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Dont Noun Me
Alice is in a crisis and Bob tries to calm her down. When he tries to calm her down, she just replied back, "Don't 'Alice' me.'

This trope deals with a person trying to calm someone down, and they respond with a noun the person just used.
  • The Incredibles:
    Principal: Uh, Bernie...
    Bernie: Don't "Bernie" me!
  • Meet the Robinsons:
    Uncle Fritz: Now, sweetie...
    Aunt Petunia (slaps him): Don't you "sweetie" me!

  • Pulp Fiction:
    Jules: Jimmy, Jimmy she ain't gonna leave y—
    Jimmy: Don't fucking "Jimmy" me, Jules, okay! Don't fucking "Jimmy" me!

Live-Action TV
  • My Wife and Kids:
    Michael: Hey Miss Beautifulest Thing
    Janet: Don't "Miss Beautifulest Thing" me!

  • Downton Abbey:
    Duke of Crowborough: My dear Lord Grantham...
    Lord Grantham: Don't "My dear Lord Grantham" me!

Western Animation
  • Kappa Mikey in episode 11:
    Mikey: W'ever.
    Lily: Excuse me?!
    Mikey: I said, w'ever!
    Lily: Don't "w'ever" me, Mikey Simon!

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