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->''"Wild roses...my dream is a world filled with wild roses. When the battle is over, I want to fill the world with flowers."''
-->-- '''Firion''', ''VideoGame/DissidiaFinalFantasy''

Here's a place, often a whole world, that is somewhat on the bleak side. This is no {{Arcadia}}, and may even be a DeathWorld.

Depressed by this landscape, a (usually) female character decides to rectify the situation. She wants to plant flowers throughout the land, to transform it into an Eden of multicoloured blooms.

For whatever reason, it's very rare for the woman to do what she sets out to do. If she eventually gets her wish, it will usually be at the hand of a male counterpart, probably a love interest, perhaps as a result of her PassingTheTorch upon her death. In this case, the resultant field of flowers is a tribute to her memory, like a gravestone the size of a landscape.

There is a SpearCounterpart. A man is more likely to want to plant trees than flowers, which are a more masculine symbol, but he will not generally need the opposite sex's help. Trees or flowers, man's dream or woman's, it is a man's work that will get it done in the end: an unfortunate DoubleStandard.

Either way, the greenery is a visual symbol that the world has been saved and brought to more pleasant state. This may be used to send a [[GreenAesop message about nature]].

Related to HopeSproutsEternal. See also FlowerMotifs.


[[folder: Anime and Manga ]]

* In the expanded movie of ''Anime/TengenToppaGurrenLagann'', after the TimeSkip and apparent defeat of the EvilOverlord, Nia confesses that she hopes to help the reconstruction of the world by filling it with flowers. Simon agrees and offers to help, but she refuses, saying that he has work of his own to do. In the DistantFinale, [[spoiler: long after Nia's death, we see Simon WalkingTheEarth, fulfilling her dream. He digs a well for an impoverished village, and says that they can repay him by filling their land with flowers.]]
* The ''Manga/{{Trigun}}'' episode "Little {{Arcadia}}'' is about a couple whose dream is to nourish a lush forest that miraculously grows on their nigh-uninhabitable planet.
* In ''Manga/NurseAngelRirikaSOS'', this trope saves the Earth from becoming a DeathWorld.


[[folder: Films -- Animated ]]

* A male example: in ''WesternAnimation/ATrollInCentralPark,'' Stanley wants to fill all of New York City with flowers. [[spoiler:He succeeds in the end.]]


[[folder: Films -- Live-Action ]]

* A somewhat strange example: in The movie ''Film/JoesApartment'', Lily is working to make a garden in a depressed neighbourhood to make it a better place. The villains of the story make sure that the garden is destroyed. Joe likes Lily and wishes her to be happy and with the help of his cockroach friends and all of the rats, pigeons, etc. that the roaches can muster, Lily's garden is rebuilt.
* Subverted example in ''Film/TheProposition'', where Stanley's struggle to maintain a proper English rose garden (complete with picket fence) in the dry Australian outback is a metaphor for his [[TragicDream hopeless ambition]] to "tame" the country he's living in.
* A negative version of this appears in ''Film/BlackNarcissus''. Sister Philippa plants the convent's vegetable garden with flowers instead - and it's a sign that the exotic environment has caused the nuns to lose their sanity slightly. The flowers also mean that there will be hardly any food for the next year.


[[folder: Literature ]]

* In the ''Literature/{{Mistborn}}'' trilogy, Kelsier's DeadToBeginWith wife Mare had had this intention in the face of a history of a thousand years in a CrapsackWorld. She had a picture of a flower (no one alive had ever seen one) that she carried to her death and bequeathed to Kelsier. The picture later passes on to Vin, who gives it to Sazed when he's facing a religious crisis. And in the end, [[spoiler: Sazed [[AscendToAHigherPlaneOfExistence becomes a God]], and uses the picture, among other information, to recreate the world as it once was. The surviving characters awaken to find themselves in a field of flowers.]]
* Done somewhat unintentionally in the ''Literature/{{Belgariad}}''. Garion's cousin Adara asks him to make a bush bloom to prove his magic. He refuses because doing so would kill the bush, but takes a twig and creates a flower just for her. The two go back home, leaving the flower forgotten. And many years later, they find it has spread throughout the area, and moreover, has powerful curative properties.
* ''Literature/TheManWhoPlantedTrees'' is a male equivalent on the idea. See [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Man_Who_Planted_Trees the other wiki]] for details.
* In ''Literature/TheLionTheWitchAndTheWardrobe'' when [[spoiler: Aslan is resurrected]], he celebrates by leaping around the area. Wherever he lands, flowers spring up. It's the first sign of Jadis's reign officially coming to an end in Narnia.
* This is of course the objective of Mary Lennox in ''Literature/TheSecretGarden''. She finds her aunt's old garden, neglected and dead-looking after ten years, and sets about trying to restore it. [[spoiler: The sight of the garden restored to its former beauty, and his son walking again, is what brings her uncle out of his HeroicBSOD]].


[[folder: Live Action TV ]]

* ''Series/OurMissBrooks'': In "Bones, Son of Cyrano", Mr. Boynton advises Miss Brooks to order some flowers from the school nursery to brighten up her classroom. She accordingly writes a letter to Mr. Conklin. Unfortunately, the dimwitted Bones Snodgrass mixes-up his deliveries, and gives Mr. Conklin a love letter, claiming it's from Miss Brooks. HilarityEnsues.
* ''{{Series/Charmed}}'':
** An episode featured a demon drinking from the Eternal Spring to become immortal - and therefore unkillable. So the sisters instead turn him into a tree in the Enchanted Forest.
** Overall this is the raison d'etre of the wood nymphs. Wherever they go, flowers sprout.
** Parodied in a flashback episode that reveals the sisters' [[CoolOldLady awesome grandma]] was actually GranolaGirl in the 60s. Her first vanquishing spell asks to make the demon's remains "good for the environment" - and he explodes into flower petals.

[[folder: Theatre ]]

* Creator/HenrikWergeland had flower motifs all over. One of his most visual examples come in the one-act farce ''Do not lie'', telling the story of two hecklers, and how the poet is handling them. His solution is to send in a flower-fairy, dumping ''an entire flower garden'' in their heads, with specific instruction on how the different flowers will work their magic on them.
---> '''Hecklers''': Help, we perish in flowers!
---> '''Florilla''': That is a poet´s way of revenging himself.


[[folder: Video Games ]]

* Fiona in ''VideoGame/ChronoTrigger''. In her case, she tends a forest that is turning into a desert, hoping to use a [[HopeSproutsEternal mystical seedling]] that has been passed down throughout her family for generations, but is impeded first by the absence of her husband Marco, then by the presence of monsters in the region, and finally by the sheer toil required to make it work. The party leaves their RobotBuddy behind, and comes back for him [[TheSlowPath in 400 years]], heavily worn out but with a huge and healthy forest to show for it.
* In ''VideoGame/LufiaAndTheFortressOfDoom'' game, the party visits a city that is heavily industrialised but has patches of flowers throughout it. In the prequel ''VideoGame/LufiaIIRiseOfTheSinistrals'', the player finds out why: 100 years prior, a factory was producing pollution that was killing all nearby flowers. After the local InnocentFlowerGirl complained of this to the scientist who owned the factory, he promised to reverse the situation.
* In ''VideoGame/SummonNight: Swordcraft Story'', Razzy wants to turn Wystern (A floating metal tower UsefulNotes/{{Venice}} analog with an economy based on selling weapon) into a city of flowers if she wins the tournament and becomes one of the city's Craftlords. Due to Pratty defeating her early on, she promises to implement Razzy's dream if she wins, resulting in an [[YuriGenre explicit and blatant crush]].
* In ''VideoGame/DissidiaFinalFantasy'' Firion has the dream to fill the world with [[SomethingAboutARose wild roses]]. The wild rose itself is both a metaphor for people living freely from oppression of tyrants like his ArchEnemy TheEmperor as well as a throwback to the watchword of the [[LaResistance Rebel Army]] in ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyII''. Wishy washy hero of ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyVII'' Cloud Strife, who cannot find a reason to continue fighting, finds strength in Firion's dream and it helps inspire him and later Terra to keep fighting.
* Most of ''Videogame/{{Okami}}'' is about Amaterasu's quest to sweep the blight from Nippon and restore the flowers and growing plants. Even enemies turn into flowers when she's defeated them.


[[folder: Real Life ]]

* UsefulNotes/JohnnyAppleseed, with trees instead of flowers.
* During her time as First Lady, Lady Bird Johnson made national beautification a priority. Her efforts resulted in such measures as the Highway Beautification Act, which limited the use of billboards along highways to encourage the growth of wildflowers.
* Creator/HenrikWergeland, said to always have some seeds in his pocket.