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->''"It's a funny thing about the old gods. You think that just because they're old, they must be difficult to kill. But when the fighting starts, they go down just like anybody else. They're not stronger, they're just older."''
-->-- '''The Beast''', ''Literature/TheMagicians''

So, along passes the EldritchAbomination: Incomprehensible, omnipotent [[GodOfEvil dark gods]] who instill [[GoMadFromTheRevelation gibbering insanity in anyone in their presence]]; {{Sufficiently Advanced Alien}}s who have obliterated countless worlds since time immemorial; [[CosmicEntity Cosmic Entities]] whose thoughts encompass the very fabric of the universe and infinities beyond, on which humanity is just a subatomic particle. You know the type. Eternal, infinite, harbingers of the [[TheEndOfTheWorldAsWeKnowIt End of Times]], impossible to even understand, let alone think about opposition...

And then along come a fellowship of plucky heroic badasses, [[AchievementsInIgnorance who were never told that the Abomination is impossible to beat]] (and even if they were told, [[NeverTellMeTheOdds they wouldn't care]]). Through some combination of skill, brains, courage, HeroicSpirit, and occasionally raw world-shattering AwesomenessIsAForce, maybe some kind of incredibly clever strategy, maybe trap, maybe AppliedPhlebotinum and/or sheer dumb luck, or hey, WhenAllYouHaveIsAHammer, they go to work and... they ''defeat'' the abomination.

In short, you just [[KillTheGod killed a god]]. Not a {{Mook|s}}, not an {{Elite Mook|s}}, not TheDragon... '''''A {{GOD}}!''''' Anything high enough on SuperWeight that makes them comparable to a deity (where 'Hyper Weight: 4' is the low end of the scale).

This appears in videogames (especially [=RPG=]s), where the FinalBoss is [[GodOfEvil inevitably some kind]] of ultimate evil [[SealedEvilInACan unleashed upon the world]], or the BigBad has gone OneWingedAngel... only to be defeated by the heroes by whittling down its health points. Particularly jarring if the horror in question is allegedly so powerful that [[GameplayAndStorySegregation according to the backstory]] the {{Precursors}} were only able to [[SealedEvilInACan seal it away]], or if the heroes claim it was defeated via ThePowerOfFriendship (when it's obvious they won via the Power Of {{BFS}}, MoreDakka, and Nuke-Level SummonMagic). Sometimes, you actually do kill {{God}} Himself, which is commonplace in [=JRPGs=].

Maybe the heroes have found some rule stating that the power in question has limits or a NecessaryDrawback, and then proceed to [[TryingToCatchMeFightingDirty exploit it ruthlessly]]. Maybe WorfHadTheFlu. Sometimes what they defeated was just ''part'' of the being which existed in our reality at the time, in which case reducing its HitPoints to 0 just temporarily banishes it: they were FightingAShadow.

This is generally the result of whenever you put an EldritchAbomination from a cynical world in the same room as a SuperHero from an idealistic world, or anyone or anything else capable of hitting for massive damage. Do ''not'' expect this trope to appear in any CosmicHorrorStory worth its salt, except perhaps as a HopeSpot that will most likely end with [[BrokeYourArmPunchingOutCthulhu you getting your arm broken punching out the abomination]].

A common [[JustifiedTrope justification]] in video games ([=RPG=]s in particular) is to have something happen that relates to the story and limits the BigBad's power and/or [[EleventhHourSuperpower brings the heroes up to its level]]... ''then'' pummel it with extremely large swords and nuclear-apocalypse-level magic.

For the most extreme video-game examples, where the game designers ''intended'' for a character to be indestructible and players manage to kill it anyway, see LordBritishPostulate.

Compare CuttingTheKnot, RageAgainstTheHeavens, PowerCreepPowerSeep, StrongAsTheyNeedToBe, NewPowersAsThePlotDemands, GodsHandsAreTied, DidYouJustFlipOffCthulhu, DidYouJustScamCthulhu, StaringDownCthulhu, WowingCthulhu, ReasoningWithGod, AlwaysABiggerFish, DefeatingTheUndefeatable, SummonBiggerFish (the latter two are when it's essentially a real god, like Thor or Zeus, doing the punching out), TheWorfEffect, LovecraftLite. Overlaps with KillTheGod when the punch is fatal and a god per se is the victim.

Contrast BrokeYourArmPunchingOutCthulhu, DidYouJustRomanceCthulhu, DidWeJustHaveTeaWithCthulhu, PunchPunchPunchUhOh.

Not to be confused with TheWorfEffect or CreatorKiller.

Also see DoNotTauntCthulhu and OlympusMons.

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[[folder:Mythology and Religion]]
* Literature/TheBible:
** In the Literature/BookOfGenesis, Jacob wrestled with an angel. After a long stalemate, his opponent realized that [[TheDeterminator he would not give up]] and touched Jacob's hip, dislocating it. For this, Jacob gains the new name "Israel" ("Struggled/Persevered-With-God") as a reward for his stubbornness. Also, because of the way in which the angel defeated Jacob, observant Jews do not eat the sciatic nerve. Since the sciatic nerve is remarkably difficult to remove, most Jews simply did not eat the hindquarters of the animal, selling it to their Gentile neighbors instead.
** In the Literature/BookOfJudges, the men of the plains defeat the men of Judah in battle despite the latter being supported by God Himself. Those iron chariots are pretty dangerous, eh?
* In ''Literature/TheIliad'', Diomedes goes on a god-stabbing rampage with the help of Athena. First he slashes Aphrodite when she tries to spirit away Aeneas. Feeling his oats, he attacks Apollo two times, but Apollo blinds Diomedes temporarily to save Aeneas (Aphrodite's demigod son). So essentially Apollo just throws a flash grenade at him, takes the guy, and runs. When Apollo and Aphrodite return to Olympus complaining about Diomedes, Ares descends on the battlefield on a mission. Athena leads Diomedes towards the god of war and guides his spear cast to take him directly in the gut. Ares screams and flees the field. Diomedes thus becomes the only mortal to wound two gods in a single day.
* In ''Theatre/{{Alcestis}}'', Herakles (Hercules) visits Admetus, a man famous for his hospitality. Learning that Admetus just lost his wife, he decides to pay his host back by beating up Death, thereby bringing her back to life. Herakles' whole existence revolved around being physically strong enough to ignore physics and punch out whatever he ''damn well pleased''.
** Herakles also beat Ares in a straight-up fight (not that this is impressive, for being the god of war he's pretty much a sissy), and later on fought Apollo over a temple and managed to stand on even ground with him, and Herakles didn't have anyone backing him up for that fight. He also intimidated Charon into helping him and almost shot Helios out of the sky until the sun charioteer gave him a boat. This in addition to all the monsters he took out. [[JustifiedTrope It's not surprising, though]]; he was pretty much bred to beat the hell out of things that other mortals couldn't.
* ''The Northern Frog''. The {{Nigh Invulnerab|ility}}le titular beast is speared through the mouth, chained down, then has its head bashed in with a rock. With the help of the invisibility-giving Ring of Solomon.

* Occurs in ''Pinball/TheTwilightZone'' when the player defeats The Power, complete with [[DefeatEqualsExplosion explosion.]]
* In [[Creator/{{Stern}} Stern Pinball]]'s ''Pinball/FamilyGuy'', it's possible to hit TheGrimReaper in the head with a pinball.
-->'''Death:''' "Great! Now the whole world is laughing at me."

[[folder:Print Media]]
* PlayedForLaughs in a one-page, six-panel comic by the late Don Martin, in ''Magazine/{{MAD}}'' Magazine. A man sees a bug on the street in front of him, and stomps on it. We see the guy endure a little MetronomicManMashing [[WrittenSoundEffect (BWAPPPPPP! FWADAPPPPP!)]]. As the man lays unconscious, we see an extreme closeup of the bug walking away, wearing a karate gi, dusting off his hands (making this an offbeat example of HumansAreCthulhu as well!).

[[folder:Professional Wrestling]]
* Wrestling/VinceMcMahon once booked a tag-team match between himself and his son, Wrestling/{{Shane|McMahon}}, against Wrestling/ShawnMichaels and God. Yes, God. And yes, of course Vince's team won.
** It helps that during the course of the storyline, Vince was capable of minor miracles, like [[LiteralGenie walking on water]].
** It also helps that everyone knew perfectly well that God had better things to do than manifest physically at a wrestling event and that it was basically a glorified handicap match against Shawn.
** It's even worse when you realize that Michaels is a born again Christian.
*** It just makes Wrestling/JoeyStyles's work/shoot promo against it even more awesome since he was saying what the rest was saying when watching that angle.
** Also, God was portrayed by a spotlight, meaning that Vince and Shane had to start throwing themselves around whenever the light got near them.
* At the unsanctioned ''Wrestling/{{R|ingOfHonor}}OH A Night Of Hoopla'', Truth Martini's guest, "{{Satan}}", was punched low and dropped on his head by Hoopla Hotties Scarlett Bordeaux and Seleziya Sparx for being too rude.
* This was likely to be the reaction of the WWE announcers if anybody ever managed to break Wrestling/TheUndertaker's ''Wrestling/{{WrestleMania}}'' streak. The Undertaker is considered somewhat of a demi-god in kayfabe storylines and has been compared to TheGrimReaper or the Devil. After winning 21 matches, it finally happened. The streak was broken. [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TK_7GUKY3ic Just look at the crowd (and Paul Heyman's) reaction once it happened.]]
** Maven learned this the hard way after taking advantage of a distraction to eliminate Taker from the Wrestling/RoyalRumble. [[TranquilFury Suffice to say]], [[NoHoldsBarredBeatdown the Dead Man was not pleased]].
** Hell, this the reaction of announcers any time someone manages to beat The Undertaker period. The best example probably has to be when The Great Khali did it, because the announcers' reactions for the next five minutes was them basically shouting at the top of their lungs, "WTF? HOW THE SHIT DID HE MANAGE TO PULL THIS OFF?"
* The Wrestling/LuchaUnderground Season 2 premiere features Pentagon Jr., who is known in the Temple to break the arms of fellow wrestlers. The first time you see him in the first episode of the second season? He breaks Mil Muertes' arm. Mind you, Mil is an [[WrestlingMonster undead luchador]] and the current LU champion.

* ''Roleplay/DestroyTheGodmodder'' is a great place for this. Many such creations have died, up to, and including, Cthulhu himself.
** There is, of course, the godmodder, who, despite being powerful enough to take on gods, dies at the end anyways.
* [[http://emlia.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php?n=Tripocalypse Tripocalypse]] plays with this trope by having unnamed [=NPCs=] Punch Out God as part of the prologue (and promptly get out of the spotight), which allows the setting to exist in the first place.

* This is basically the premise of the ''Toys/{{Bionicle}}'' serial "The PowersThatBe". Kopaka and Pohatu are trying to figure out who's been murdering some of the most powerful beings in the universe, [[spoiler: Including the local Lovecraft-ShoutOut, [[EldritchAbomination Tren Krom]].]]
** Though it's subverted in the case of [[spoiler:Carapar]], who tries to kill the Lovecraft ShoutOut [[EldritchAbomination Tren Krom]] and gets disintegrated by the thing's {{Eye Beam|s}} for his efforts.
* In another Bionicle serial, "The Kingdom", [[spoiler: an alternate-universe Makuta Teridax has become EldritchAbomination-like by absorbing as many of the other villains as he can, since in this universe, Mata Nui (and therefore, the entire Matoran Universe) died before Matoro could pull off his HeroicSacrifice. Matoro eventually allows himself to be absorbed by Teridax, combining HeroicSacrifice, MindRape and the Cthulhu-punch all at once; since Teridax couldn't take over the universe, he had nothing really left to live for, and it weakened his mind to the point that Matoro could make him kick his own ass]].
* The basic premise of the entire story, is its BigBad, [[MagnificentBastard Makuta Teridax]] pulling one of these on Mata Nui, the Bionicle god, by poisoning him and casting him into a deep sleep, allowing him to rule over the Matoran people.
** In the film ''Mask Of Light'', Takanuva, the Toa of Light fights Teridax (who is basically {{Satan}}) and wins by pulling off his mask and dragging him into a pool of protodermis, [[spoiler:fusing the two of them together. They emerge fused together as a single being named Takutanuva with Takanuva in control due to Teridax being weakened by the loss of his mask. They get seperated when they're flattened by a giant door]]. Long story. Anyway, Takanuva is resurrected but Teridax survives as a spirit.
*** Later he gains the powers of a God and becomes ruler of the Matoran Universe, later having a showdown with the Matoran god whose power he stole, Mata Nui. Despite now being the less powerful of the two, Mata Nui defeats Teridax by pushing him into the path of a [[ColonyDrop speeding moon]].
** The Toa Metru and Toa Hagah both managed to defeat the Makuta as well. Unlike his later defeats by the Toa Mata and Takanuva, Makuta's GambitRoulette did not have his defeat planned for at the time. Especially noteworthy is that the Toa Metru were highly inexperienced at the time, though they did get a massive power up in the Mask of Time.