Fake Pregnancy

''"Oh, don't worry about me. It's just that I'm going to have a baby."
Roxie Hart, coming up with a publicity stunt on the spot, Chicago

A female character lies about being pregnant. This can be done for a variety of reasons: perhaps the character is trying to get her boyfriend not to break up with her, perhaps (conversely) she is trying to scare her boyfriend off, perhaps she is trying to get another character to give her unofficial child support.

A variant is when one character claims this on behalf of another female character, who is then forced to play along or expose the charade.

This can be (but isn't always) a sub-trope of The Baby Trap. Pillow Pregnancy is a sub-trope. Daddy DNA Test can be related. This trope can carry the Unfortunate Implications of presenting women as manipulative liars.


Anime and Manga
  • Urusei Yatsura: Early on, Lum shouts that she's pregnant while Ataru is trying to talk to Shinobu on the telephone. This is a deliberate attempt to disrupt the conversation and make Shinobu give up on Ataru.
  • Haiyore! Nyarko-san: Played for Laughs in Episode 7 of the first TV series; Nyarko claims that she's pregnant with Mahiro's child the very next morning, and can even be seen doing Lamaze breathing exercises in the background (note that they haven't even have sex to begin with, she's lying about that too). To Mahiro's annoyance everyone believes it, including his level-headed friend Yoichi and his own mother, though in her case it might have just been I Want Grandkids. When Hasta believes it and runs off crying, Mahiro quietly mutters "Well, maybe it's okay for him to believe it..."

  • In Identity, Ginny confesses to her new husband that she lied about being pregnant immediately before he is murdered.
  • At the start of 8 Mile, Rabbit says his girlfriend might be pregnant. She later says she just said that in an effort to make him stay.
  • The entire plot of the Lindsay Lohan film Labor Pains. The main character lies about being pregnant so she won't be fired from her job.
  • In Saw VII, one of the women on a trap hurriedly fakes a pregnancy so that another man might spare her and kill others.
  • In Baby Mama Angie is hired to be Kate's surrogate. Angie thinks the pregnancy doesn't take, but fakes pregnancy symptoms and begins wearing a false tummy so she can get money and lodging out of Kate when her boyfriend kicks her out. And then subverted when she goes for an ultrasound and discovers she really is pregnant, although she thinks the baby isn't Kate's but her own by her ex.
  • In The Room, Lisa tells Tommy she's pregnant and one scene later, confesses she made it up "to make things interesting". Like many things in this movie, this subplot is never mentioned again.
  • In Soapdish Montana claims to be pregnant with Jeffery's baby so she can get some publicity of her own. Ariel and Rose reveal (on live television, no less) that Montana is really a man named Milton, making the 'pregnancy' this trope.

  • A variant in The Hunger Games in which it's the guy who lies: when forced back into the Arena, Peeta decides to play up his and Katniss's Starcrossed Lovers schtick by announcing that she's pregnant, in order to increase sympathy from the Capitol residents.
  • Ghosts in the Yew by Blake Hausladen. A woman claims to be pregnant to explain her massive weight gain over the winter, and to elicit special treatment. It's a little unclear if she knows she's not telling the truth or if she honestly doesn't know how pregnancy works. (She hasn't had sex with her husband or any other man in over a year.)
  • Subverted in The Age of Innocence, May does this to Ellen, her husband's love interest, to drive her away. It turns out she really is pregnant, but she does not know at the time.
  • A character in the Kinsey Millhone novel "D" is for Deadbeat does this, hiding some jewels underneath a fake belly. Kinsey figures it out after finding tampons in the woman's purse.
  • In Shanghai Girls, Pearl does this in order to cover up for her pregnant sister May, who while married, has never slept with her husband (who is only 14 and mentally challenged) from an Arranged Marriage. She manages to keep this secret even while living in a dormitory with several other women.

Live-Action TV
  • Kelly in The Office (US) does this in an effort to get back together with Ryan after he breaks up with her to move to New York at the end of season 3.
  • Penelope attempts this on Reign so she wouldn't fall out of favor with King Henry, but Queen Catherine quickly gets rid of her.
  • In an episode Rules of Engagement, Audrey is Mistaken for Pregnant following a poorly phrased remark at work. Finding she enjoys the attention, she then fakes being pregnant while she attempts to become pregnant for real.
  • An episode of The George Lopez Show has Angie discover she's not pregnant, but kept the lie going so George wouldn't be depressed, as Carmen had recently left for college.
  • 3rd Rock from the Sun: When Sally visits a gynecologist for the first time all the other women there are pregnant, and in order to fit in she claims she's pregnant too - which comes as a shock to her boyfriend since they've never had sex.
  • In an episode of Sally Jesse Raphael a male-to-female transgender person was on and claimed to be pregnant.
  • On Nashville after Peggy told Teddy that she was pregnant, he proposed to her. Shortly before the wedding Peggy miscarried and was afraid that Teddy would back out of the marriage. She kept acting like she was still pregnant and after the wedding she faked a miscarriage. Teddy did not find out until Peggy was murdered.
  • On Revenge it was revealed that Victoria got Conrad to marry her by faking a pregnancy as part of a Baby Trap. After the wedding she faked a miscarriage. In the present Emily uses the same tactic when it looks like Daniel is going to back out of their upcoming marriage. She was planning to fake her own death right after the wedding but her plan backfired and an outraged Daniel shot her.
  • M*A*S*H. This was the subject of an episode that was ultimately never filmed, as at the time it was considered too risqué. The episode, entitled "Hawkeye on the Double," had Hawkeye seeing two different nurses behind each of their backs, and when the two found out about each other, they planned on getting back at him by both pretending to be pregnant with his child, and pressuring him into choosing which one of them to marry. The script for the episode is available as a special feature on DVD.
  • In Home and Away, when Reese discovered that Kirsty and Kane had got married, he yelled at them to give him a reason why their marriage should not be split up (Reese hated Kane). Kirsty yells at Reese that she is pregnant - a lie which she then has to maintain after Kane tells her how happy he is. Kirsty then later has to fake a miscarriage and then discovers later that she is genuinely pregnant.
  • Used every which way in a two-part Arrested Development storyline in which Michael Bluth's ex-fling Maggie Lizer not only pulls this on Michael to try and win him back, but also lies to two cops who have contracted her as a surrogate mother for their son and pawns the surrogacy off on a client so they can sue a local restaurant for causing the client's supposed "obesity." And then in The Stinger Maggie apparently learns she's actually pregnant thanks to one last romp with Michael in the preceding episode.
  • On Graceland Paige is looking for a drug dealer who has gone into hiding. She puts on a fake pregnancy belly and approaches the drug dealer's mother pretending to be the guy's pregnant girlfriend. The mother is not happy with the situation but reluctantly tells her where her son is hiding.
  • The Night Of The Bloodbeast episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000 has Crow pretending to have been impregnated by the film's titular creature, so the others will wait on him, relieve him of his chores on the SOL, and give him a baby shower. After being forced to admit the ruse, he goes off on a lengthy rant about how "easy" pregnant women have it.
  • On Awkward., Eva pretends to be pregnant in order to get Matty to stay with her, and even shows him (and Jenna and Sadie, who are skeptical) a positive pregnancy test, which it turns out that she bribed someone who was actually pregnant (with diamond earrings she stole from Matty's mother) to use their test.

Pro Wrestling

  • In Chicago (both the theatre and film versions), Roxie Hart fakes a pregnancy in order to gain public attention and sympathy leading up to her murder trial.
  • In Oscar (and its film version) Lisa lies to her father about being pregnant so he will allow her to marry her boyfriend.

Video Game
  • Legend of Mana, in a minor quest, had a female penguin imply to her pirate boyfriend, who was about to go to sea for an extended period of time, that she had an egg. At the end of the quest, she says she was misunderstood and was only musing about the possibility of having an egg. Then, when he's out of earshot, she admits that she lied the second time and Just Wanted Her Beloved To Be Happy.

Web Original
  • One Cracked article (here) consists of an informal social experiment, in which the author set up a fictional dating profile for a thoroughly repellent, morally bankrupt (but very attractive) woman and observes how many men will overlook her numerous very obvious character flaws nevertheless. The fictional woman repeatedly alludes to lying to men about being pregnant, for various reasons.

Western Animation
  • In Archer, Uta the assassin desperately wants to be pregnant, to the point where she begins to believe she actually is pregnant and even wears a prosthetic pregnancy belly to assist in her delusion.