Tropes that apply to a particular single episode of a TV show. Not to be confused with the British {{sitcom}} [[Series/{{Episodes}} of the same name]].

!!Significant date episode
Episodes that revolve around what the characters do (or not) to celebrate culturally significant dates, especially holidays.

* AprilFoolsPlot\\
It's April Fools Day and everyone is having fun.
* ChristmasEpisode\\
It's Christmas Eve and everyone is having fun. May feature YetAnotherChristmasCarol.
* CrappyHolidays\\
It's holiday season but nobody is having fun.
* ElectionDayEpisode\\
It's Election day and someone is involved in a campaign for office.
* FestivalEpisode\\
It's festival season and the Japanese are having fun.
* HalloweenEpisode\\
It's Halloween and everybody is terrified.
* ThanksgivingEpisode\\
It's Thanksgiving and the relatives are arguing.
* ValentinesDayEpisodes\\
It's Valentine's Day and everybody is lovesick.

!!Genre shift episode
The show switches genres for one episode, but keeps the main cast.

* AlternateRealityEpisode\\
The actors play different characters in an alternate universe.
* CowboyEpisode\\
The characters go to the American Old West.
* NoirEpisode\\
Episode shot in the style of FilmNoir.
* ParodyEpisode\\
Comedic episode parodying something.
* RhymingEpisode\\
The characters are cast in a story where they rhyme all the time.
* StorybookEpisode\\
The characters are cast as fairy tale archetypes.
* SuperheroEpisode\\
The characters gain superpowers and fight crime for an episode.

!!Unusual location episode
Episode where the main cast goes to places they don't usually hang out at.

* BeachEpisode\\
The characters go to a beach.
* BootCampEpisode\\
The characters receive military training.
* CampingEpisode\\
The characters go camping.
* CasinoEpisode\\
The characters go to a casino.
* CircusEpisode\\
The characters get involved with a circus for an episode.
* CourtroomEpisode\\
The characters are involved in a court case.
* EpisodeOnAPlane\\
The characters take a plane to somewhere and spend most of the episode on board.
* HotSpringsEpisode\\
The characters go to the hot springs.
* PicnicEpisode\\
The characters go on a picnic.
* PrisonEpisode\\
The characters go to prison.
* RealWorldEpisode\\
The characters come from their fictional world to the 'real' one for an episode.
* RoadTripPlot\\
The characters go on a road trip. AKA "Road Trip Episode".
* TheShowGoesHollywood\\
The characters go to Hollywood.
* SpaceEpisode\\
The characters go to outer space.
* VacationEpisode\\
The characters go on a vacation.
* VivaLasVegas\\
The characters go to Vegas for an episode

!!Unusual situation episode
Episodes where the main cast is placed into unusual situations.

* BabyMorphEpisode\\
One or more characters is transformed into a baby and the others must take care of them.
* BabysittingEpisode\\
The characters have to babysit someone.
* BigStormEpisode\\
There's a big storm. The characters have to work around it.
* BrokeEpisode\\
The characters are broke and must make ends meet somehow.
* DietEpisode\\
The characters start dieting for one episode.
* DocumentaryEpisode\\
A journalist makes a documentary about the characters and their occupation.
* FairyTaleEpisode\\
The characters reenact a famous fairy tale.
* FeudEpisode\\
The characters spend the episode feuding against each other.
* GenderSeparatedEnsembleEpisode\\
The ensemble cast is split by gender for one episode, with their separate plots.
* InsomniaEpisode\\
A character is unable to sleep for unknown reasons for one episode.
* NewJobEpisode\\
A character changes jobs for an episode.
* ParanormalEpisode\\
The characters find themselves in a situation dealing with the paranormal.
* ParentsForADay\\
A baby or something like it is raised, who leaves by the end of the episode.
* RearWindowHomage\\
A character forced to sit around in their bedroom ends up recreating the plot of Creator/AlfredHitchcock's ''Film/RearWindow''.
* SecondEpisodeMorning\\
A character has to deal with the strange events that happened in the first episode.
* SocietyOnEdgeEpisode\\
The characters have to deal with how volatile and unstable the setting has recently become.
* SuperstitionEpisode\\
A character does something considered unlucky and has bad luck for the rest of the episode.
* StuckAtTheAirportPlot\\
The airport is SnowedIn and the flight's been cancelled. Or was it some kind of terrorist attack?
* TimeTravelEpisode\\
The characters go time traveling.
* TortureChamberEpisode\\
A character spends the episode being tortured.
* TrainwreckEpisode\\
The characters are involved in or have to deal with a major disaster.
* TreasureHuntEpisode\\
The characters look for treasure.

!!Illness episode
Episodes where members of the main cast fall ill or are injured.

* AmnesiaEpisode \\
Someone loses their memory. {{Hilarity|Ensues}} may or may not ensue.
* ContaminationSituation \\
Characters are exposed to a potentially deadly pathogen that infects them.
* TheDentistEpisode\\
A character has to visit the dentist.
* FeverDreamEpisode\\
A character is sick and has bad trips the entire episode.
* SickEpisode\\
One or more characters fall ill and the others tend to them.
* SingleEpisodeHandicap\\
A character is handicapped for an episode.
* TheTonsillitisEpisode\\
A character has tonsillitis.

!!Unusual activity episode
Episodes where members of the main cast engage in unusual (for them) activities.

* BalletEpisode\\
One or more characters either try their hand at ballet or [[AtTheOperaTonight go to the ballet]].
* DoorToDoorEpisode\\
The characters go on a fund raising drive.
* DressUpEpisode\\
The modern protagonists of the work in question suddenly and inexplicably need to dress as if it's the [[GorgeousPeriodDress Victorian Era]].
* FundraiserCarnival\\
The characters organize a fundraiser carnival.
* GuinnessEpisode\\
The characters attempt to break a world record (or several); usually, HilarityEnsues.
* MusicalEpisode\\
The characters prepare and perform a musical.
* ProWrestlingEpisode\\
The characters train for, participate in, or attend a wrestling match.
* SchoolPlay\\
The characters prepare for and/or perform a play for class.

!!Contest/sports/game episode
Episodes where the main cast participates in sports or other kinds of games and contests.

* BaseballEpisode\\
The characters train for and participate in a baseball game.
* TheBoxingEpisode\\
The characters train for, participate in, or attend a boxing match.
* EvasiveFightThreadEpisode\\
The characters compete in some discipline but the outcome is never revealed.
* MiniGolfEpisode\\
The characters visit a mini-golf course- competition ensues.
* TheOlympics\\
The characters partake in the Olympics, whether a local version or the real deal.
* PaintballEpisode\\
The characters train for and participate in a paintball game.
* RPGEpisode\\
The characters play a role-playing game for most of the episode.
* TownContestEpisode\\
The characters participate in a town-wide contest in some discipline.

!!Character-centered episode
Episodes focusing on secondary characters, personality traits of the main cast, exotic creatures, or even inanimate objects.

* BirthdayEpisode\\
Where a character's birthday is celebrated.
* TheBusCameBack\\
A long gone character comes back.
* CryptidEpisode\\
The characters look for some mythical creature.
* ADayInTheLimelight\\
A secondary character shifts into the narrative focus for one episode.
* TheDollEpisode\\
Creepy episode revolving around dolls and their owners and makers.
* GirlsNightOutEpisode\\
The female characters shift into exclusive spotlight for one episode.
* LowerDeckEpisode\\
Minor supporting characters shift into spotlight for one episode.
* OriginsEpisode\\
The origin of a previously introduced character is explained.
* VillainEpisode\\
The antagonists shift into the spotlight.
* WalkOnTheWildSideEpisode\\
The responsible character becomes wild and spontaneous.
* WelcomeEpisode\\
The POV character is introduced to an established character group.
* WhatDoTheyFearEpisode\\
The characters try to discover each other's deepest fears.

!!(Non-)Continuity episode
Episodes important (or completely irrelevant) to the show's overall continuity.

* BizarroEpisode\\
Episode without any connection to the prior or following continuity.
* BreatherEpisode\\
Light-hearted episode wedged in-between emotionally taxing ones.
* {{Crossover}}\\
Episode that mixes in characters and settings from another series.
* DenouementEpisode\\
Final episode cleans up loose ends after the main story arc is concluded.
* {{Filler}}\\
Standalone episode produced solely to postpone advancing the main story arc or; adaptations may use it to avoid [[OvertookTheManga running out of source material]].
* InnocuouslyImportantEpisode\\
Episode that subtly sets up the future story arc.
* MidSeasonTwist\\
A WhamEpisode that happens midway through the season.
* NonIndicativeFirstEpisode\\
First episode whose contents don't reflect the rest of the show adequately.
* StandaloneEpisode\\
Episode that can be enjoyed without any prior knowledge of the series.
* SynchronousEpisodes\\
Several consecutively broadcast episodes take place at the same time in-story.
* RecapEpisode\\
Episode that sums up previous story developments.
* SequelEpisode\\
Episode that continues the storyline of a much earlier one.
* SeriesFauxnale\\
Episode produced as a grand finale for the series that didn't end after it.
* UnexpectedlyDarkEpisode\\
Episode that is dark for a light-hearted show, but doesn't leave an impact on the show.
* VerySpecialEpisode\\
Episode in an otherwise lighthearted series in which the characters deal with serious real-life issues.
* WhamEpisode\\
Episode produced to surprise or shock the viewers.
* WholeEpisodeFlashback\\
Episode consisting mainly of one long flashback.

!!Production trivia episode
Episodes notable for unusual format or production details.

* BannedEpisode\\
Episode that, well, was [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin banned]].
* BonusEpisode\\
Episode that never aired but was added to the retail version.
* BottleEpisode\\
Low-budget episode to preserve production expenses for later.
* ClipShow\\
Episode (usually a form of RecapEpisode) that is largely made up of actual clips from earlier episodes.
* InMemoriam\\
Episode dedicated to a person who passed away recently in real life.
* LiveEpisode\\
Episode that is shot and broadcast in real time.
* MissingEpisode\\
Episode missing from most broadcasts and retail versions.
* MultiPartEpisode\\
Episode split into several parts for broadcast.
* NoDialogueEpisode\\
Episode without any spoken lines.
* {{Pilot}}\\
Episode made to launch a new series.
* ThreeDimensionalEpisode\\
Episode produced to be watched with 3-D glasses on.
* UnfinishedEpisode\\
An episode that never gets finished or made.
* UnInstallment\\
The series skips a number in its episode/installment progression.
* VignetteEpisode\\
Episode composed of several vignettes.
* {{Webisode}}\\
Episode only available on the internet.