->''' Raoul Silva:''' ''[unbuttoning Bond's shirt to reveal scars]'' Oh, see what she's done to you...\\
'''James Bond:''' Well, she never tied me to a chair.\\
'''Silva:''' ''[caressing Bond's neck]'' Her loss.
-->-- ''Film/{{Skyfall}}''

Foe Yay can refer to different things:
* FoeYayShipping: {{Shipping}} between arch-enemies.
* FoeRomanceSubtext: InUniverse romantic subtext between enemies.
* DatingCatwoman: Explicit romance between enemies.
* SlapSlapKiss: Romantic partners aren't enemies ''per se'', but they get into arguments that get physical...and then ''very'' physical.
* VillainousCrush: A one-sided romantic interest by a villain.
* WarShip: {{Shipping}} between people from hostile factions.
* WellExcuseMePrincess: Two partners can't stand each other at first, but their mutual hatred starts to come off as downright cute...

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** FoeYay/DoctorWho
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