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Fisher Stevens

A seasoned That Guy, Fisher Stevens is an American actor who over the course of his career, has played the part of:

He also won the Best Documentary Academy Award in 2010 for co-producing The Cove. But perhaps he is best remembered for his phony Indian accent in Short Circuit and for dating Michelle Pfieffer.


  • Hey, It's That Guy!
  • Kavorka Man: There's a reason Fisher is a character actor instead of a leading man (see photograph above...) but Penn Jillette has referred to him as "the pussy-getting-est man alive" (I mean, look at the guy, and then think to yourself, "He shared a bed with Michelle Pfeiffer!"). This is usually attributed to a exceptionally awesome personality — a guy described as a "compulsive listener" who rescued a drunk woman who had stumbled into a New York City street and made an Oscar-winning film exposing corporate corruption and environmental damage? Best. Boyfriend. Ever.

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