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Season I

Christmas Special

Season II

Christmas Special
  • While She Was Out

New Years Special

Season III

Christmas Special

Season IV

Christmas Special

Season V

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New Years Special

Season VII

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  • MVP of the Year: Jack O'Connell for Starred Up, '71 and Unbroken
  • Nicholas Cage Award for Paychecking: John Cusack
  • Please Fire Your Agent: Imogen Poots for That Awkward Moment, A Long Way Down and Need for Speed
  • Guilty Pleasure: Walking on Sunshine
  • Worst Marketing Campaign: Edge of Tomorrow note 
  • Most Hilarious Change in Marketing: Men Womennd Children note 
  • Most Unfortunate Attempt at a Comeback: Adam Sandler in Men Women And Children and The Cobbler
  • Most Ridiculous Disclaimer: Noah note 
  • Worst Films
  • Best Films


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