Exploited Trope

aka: Exploited
Sometimes it's obvious a trope is going to happen. This is for when a Genre Savvy character knows a trope is going to happen, or is happening already, but rather than trying to deny, change, or even hasten the trope, this character instead decides to take advantage of it.

Perhaps a Mook knows he is turning good, but also realizes Redemption Equals Death. So he uses his upcoming death as a Thanatos Gambit against the Big Bad. Or a girl in a romantic comedy knows whom she will end up with, and knowing that the other guy feels that I Just Want My Beloved to Be Happy, helps get another girl to be noticed by that guy.

Note that a Dangerously Genre Savvy might also take into account the upcoming trope might be a trick, and this is a Subverted Trope. Thus that character might plan for either outcome.

Compare Invoked Trope (which is deliberately trying to make a trope happen), Flaw Exploitation.

Contrast Defied Trope.

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  • In recent years, Bud Light commercials adopted the formula that whenever the eponymous drink gets involved, someone says, "Here we go!" For Super Bowl XLVI, a Bud Light commercial is released involving a rescue dog named Weego who fetches Bud Light bottles and kegs whenever someone calls for him. ("Here, Weego!")


Comic Books
  • Archie Comics' Sonic the Hedgehog: After being on the losing end of a Curb-Stomp Battle at the hands of Eggman using a Powered Armor that was specifically designed to counter and defeat him, Sonic brings the other Freedom Fighters and Team Chaotix along when Eggman breaks the armor out again, having correctly deduced that Eggman's armor was designed to outfight him, but no one else; Eggman loses pathetically as a result.

Fan Fiction

Film (Animated)
  • In Tangled Flynn and Rapunzel exploit the Power Glows trope when they use her Magic Hair to find a way out of a flooding cave.
  • Frozen had Prince Hans exploit the trope of Love at First Sight in order to lure the target in and get exactly what they want: to marry the naive Anna and depose her sister Queen Elsa to take over the kingdom.

Film (Live-Action)
  • In The Dark Knight, Harvey Dent manages to take control of dramatic events at a trial and turn them to his advantage, effectively exploiting Courtroom Antics. An accused gangster tries to shoot him in the middle of the trial - Dent promptly punches and disarms him, stunning the entire court. When the judge calls for a recess, Dent hams it up: "Your honor, I'm not finished!"
  • When Tom is chased by half the student body in PCU, he hides from them, and then realizes The Pit needs lots of people at their party, so they can raise money. He then gets the people to chase him to the party.

Live-Action TV

Video Games

Web Comics

Web Original

Western Animation

Other/Multiple Media
  • In BIONICLE, Big Bad Makuta put the Physical God Mata Nui into an endless sleep, but he knows that heroes will wake him up again Because Destiny Says So. Rather than waste a ton of resources trying to stop the heroes, he arranges things so that he's in control of Mata Nui's body when it wakes.
  • Pink Means Feminine was exploited by making it the color for breast cancer awareness.

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