of the army dies including the main character, Sigurd. The female characters who escaped the trap die rather quickly after having their children as well]].
* ''Franchise/SuperMarioBros'':
** In ''VideoGame/PaperMarioTheThousandYearDoor'', Cabin 004 is where Ghost T. resides in. He died in there.
** In ''VideoGame/SuperPaperMario'', the Flower People's civilization went into the Dark Ages in their year 444. You have to pay 4 coins for the ferryman to ferry you across River Twygz.
** In ''VideoGame/SuperMarioGalaxy'', the rolling ball stages are full of massive iron dice blocks threatening to knock you into the abyss. Every side on these dice blocks read four.
* The first ''Manga/Golgo13'' NES game combines this with ThirteenIsUnlucky, as you are given 52 chances (4 x 13) to complete your mission, or else it's Game Over.
* ''Franchise/{{Pokemon}}'':
** [[VideoGame/PokemonRedAndBlue Lavender Town]], associated with death because of the ghost-filled Pokémon Tower, is known as Shion Town in Japan. ''Shi'' and ''Yon'' are two readings for the kanji 四.
** Morty, the fourth Gym Leader in [[VideoGame/PokemonGoldAndSilver Johto]], uses the Ghost type. Ghosts are associated with death.
** In ''VideoGame/PokemonRanger: Shadows of Almia'', the Incredible Machine atop Altru Tower normally has three power levels, the highest of which allows it to [[{{Brainwashed}} hypnotize Pokémon from a radius of 500 miles]]. The BigBad, after he unleashes Darkrai, pushes the Incredible Machine [[UpToEleven one level further]]: Level "Dark", which supposedly has more than enough power for him to assert complete control over the legendary Shadow Pokémon...[[EvilIsNotAToy or so he thinks]]. And there's the Go-Rock Quad from the original ''Pokémon Ranger'' game.
** Done subtly in ''VideoGame/PokemonDiamondAndPearl''. ''Platinum'' introduced a fourth Admin into the astronomy-themed Team Galactic. His name? Pluto (Charon in English), the planet/moon named after the god of death or his ferryman. Additionally, Sendoff Spring, where you can find Turnback Cave which leads to Giratina and the Distortion World, is described on the Town Map as "The fourth lake of Sinnoh that was kept secret."
* ''VideoGame/GodHand'''s DynamicDifficulty goes through four levels: 1, 2, 3, and Die.
* Vexen, the fourth member of Organization XIII in ''Franchise/KingdomHearts'', is the first one to die, assassinated by Axel when he attempts to betray the Organization in a bid for his life by revealing the existence of Roxas to Sora. Also, the fourth [[spoiler:and final, in Sora's story]] member you fight in ''Chain of Memories'' is Marluxia. Fitting, what with having a [[SinisterScythe scythe]] and all.
* In ''VideoGame/{{Persona 3}}'', October 4th is a very, very bad day. Additionally, [[TheGrimReaper The Reaper]] has 4,444 hit points.
* In ''VideoGame/PersonaQShadowOfTheLabyrinth'', [[BigBoosHaunt the Evil Spirit Club]] is an exhibit made by the 2nd year Class 4 at Yasogami High - except that there's only ''three'' 2nd year classes at that school.
* ''Franchise/TheLegendOfZelda'':
** In ''VideoGame/TheLegendOfZeldaMajorasMask'', Link must visit four dungeons, kill the four boss monsters, and retrieve their four masks. It turns out, though, that [[spoiler:the four masks hold the spirits of the Four Giants of Termina, who are good guys that help stop the moon from falling into the world at the end of the game]]. Also, including the Fierce Deity's Mask, there are four transformation masks (and being the fourth mask, it's the deadliest). The dungeons lie in the four compass directions. If you draw lines connecting the temples/areas in the order you visit them in on the map, it will be a big four (on its side). And the goal of the game itself is to save Termina before the dawn of the fourth day. The number is ''very'' important to this game.
** The fourth dungeon in various ''Zelda'' games refer to this as well. In ''[[VideoGame/TheLegendOfZeldaOcarinaOfTime Ocarina of Time]]'', the fourth Adult Link dungeon is the [[BigBoosHaunt Shadow Temple]], which deals with the undead. Similar cases include the Arbiter's Grounds in ''[[VideoGame/TheLegendOfZeldaTwilightPrincess Twilight Princess]]'', the Maze Island Palace in ''[[VideoGame/ZeldaIITheAdventureOfLink The Adventure of Link]]'', the entire Ikana Canyon in the aforementioned ''Majora's Mask'' (though the residing Stone Tower Temple isn't explicitly dark-themed, being instead more linked to light and sky), the Ghost Ship in ''[[VideoGame/TheLegendOfZeldaPhantomHourglass Phantom Hourglass]]'', and the Ancient Cistern in ''[[VideoGame/TheLegendOfZeldaSkywardSword Skyward Sword]]''.
** In ''VideoGame/TheLegendOfZeldaTheWindWaker'', there are six coral reefs, known as One-, Two-, Three-, Four-, Five- and Six-Eyed Reefs. Four-Eyed Reef is the closest to Forsaken Fortress, which serves as the base of operations of the BigBad. In addition, Forsaken Fortress itself is the fourth dungeon in the game completion-wise,[[note]]it's the first appearance-wise[[/note]] and the fourth Triforce fragment is retrieved after finding the chart that lies inside the undead-themed GhostShip.
** In ''VideoGame/TheLegendOfZeldaBreathOfTheWild'', the Champions are an EliteFour that pilot four Divine Beasts, and died at the hands of four Blight Ganons that corrupted and stole those Divine Beasts. The stolen Guardians also come in four main varieties, scout, walker, turret and skywatcher. The scouts themselves come in models I-IV.
* The four main bosses in ''VideoGame/MetalGearSolid4GunsOfThePatriots'' are The Beauty and the Beast Corps, a group of [[BreakTheCutie women suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder due to the horrors of war]] that were turned into literal war machines.
* In ''VideoGame/AnimalCrossing: New Leaf'', the music that plays at [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EjMO1-AZfmM 4 AM]] is ''very'' creepy and a potent source of NightmareFuel, to the point of inspiring several CreepyPasta Dream Towns. Also, Club LOL's Japanese name, "Club 444", actually reads as "Club Shisho" (run by Dr. Shrunk, whose Japanese name is Shisho). But an alternative reading of the Japanese name, if read directly, can really mean [[PlayedForLaughs "Club Death-Death-Death"]].
* In the Shmup "Diadra Empty", flying dangerously close to one of the last bosses will give you a bonus called "Abyss Walker", worth 44,444 points.
* ''VideoGame/AceCombat04ShatteredSkies'':
** Yellow 4 is the first story-significant enemy who [[spoiler:gets shot down by the main character, thanks to her plane being in disrepair]].
** The opposing side in 04 give Mobius One two prominent [[RedBaron nicknames]]. One is "the Grim Reaper"; so the player character in the fourth game is death.
** In a meta example, this is the reason why the game is numbered '''0'''4 rather than just 4.
* In ''VideoGame/LaMulana'', the last of the four key seals which must be found is the Death Seal, whose symbol contains the game's numeral 4. However, the Sage of Death (who unlocks the path to the Death Seal) will likely be the ''first'' of the four sages the player has to talk to.
* In ''VideoGame/BreathOfFireDragonQuarter'', the "names" of the [[strike:dragons]] [[NotUsingTheZWord D-Constructs]] are simply numbers in Gratuitous Russian. "Odjn" (One) is linked to the hero. "Dva" (Two, mistranslated as "Dover") is the BonusBoss. And Chetyre (Four) is, of course, the BigBad.
* ''VideoGame/RidgeRacer'': there are exactly four hidden vehicles -- [[DuelBoss to defeat in a one-on-one race]] -- with four different variations in ''Type 4'', which is the fourth installment of the series not including the arcade titles.
* In ''VideoGame/TokyoXtremeRacer Zero'' and ''Import Tuner Challenge'', the number for the final boss is "400", connecting the number "4" to the unlucky and demonic number.
* ''VideoGame/HauntingGround'' has four psychotic stalkers pursuing the main character trying to kill her.
* ''Franchise/ResidentEvil'':
** In ''VideoGame/ResidentEvil2'', an unlockable minigame, the 4th Survivor features an Umbrella Soldier codenamed Hunk. In ''VideoGame/ResidentEvil3Nemesis's'' epilogue files, it's revealed that Hunk is nicknamed "Mister Death", and has a habit of being the only member of his squad to survive.
** Hunk comes back as one of the four characters in the Mercenaries mode of ''VideoGame/ResidentEvil4''. Consequentially, the fourth stage has the deadliest enemy in the game, which can spawn twice in a run; completing said stage also unlocks Albert Wesker, the BigBad of the majority of the RE games (though not in that game itself).
** The Keeper's Diary in [[VideoGame/ResidentEvil1 the first game]]. Since it's his own personal ApocalypticLog, the inexplicable "4" at the top of the last entry may have been a mistranslation. Since [[spoiler:the keeper attacks you before you get a chance to read the diary]], it can mean death for you, too.
** In the [=REmake=], you only get to see the last few pages of [[spoiler:Lisa Trevor]]'s journal while picking it up in the cabin near the cemetery. When combined with the remaining pages that you later find elsewhere, they form an Apocalyptic Log, which slowly deteriorates into illiterate writing as the dates proceed, as a WantonCrueltyToTheCommonComma, until it ends with the same inexplicable numeral "4" at the top of the last entry as in the Keeper's Diary. Since [[spoiler:[[TragicMonster Lisa]] attacks you as you are about to leave the cabin after reading the last page of her journal]], it can also mean death for you.
* ''VideoGame/NoMoreHeroes2DesperateStruggle'' has [[spoiler:Margaret]], who is the 4th ranked assassin of the UAA, [[DualWielding wields two]] [[AwesomeButImpractical gun/scythe hybrids]] and even has [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rTlIzfL7tUI&feature=sub boss music that alludes to this trope]].
* ''Makeruna! Makendou Z'' features four demon queens during the second half of the game: Honmanimou (a big-breasted cow woman), Honmadecker (a prison wardeness, who upon defeat [[spoiler: turns out to be Doro's wife, now back to her senses]]), Honmadengunner (a cyborg), and Honmayaner (an archer woman). Main villain Dr. Mud also tried to enslave Makenkah (whose real name was Kaimyouji Eizan) as a fourth cyborg general of his, the other three being Dinosaur, Chuuko, and Shou. Even further, this game is the fourth installment of the Makendou series (if you count the OAV), and seems slightly darker and edgier than the previous two games, ending with [[spoiler: the school building collapsing (with who knows how many people inside).]]
* In ''VideoGame/NanashiNoGame'', Riko at one point gets trapped on a creepy subway where every car is Car #4. [[spoiler:She dies at the end of that chapter.]] In addition, the company that created the game is located on the fourth floor of the building it's in -- and it's [[spoiler:been closed for four years]], which you find out from the fourth e-mail you receive on the fourth day.
* In the Wii version of ''VideoGame/PunchOut'', one of the challenges in Exhibition Mode requires you to defeat Japanese boxer Piston Hondo after blocking 44 jabs.
* In ''VideoGame/GhostTrick'', main character Sissel can use his powers to rewind time to exactly four minutes before a person's death in order to attempt to prevent it.
* In ''VideoGame/FateEXTRA'', the protagonist learns this applies to getting into the Holy Grail War: [[spoiler:potential Masters had four days to figure out something was wrong with their school, investigate, and survive a qualifying battle. If they failed to succeed at this after four days, well... they weren't going ANYWHERE]].
* In ''VideoGame/{{Hellsinker}}'' there are four playable characters (and Kagura has four shot types), there are 8 (4*2) Segments, the Shrine of Farewell has four titled bosses and four Kaname Stones, [[spoiler: four of the Prayer bosses are titled "Heroic Dead", the first form of the final boss has four Satisfaction Levels (counting 0), and the Quadruple Ones are four children]].
* In the Japanese escape-the-room game ''[[http://hilgreed.natsu.gs/game/usen2/Usen2.html U-Sensor 2]]'', you have to find a way out of a deserted office building in which it's rumored that there was a murder on the fourth floor in spite of the elevator not having a button available for that floor. [[spoiler:It turns out that a vengeful ghost haunts that seemingly nonexistent floor and will kill you if you don't prevent the elevator from stopping at the fourth floor during the endgame. If you get the Bad Ending where the ghost kills you, your character sprite will be shown turning around exactly four times in the elevator before the ghost catches him.]]
* ''VideoGame/{{Touhou}}'' BonusBoss Raiko Horikawa numbers her magical attacks: First Drum, Second Drum, etc. Her fourth attack is "Death Drum".
* In ''VisualNovel/PhoenixWrightAceAttorneyDualDestinies'', Courtroom number 4 is bombed, and ends up being the only Courtroom to be a murder scene.
* Courtroom 4 bore witness to the mid-trial suicide of Terry Fawles in Case 3-4 of ''VisualNovel/PhoenixWrightAceAttorney''.
* {{Invoked|Trope}} in ''VideoGame/SleepingDogs,'' when Wei and Old Salty Crab use a triad boss' superstitious beliefs and adherence to ''feng shui'' by [[{{Gaslighting}} vandalizing his home]], in particular smashing all but four decorative vases and setting the clock to read 4:44.
* In ''VideoGame/WorldOfWarcraft'' players in the pandaren race's NoobCave will be repeatedly greeted by Jojo Ironbrow, who is known for being strong enough to break anything with his head. He shows up 3 times and is able to break bamboo, wood, and stone, so after that your character will expect him to be able to break a statue of solid jade, but when he does so he only ends up hurting himself.
* In ''VideoGame/LeagueOfLegends'' the character Jhin is heavily based on this motif, with nearly every aspect of the character being based on this, from the number of shots in his pistol, the number of his active abilities, [[BreadEggsBreadedEggs to the number of shots in his abilities.]] He is also from an [[{{Wutai}} Asian-inspired region in the lore,]] furthering his connection to this trope, as well as being a [[MadArtist "virtuoso"]] with lots of [[CommonTime musical themes revolving around him.]]
* In the 2011 version of ''Series/YouDontKnowJack'', the segue into the fourth question features a bunch of dancing 4s. In one game, one of the 4s is shot and killed, and subsequent episodes feature a crime scene, the remaining 4s dancing sadly without the other 4, and finally, a graveyard where the 4's funeral is being held.
* If Frieza's fittingly named Death Ball in ''[[Franchise/DragonBall Dragon Ball Z: Supersonic Warriors]]'' misses the opponent and hits the ground instead, the background music switches to ominous rumbling and the opponent has 44 seconds to KO him before the planet they're fighting on blows up, letting Frieza win by default.
* ''VideoGame/FiveNightsAtFreddys'': There are four animatronic characters who are all out to kill you. [[spoiler:The Phone Guy gets killed on the fourth night.]] The series itself stop numbering games at the fourth game.
* In ''VideoGame/YuGiOhReshefOfDestruction'', the fourth Millennium Item recovered is the Millennium Eye, which is where we find out about Pegasus/Chevalsky being the one who resurrected Reshef.
* In ''VideoGame/XenoSaga'', not only are there yet another EliteFour (known as the Testaments, though the fourth doesn't show up until the very end of the second game), but the main character, Shiyon's name sounds like the two different Japanese words for four. [[spoiler:Appropriately enough, she turns out to be at least indirectly responsible for most of the bad stuff that happens in the series]].
* In ''VideoGame/PuzzleAndDragons Z'', allowing an enemy Anubis to take its turn will cause it to use the Banish to Hell skill, which inflicts a {{fixed|DamageAttack}} 44444 damage. The first time you encounter it, it guarantees a OneHitKill.
* ''VisualNovel/NineHoursNinePersonsNineDoors'':
** Subverted, when presented with the initial choice of going through Door 5, which someone has just died behind, or Door 4 which features a much more comforting environment overall [[spoiler:and leads to the best ending in which none of the main characters die. And then played straight with Clover, who either kills almost everyone in the Axe Ending, kills Junpei in the [=iOS=] port's Syrine Ending, or ends up being killed herself in the Sub and Safe Endings]].
** Played straight in its sequel game, ''VisualNovel/VirtuesLastReward'', [[spoiler:wherein Clover's ending again leads to the death of everyone]].
* Rare Western example: in ''VideoGame/{{Ultima}} II'', while travelling through space, hyperwarping to coordinates 4-4-4 will send your spaceship crashing into the Sun resulting in instant death.
* ''VideoGame/FateGrandOrder'' reveals that Primate Murder, long known by ''Franchise/{{Nasuverse}}'' veterans as the ultimate killer of humans, is the fourth of humanity's seven great evils. [[spoiler: Your TeamPet Fou[[SpellMyNameWithAnS (r)]] is its primordial form.]]
* A variant in the early ''VideoGame/SplinterCell'' games, where ''Five'' is Death, in defense of Four. In-universe terminology refers to four general freedoms (of speech, of religion, from want, and from fear), with the "Fifth Freedom" being used as a DeadlyEuphemism for doing whatever is necessary to defend the other four.
* ''VideoGame/FirstEncounterAssaultRecon''
** The [[spoiler:PlayerCharacter's teammates]] tend to die in circumstances involving the number 4. The [[spoiler:Point Man's Delta Force escort]] is killed right at the start of Interval 04; in ''Extraction Point'', [[spoiler:SFOD-D Douglas Holiday]] dies at the end of the fourth level, and [[spoiler:Jin Sun-Kwon]] is found dead in the single level of Interval 04; and [[spoiler:Lt. Steve Chen]] gets killed midway through the first level of Interval 04 of ''Perseus Mandate''.
** Hell, Interval 04 in ''Perseus Mandate'' deserves its own entry. Aside from the aforementioned death of [[spoiler:Lt. Chen]], both levels in this interval take place in [[AbandonedArea a dead district of Fairport]] [[UndergroundLevel buried under an earthquake decades ago]]. Save for one single instance at the very end where you fight a Nightcrawler squad, [[BigBoosHaunt the only enemies are supernatural apparitions, and scary events are abundant all the way to the end]]. Also, it takes place right after the Origin Facility explodes and turns Fairport into a GhostCity.
* There are four {{Eldritch Abomination}}s vying for supremacy over the Earth in ''VideoGame/EternalDarkness''. Subverted because one of them, Mantorok, is on humanity's side. [[spoiler:Or is he?]]

* ''Webcomic/NoNeedForBushido'', set in FeudalJapan, features the [[QuirkyMiniBossSquad Four Demons of Sorrow]], the four elite [[ProfessionalKiller assassins]] of daimyo [[EvilOverlord Hirotomo Wataro]].
* ''Webcomic/EightBitTheater'', as noted on its page, has the four Light Warriors (the protagonists and the worst thing to happen to the world), the four Fiends (some of the few actually dangerous enemies) and the four orbs to go with them (which are being used by the BigBad for some diabolical purpose), the four Dark Warriors (a group of IneffectualSympatheticVillain characters), the four Other Warriors (inspired by Dungeons & Dragons classes), and the four real Light Warriors (making four warrior groups total). In addition, the average strip is four rows long.
* ''Webcomic/{{Homestuck}}'' combines this with ThirteenIsUnlucky by making 4, 13, [[BreadEggsBreadedEggs and 413]] [[ArcNumber arc numbers]].
* ''Webcomic/OurLittleAdventure'' has introduced four high-ranking members of the Souballo Empire who each seem to be in charge of a department.
* The cover of the [[http://www.topatoco.com/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Store_Code=TO&Product_Code=MSPA-PS-BOOK04&Category_Code=MSPA-BOOKS fourth print volume]] of ''Webcomic/ProblemSleuth'' is adorned with Death's weeping face. This also makes it look like the [[WebComic/{{Homestuck}} ~ATH coding book.]] Tildeath.
* ''Webcomic/TheOrderOfTheStick'' #444 is entitled "He's Dead, Jim", referring to [[spoiler: Roy, who fell to his death on the previous page]].
* ''Webcomic/LudicrousPower'' has Eve fight a [[OurLichesAreDifferent lich]] in [[http://ludicrouspower.com/comic/44/ comic #44]], titled "Deathty-Death".
* ''Webcomic/DaughterOfTheLilies'' inverts this trope. The main team has four members (as of Chapter 6), and the phenomenally adorkable Thistle appears particularly gifted in life magics and fighting evil.

[[folder:Web Original]]
* The dreaded Error 404 page. Actually one of the more benign error codes -- the 4XX series is reserved for trying to access something the site can't or won't provide them (as opposed to the 5XX series which indicate the site is having technical problems), and 404 in particular just means the page you're looking for isn't there -- but its most common cause is following a "dead link".
* In ''Roleplay/TheGamersAlliance'', the Vulfsatz is a group of four elite assassins. Demons have four hordes, each led by an archdemon.
* The number four shows up more than what should be considered coincidental in ''WebVideo/MarbleHornets'':
** In Entry #26, Jay receives a mysterious text message on the 4th of April (i.e. 4/4). Two weeks later, he receives a tape dated 4.4.2010 which contains footage of [[spoiler:Jay's missing friend Alex and his girlfriend Amy narrowly avoiding an attack by the Operator, which happens at 4:04 PM. There is also some distortion around the entry's 4:04 mark]].
** The Totheark video "[[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XhwO6wm76-U Decay]]" was uploaded on April 4, 2012, and it shows some of the footage from the tape in Entry #26, distorting it so that the date and time overlay each other. The last seven seconds of the video, when run through a spectrograph, reveal an image with the text, [[spoiler:"TODAY IS YOUR LAST BIRTHDAY," with four dots under the word "birthday." Alex's birthday is April 4th.]] In the same video, Totheark writes, "(HE WILL) LEAD ME TO DEATH."
** The motif is continued in entry #'''4'''0 - posted on May '''4''', with screen tearing occurring at 4:40 on the Website/YouTube player and [[spoiler: The Operator showing up moments later]].
* In ''The 10 WEIRDEST Superstitions in the World!'' by [[WebVideo/MatthewSantoro Matt Santoro]], Matt mentions how some Chinese buildings don't have fourth floors.
* [[WebAnimation/BattleforDreamIsland Battle for Dream Island]]
** The host of season four (''seriously?!''), Four, has ''literally killed people'', achieved by what X refers to as "screechy".

[[folder:Western Animation]]
* On ''WesternAnimation/TheSimpsons'' (Kang and Kodos describing an island shaped like a skull) "That looks just like our number four!"
* The Fearsome Four are the most competent bad guys in ''WesternAnimation/ZorroGenerationZ''.
* On ''WesternAnimation/SpongeBobSquarePants'', one of Mr. Krabs's stories involves a person who liked to make funny faces, most enjoyably sticking his tongue out. After doing it 444 times, he couldn't get it back in until most of it crumbled off of him.
* In "Hard Luck", a season 4 episode of ''WesternAnimation/CodeLyoko'', in which Odd is suffering from a case of bad luck from a broken mirror, as the gang are traveling to one of X.A.N.A.'s Replika via the Skid are talking about bad luck -- to Odd's annoyance -- Yumi remarks something similar to the following: "People in Japan avoid anything to do with the number 4 because it sounds like the word for death."
* This shows up in ''WesternAnimation/JackieChanAdventures'', most notably the final faceoff in the main season 2 arc where four demon sorcerers assault the protagonists. Said demons have FourFingeredHands.
* In ''WesternAnimation/AvatarTheLastAirbender,'' the first season three-member Gaang had their ups and downs but were basically successful overall in achieving their goals. While in no way can fault be laid at the ([[DoesNotLikeShoes bare]]) feet of Toph, her joining by and large coincided with every major defeat the now four-member group suffered. Only when [[spoiler: Zuko fully completed his HeelFaceTurn and joined them]] did they escape this, and for good measure, [[spoiler: [[EleventhHourRanger Suki's]] rescue meant they were now six as they ended the war]]. None of the three hero settings in the finale had more than three members.
* ''WesternAnimation/TheLegendOfKorra'' has the Red Lotus elite, a team of four extremely dangerous BombThrowingAnarchists with unusual bending abilities.
* The fourth season of ''WesternAnimation/TeenageMutantNinjaTurtles2012'' features [[spoiler:[[BigGood Splinter]] and [[BigBad Shredder]] respectively being killed in "Requiem" and "Owari".]]

[[folder:Real Life]]
* This even carries over to ''technology''.
** Creator/{{Sony}} has created several successive types of digital video tape, named D-1, D-2, D-3, etc. There was no D-4, due to the stigma associated with the number.
** Canon also has several product lines conspicuously skipping from 3 to 5, but not skipping 40 and other multiples of ten.
** Music equipment manufacturer Roland/Boss do this as well. The Boss guitar pedals are generally named along the lines of DD (digital delay) or OD (overdrive) and then a number. Guess which number is nowhere to be found in their product lineup.
** If you look at Microsoft [=DirectX's=] history, you'll find version 4 was never released. It was a near term release but all the developers cared about the features in version 5, so Microsoft rolled 4's features into 5. They didn't rename it because it would cause a lot of confusion.
** People were legitimately surprised that Sony released a UsefulNotes/PlayStation4 for this very reason. The more superstitious among them were probably quite surprised when it became their fastest selling system ever and so far the biggest success of this generation.
** Chinese smartphone manufacturer Oneplus clarified that their following phone (after the One, 2, [[XMakesAnythingCool X]], 3, and 3T) would be the Oneplus 5, not 4, invoking the cultural reason behind this trope as the rationale behind the decision. Amusingly, they had no issue with naming an earlier device "Oneplus 3," which, treated as arithmetic, equals "Four."
* 164 (一六四, yi liu si) is a Chinese homophone for "one road to death" (一路死, yi lu si). This was the reason that the Alfa Romeo 164 was marketed in many Chinese-speaking societies as the 168 (一六八, yi liu ba) instead. Which, incidentally, sounds like "one road to prosperity" (一路發/一路发, yi lu fa).
* In Cantonese, 14 (十四, sap sei) is considered an unluckier number than 4, since it sounds like "will surely die"/"is doomed" (實死, sat sei). 24 (二十四, yi sap sei) is even worse, as it could be interpreted as "easy and sure death/easily doomed" (易實死, yi sat sei) or if its digits are read individually (二四, yi sei), it sounds like "easy death" (易死, yi sei).
* While US FCC regs normally prohibit customers from choosing specific numbers, T-Mobile company policy specifically requires them to grant any and all requests for a phone number with no 4s.
* The [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gang_of_Four_%28China%29 Gang of Four]] from China were the four Communist party officials who were officially blamed for the Cultural Revolution. After their arrest, and during their trials, a massive hostile propaganda campaign was launched against them, which made ''full'' use of the four/death homophone.
* The [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Four_Big_Pollution_Diseases_of_Japan Big Four Pollution Diseases of Japan]] were four major environmental disasters which led to the establishment of the Environment Agency (the Japanese equivalent of the American EPA) in 1970. Three of the incidents took place in the 1960s, but the 1912 outbreak of cadmium poisoning called "itai-itai disease" is lumped in because a lawsuit wasn't brought until 1968.
* In East Asian countries, [[MissingFloor the fourth floor is either skipped (1, 2, 3, 5, 6, ...) like the thirteenth floor is skipped in the West]] or, in an elevator, the buttons are numbered 1, 2, 3, F, 5 ... with "F" standing in for the English word "four" (which does not sound like death). Another common workaround is to replace the "4"-number with the previous floor's number appended with the letter A (i.e. 3A, 23A), as is floor 13 (replaced with 12A, and 14 replaced with 12B in this case). 14 is particularly bad. In Mandarin, 14 can be read ''yao si''[[note]]''Yao'' is an alternate reading for "one" when saying numerals[[/note]], a near homophone of "will die" or "death wish". This is UpToEleven in Hong Kong, as floor numbers with the number 4 are all skipped together in some newer buildings. And thanks to the influence from being a former British colony, the traditional 13 is also skipped. This convention is also quite common in Vancouver and Toronto, owing to their large Chinese population. The combination of eastern and western superstitions means that it's not unheard of for floor numbers in apartment buildings to jump from 12 to 15, missing both 13 and 14.
* Tea sets or chopstick sets are sold with 3 or 5 cups/pairs rather than 4.
* A common gift in China is three or five oranges, rather than four (generally, combo packs sold in Asia never comes in sets of 4 if they can help it).
* In Japan, professional sports team uniforms that have the number 4 in them are often assigned to players with Western origins (e.g. Americans), not because they wish ill on these players, but rather because of the belief that the number 4 does not have the same connotation for them as it would for native Japanese or other Asian players.
* Many East Asian countries do not assign number 4 to military units. One notable aversion was the North Korean 4th Infantry Division during the Korean War, an elite unit made up of experienced veterans who fought in the Chinese Civil War and equipped with top of the line Soviet equipment. It wound up proving the point, though, as it was nearly annihilated during the battle for the Pusan Perimeter.
* Dice in East Asia, aside from arranging the pips differently, use [[http://static.tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pub/images/smjDiceFM_2942.jpg red pips for the numbers 1 and 4]] to ward off bad luck (as opposed to the standard black).
* The Rio Suites Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas avoids the digit "4" in all floor numbers and room numbers. The floor just above the 39th is the 50th, for example.
* In [[TarotMotifs the standard reading of Tarot decks]], number four in the minor suits typically signify stagnation or stalling. A common image for the Four of Swords shows a man lying as though dead on a stone bier, just to give you an idea.
* As West (西) is another near-homophone for death, one Chinese metaphor for death is "to return to the west", in a similar fashion to the way a broken piece of machinery is said in English-speaking countries to have "gone south".
* Richmond Hill, Ontario's city council has banned new street numbers with the number 4. The area is known to have a large Chinese-Canadian community.
* The 9/11 attacks were essentially four coordinated airplane hijackings and suicide attacks.
* When used in Asian media, the DangerousSixteenthBirthday trope has extra resonance due to 16 being 4 times 4.
* Wolf packs are at their most dangerous with 4 members hunting together. Larger packs tend to be less organized and have less experience together. Four-member packs, however, are composed of wolves with plenty of experience working together, thus their successful kill percentage is significantly higher.
* Mexicans had their own version of this trope: Until recently, the number 41 was considered unlucky, but not for being associated with death, but with ''homosexuality'' instead. This was because an infamous incident in 1901 named [[https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dance_of_the_Forty-One the Dance of the Forty-One]] (or the Dance of the Forty-One Fags) after a famous police raid carried out against a party attended by many members of Mexico's high society of the time, (rumored to be 41 people, albeit officially, they were 19 people instead) when many of the attendees were [[WholesomeCrossdresser dressed as women]]. Since homosexuality was illegal in Mexico at the time, they were arrested and forced to do street-cleaning while still dressed as women, much for the public scorn against them. The scandal was so ''big'', the number 41 was for many years associated with homosexuality, to the grade the number was excluded for use in the army, police, house numbering, payroll, etc. This has become a DeadHorseTrope though.
* Shows created in-house and aired on Creator/DisneyChannel and Creator/DisneyXD generally have never run longer than four seasons.
* UsefulNotes/AdolfHitler was the fourth child of Alois and Klara Hitler (the first three had all died in infancy).[[note]]He did have multiple half-siblings, owing to Alois being a KavorkaMan.[[/note]]
* On torrenting websites, attempting to download four files too quickly (known colloquially as a "hit-and-run") will earn you a ban from the website where the offense was committed.