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DC Comics Animated

An index of the various animated TV series and movies based on DC Comics properties.

Standalone entries


Unlike the other entries on this list, all the entries in the DC Animated Universe form a single continuity. It should also be noted that although a lot of the DCUAOMs below may share some voice actors and/or creative staff with the DCAU, that doesn't mean they're a part of this universe. It just means that they're good at their jobs and you shouldn't try to fix what isn't broken.

DC Universe Animated Original Movies

A series of feature length productions that, barring a few exceptions, are completely stand-alone entries with no connection or continuity to anything beyond their own. Has a spin-off series of sorts with "DC Showcase"; a series of animated shorts focusing on specific DC characters.

The DC Universe Animated Original Movies are:

The DC Showcase Shorts are: