Energetic Outstanding Orange

Hot-Blooded and full of passion, just like the game he comes from.
Orange is a bright vibrant color. It can represent optimism, vitality and zest for life ("joie de vivre"). Characters with this color are often spirited, fun loving or Hot-Blooded. On the positive side these characters are playful, social, active, and warm. On the other hand, negative associations are cheapness, obtrusiveness, boasting and noisiness.

In short a passion that's less intense than red, and a happiness that's not as meek as yellow. Since orange is a color mixed of red and yellow, it combines the attributes of both colors. Either by personality or their abilities, they're sure to stand out from the crowd. Sometimes orange is used explicitly for the purpose of standing out alone.

Also, just like the red, characters that have superpowers and wear orange, usually are vinculated with Playing with Fire. Associated character tropes at Plucky Comic Relief, Kid-Appeal Character, Genki Girl, Keet, Hot-Blooded and The Social Expert.

In the case of animals, this trope is part of the Animal Stereotypes for orange-colored animals. Foxes are usually seen as cunning and sneaky, but they are sometimes seen as cute and playful, especially younger ones. Tigers may be seen as this trope simply because of how big and powerful they are.

Sub-Trope of An Index Orange. As all the color tropes, this is related to Color-Coded Characters and Color-Coded for Your Convenience.


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    Anime and Manga 
  • Dragon Ball
    • The Kame Sennin school of martial arts has orange uniforms, symbolizing the goodness and vitality of Master Roshi and of course making good hearted, funloving, Idiot Hero Son Goku the poster child for this trope in shonen anime. The rival Crane school is more cunning and conniving and they wear green.
    • Son Goten, who resembles his father more than Son Gohan does, has an very orange gi. It's noticably a more neutral or yellow orange, than Goku and Gohan's red orange, and he's arguably a flanderized kid Goku.
  • Naruto
    • The titular character has his iconic orange outfits. He's the Ninja, known as the number one hyperactive knuckle head ninja.
    • Lampshaded by himself, since his father is the Yellow Flash and his mother is the Blood-red Habanero, he calls himself the "Orange Hokage".
  • Digimon
    • In Digimon Adventure, Taichi Yagami has the Crest of Courage, which is orange-colored, and he's the charismatic and Hot-Blooded leader of the Chosen Ones. Likewise, his Agumon has an orange Battle Aura, and his Digivolutions have yellow or orange skin.
    • Masaru Daimon and his Agumon from Digimon Savers have orange-colored Battle Auras. Not surprising, since he's Taichi's Expy. Masaru himself is ridiculously powerful for a human and Hot-Blooded as hell, being able to punch Ultimate level Digimon, who are about 20 metres tall, just to get his Battle Aura.
    • Agumon is the leading Digimon of the group in both Adventure and Savers, associated with the Crest of Courage, and as such (along with Playing with Fire) he's mainly colored orange to reflect his spirit and determination, just as their tamers (Taichi and Masaru). His evolutions are all also colored mainly orange.
  • In Katekyo Hitman Reborn! the Dying Will Flame of the Sky, the flame of leadership, is orange-colored. The Hero Tsunayoshi Sawada has this flame and his eyes turn orange when he uses his Hot-Blooded Dying Will Mode and cool and calm, but more powerful Hyper Dying Will Mode. Due to his Vongola Blood, he's different than other non-Vongola characters with the Dyning Will Flame of the Sky and he possess abilities which only the Vongola Primo possessed in the past.
  • Bleach
    • Hot-Blooded Ichigo Kurasaki has orange hair, and he was bullied because of it. He's the character with the biggest potential of the series and is a Pirate Ninja Zombie Robot in that setting.
    • Mila-Rose Franceska has an orange-colored Battle Aura and an orange-colored Cero. She's also one of the two Hot-Blooded Fracciones of Harribel. She's also more aggressive and wilder than Apacci, mostly because Mila-Rose has some relations with lions.
  • Akane Hino/Cure Sunny from Smile Pretty Cure! has either orange or red as her theme color and fire as her ElementalPower. It's more likely the former. "Hot-Blooded Power" is even her Catch Phrase. She's also the only one with a Kansai Regional Accent.
  • The titular character of Toriko has an orange outfit. It's only one of his iconic outfits, but he has a red iconic outfit, too, meaning he plays both tropes straight. He's an Experienced Protagonist, being one of the four most powerful Gourmet Hunters and is considered as the most charismatic Gourmet Hunter.
  • In-Universe, Kokoa Shuzen from Rosario + Vampire season II has apparently orange-colored hair, but it looks more like red. Though, some artworks depict her hair color has orange. She's the Hot-Blooded of the four sisters and implied that her physical strength is greater than of her other superpowerful sisters.
  • Ritsu Tainaka from K-On! tends to get thrown back and forth between yellow and orange as her theme color. The third Tankobon has her on the cover backed by a light-orange background, and she's most assuredly the Genki Girl of the main group.
  • One Piece: Nami is given orange as her color code. Aside from referencing the orange fruit (which her foster mother farmed), it also signifies her youthfulness and cheerfulness.
  • Minako from Sailor Moon is codified with the color orange, which fits her status a Genki Girl and Passionate Sports Girl.

    Comic Book 
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Michelangelo's iconic color has been orange since the 1987 show. He's often the most funloving, outgoing, and human of the turtles. They also note that despite being a slacker, his natural athleticism makes him able to stand next to his brothers even without training as often. If he were to take his training more seriously he would be the best fighter by far.

    Live-Action TV 
  • Subverted in Scrubs, when Ted wears an orange-colored necktie, everyone just wants to hurt him because orange makes other people aggressive.


    Video Games 
  • Elsword. Downplayed with Ara, who has a mainly orange theme and yet is presented as clumsy and unassertive - although as she grows up she also gains her resolve. Her fighting style is also the fastest out of all the characters, and you can expect her to move a lot.
  • Sonic the Hedgehog:
    • Tails, a young fox who is Sonic's sidekick and Kid-Appeal Character, naturally has bright orange fur, although some games make it more yellowish.
    • Sticks the Jungle Badger, introduced in Sonic Boom, is one of the first playable orange themed characters. She's appropriately an energetic Wild Child.
  • Angry Birds: Bubbles the Orange Bird is noted to be cheerful, a prankster and a Sweet Tooth, as well as a Kid-Appeal Character.
  • BlazBlue: Makoto Nanaya primarily wears orange, and she's a highly spirited Genki Girl who's the "life of the party", especially for her closest friends.
  • Aggressors Of Dark Kombat is the Market-Based Title for this game outside Japan, in this country, the real name of the game is Tsuukai GANGAN Koushinkyoku, translated as "Thrilling Intense March". Joe Kusanagi wears a Japanese schoolwear entire of orange, color that represent energy and excitement, which not just fits Joe but the entire game too. Also, a lot of orange can be seen in the game apart of Joe, as the logo itself and even the lifebars.
  • Daisy's color scheme in the Mario series consists of orange and yellow. To exemplify her energetic and easygoing personality.
  • Chen from Touhou, whose name apparently means orange in Chinese, and is generally considered by the fandom to induce Cuteness Proximity both in and out of verse.
  • RosenkreuzStilette: Luste Teuber has orange hair and her main magic attack (Lustatem) is colored orange. She's also the most hyperactive and childish of her group, the RKS, who thinks of everything as a game.
  • Night in the Woods: Gregg, who appears to be a fox, has orange fur, and is the most energetic of the main cast. However, he secretly harbors depressed thoughts.

    Web Video 
  • The Annoying Orange is a hyperactive Talkative Loon who, well, annoys everyone around him because of his hyperactivity.
  • Smosh Games: Lazercorn, arguably the most crazy and energetic member of the team, spent a month with his hair dyed bright orange. While it was done on a bet, later he decided to dye it orange again because he actually liked it.

    Western Animation 

    Real Life 
  • Nickelodeon, the "First Kid's Network" is known for its orange logo and splatter designs.
  • Frank Sinatra had a love for the color orange, once saying "Orange is the happiest of colors."
  • Orange is a very popular color in the world of sport with American football teams including Chicago Bears, Cincinnati Bengals, and baseball teams including the San Francisco Giants having their primary color as orange.
  • An orange vehicle apparently says you are a fun loving and trendy person.