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Fans Peak
A term used for the jargon that fans use. In one sense, this entire wiki is a fanspeak glossary, but that is a little too big of a lump for even the most determined lumper.

Large enough franchises often develop fanspeak unique to fans of that franchise, which is sometimes Not Self-Explanatory to outsiders but is just as often a particular choice of words in the manner of a Stock Phrase. Most people aren't just fans of one franchise, so the latter often spill over into other franchises and occasionally language at large. Many of these are Trope Namers, but almost all are some form of Memetic Mutation and examples thereof can go there; explain the origin and use of the term in the Explanation labelnote.

Some of the terms we use are pretty unique to this wiki. Other terms you're going to find all over the internet, either because we borrowed the term everyone was already using or because our neologism for something caught on. At any rate, we're not interested in playing Google Trends and deciding what's "in" and what's "out".

Most fanspeak is about expressing opinions, so if you came here looking for it, head off to Audience Reactions and you're bound to find a few old favorites and maybe some new favorites.

Anime Fanspeak and Roleplaying Game Terms have their own indexes.

Historical note: This page used to be an index, but all of the things on it have been moved to Audience Reactions, YMMV, or listed as a trope on one of the trope indexes.

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