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Digimon Underground
A recently created webcomic created by Deviantart user Midnitez-REMIX. It is a Digimon fan comic, and has original digimon as partners for most of the digidestined involved. Interestingly, Midnitez chose to use artists from Deviantart as the digidestined for his story. Right now there are three planned comics, the second and third being direct sequels to the first.

The story of the comic has gone through huge changes since its start and has had its beginning retconned THREE times already. It has gone from using all the previous digidestined from seasons 1 through 5 plus the artists from Deviantart in a battle versus the seven Digimon demon lords and their leader in the middle of a city, all the way to starring only the OC digidestined playing a training sim disquised as a video game, who are battling the previously mentioned demon lords inside the game, while also engaged in a constant struggle against a being known only as LOCKD.

Find it here.

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