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East Indies
With its incredible natural beauty and crushing social problems, Southern Asia offers a unique mix of paradise and hell.

Generally portrayed as that chain of islands, roughly a dozen large and a gazillion smaller ones, between the Far East and the Land Downunder, Indonesia is a country that works as a more exotic version of India because not too much is known about it in the English/US-centered part of the world note ; as it was a Dutch colony until 1948 it's way better known there. Want a story with modern day cannibals? Exotic rites with components of magic? Delicious, but mouth- and ass-burning cuisine? Set it in Indonesia. Sea monsters, modern day pirates, volcanoes, and more can all be found in this tropical island chain. One thing is for certain — the area is lousy with tigers and treasure. Oh, and Komodo dragons.

Expect half of the local wildlife to inexplicably be African or South American in origin, and to encounter cannibals and cargo cults.

Compare Holiday in Cambodia, which is a little further north, and skipping Malaysia and Singapore.


Comic Books
  • The Tintin story Flight 714 takes place in "Sondonesia". No cannibals or tigers, but there is a jungle island featuring an active volcano, mysterious ruins, and Komodo dragons.


  • The Swiss Family Robinson is the ur-example of this.
  • The original Dream Park book's role playing game subplot is set in this version of the East Indies.
  • Several of Willard Price's Adventure novels are set in this area.
  • The Year Of Living Dangerously is about Western reporters covering the 1965 civil war in Indonesia (also: Film).
  • Max Havelaar by Multatuli (ps. of Eduard Douwes Dekker) and De Stille Kracht (The Silent Force) by Louis Couperus are two of the better-known Dutch literary works set in what was then called Dutch East India. Max Havelaar has been made into a film; De Stille Kracht into a TV-series.

Video Games

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