Primary Stylistic Influences:
+ Screamo, Crunk, HipHop, {{Electronicore}}, PostHardcore
Secondary Stylistic Influences:
+ NuMetal, RapRock, {{Metalcore}}, Synthpop

-->''"Somewhere on the back of the Music/MileyCyrus tour bus the guys in Metro Station are thanking their lucky stars that bands like Music/{{Brokencyde}} came along. The crunkcore wave is to dance pop what 9/11 was to Gary Condit and his missing intern."''
-->[[http://www.dobi.nu/yourscenesucks/ YourSceneSucks.com]] on Crunkcore.

Crunkcore (also known as screamo crunk, scrunk and crunk punk) is a fusion genre that combines second-wave {{screamo}} with commercial {{hip hop}} (especially SouthernRap), and [[ElectronicMusic electropop]]. The blend of screamo/metalcore and hip hop/electropop comes in varying degrees; for example, Music/HollywoodUndead utilize all traditional "core" instrumentation (guitars, bass and live drums), while Music/{{BrokeNCYDE}} and Dot Dot Curve only use synthesizers and drum machines and the only overt "core" element of their music is the [[MetalScream screaming]]. In fact, some bands that are nigh universally associated with crunkcore aren't overtly crunk ''or'' core, like 3OH!3 and Millionaires. Others, like Breathe Carolina and Blood On the Dance Floor, are clearly 'core-influenced but not remotely hip hoppish. Regardless, the crunkcore grenre and bands associated with it are characterized by hedonistic party lyrics, flamboyant clothing and vocals that range from rapping and screaming to autotuned clean vocals.

The stylistic origins of crunkcore are blurry; in the late 2000s, the trend came out of nowhere and took Website/{{Myspace}} music culture by storm, seemingly overnight. In the mid 2000s, artists slowly but surely began to bridge the gap between hip hop/rap and "emocore", a curious mash-up -- for example, rapper P.O.S. sampled Music/{{Underoath}} and Music/JayZ collaborated with Music/FallOutBoy. Formed in 2005, Music/HollywoodUndead are generally considered an early juggernaut for crunkcore; their major label debut ''Swan Songs'', along with the compilation album ''Punk Goes Crunk'' and 3OH!3's single "Don't Trust Me", helped catapult crunkcore into mainstream attention.

The genre's name is somewhat of a misnomer, as the music's hip hop elements are usually more in the vein of Music/LilWayne than Music/LilJon. However, crunk artist E-40 has collaborated with Music/{{Brokencyde}} and Music/LilJon once performed with 3OH!3 during one of their concerts.

Should not be confused with the separate but somewhat related genre {{electronicore}}, which is essentially metalcore and post-hardcore with electronic elements.

Bands associated with crunkcore include:
* [[Music/ThreeOH3 3OH!3]]
* [[Music/AttilaMetalcore Attila]] (a modern post myspace example that uses much more elements of {{deathcore}} mixed with hip hop.
* Music/BloodOnTheDanceFloor
* Music/BreatheCarolina
* Music/{{BrokeNCYDE}}
* Music/DotDotCurve
* Music/{{Emanuel}} (UrExample- their lyrical themes dealing with drugs and sex fairly often,"tough guy" image and cover of a crunk song make them the precursor to many early examples.)
* Music/EnterShikari (Sometimes-- they're easily the most liked band here)
* Music/{{Family Force 5}}
* Music/FallingInReverse ("Fasionably Late" only)
* Music/HollywoodUndead (Early Material)
* Music/HyperCrush
* Music/ISeeStars
* Music/ISetMyFriendsOnFire
* Music/Iwrestledabearonce
* Music/JeffreeStar
* Music/TheMedicDroid
* Music/{{Millionaires}}
* Music/{{Nickasaur}}
* Music/SceneKidz

'''For the sake of this article, "screamo" will remain synonymous with "mid-00's post-hardcore/melodic metalcore" here and "emo" with "music associated with the emo/scene trend".''' Let's not contest how authentically emo or screamo any of the bands mentioned here are; it's just a hassle.
!!Tropes associated with Crunkcore:
* EmoTeen: Members of crunkcore bands are often self-identified "scene kids", a youth subculture closely related to {{emo}}. However, crunkcore kids tend to eschew the darkness and {{wangst}} of emo in favor of flamboyant fashion and party-hardy hedonism.
* EnsembleDarkhorse: Music/EnterShikari have dabbled in crunkcore from time to time, and when they do, are the only members of this genre to get critical acclaim and respect.
* GirlGroup: Millionaires.
* GuiltyPleasure: Try to find someone who enjoys the genre. Even those who like it will have a hard time coming up with reasons why.
* IntercourseWithYou: The subject of many, if not most crunkcore songs.
* {{Neologism}}: Would you believe the word "Crunk" was coined by Creator/ConanOBrien?
* PublicMediumIgnorance: In most people's eyes, crunkcore is generally limited to 3OH!3, Music/{{Brokencyde}} and Music/HollywoodUndead.
* SnarkBait: Let's just say that if you had a dollar for every person who has criticized this genre, you'd live in wealth and luxury for the rest of your life.
* TropeCodifier: Music/{{BrokeNCYDE}}.