->''"It's a been a long road\\
getting from there to here\\
It's been a long time\\
but my time is finally near!"''
-->-- "Faith of the Heart" (''Series/StarTrekEnterprise'' theme song)

Dawn of an Era is when the story has a moment that will change the story world in a ''good way''.

For instance, someone, at great personal risk, not only successfully tests a practical and reliable way to [[FasterThanLightTravel travel to different solar systems]] as easily as sailing across the Atlantic, but aliens detect that trip and decide to pop by to say, "Welcome to the neighborhood!"

Suddenly, all realize that their lives, their world and their very view of the universe has changed forever with marvels, technology, magic, and astounding possibilities and challenges lying before them to persuade even the most [[KnightInSourArmor despairing soul]] to [[RousseauWasRight have faith of the heart]] for a [[HappyEnding glorious future]].

[[EarnYourHappyEnding Thanks to the heroes]], a brave new world has begun where the age of wonders is just beginning.

(Err, not the [[Literature/BraveNewWorld bad one]], we promise!)

For the [[EvilCounterpart villainous version]], see NewEraSpeech. For the complete opposite (though the two may overlap), see EndOfAnAge. For related tropes, see TheMagicGoesAway and TheMagicComesBack.



[[folder: Anime and Manga]]
* ''Anime/CodeGeass'': the ending to R2 is bittersweet for precisely this reason. On the one hand [[spoiler:Lelouch unites the entire world in hatred and fear of him, becoming the Demon Emperor, and has his best friend/hateful rival Suzaku take on the mantle of Zero and publicly assassinate him, leaving him bleeding out in Nunnally's arms,]] but on the other hand this paves the way for a brighter future, [[spoiler:with Empress Nunnally, Zero!Suzaku and Geassed!Schneizel taking advantage of the temporary peace in the wake of Lelouch's death]] to create a better world with less hatred, bitterness and division. [[spoiler:sadly, this doesn't last, as the R3 trailer shows. Well, time for Lelouch to come out of retirement.]]
* A classical example is found in the final episodes of ''Anime/StellviaOfTheUniverse'': the EndOfAnAge of humanity living in fear of [[CataclysmBackstory another (almost-)extinction]] and the Dawn of an Era of deep space exploration and, quite possibly, [[spoiler:the more advanced aliens lending us hand]]. This new era was [[WhatCouldHaveBeen supposed to be covered]] in a SequelSeries but...
* The conclusion of ''Anime/TransformersCybertron''. The Autobot/Decepticon war is over, the universe is saved, Cybertron is healed, the lost colonies have been brought back into the fold, and Transformers and humanity work side-by-side to explore and connect the galaxy.
* In ''Manga/OnePiece'', the Pirate King, Gold Roger, ignited the Golden Age of Piracy with his death.
** This and the EndOfAnAge occurred at the same time at the tail end of [[spoiler:the Marineford Arc. Just when his death and a marine victory was poised to snuff out the Golden Age of Piracy, Whitebeard, with his dying breath, proclaimed, with the entire world watching, [[FamousLastWords "ONE PIECE EXISTS!"]] This proclamation started an entirely new age of piracy, and the beginning of a new era. However, just minutes later, Blackbeard (the probable BigBad of the series) makes his own declaration: that the new era that's dawning is ''his'' era.]]
** Near the end of Punk Hazard, Trafalgar Law throws back Don Quixote Doflamingo's previous NewEraSpeech claiming that by destroying theEvilMastermind's operations, he and Luffy are creating a new era of their own, and that it'll be impossible to restore the previous status quo.
* The opening scenes to ''Anime/MobileSuitGundamUnicorn'' shows the very beginning of the Universal Century, which is meant to evoke this trope [[spoiler:Until it gets rudely interrupted by the space colony said scenes take place on being blown up]].

[[folder: Comic Books]]
* The three issue ComicBook ''Vimanarama'' has the epic of Ben Rama as real, with super science instead of magic. After the evil Ul-Shatan is defeated, the world is transformed with access to ancient philosophical truths, [[FlyingCar flying vimanas]], vitamin laden air, prayer fueled refrigerators, and other marvels. The series ends with the hero rescuing three young idiots who crash a two man flying vimana into the bright face of the moon.
* The first public appearance of {{Superman}} in Franchise/TheDCU. In most continuities, Superman is first introduced the world doing a dramatic save, giving the world something to hope for and kicking off the Age of Superheroes. (Or bringing back superheroes, in the GoldenAge heroes are in continuity).
** Likewise, his return in ''ComicBook/KingdomCome'' is this for everyone but TheNarrator (who foresees that this will be a subversion instead). However, [[spoiler:TheNarrator talking down Supes]] in the end is the ''real'' dawn of an entirely new era.
* In ''[[{{ComicBook/Earth2}} Earth 2]]'', [[TimeSkip five years after]] the "Age of [[DifferentlyPoweredIndividual Wonders]]" [[EndOfAnAge ended]], new superheroes began to appear; creating a new "Age of Wonders".
* [[Comicbook/TheTransformersIDW "The Death of Optimus Prime"]] sees Cybertron becoming habitable again, a definitive Autobot victory over the Decepticons, the abdication of Optimus Prime after the emptying of the Matrix, the return of rest of Cybertonian race (whom many had long written off for dead), and a schism among the Autobots as Rodimus seeks the Knights of Cybertron among the stars, while Bumblebee attempts to build a stable society on Cybertron.

* ''Fanfic/ChildOfTheStorm'' is set a couple of years after the Avengers formed and repeatedly suggests that while the triggered the beginning of the new era, the real explosion in heroes, technology and general wonder is just starting, with a ''[[ChekhovsArmoury lots]]'' of future heroes being name-dropped and a feeling that [[TheMagicComesBack the magic is starting to come back]] and with it the start of TheUnMasquedWorld, one in which humanity can hold its own. However, the dark side of this is amply explored, with repeated warnings that AStormIsComing, while Professor [=McGonagall=] observes that while the heroes are coming back, this isn't always a good thing. [[SuperHeroParadox After all, heroes need monsters to fight...]]
* In ''Fanfic/HeroesForEarth'', when the Planeteers finally combine their powers and unleash [[spoiler: an EldritchAbomination, their version of Captain Planet, they create a new continent in the Pacific Ocean.]] This causes a new wave of environmentalism and worldwide recognition of the Planeteers.
* In ''[[FanFic/IcedFairysANewWorld A New World]]'', this is the ultimate result of Yukari Yakumo's centuries of manipulating humans, youkai and immortals alike: [[spoiler:a ''very'' wounded world, but one in which all fantastic creatures have returned to physical reality, no longer fearing the influence of mortal thought, and are working with mortals to restore Earth's glory.]]
* ''FanFic/ThePiecesLieWhereTheyFell'': [[spoiler:The Nightmare claimed that an Age was coming to an end, believing Harmony's time was done. Its own defeat signals it to be this trope instead, and WordOfGod states that this new Age will be a mixture of Science and Magic.]]

[[folder:Films -- Animated]]
* ''WesternAnimation/ThePrincessAndThePea'': Sebastian, the TalkingAnimal court historian, says that he believes a new golden age will begin now that Daria passed the SecretTestOfCharacter and assumed her rightful place as the princess.
* ''WesternAnimation/TransformersTheMovie'' ends with the Autobots in charge again and Rodimus Prime predicting an era of peace and prosperity for all Cybertronians.
--> '''Rodimus''': Let this mark the end of the Cybertronian Wars as we march forward into a new era of peace and happiness! 'Til all are one!
* ''WesternAnimation/TitanAE'' ends with the protagonists on a newly-created planet Bob as a new home for humans after Earth had been destroyed.

[[folder:Films -- Live-Action]]
* ''Film/CloseEncountersOfTheThirdKind'' has this with aliens bringing back humans abducted over several decades. It's been a while, but it's implied the aliens choose to stay and establish closer contact.
* ''Film/TwoThousandTenTheYearWeMakeContact'' ends as humanity is faced with incontrovertible proof that not only do SufficientlyAdvancedAliens exist, but they are aware of us and are capable of drastic action in the service of protecting life.[[note]]They crush Jupiter and turn it into a ''star''.[[/note]] In the film version, the closing narration makes it clear that this has motivated the nations of the world to end their conflicts.
* ''Film/StarTrekFirstContact'': The crew of the ''Enterprise'' foil the Borg back in time and help Zefram Cochrane make his famous test flight of The Phoenix, the first warp-capable Earth craft. As a result, an alien ship detects the ship and decides to initiate first contact. When they appear from their landing craft and reveal themselves to be [[spoiler:Vulcans]], you know that Earth's time of planetbound turmoil and despair is over, and the planet's vibrant and hope-filled future as a space power has begun. Jerry Goldsmith's score complements it beautifully, too.
* ''Franchise/StarWars'' [[Film/TheForceAwakens Episode VII: The Force Awakens]] is apparently this, with [[spoiler:the New Republic as a small but growing organization and the Jedi as barely a presence in the galaxy.]]

* At the end of Creator/CliveBarker's ''Literature/{{Imajica}}'' comes [[spoiler:the Reconciliation, allowing beings to travel freely between [[TheMultiverse the five Dominions]]. People get used to this surprisingly fast.]]
* ''Literature/{{The Lord of the Rings}}'' depicts the End of the Third Age and the passing of many things both evil and good, but it is also the beginning of the Fourth Age of Mankind -- which need not be a Bad Thing.
* The cycle of [[KingArthur Arthurian mythology]] has this when Arthur draws the sword from the stone to become King, and the [[EndOfAnAge opposite trope]] when his power is broken at Camlann.
* In ''Echoes of the Fourth Magic'', [[spoiler: nuclear war leads to an end of modern civilization. Angelic beings rescue some of the humans, however, and the world is born anew with magic and fantasy creatures.]]
* In ''Literature/CourtshipRite'', the discovery and decryption of the ancient document, ''The Forge of War'', gives the Getans new insight into their history, and information about all sorts of useful LostTechnology.
* In ''Literature/WarriorCats'': ''Bramblestar's Storm'', Bramblestar adds a new rule to the warrior code: [[spoiler:in times of trouble, Clan cats must forget their rivalries and help each other. When the danger passes, then they can split apart again]]. This is triumphant concerning that for twenty-four books, the Clans had been learning to [[spoiler:work together]].
* In ''Literature/HarryPotterAndTheDeathlyHallows'', [[spoiler:Voldemort's death]] spells the beginning of a new, more benign and just, era for the Wizarding World. Fittingly, the spoiled event takes place just before dawn breaks.
* ''Literature/TheExpanse'' just as humanity is reaching the limits of the solar system [[spoiler: the protomolecule turns up, upsetting everything known about biology, chemistry and physics. And that's ''before'' it forms the Ring and opens up a thousand new star systems.]]

[[folder:Live Action Television]]
* The ''Series/BabylonFive'' episode, "Into the Fire" where Capt. Sheridan leads a [[TheAlliance united force]] against both the Vorlons and the Shadows. Where at the beginning of the series, G'Kar notes the younger species of Humans, Narns etc. could no more interact with their predecessors than ants could with them, now Sheridan is able to tell two such [[SufficientlyAdvancedAliens god-like species]] to [[DeusExitMachina vamoose]]. Both races decide to leave, and the Third Age has begun where the younger species now live on their own terms, free of such godlike interference. This example mixes in a bit of sadness, as the departing {{Precursors}} take a great deal of wonder with them as well.
** As well as a bit of dread, now that the "grown-ups" are not around anymore to bail them out. Cue the Thirdspace movie, where they stumble upon a SealedEvilInACan that the NeglectfulPrecursors left behind.
** The ''very first words'', spoken in voiceover by Londo Mollari at the opening of the ''pilot episode'', were: "I was there at the dawn of the Third Age."
* For an example that ''isn't'' an ending, the premise of ''Series/EarthFinalConflict'' is that aliens have come and helped transform the world for the better, offering solutions to famine, disease, and other ills free of charge. Not only were they not here ToServeMan, and more amazingly, we ''didn't'' [[WeComeInPeaceShootToKill attack these peaceful aliens]]. However; something fishy was afoot, and you don't want to know what. Trust us, it's better if you [[FanonDiscontinuity ignore seasons 2+]].

[[folder: Mythology and Religion]]
* [[Literature/TheBible According to Christian tradition]], the end of the Battle of Armageddon and the binding of {{Satan}} will bring about a thousand years of peace. Once those thousand years are up, however, the Devil will break free and go on a rampage. However, he'll quickly be subdued and then finally destroyed once and for all, at which point the new GoldenAge of humanity will ''really'' get started!

[[folder: Tabletop Games]]
* ''TabletopGame/{{Spirit of the Century}}'' treats the beginning 20th century this way (and, in its {{backstory}}, the dawn of each century, and millennia, for that matter).
* The ''TabletopGame/RocketAge'' begins with Einstein, Tesla and Goddard building the world's first functional Rocket Ship and travelling to Mars. This really is the beginning of a new golden age for humanity and it is widely acknowledged by everyone that humanity is the species that will shape the current Age.

[[folder: Video Games]]
* ''VideoGame/AVeryLongRopeToTheTopOfTheSky'': Making [[spoiler:Somnians]] equal with [[spoiler:Lydians]] at the end of the TimeSkip. [[spoiler:King Albus rejects the long-standing association of Balfur with the Church, and as a result (and, in fact, the primary goal) accepts Somnians into Balfur as humans, just like Lydians. So far, though, the only one who has taken advantage of this is Ivy.]]
* ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyX'' starts with an EndOfAnAge and ends with this.
** As does ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyXIII''. To elaborate, ''XIII'' covers the end of [[spoiler:Cocoon, where fal'Cie ruled humanity]] and the birth of a new human civilization [[spoiler:on Gran Pulse, free of fal'Cie (and particularly Lindzei's) rule]].
** ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyVI'' ends with a combination of this and [[spoiler:TheMagicGoesAway; Kefka is dead, and the ruined world is finally free to rebuild, but the power of magic is lost forever]].
* The end of ''VideoGame/GodOfWarIII'' has this and an EndOfAnAge. The age of Greek Myth, with its gods and monsters all dead, is over and the world is on the brink of ruin. Even the Fates are gone. But in his final moments, Kratos released the power of Hope, a power great enough to kill gods, to humanity. The survivors will be able to rebuild civilization free of the gods' influence and as masters of their own destiny.
* ''VideoGame/MassEffect3'' has an opening crawl in which FirstContact between humanity and the many other species of the galaxy is said to be one of those - yeah, it did start with a short and brutal war, but it was called off quickly, and thirty years later humans and turians are sort of VitriolicBestBuds. Then the Reapers came to ruin everything. The endings, particularly in the Extended Cut, can show another dawn on a much larger scale, if Shepard [[EarnYourHappyEnding really hauled ass]]. The krogan may have started their cultural renaissance, moving beyond brutishness. The quarians and geth may share Rannoch peacefully. [[spoiler: Depending on the ending, the Reapers might be part of it too.]]
* The ''VideoGame/TotalWarAttila'' campaign pack ''Age of Charlemagne'' see's the rise of the eponymous King Charlemagne at the very dawn of the medieval age.
* The fourth ''Videogame/HeroesOfMightAndMagic'' game had this as its CentralTheme. In the wake of the world of Enroth's destruction, those who managed to escape in time to the world of Axeoth must rebuild without repeating the mistakes of the past:
** In "The True Blade", Sir Lysander founds a small kingdom mostly made of refugees from Erathia but clings to the past out of honor by refusing to officially become king, insistent that only a true Gryphonheart can rule. This leads to problems when a usurper seeks to claim the throne wielding the supposed AncestralWeapon of the Gryphonhearts. [[spoiler:It ends with Lysander drawing the true blade, which reveals that ''he'' is a Gryphonheart. Thus begins the reign of King Lysander Gryphonheart.]]
** In "A Pirate's Daughter", Tawni Balfour's goal is to surpass her infamous pirate father and become the Pirate Queen of the Seas in the new world. [[spoiler:She succeeds and even reunites with her true father in the process.]]
** In "Elwin and Shaera", Elwin would like nothing better than to spend carefree days with his lover Shaera. However, a scheming and jealous rival who would do anything to have Shaera for himself stands in his way. [[spoiler:This eventually leads to Elwin becoming the new Elf King. When given the opportunity to execute his rival for his many crimes, Elwin instead shows mercy believing there's been enough death.]]
** In "Half-Dead", Gauldoth Half-Dead must find a balance between Life and Death if he is to survive in the new world as a half undead being. [[spoiler:After many trials and battles, he succeeds. He builds a kingdom where the dead and the living can exist side by side and whose subjects revere him as "Father Gauldoth". A kingdom which he plans to peacefully rule forever.]]
** In "Glory of Days Past", the Immortal Hero Tarnum and his adopted son Waerjak must unite the scattered remnants of their people and make them into a kingdom. All without repeating Tarnum's past mistakes as Barbarian King. [[spoiler:They succeed, with Waerjak proving himself to be a worthy ruler who is both strong and wise. Tarnum at long last earns his redemption and passage into the afterlife, only to decide that he would rather stay and spend more time among the people he's spent his entire life helping as the Immortal Hero.]]
** In "The Price of Peace", Emilia Nighthaven struggles to build a better life for those who chose to follow her. Standing in her way is Gavin Magnus, the immortal former ruler of Bracada who was so traumatized by the destruction of Enroth that he has hatched upon an insane scheme to ensure nothing like that ever happens again by erasing free will, and his loyal servant the legendary genie Solymr. [[spoiler:Solymr ultimately realizes that he cannot allow Gavin to erase free will and finds a loophole in his oath of loyalty to aid Emilia. They defeat the insane monarch, ensuring the prosperity and freedom of the new kingdom of Great Arcan.]]
* Videogame/DragonAgeInquisition features ''two''. One happens right at the beginning when most of the old power structures in the south of Thedas are unceremoniously blown up, and you and the Inquisition are left to pick up the pieces and save the world. The second comes at the end of the DLC ''Trespasser'' which is set a couple of years after ''Inquisition'' ends and TheMagicComesBack is set up as a very ominous future.

[[folder: Western Animation]]
* At the end of Book Two of ''WesternAnimation/TheLegendOfKorra'', [[spoiler:Korra decides that BigBad Unalaq [[VillainHasAPoint had a point]]: Avatar Wan separating the SpiritWorld and the material world from each other was not neccessarily a good thing. Declaring that the Avatar should no longer be the bridge between the two worlds, she keeps the portals open, allowing spirits and humans to cross freely between worlds.]]
** Then at the start of Book 3, Zaheer gives a slightly IronicEcho speech that somewhat mirrors Korra's speech at the end, saying that this era would be the end of the White Lotus and the end of the Avatar.

[[folder: Real Life]]
* In RealLife some members of the {{Transhuman}}ist movement believes that we currently live just on the brink of the Technological [[TheSingularity Singularity]], which is to put an end to most problems that plague the modern society (but potentially create a ton of new ones), and usher the age of immortal, superhuman cyberminds.


[[folder: Anime and Manga]]
* In ''Manga/GalaxyExpress999'', the worlds of the Milky Way and Andromeda galaxies mostly see the [[RobotWar Machine Empire]]'s rising [[UnbuiltTrope transhumanist]] New Order this way. [[VillainWithGoodPublicity Unfortunately for them.]]

[[folder: Literature]]
* In ''Literature/TheWheelOfTime'', this is combined with EndOfAnAge; while the current Age is coming to an end, a new one is beginning, new Talents of the Power are being discovered, and vast advances in technology are being made. One character even lampshades it while watching a demonstration of the world's first ever cannon: "The world just changed in a very big way."
** The point of the series, of course, is that [[ViciousCycle the Wheel never stops turning]].

[[folder: Theatre]]
* In ''Theatre/{{Pippin}}'', Pippin becoming King is presented as the dawn of a more peaceful era in the song "Morning Glow," but this impression turns out to be [[FullCircleRevolution mistaken]].

[[folder: Video Games]]
* In ''[[VideoGame/TheElderScrollsIIIMorrowind Morrowind]]'' after the PlayerCharacter finally kills Dagoth Ur, he/she not only frees the inhabitants of Vvardenfell from nightmares, which were driving them insane and a [[TheCorruption corruption]], which was slowly changing its victims via BodyHorror, but also basically brings peace between fighting fractions. Even with [[spoiler: two demi-gods dead]], which means the EndOfAnAge for the Tribunal, Vivec still decides to disband [[ChurchMilitant the religious police]] and use his divine power to help these in need. Everything should be wonderful from this point on, right? [[spoiler: It turns out that [[NiceJobBreakingItHero stripping Vivec of from his powers]] causes [[DownerEnding the Ministery of Truth to fall and Red Mountain to erupt, not even a century after the events of the game]].]]
* The great conflict of '' VideoGame/GoldenSun: The Lost Age'', over whether to restore the power of Alchemy to the world and risk it falling into the hands of evildoers or to let the world rot without Alchemy, is ultimately resolved in favor of restoring Alchemy by the heroes. ''The Lost Age'' ends on a relatively hopeful note: [[spoiler: the parents come back]], [[spoiler: Alex's plans to gain the power of the Golden Sun are thwarted]], and now the world can return to its former glory, right? '' VideoGame/GoldenSunDarkDawn'' begins thirty years later and stars the SpinOffspring... fighting new evils powered by Alchemy and newly-restored ancient {{Magitek}}. [[spoiler: Oh, and [[TheChessmaster Alex]] is alive and well as a [[AGodAmI demi-god]].]]
* The ending of ''VideoGame/KingdomsOfAmalurReckoning'' sees the end of Fate. Together with the surge of magical potential among the mortal races marks the beginning of the Age of Heroes. It's not all good news though. The Fae and their magic are also slowly fading from the world. The Great Cycle has been broken, rendering them mortal for all intents and purposes. Many of the Fae encountered in-game know all too well that their time has passed.