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This video is about shipping. If you don't know what shipping is, RUN. RUN, AND NEVER GET INVOLVED.

Llamas are a thing. As are weird t-shirts, visible underwear, and placentas.

danisnotonfire, otherwise known as Dan Howell, is a British youtuber who also happens to be an INTERNET CULT LEADER.

Dan is a good example of an Ascended Fanboy: He spent years watching fellow-youtuber AmazingPhil, until eventually becoming friends with Phil though incessant tweeting and video commenting (an unlikely turn-of-events that he would later parody in a mock how-to video). Dan told Phil that he'd always wanted to make videos on youtube, but just didn't think he would be any good. With Phil's encouragement, Dan gave it a go anyway and the rest, as they say, is history. He has since made videos not only with AmazingPhil, but also KickthePJ, crabstickz, DailyGrace, and charlieissocoollike. He and Phil also are heavily involved with BBC Radio 1, formerly just hosting events, running contests, and broadcasting the odd Christmas show, but now have moved to running their own request show on Sunday nights from 7pm-9pm, one of the first radio shows on the station to be fully broadcast during the entire show every week.

Dan's videos span a lot of different topics and formats, though he rarely does strait-forward vlogging. He makes videos describing his past failings with LOADS of self-deprecating humor, discussing topics he finds relevant/interesting, and truth-or-dare type videos. He often uses a skit format that makes sense when you find out that he's done a lot of theatre and has/had aspirations of being an actor. Oddly, he was getting a law degree before he decided that University probably wasn't for him.

It's worth mentioning that he and Phil do an excessive number of collaborative videos, to the point that the two of them have a joint channel called The Super Amazing Project. Most of their collab videos on their main channels involve the two of them answering fan questions, generally just hanging out or doing everyday activities such as cooking or playing video games, or interactive chose-your-own-adventure videos. The humor in these videos rely mostly on their back-and-forth and their chemistry as friends.

  • Things To Note:
    • He is not posh.
    • He is not emo.
    • He does not need an abortion.
    • His penis is not two foot long and glowing blue.
    • In at least one video, he actually is on fire.

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