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In fiction, the most life-changing events seem to happen at family gatherings. No family is immune, but especially not at a reunion, {{wedding|Smashers}} or [[TheFunInFuneral funeral]], though it is also a staple of {{Christmas Movies|Index}}. No matter what sort of family gathering -- particularly one involving a BigScrewedUpFamily -- there are shocking revelations, death, divorce or even attempted murder.

If this makes family gatherings sound dangerous, don't worry. There is almost always reconciliation in the end, and everyone comes out of it [[GoldenMoment learning valuable lessons]] about life, love and [[ThickerThanWater the value of family]].


* ''FanFic/SecondBloom'': At the Karibi family reunion, Sakura finds out about her family- namely, that they have a bloodline limit and that two of her cousins were, in the original timeline, her teammate and the leader of a foreign ninja village. And then, [[spoiler: Root attacks- an attempt to kidnap the children of the family and massacre the adults that was actually ''successful'' the first time around.]]

%%* ''Film/ThisChristmas''
* ''Film/MadeasFamilyReunion'': Although the whole movie is about a DysfunctionalFamily, the events come to a head at the eponymous reunion, with Lisa and Vanessa's abusive mother starting a physical fight.
%%* ''Film/SoulFood''
%%* ''Film/WelcomeHomeRoscoeJenkins''
%%* ''Film/MeetTheBrowns''
%%* ''Film/DeathAtAFuneral'' (both versions)
%%* ''Film/NationalLampoonsChristmasVacation''
%%* ''Film/FourChristmases''
%%* ''Film/HomeForTheHolidays''
* ''Film/EverybodysFine'': One daughter is secretly [[spoiler:questioning her sexuality]] while the other is [[spoiler:divorcing her husband]]. Meanwhile, one of his sons is mildly unhappy while the other is [[spoiler:dead, likely due to a drug overdose]].
%%* ''Film/NothingLikeTheHolidays''
%%* ''Film/WhenDoWeEat''
%%* ''Film/OurFamilyWedding''
%%* ''Film/GuessWhosComingToDinner''
%%* ''Film/GuessWho''
%%* ''Film/TheFamilyStone''
* ''Film/WhatsCooking'': Four families (African-American, White, Latino, and Asian) celebrate Thanksgiving in Los Angeles. There's adultery, someone comes out, some gunplay, a pregnancy, and there's plenty of ruined dinners (literally and figuratively) to go around!
* ''Film/JumpingTheBroom'': There is a CultureClash between Sabrina and Jason's family, with Sabrina's family being wealthy and Jason's family being working class.
%%* ''Film/TheHouseOfYes''
* ''Film/MonsoonWedding'': The whole family has come from all over the globe and in doing so, friction develops, especially as the CreepyUncle is reunited with the niece he sexually abused as a child, and the fallout when it all comes out.
* ''Film/TheCelebration'' (or ''Festen'', in Danish): in which a son chooses his father's 60th birthday to reveal to the rest of the family, and all their friends, that said father sexually abused him and his twin sister for years, leading to her suicide. Understandably, an exception to the "almost always reconciliation" rule.

* ''Literature/{{Pact}}'': Happens in the first chapter, when the Thorburn family gathers at Hillsglade House to hear who Grandma's heir will be. Rosalyn's death sets in motion events that lead to Molly's death and threaten Blake's life and the lives of everyone in line for her inheritance.

%%* ''Theatre/TheLionInWinter'', where this trope meets RoyallyScrewedUp.

* Both ''VideoGame/AnotherCode'' games kick off with Richard attempting to reunite and bond with his daughter, Ashley. They both end with a lot of family secrets revealed and someone nearly getting killed by a third party.

* ''VisualNovel/UminekoWhenTheyCry'' is the story of the family reunion of the [[TheClan Ushiromiya Clan]], complete with {{Closed Circle}}s, murder mysteries, ritualistic sacrifice and [[spoiler: {{Groundhog Day Loop}}s]], as expected of a part of the ''When They Cry'' series.