Crossfire or CrossFire can refer to the following works:

  • Crossfire, a manga by Kohta Hirano, spin-off from Hellsing.
  • Crossfire, a CNN debate program.
  • Crossfire, a 1947 Film Noir directed by Edward Dmytryk.
  • Crossfire, a board game created by the Milton Bradley Company.
  • One of several video games:
    • Crossfire (1981), Sierra On-Line's clone of Targ, a shooting game in a grid.
    • Crossfire (1990), a Famicom game, released only in Japan.
    • Crossfire (1991), a Sega Genesis game, called Super Airwolf in Japan.
    • Crossfire (2001), an open-source MMORPG.
    • CrossFire (2007), Neowiz's online FPS that uses the Lithtech Jupiter engine.
    • Super Crossfire (2012), Radiangames' arcade-style Shoot 'em Up.
    • Jagged Alliance: Crossfire (2012), RPG-RTS and sequel of Jagged Alliance: Back in Action.

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