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->"''The goat was a shapeshifter.''"
--> -- '''[=KillerKiller=]''', ''Roleplay/{{RubyQuest}}'' discussion

A term for wild, off-the-wall theories. Named after a leading [[TinfoilHat tinfoil-hat]] theory explaining the mysterious shaking, rustling trees on ''Series/{{Lost}}'' during the first season of that program. The theory? The trees are having epileptic fits.

Although ''Lost'' has run its course, the image remains a potent title for the trope.[[labelnote:note]]There's also a second layer of meaning: epilepsy itself was once thought of as a sacred disease that can lead one who has it to the revelations not available by any other means.[[/labelnote]] No matter how absurd or irrational a theory (or tree) might seem, if it has enough ground, in the eyes of enough fans, it can spread new branches, seed new ideas, and eventually come to influence the entire work.

Crazy theories are not only common, but expected for MindScrew series. A major species of Tree is EveryoneIsJesusInPurgatory. An ongoing series which uses {{Chekhovs Gun}}s to the point of becoming a ChekhovsArmoury encourages Trees because all newly introduced objects/people/skills/etc will be suspected of being a ChekhovsGun. Horrible epileptic trees are known as PoisonOakEpilepticTrees. See StockEpilepticTrees for other common examples. Not to be confused with AluminumChristmasTrees.

Epileptic Trees suggested by ''characters'' are a sign of ScullySyndrome. When an Epileptic Tree is rendered null and void by the official {{Canon}}, it's said to be {{Jossed}}. When an Epileptic Tree ''becomes'' {{Canon}}, you're allowed to say, "IKnewIt!" - unless it became Canon ''because'' it was an Epileptic Tree, in which case it's AscendedFanon. See also InferredSurvival, UrbanLegendOfZelda and SchrodingersButterfly.

If you'd like to see the wiki contributors' own personal epileptic forest, check out our WildMassGuessing page. Don't waste your tree here. Plant it in WildMassGuessing.
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