Fantasy Strike

A fantasy world created by game designer David Sirlin for the three of his designed and self-created board games.

The name 'Fantasy Strike' is the name of both the universe and the olympic-style fighting tournament (A Tournament Arc for the world, if you will) held in it. The tournament is used by it's host, the stone golem Garus Rook, to raise awareness of the villainies committed by the Flagstone government. This does ruffle their feathers a bit, but the tournament is hard to stop, thanks to the teleporting fortress of it's host.

The tournament currently holds ten competitors: Grave & Jaina Stormborne, their mentor Master Midori, the host of the tournament, Garus Rook, Rook's scientific advisor Max Geiger, Rook's artistic advisor Valerie Rose, a ninja student Setsuki Hiruki, an ageless diplomat Jefferson De Grey, a fishman shaman Argagarg Garg and a drinking, gambling panda Lum Bam-foo.

But there are more fighters on their way, some looking to enter the tournament, some with more sinister goals in mind. From the Shadows expansion there are: Chief Magistrate of Flagstone Quince and his war adviser Onimaru, the Blood Guards - anarchistic Zane, brutish but gullible Troq and undead assassin Vendetta. There is of course BBB a sentient golem crafted by Geiger; sister healers Gloria and Gwen, though Gwen contracted Shadow Plague from an encounter with Vendetta and is now living on borrowed time, thanks to her sister Gloria. Last but not least are the amoral Deathstrike Dragon Master Menelker and Persephone a powerful entity that completely dominates her opponents.

The three games that use the Fantasy Strike world are Yomi (A card game that simulates a fighting game), Flash Duel (A card game that simulates the characters sparring) and Puzzle Strike (A card game (Noticing a trend here?) that simulates a dueling puzzle game).

This page is devoted to the universe and characters living in it. Refer to the specific pages for each of the games.

A character sheet can be found here.

An electric adaptation of all three games can be found online here .