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Before this page was created, that's all that would've been here if you'd looked. Heck, before the "database hates you" message was added, that's all you might have seen afterwards, as well. It was part of the wiki software for a long time, until it was superseded in December 2009 by "Click the edit button to start this new page." and then in August 2012 with "We don't have an article named Namespace/Title. If you want to start this new page, just click the edit button above." Some tropers decided they want to be clever and used the phrase in actual articles. And some tropers still use the phrase to this day.

In some cases, it can give self-demonstration of a trope, but in a small form that doesn't make the main article hard to read. In other cases, it can seem like shoehorning a joke, so be careful when using this.

These articles include, but are not limited to:

Also common is the practice of tropers including it in their own pages:

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Data VampiresWiki TropesDr. Pedia and Mr. Trope
Darkness-Induced Audience ApathyApathy IndexDid Not Do the Bloody Research
Department of Redundancy DepartmentThis Trope Name References ItselfDid Not Do the Bloody Research
Circular DefinitionSelf-Demonstrating ArticleExample as a Thesis

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