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Dennou Keisatsu Cybercop
From left: Mouri (Saturn), Houjou (Mars), Tomoko, Takeda (Jupiter), Saionji (Mercury)

"Cyber Bit, stand by......"

Dennou Keisatsu Cybercop (lit. Electro-Brain Police Cybercop) is a Toku series produced by Toho in 1988, which chronicles the missions of the Zero-Section Armed Constable (ZAC), a special police unit assigned to assist the standard police force in a crime-infested Tokyo in 1999. Battling the criminal organization DeathTrap, a group of elite ZAC officers wears high-tech armors called Bit Suits, which confer them superhuman capabilities. They are soon joined by Shin'ya Takeda, a stranger from the future who, strangely enough, has his own Bit Suit, and learn that their actions in the present can help reshape for better the apocalyptic future from which Takeda came.

The Cybercops:

The rest of the ZAC crew:

  • Captain Hisagi Oda: The Mentor
  • Lieutenant Shimazu Mizue: Mission Control
  • Officer Tomoko Uesugi: The Chick of the Five-Man Band. Was supposed to have her own Bit Suit, the Venus Unit, but due to lack of financial resources, it was never built.

The DeathTrap organization

  • Baron Kageyama: The real Big Bad and Man Behind the Man to his subordinates, each of which leads an organization which is a branch of DeathTrap. Note, all of them are Mad Scientists.
  • Professor Einstein: The Dragon to Kageyama. Leads the Ominous Gang, is an expert in Physics and, later, Cybernetics.
  • Madam Darwin: The Dark Chick. A literal Cat Girl who leads the Harkoss Gang, made up of humanoid beasts of her creation.
  • Dr. Arthur Ploid: Physically, he's The Brute. Makes machanical monsters, and specializes in Mind Screw.
  • Führer: The supercomputer who leads DeathTrap. It, too, was brought from the future so it could rule the world in the past. Built by Kageyama, who fuses with him at the end.


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