Eastern European Animation refers to AnimatedShows from Eastern Europe, to include Russian and the now defunct Soviet Union, as well as most other ex-socialist European countries. Actually, classifying these as "shows" is very inaccurate; some of them are features, some are actual shows; most of them are isolated shorts. In fact, there were no animated shows in Soviet Union; those that look like ones are series of loosely connected shorts, with long (sometimes over 10 years) intervals between "releases". Overall, network and medium seem to matter much less in Eastern European culture, at least to average viewer--in part because there was only one thing to watch for so many years--so not making distinction between features, shorts and series on this page is justified. However, the post-Fall era animation is more westernized in formal aspects, with a proper division into features, shows and shorts.

Bear in mind that just because it has the word "East" in the title does ''not'' make this trope ''not'' part of WesternAnimation. While cartoons from the former Soviet Block are often significantly different from their ''West'' Western counterparts, their stories usually follow similar premises and touch upon closely related subjects. [[CaptainObvious It is the same continent after all.]]

See also {{Anime}} and AsianAnimation.


* ''Animation/ThirtyEightParrots''
* ''Animation/AboutSidorovVova''
* ''Adventures of Captain Vrungel''
* ''Animation/AdventuresOfMowgli'': Five Russian shorts based on ''Literature/TheJungleBook''.
* ''The Adventures Of Buratino''
* ''[[http://www.kinokultura.com/2007/16r-vladimir.shtml The Adventures Of Prince Vladmir]]''
* ''Animation/TheAdventuresOfVasiaKurolesov''
* Animation/ArmenFilmAnimatedShorts (Armenian)
* ''Breakfast on the Grass'' (Estonian)
* ''Animation/TheCameramansRevenge''
* ''Animation/CaptainPronin''
* ''The Cat and the Tree''
* ''Literature/{{Cheburashka}}''
* ''Cossacks''
* ''Animation/TheCow''
* ''The Dog Door'', based on the short story ''Goodbye Ravine''
* ''Fantadroms'' (Latvian)
* ''Animation/FilmFilmFilm''
* ''Animation/FiringRange''
* ''Animation/TheFrogPrincess''
* ''Animation/{{Gagarin}}''
* ''Animation/TheGoatMusician''
* ''Animation/GogonaDaTovlisGunda'' (Georgian)
* * ''The Golden Antelope''
* ''Animation/HedgehogInTheFog''
* ''Animation/HisWifeIsAHen''
* ''Animation/IcarusAndWisemen''
* ''Animation/InterplanetaryRevolution''
* ''Animation/InvestigationHeldByKolobki''
* ''Animation/IShallGiveYouAStar''
* ''Animation/ItWasIWhoDrewTheLittleMan'' (a.k.a. Chelovechka narisoval ya)
* ''Animation/TheKey''
* ''Animation/AKittenNamedWoof''
* ''Animation/LastYearsSnowWasFalling''
* ''Animation/LavatoryLovestory''
* ''Animation/LeopoldTheCat''
* ''Animation/LittleFox''
* ''[[http://karliknos.spb.ru/eng/index_html Little Longnose]]''
* ''Animation/MashaAndTheBear''
* ''Animation/{{Mitten}}''
* ''Animation/MotherForLittleMammoth''
* ''Mr Walk''
* ''Animation/MyLove''
* ''Animation/TheMysteryOfTheThirdPlanet''
* ''Animation/NuPogodi''
* ''Animation/OnceUponADog''
* ''Literature/TheOldManAndTheSea'' (1999 animated short film adaptation)
* ''Animation/PlasticineCrow''
* ''Animation/QumiQumi''
* ''Animation/TheScarletFlower''
* ''Animation/{{Smeshariki}}'' (also known as ''[=GoGoRiki=]'' in the English dub)
* ''Animation/TheSnowQueen1957'' (Soviet adaptation)
* ''Animation/TheSnowQueen2012'' (2012 CGI adaptation)
* ''Animation/SuurToll'' (Estonian)
* The Soviet short and Russian animated film based on ''Theatre/TheNutcracker'':
** ''Animation/TheNutcracker''
** ''Animation/TheNutcrackerAndTheMouseKing''
* The animated adaptations of ''Literature/TalesOfTheMagicLand'' and ''Literature/TheWonderfulWizardOfOz''.
* ''There Lived Kozyavin''.
* A two part adaptation of ''Literature/TreasureIsland''.
* ''Animation/TownMusiciansOfBremen''.
* ''Pif - Paf, Oi-Oi-Oi''
* ''The Return of the Prodigal Parrot''
* ''Three From the Prostokvashino Village'' (Prostokvashino can be loosely translated as Buttermilk)
** ''Holidays in Prostokvashino''
** ''Winter in Prostokvashino''
* ''Welcome'': A Soviet adaptation of Dr Seuss' ''Thidwick the Big-Hearted Moose''.
* ''The Very Blue Beard''
* ''Animation/VinniPukh'' (Soviet Franchise/WinnieThePooh shorts)
* ''Animation/VovkaInFarFarAwayKingdom'' (Vovka v Tridevyatom tsarstve)
* Five short 1970's cartoons based on Greek Mythology. Remarkably close to the original material, especially considering the '''''heavy''''' Socialistic undertones. Possibly unique in not giving Princess Andromeda a RaceLift. The shorts are "Return from Olympus" (occurring in modern times, with flashback to the Labors of Heracles), "Labyrinth(about Theseus, naturally), "Argonauts", "Perseus", and "Prometheus".
* ''The Wolf and the Calf''.
* ''Tale of Tales''
* ''A Tale is Told''
* Melnitsa Studio's "3 Bogatyrs" movies
** ''Alesha Popovich and Tugarin Zmei''
** ''Dobrynia Nikitich and the Serpent Gorynych''
** ''Il'ia Muromets and the Nightingale-Robber''
** and to top the trilogy, ''Three bogatyrs'', featuring all three heroes
*** ''Three bogatyrs and the horse move''
*** Now with a sequel!

* Creators
** Creator/AdolfBorn
** Gene Deitch after 1960. However, most of them were made for and financed by American distributors.
** Creator/JiriTrnka
** Creator/JanSvankmajer
** Creator/KarelZeman
* ''Animation/ClubOfTheDiscarded''
* ''Animation/FantasticPlanet''
* ''Animation/TheFoolishFrog''
* ''Animation/TheLittleMole'' (''Krtek'')
* ''Animation/MaxAndSally and the Phenomenal Phone'' (''Mach, Šebestová a kouzelné sluchátko'')
* ''Animation/MaxidogFik'' (''Maxipes Fík'')
* ''Animation/MrKrbecAndHisAnimals'' (''O zvířátkách pana Krbce'')
* ''WesternAnimation/PatAndMat''
* ''Animation/PoppyDollAndButterflyBartholomew'' (''O makové panence a motýlu Emanuelovi'')
* ''Animation/StaflikAndSpagetka''
* ''Animation/StoriesOfAmeliaTheForestSprite'' (''Říkání o víle Amálce'')
* ''Animation/TheTalesOfDoggieAndMoggie'' (''Povídání o pejskovi a kočičce'')
* The thirteen ''WesternAnimation/TomAndJerry'', DerangedAnimation shorts and part of a Western series.
* ''Animation/TheVanishedWorldOfGloves''
* ''Animation/WordsWordsWords''

* ''[[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nBlLlxw5yKM Ark]]''
* ''Blok Ekipa''
* ''[[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bolek_and_Lolek Bolek and Lolek]]''
* ''Animation/DavidAndTheMagicPearl'', a.k.a. ''Dawid i Sandy''
* ''Animation/DreadfullyTitledMovie''
* ''Animation/DziwnePrzygodyKoziolkaMatolka''
* ''WesternAnimation/HipHipAndHurra''
* ''Animation/KapitanBomba''
* ''Animation/PiesekWKratke''
* ''Animation/PodrozeKapitanaKlipera''
* ''Animation/PomyslowyDobromir''
* ''Animation/PrzygodyGapiszona''
* ''Animation/{{Reksio}}''
* ''Animation/{{Tango}}''
* ''Animation/ZaczarowanyOlowek''

* ''Animation/CatCity'' (''Macskafogó''), a.k.a. ''The Cat Trap'' and its sequel.
* ''Animation/DragonAndSlipper'' (''Sárkány és Papucs'')
* ''The District!'' (original title: ''Nyócker!'')
* ''Animation/TheFly'' (original title: ''A Légy'')
* ''Animation/FoamBath'', a.k.a. ''Bubble Bath'' (original title: ''Habfürdő'')
* ''[[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hugo_the_Hippo Hugo The Hippo]]''
* ''Animation/{{Hofeher}}''
* ''Animation/KeremAKovetkezot'' a.k.a. ''Doktor Bubó''
* ''Animation/RabbitAndDeer'' (original title: ''Nyuszi és Őz'')
* ''Animation/TheRabbitWithTheCheckeredEars'' a.k.a. ''[[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kock%C3%A1sf%C3%BCl%C5%B1_ny%C3%BAl Kockásfülü nyúl]]'', colloquially known by fans of ''Series/{{Pinwheel}}'' as "Bunny in the Suitcase"
* ''Literature/LudasMatyi''
* ''Animation/{{Maestro}}'', an UsefulNotes/AcademyAward-nominated CGI short.
* ''Animation/MagyarNepmesek''
* ''[[Animation/MezgaCsalad A Mézga család]]''
* ''Animation/PangeaTheNeverendingWorld'' a.k.a. ''Rexy'', a CGI short.
* ''Literature/ThePrincessAndTheGoblin''
* ''Animation/TheSeventhBrother'' (original title: ''A Hetedik Testvér'')
* ''Animation/SonOfTheWhiteHorse'' (original title: ''Fehérlófia'')
* ''Animation/ThreeDirtyDwarves'' (Part of a video game)
* ''Animation/TimeMasters'' (a Franco-Hungarian effort)
* ''Animation/TheTragedyOfMan''
* ''Animation/TreasureOfSwampCastle'' (original title: ''Szaffi'').
* ''Animation/VizipokCsodapok''
* ''Animation/VukTheLittleFox''
** ''Kis Vuk'', a.k.a. ''A Fox's Tale'', a rather poorly received sequel.
* ''Animation/WillyTheSparrow''

[[folder:Other Eastern European]]
* ''Miaunel and Balanel'' - Romania (shown in North America on ''Series/{{Pinwheel}}'' in the 1980s)
* ''[[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Professor_Balthazar Professor Balthazar]]'' - UsefulNotes/{{Croatia}} (also shown in North America on ''Series/{{Pinwheel}}'' in the 1980s)
* ''Animation/TechnotiseEditIJa'' - Serbia
* ''Animation/TheElmChantedForest'' - Croatia
* ''Animation/{{Ersatz}}'' (1961) - Croatia (then part of UsefulNotes/{{Yugoslavia}})

[[folder:Western Animation]]
* Spoofed on ''WesternAnimation/TheSimpsons'' when Krusty the Clown airs ''Worker and Parasite'' in place of ''Itchy and Scratchy'' in the ''[[Recap/TheSimpsonsS4E22KrustyGetsKancelled Krusty Gets Kancelled]]'' episode.
* Spoofed on ''Series/TheFastShow'' with Chanel 9's strange and sadistic animation "Willy Ton Bastardo".