->''No moral compass but what a tailor!''
-->-- Charles De Gaule regarding ThoseWackyNazis

Not quite evil. Or at least, not enough for the audience to worry too much. The essence of this prop is evil in a {{camp}} sort of way, often bordering on 'dark' but safe fetishism. This often just means [[EvilIsSexy cooler and sexier costumes]], and slightly more aggressive characters. Especially handy if you prefer a Dark Prince to a Good Prince.

Occasionally, Fashionable Evil occurs because GenericCuteness permeates the entire setting, like a ghostly hell dimension suffused with fluffy purple things and {{Cute Monster Girl}}s instead of actual monsters. The setting also supplies its own {{Anti Hero}}es, and since evil ''is'' the InformedAbility, these characters can be antagonistic if not outright malicious when needed.

Usually not result of VillainDecay, as their popularity is predicted, especially if the story itself uses a non- BigBad centered conflict. See also DarkIsNotEvil.