->''"My advice would be to bring a friend that has your basic characteristics, but is slightly less attractive."''
-->-- '''Dan Arieli''' gives dating tips in ''Predictably Irrational''

A character that exists to provide a flattering contrast to the audience by being worse than the audience in some specific respect.

This trope exists on a sliding scale of scorn; at one end the character simply exists as a flattering contrast to the audience (the IdiotHero often fits here). At this end of the spectrum, the audience focuses on the "if ''this'' character can do x, then I certainly can do x!"

On the other end of scorn scale is the harder version, where a character that is made pathetic so the audience can feel better about themselves (via [[GratuitousGerman Schadenfreude]]). TheDitz, a very common trope in [[SitCom Sitcoms]], is this (but PlayedForLaughs).

Arguably an ExpectationLowerer is an {{Inversion}} of EscapistCharacter; Escapist Characters allow you to feel good by giving you an AudienceSurrogate that you can experience awesomeness through. An Expectation Lowerer makes you feel good in the exact opposite way; you ''cannot'' identify with this character and this character, in at least one respect, is worse than you.

Not to be confused with ThisLoserIsYou; where a [[AudienceSurrogate character you identify with]] is the character that sucks. ThisLoserIsYou basically flings the audience's faults back into their face whereas an ExpectationLowerer allows them to distance themselves from their faults.

Compare-Contrast the MarySue; a character who (like the ExpectationLowerer) the audience does ''not'' identify with, but due to the character's ''strengths'' rather than ''weaknesses''.

Possibly related to Creator/FriedrichNietzsche and his concept of "Pathos Of Distance" (where one casts that which one does ''not'' identify with as the morally wrong).



* Creator/FriedrichNietzsche and his aforementioned concept of the "pathos of distance" is arguably related to this. Nietzsche argued that moral concepts came about because societies/groups/cliques defined themselves (and a list of traits they allegedly embodied) as "the good" and hence "the unlike us" became "the bad."
* St Thomas Aquinas believed that the righteous in Heaven will be able to observe the torments of the wicked in Hell; [[ComedicSociopathy the better to enjoy their blessedness]]. This is probably the harshest demonstration of the second kind of ExpectationLowerer, with gloating and schadenfreude [[RecycledInSPACE on a celestial level]].
** Or, as a demonstration of justice to their persecutors.
** [[OlderThanTheyThink St Thomas was by no means the first person to think this]]; the early Christian writer Tertullian wrote [[http://www.archive.org/stream/apologydespectac00tertuoft#page/298/mode/2up a remarkably nasty account]] of how much he was looking forward to seeing the benighted Roman heathens burning in Hell.

* Every single guest on ''JerrySpringer'', and the UK equivalent Jeremy Kyle.
* HopelessAuditionees on any TV Talent Show (for instance, ''Series/AmericanIdol'').
* All of the main characters in ''ItsAlwaysSunnyInPhiladelphia''.
* Studies show that this is literally true of the contestants on reality television; it can actually serve as a mental substitute for self-betterment.

* This, mixed with BileFascination, drives sites like Encyclopedia Dramatica and People of Walmart (among many, many others).

* [[TheAlcoholic Barney Gumble]] from ''TheSimpsons'', is meant to be even more of a StrawLoser than Homer is. Subverted in that Barney makes an effort to get clean and sober (although he does fall OffTheWagon every now and again.) He's been OutOfFocus in more recent seasons, because with his recovery efforts, he does not fulfill his ExpectationLowerer role anymore.
** As well as some [[MoralGuardians parental groups]] not [[UnfortunateImplications understanding or tolerating the implication]] that such a roaring drunk [[RealityIsUnrealistic could have an artistic side]].
* Carl of ''AquaTeenHungerForce''. Fat, balding, ugly, hairy, a slob, a perverted sleezeball, and beyond.
* ''SpongeBobSquarePants'' is not the brightest bulb in the circuit by any means, but compared to [[StrawLoser Patrick]], he looks like a genius.