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Edventure of the Thousand-Year Door
Found here, this fanfiction is a crossover between Ed, Edd n Eddy and Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door.

The plot basically is the plot line of Thousand Year Door, but with the added twist that the kids of the cul-de-sac all got transported into Mario's dimension and need to find a way back. Focusing mainly on Edd, the story generally does a fine job retelling the events of Thousand Year Door while incorporating the Eds. The author is certainly imaginative, although unexperienced in writing.

The downfall of the series, unfortunately, is the writing itself. The author admits to being a first time writer, and this definitely shows constantly. Nearly every paragraph is one sentence, there is almost no description (though this is forgivable, considering it's an adaption of a game the reader is presumed to have played), and some of the authors original plot points seem a bit... cliched, to put it simply.

There was a sequel made. It is currently on Hiatus. Because of this, please add only tropes that define the first fanfic.

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