Dark Chick

aka: The Dark Chick

Simply put, the Evil Counterpart to The Chick.

The Chick is usually The Heart and is usually good at reading emotions and doing something positive, like making people feel better or resolving fights. The Dark Chick is much more selective about who can cry on her shoulder. While she may have a soft spot for the Big Bad, The Hero, or another Morality Pet, to others she's nonchalant about their emotional well being. If she doesn't outright ignore other peoples feelings she may play on them for mind-games and manipulation.

If she gets a lot of screentime, she's probably on her way to replacing The Dragon as second in command (much to his chagrin) or is The Leader of her Quirky Mini Boss Squad. She can be set up as a foil to The Hero for Dating Catwoman or generally adding a layer of gender contrast to climatic encounters. If not, she'll just be stereotypically a girl and evil, and sticks around long enough for the Designated Girl Fight.

The Dark Chick has a tendency to stand out from the rest of the Five-Bad Band by their personality and motivations. If the other members are hardened warriors, she'll be more aloof in her own world, or maybe even be smiling at the situation. If the others are a Quirky Mini Boss Squad, she's probably the most ruthless and competent one of them all. If the others are in it For the Evulz, she may be in it for money, personal background issues, or love, leading the others to question her allegiances. It's fairly frequent that the other members of the organization really dislike them, but put up with them because they get results or are needed for some facet of the plan.

Her skill set may also stand out from the others too. If the others are on the frontlines she may be a support unit or a liaison expert or a spy. She's also typically good at convincing others to do what she wants, either through feminine wiles, or as a no nonsense negotiator that people are afraid to have to deal with.

This character archetype almost always overlaps with at least one other. Most often, this is an Enigmatic Minion that is given a large amount of importance. A Dark Chick will often be The Baroness, a Dark Action Girl, The Vamp, a Femme Fatale, a Perky Female Minion, or an Alpha Bitch (or any combination). Where The Chick represents wholesome traditional feminity, the Dark Chick is represents what traditional patriarchy may be less comfortable with as far as power and sexuality.

Usually the first Five-Bad Band member prone to the Heel-Face Turn when they either realize that they just aren't fit for villainy or find that hooking up with The Hero would be even more fun. If the Dark Chick is romantically linked with the main villain this chance rises to a near certainty.

The Chick + Dark Chick = Designated Girl Fight

There are some pseudo-male examples that stand out from their team by the personality and motivational contrasts above, but without the gender contrast obviously in male organizations.


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    Anime & Manga 

  • Scarlet Witch in the original Brotherhood of Evil Mutants.
    • Destiny in Mystique's New Brotherhood of Evil Mutants.
  • The second Trickster in The Flash's Rogues. He's a Tagalong Kid who's one joke away from being freeze-rayed.
  • Superboy-Prime never believed in the Sinestro Corps' cause. This lead to betrayal motivated by revenge.
  • Wallace has two in the Sin City story, Hell And Back. Blue Eyes poses as the friend to The Chick in order to seduce and kill him. Mariah is more hands-on and simply tries to kill him on the spot. There is also Maxine in that story but she works behind the scenes. All three women work for the same organization and make catty comments about each other quite a bit (Blue Eyes mostly does it in a seperate story).
  • Amora, the Enchantress, a villain of Thor, particularly when she was in the original incarnation of the Masters of Evil.
  • Moonstone is this on pretty much every team she's ever been on, including the heroic(ish) Thunderbolts squads. Even if the motives of the group as a whole are pure, Moonstone exists in a moral grey area at best.
  • Grey Smurfette is this in The Smurfs story "The Smurf Threat", though she only has one appearance and the most that she does is antagonize Smurfette into having a fight with her.




    Live-Action TV 

  • General Kala of Flash Gordon, who flanks Ming the Merciless on the left slingshot bumper.

     Professional Wrestling 
  • The woman in the page photo is WWE's Ivory when she was a member of the Moral Guardians Heel Power Stable Right to Censornote  in 2000-2001. While she generally was a Heel before she joined the group, and was an excellent wrestler, she had also been Ms. Fanservice. In fact, as part of this run, she did not take part in the photo shoot for the 2001 Divas in Hedonism DVD.


    Video Games 


    Web Original 
  • The Undersiders in Worm are generally serious and more-or-less professional when they go about their business, rob banks, and beat up superheroes. Regent is the exception, being a wise-cracking Deadpan Snarker whose cheerful facade masks his sociopathy. So, not only is he the cheerful one, he's also the Token Evil Teammate.

    Western Animation 
  • Mochi Mochiato in the Legion of Low Tide from Sushi Pack.
  • Sometimes turns up in Transformers.
    • Blackarachnia, who is both the Dark Action Girl and the Dark Chick - her characterisation is 'girl' and 'dark'. She's introduced as being much more competent than the other Predacons in adition to being a Femme Fatale. She ultimate pulls a Heelface Turn after falling in love with one of the Maximals. Given the amazing quality of the writing for Beast Wars this is not a bad thing.
    • Blackarachnia in Animated, and she doesn't pull the Heel-Face Turn.
      • And Slipstream, the female of the Starscream clone group, who seems to be based on Starscream's ability to bitch about everything.
      • Blitzwing is a male example, being set apart from the rest of the group by his weird powers and insanity.
    • Airachnid, a rogue female Decepticon from Transformers Prime whose hobbies include collecting endangered species.
  • Quackerjack in Darkwing Duck, as part of The Fearsome Five with Negaduck, Megavolt, The Liquidator and Bushroot.
  • The Baroness in G.I. Joe - seriously, that's what she's called.
  • Bleez in Green Lantern: The Animated Series: Starts off as the leader of a Quirky Miniboss Squad before being promoted to The Dragon in the second story arc. Known for being particularly vicious, and much more competent than her cohorts.
  • Azula in Avatar: The Last Airbender. She one ups both Zuko and Zhao as the main Fire Nation Avatar chaser much to Zuko's chagrin, operates with ruthless efficiency and manipulates people through her charisma or just because they're plain terrified of her.
  • Karai in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2003 who is Shredders adopted daughter. She usurps Hun and Stockman as The Dragon and has a love hate relationship with Leonardo on the good guys side. Unlike other villains who are in it for power or money, she's evil out of duty and honor to her father.
    • In the 2012 series she again becomes The Dragon over Xever and Bradford, has a love hate relationship with Leonardo (Dating Catwoman made more complicated when he finds out she's his sister. While she's loyal through and through to Shredder, she also just likes causing chaos and seeking excitement and weirdness.
  • Paige in TRON: Uprising. She's motivated out of duty to Tessler, has the Dating Catwoman thing going on with the hero, and is Co-Dragon's to the Big Bad.
  • Crasher in Challenge Of The Go Bots.
  • Babette (Darph BoBo's Daughter) on Tripping the Rift
  • The Scarlet Witch in X-Men: Evolution's version of the Brotherhood of Mutants.
  • Daisy Dingo from Blinky Bill.
  • Nightshade from C.O.P.S. (bonus for having a romance with one of the heroes and no subsequent Heel-Face Turn - but then, she's a cat-burglar and far less evil than the rest of the hoodlums from the start).

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The Dark Chick, Hench Wench