[[caption-width-right:280:For royal ladies[[labelnote:**]]such as [[https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fabiola_of_Belgium Queen Fabiola of Belgium]][[/labelnote]], there is nothing wrong with looking {{pretty|in mink}} and [[EverythingsSparklyWithJewelry elegant]].]]

->"I stand for poofy dresses, flowers, ribbons, and all that is girlie!"
-->--'''Wedding Peach:''', ''WebVideo/WeddingPeachAbridged''

While "feminine" simply means "any attribute associated with women", culturally, the term also means the traits that are ''expected'' of women to perform and have, encompassing things like beauty, grace, elegance, and good social manners. Unfortunately, the latter often involves things like demureness and timidness, which has also led to women being expected to be weak-willed and fragile, while bringing rejection and ridicule to those women who fail (or [[TomBoy refuse]]) to comply.

And, of course, some women [[ExploitedTrope take advantage of these associations]].

Regardless of the exact form (such as whether one is "girly", "lady-like", or "matronly"), these are the tropes about femininity.

Contrast {{Tomboy}}, MasculinityTropes.
+ AcceptableFeminineGoalsAndTraits
+ TheBeautifulTropes
+ DressesGownsAndSkirts
+ GirlyGirl
+ MagicalGirlTropes
+ TheMakeover
+ PrincessTropes
+ PurityPersonified
+ RuleOfGlamorous
+ RuleOfRomantic
+ WomenAreDelicate
* AllGirlsLikePonies \\
If you're feminine, this is one of your favorite animals
* BeautyBrainsAndBrawn \\
The Beauty in this trio is feminine
* TheChick \\
A character in a team with traits considered feminine
* ClassyCatBurglar\\
She's steal your heart, but be (mostly) ladylike about it
* CoyGirlishFlirtPose\\
A pose to show one is flirty, but still a lady
* CuteIndignantGirlStance\\
A pose for the angry, but still feminine
* DaintyLittleBalletDancers\\
Ballet dancers are portrayed as waifs
* DamselInDistress\\
It's feminine to be captured and rescued by a strong man
* EnglishRose\\
A young, delicate, ideal lady of that land
* EveryProperLadyShouldCurtsy\\
Ladies do this instead of bowing
* TheFashionista\\
Feminine women like fancy, stylish clothes
* FemmeFatale\\
Femininity used for sinister purposes
* FemmeFataleSpy\\
Her feminine whiles are a great asset for espionage
* FeminineWomenCanCook\\
You aren't a lady if you can't cook
* FemininityFailure\\
Not every lady can pull this off
* FilleFatale\\
She doesn't need to grow up to use her wiles
* FlowerInHerHair\\
The most feminine of hair accessories
* FragileFlower\\
Looking sad is still feminine
* GirlinessUpgrade\\
Get that tomboyish appearance out of here
* GirlishPigtails\\
The most visibly young feminine hairstyle
* GirlsLoveStuffedAnimals\\
Feminine girls like plush toys
* GirlyBruiser\\
Kick some ass, but still look sweet and innocent otherwise
* GirlyGirlWithATomboyStreak\\
Not every lady has to be completely ladylike
* GirlsLoveChocolate\\
The ultimate feminine food
* GirlySkirtTwirl\\
True ladies will try spinning a new dress once in a while
* GracefulLadiesLikePurple\\
The color for those with mature femininity
* GrandeDame\\
Her femininity is about being tough, but still ladylike
* HairDecorations\\
These add a girly touch to her look
* HarpOfFemininity\\
A ladylike instrument
* HighClassCallGirl\\
Being feminine is part of the job
* HimeCut\\
The most royal of Japanese lady hairstyles
* {{Housewife}}\\
Feminine women can keep the house looking nice
* InnocentFlowerGirl\\
Sweet, ladylike, but so tragic
* InTouchWithHisFeminineSide\\
A guy can still like feminine things
* KickingAssInAllHerFinery\\
Dressing like a lady, while taking names in a fight
* KindlyHousekeeper\\
Hiring someone to keep the house looking nice, but still be feminine
* TheLadysFavour\\
A true lady of chivalry will give this to her knight as he goes off to battle
* LightFeminineAndDarkFeminine\\
A childlike feminine paired with a seductive feminine
* LipstickAndLoadMontage\\
A ladylike dressing up montage
* LipstickLesbian\\
Being a lesbian doesn't mean a woman can't still be feminine
* LongHairIsFeminine\\
Ladylike long locks
* MamaBear\\
When protecting her kids, it's okay to loosen femininity requirements
* MasculineGirlFeminineBoy\\
Swapping gender roles for a couple
* MegaTwintails\\
The most girly of hairstyles
* MenAreStrongWomenArePretty\\
The basic gender appearance stereotype
* NaginatasAreFeminine\\
If a Japanese lady wants to kick ass, best to use this
* NoGuyWantsAnAmazon\\
Be feminine or don't get the guy
* OjouRinglets\\
In Japanese media, royal ladies often wear their hair like this
* ParasolOfPrettiness\\
A ladylike accessory, now giving an old fashioned air
* PinkHeroine\\
In a team, the girl member prefers this color
* PinkMeansFeminine\\
Being girly and feminine means you will have this color
* PrincessClassic\\
The most feminine of princesses
* PrincessPhase\\
Any try lady must at least want to be a princess at some point in her life
* ProperLady\\
The old British lady ideal
* RealMenWearPink\\
Averts (if not defies) the notion that anything feminine ruins masculinity
* RealWomenDontWearDresses\\
Femininity treated as something that signifies a weak character
* RegalRinglets\\
Hair for ladies of high birth
* SensitiveGuyAndManlyMan\\
The first man has those feminine traits
* SheCleansUpNicely\\
If she doesn't look feminine at first, she will
* SheFu\\
Kicking ass, but looking very girly about it
* ShyBlueHairedGirl\\
A hair color that signifies a delicate femininity
* SilkHidingSteel\\
Feminine on the outside... and on the inside, but you don't want to cross her anyway
* SouthernBelle\\
The feminine idea of the old south
* SpiritedYoungLady\\
Femininity as wholly compatible with empowerment and independence
* TextileWorkIsFeminine\\
True ladies can make and mend clothes
* TheThreeFacesOfEve\\
A special feminine trio
* TomboyAndGirlyGirl\\
A pair where one is feminine and the other not so
* TomboyWithAGirlyStreak\\
She still has some femininity within her
* TownGirls\\
The trio has one feminine lady
* TrueBlueFemininity\\
A serene, wise, and/or peaceful form of femininity
* VanityIsFeminine\\
True ladies care about their appearance
* VasquezAlwaysDies\\
Masculine women are expendable
* YamatoNadeshiko\\
The ideal Japanese feminine lady