Primary Stylistic Influences:
+ GothRock, PostPunk, SynthPop, ElectronicMusic
Secondary Stylistic Influences:
+ DreamPop, {{Ambient}}, {{Industrial}}, occasionally {{Techno}}, {{Trance}}, ClassicalMusic and/or World Music

Dark Wave is to SynthPop what GothRock is to PunkRock; [[ThisIsYourPremiseOnDrugs This is Your Premise on Goth.]] Basically, Dark Wave is Goth's brooding angst, but on synthesizers rather than guitars.

Dark Wave is related to, but is not a subgenre of {{Industrial}}. Whilst both genres are electronic and target the {{Goth}} market, DarkWave is generally softer. Naturally there is some overlap; some Dark Wave artists will often put an EBM or Futurepop style song on their album to broaden its dance floor appeal. {{Industrial}} artists can also be heavily inspired by DarkWave; creating some utterly harrowing works of pure {{Angst}} / {{Wangst}} in the process. More folk-influenced acts typically overlap with neofolk, while mixing the genre with classical typically results in neoclassical; depending on the type of folk used, neofolk and neoclassical very well may overlap.

Generally, however, it is fair to characterize DarkWave as {{Goth}}ic NewWaveMusic or SynthPop. Synthesizers will be the predominant instrument, although guitars can be used in moderation.

!! Examples of DarkWave acts include: [[index]]

* AAIMON (Crossed with heavy influence from the Witch House genre)
* AFI: Starting with ''Crash Love,'' have been moving in this direction before fully embracing it with ''Burials,'' albeit with more orchestral than electronic elements.
* Music/{{ASP}}
* Ataraxia
* Attrition
* Autumn (Also GothRock)
* Music/AuralVampire
* Austra (Crosses over with DreamPop)
* Bella Morte
** The Rain Within
* Music/TheBirthdayMassacre (Crossed with IndustrialMetal. Definitely one of the more YMMV entries on this list)
* Black Tape For A Blue Girl
* Blaqk Audio
* Music/{{Blutengel}}
* The Break-Up
** Blakk Glass
** The Labrynth
* Butterfly Messiah
* The Cassandra Complex
* Music/{{Celldweller}}
* Music/CharliXCX (Older material)
* Chiasm
* Music/TheChurch: Early work especially. The album ''Starfish'' was a TropeCodifier for the softer side of the genre which evolved into DreamPop.
* Music/ClanOfXymox
* Music/TheCruxshadows
* Collide
* Music/ColdCave
* Coldkill (Collaboration between Rexx Arkana of FGFC820 and Eric Eldredge of Interface)
* Das Ich
* Deine Lakaien
* Music/{{Delerium}} (Side project of the {{industrial}} group Music/FrontLineAssembly)
* Music/DepecheMode: Both one of the {{Trope Codifier}}s and one of the most successful in the mainstream.
** Music/SongsOfFaithAndDevotion is one of the primary examples.
* Diary of Dreams
* Die Form
* Diorama
* Diva Destruction
* Music/EgoLikeness (Crosses over into {{Industrial}})
* Music/EmilieAutumn (Just one of many genres she dabbles in)
* Faith Assembly
* Fockewolf (Also {{Industrial}})
* The Frozen Autumn
* Future Perfect (Also [[{{Industrial}} Futurepop]])
* Music/GaryNuman (Especially his later works)
* Girls Under Glass
* Goethes Erben
* Music/{{Grimes}} (Also AlternativeDance and DreamPop)
* Hexheart (SoloSideProject by Jasyn Bangert of God Module)
* The Human League (Excluding their {{New Wave|Music}} pop disco albums)
* Music/HungryLucy
* Illusion of Light
* In Death it Ends
* In Strict Confidence (Also {{Industrial}})
* Music/{{Iris}}
* Irrlicht
* Johnny Hollow
* Kirlian Camera
* L'Ame Immortelle
* Music/TheLastDance
* Light Asylum
* London After Midnight (Crosses over with GothRock)
* Love is Colder Than Death
* Music/LoveSpiralsDownwards
* Lycia (Also DreamPop)
* The Machine in the Garden
* Malaria!
* Music/MaliceMizer
* Midnight Resistance
* Opera Multi Steel
* Pink Industry
* Pretentious, Moi?
* Project Pitchfork (Crosses over into electro-industrial, and later aggrotech).
* Psyche
* Music/SchwarzStein
* Music/{{Seabound}}
* Seeming
* Music/SheWantsRevenge
* Sine City
* Music/SoporAeternusAndTheEnsembleOfShadows
* Suicidal Romance
* Switchblade Symphony (Primarily on their first album; later albums combine this with a TripHop sound)
* Music/ThouShaltNot
* Trentemøller (From ''Lost'' onwards)
* Trisomie 21
* Music/VernianProcess (Sometimes crossed with SteamPunk)
* Void Vision
* Wolfsheim
* Xeno & Oaklander
* X-O-Planet[[/index]]

!! Tropes Common In DarkWave:

* DarkerAndEdgier: Than AlternativeDance or SynthPop, which it is often closely related to. However...
** LighterAndSofter: Compared to a lot of {{Industrial}}, Dark Wave can seem friendly and accessible- it's not nearly as noisy or aggressive.
* DreamPop: A lot of overlap between the two genres. The so-called "Ethereal Wave" subgenre (Lycia, Music/LoveSpiralsDownwards, Love Is Colder Than Death, etc.) can pretty much be called "Gothic DreamPop," in fact.
* EchoingAcoustics: Much like in GothRock and DreamPop, this is quite common. Especially when the band in question is DreamPop-influenced.
* {{Goth}}: Along with GothRock and {{Industrial}}, this is the main thing they listen to.
* GothRock: A genre it was influenced by and sometimes overlaps with.
* MohsScaleOfLyricalHardness: From about a 4 to a 9. Rarely reaches 10 or 11, though.
* MohsScaleOfRockAndMetalHardness: Varies a fair amount, but pretty much never goes above a low 6. Since some of it is entirely electronic, it can't all even be placed on the scale.
* NeoClassicalPunkZydecoRockabilly: A lot of this happens, since the genre has a varied set of influences and a somewhat vague definition (for example, non-electronic artists such as Rasputina and Voltaire are sometimes even classed as Darkwave due to their lyrical themes and promotional aesthetics!).
* SillyLoveSongs: More common in this genre than in GothRock or {{Industrial}}, oddly enough. Still nowhere near ubiquitous, though.
* SynthPop: There are a lot of Dark Wave artists that count as both.