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Fixed Floor Fighting
GET OVER HERE! opposed to anywhere else?
A Fighting Game trope, Where the action all takes place on one stable plane. Stages could have multiple levels in less arcade style games, but the stage itself does not change, and as such is fixed. This is not a matter of 2D vs 3D games. There are plenty of examples of both.

Fights here tend to be more technical, as the simplified stages offer less chance for unpredictability. The limited range of action means combos may likely be continued longer than in a Free Floor Fighting game, as there is less variation for where an opponent, or the stage, may go. A Launcher Move will do just that, launch an opponent into the air. However, the opponent must come down at a limited set of places to allow the fight to continue.

This type of level design may be somewhat tied to the Polygon Ceiling in Long Runners. This type of fight may promote the Perfect Play A.I.. May be the result of the Invisible Wall or Insurmountable Waist High Fence.

Contrast Free Floor Fighting.


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