Digimon United

Digimon United is fanfic written by NYCD Man, this fanfic can be read at:


Digimon United takes off during the events of Digimon Adventure 02 and Digimon Tamers (more specifically "It Came From the Other Side"), it starts off with Izzy's Digi-Radar picking up Digital portals opening in Shinjuku, the 02 DigiDestined investigate and end up meeting the Tamers, specifically Takato Matsuki & Henry Wong, Davis, TK, and Cody help them defeat an Akatorimon & Wendigomon, although Wendigomon escape's. Meanwhile, Kari and Yolei are attacked Rika and her partner Renamon, after forcing her to flee the 2 groups decide to team up to stop the Bio-Emerging Digimon.

All Seasons of Digimon exist in this one universe, from Adventure to Data Squad (there are plans to bring in season's 6 & 7), while the first half of the series focuses on the cast from seasons 1 to 3, season's 4 & 5 are referenced and even seen several times.

     Stories in the Digimon United 

Current and upcoming stories, in chronological order:

Digimon United:

Status: In-progress.

When Digimon start appearing in Shinjuku, the 02 gang takes a break from fighting the D.Emperor to investigate, however they end up meeting a new generation of Digi Destend: The Tamers. But there are dark forces at work not only in the Digi-World...but real world as well.

Digimon United: A New Frontier:

Status: N/A

It's been a month since the Juggernaut indecent, summer is coming and the 02 gang and Tamer's can't wait to finally relax! But things take a turn for the worst when a strange Digimon make's Tai and all the original Digi Destined disappear, including T.K. and Kari! A mysterious voice from a phone message they received, leads Davis, Yolei, and Cody to a new Digital World with 5 new Digi Destined! Together they must find thing's called Spirits in order to save their friends and get home, but who's this blond boy with a Terriermon, and why is Ken here?

Digimon United: Battle of Adventurers:

Status: N/A

(Takes place at the same time as "A new Frontier")

Takato goes on summer trip to Okinawa with Guilmon, Calumon, Henry, Terriermon and...Rika and Renamon?! However once they get there they find out that Digimon are attacking here too! After rescueing a littled girl from and attack, they must find out the secret behind these attack's with the help of a new Digimon named Seasarmon, but what is causing all these event's? Could it be and old enemy...?

Digimon United: Darkness Rising:

Status: N/A

The rising number of Digi Destend is getting on Yamaki's last nerves, and with less and less option's he is forced to enlist the help of a man named Kurata, along with a very different group of Digi Destend, The Data Squad, however during a fight between them and the Tamer's, a S.O. Bomb malfunctions and they along with the other Digi Destend are sucked into another Digi-World, witch is under attack by a new invading force. Will all the Digi Destend groups be able to concur this new threat? Especially when their memory's are damaged?

Digimon United: Project X:

Status: N/A

Almost a year since the "United Digi Destend" saved the earth, a strange new Digimon appears in the real world being chased by Leopardmon, one of the Royal Knights', while he is driven off by the effort's of Marcus and Tai, thing's soon take a turn for the worst as more member's of the group start attacking the real world searching the Digmoon, claiming they must destroy the "Catalyst" for their God: Yggdrasill. When even the group's strongest Digimon are useless against them, the new Digimon invokes something strange called "X-evolution"...

The series provides examples of: