Often when a TV series has a yearly schedule, filming happens two to four months before the actual air date. However, because of the airing schedule, the episode is set on the date it is aired, and not when it was filmed. In Southern California locations, it ends up with [[ItsAlwaysSpring perpetual spring]], except when the production crew realize [[DoTheyKnowItsChristmasTime it's time for the Christmas Special Episode]]. But in other, more temperate climates, like [[UsefulNotes/{{Vancouver}} Hollywood North]], or pretty much anywhere else, it results in mismatched seasons.

On any given episode that is not specifically time framed, the trope bothers virtually no one. However, when you realise it is supposed to be, say, Valentine's Day, but trees still have falling leaves, or, say, Summer Holiday, but the trees don't have their leaves on yet, and a scenery shot is displaying full-blown daffodils (bloom season: March to April), the illusion is broken.

This trope is different from WeatherDissonance, as the issue is ''never'' aknowledged on screen, and from BizarreSeasons because, although delayed, the seasonal pattern is still predictable.