Aka anime comic, Cine-Manga (a trademark of Tokyopop), Ani-Manga, visual manga.

In this genre, the artist adapts animation to the comic-book medium by taking actual frames from the cartoon and adding word balloons. Often made obvious by the [[ConspicuouslyLightPatch difference between characters and background]].

This seems to be originally an anime/manga thing that has spread to the West. It is not known how closely related to ''[[PhotoComic fumetti]]'' this phenomenon might be.

Especially funny if the anime was a manga first. RecursiveAdaptation here we go!

Apparently this medium experienced a brief boom in the United States circa 1980, when it was known as "Film Novels", but faded when home video became popular because it was marketed as a substitute for being able to watch the actual movie.


* ''Manga/{{Bleach}}''
* ''Manga/{{Chobits}}''
* ''Franchise/DragonBall''
* ''Manga/DetectiveConan''
* ''Manga/InuYasha''
* ''Manga/LoveHina''
* ''Anime/TenchiMuyo''.
* ''{{Anime/Pokemon}}'' had one of these adapting ''Anime/PokemonTheFirstMovie'', and a ''Nintendo Power'' book did it for the first six episodes of the original series.
* ''Anime/CaptainHarlock'': According to [[http://www.starblazers.com/html.php?page_id=188 one source]], this was the first anime to get one of these.
* ''Anime/SpaceBattleshipYamato''
* ''Anime/{{Steamboy}}''
* ''Anime/SuperDimensionFortressMacross'' and its film adaptation ''Ai Oboeteimasuka?''
* ''Anime/MobileSuitGundam'' had a lengthy series that covered the [[CompilationFilm movie trilogy]].

* ''WesternAnimation/AvatarTheLastAirbender''
* ''Creator/JackieChan''
* lots of Disney series
* ''WesternAnimation/SpongebobSquarePants''
* ''[[Franchise/{{Tintin}} Tintin and the Lake of Sharks]]''
* ''WesternAnimation/TransformersAnimated''
* ''WesternAnimation/StarWarsCloneWars''
* Sort of used in ''ComicBook/TheBeano'' following the new ''ComicStrip/DennisTheMenaceUK'' TV series with stock art from the show appearing in the comic sometimes with speech bubbles. Inverted with TheBeano video which used excerpts from the comic for its animation and averted with TheBeano Superstars adaptations of episodes of the earlier ComicStrip/DennisTheMenaceUK TV series which just used the script from the show with new artwork.
* ''Webcomic/FriendshipIsDragons'' is a web CampaignComic based on ''WesternAnimation/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagic''.
* Shows from Creator/DisneyXD's WesternAnimation/MarvelUniverse have some that readers could consider {{Recursive Adaptation}}s, since both of those cartoons were already based on comic books.

* again, lots of Disney series
** ''Series/{{Lizzie McGuire}}''
** ''Series/HannahMontana''
* IDW's ''Series/StarTrekTheOriginalSeries: New Visions'' uses frames from the series, but tells new stories with them.

* ''Webcomic/DarthsAndDroids''
* ''Webcomic/DMOfTheRings''