Elliot Goes To School

L to R: Elmer Fapp, Elliot, Brandon, Jimbo, Xavior 3.10, and F O L D I N G C H A I R.

Elliot Goes To School was a surprisingly well-done series made with Garry's Mod, and includes voice actors. It involves random explosions, horrible teachers, penis jokes, incredibly awesome scenes, and overall total chaos.

The plot consists of the overly random antics that occur at the new high school that Elliot (the main character) attends, along with his band of misfits that constitute his friends, and each episodes plot goes from Kitty0706's unique take on the everyday rituals of the American education system, from field trips to Mondays. Although there have been episodes that haven't been based entirely within the school or not called "Elliot Goes to School" (namely 'Elliot Goes Camping'), they are still canon to the overall plot.

The series can be found here and was made by the user kitty0706.

This show provides examples of: