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->''"The teacher comes to point the way and the students end up worshiping the pointer."''
-->-- An old saying, often attributed to '''Buddha''' [[note]]If he actually said it, that's all the more ironic, considering that many worship the Buddha as a god, while his teachings never suggest that he was divine.[[/note]]
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Isn't it interesting that the defining additional information coming from the creator of a medium is called the WordOfGod?

Sometimes, a fandom seems to be dedicated to not only the specifics of the show, but to every word or comment that is issued from the creator's mouth. Often anything the creators say, even when not related to the fandom, will be adopted into their vocabulary and mindset. If the creator decides to [[{{Anvilicious}} drop an anvil]], it will always be [[SomeAnvilsNeedToBeDropped an anvil in dire need of dropping]] according to the fans. If they decide to [[AuthorFilibuster suddenly insert a long diatribe that otherwise has nothing to do with the rest of the story]], hey, it's their book/comic/show/whatever, they can voice their opinions if they want! If the creator seems to be [[SmallNameBigEgo getting more and more full of themselves]], well they're entitled to it because they're just that awesome! These reactions can vary from mild to extreme, but basically the object of CreatorWorship will always have fans ready to make ''some'' kind of excuse for whatever they do.

The creators themselves may become aware of the power they hold. Some will use it conservatively, to promote unity and not impose their opinions to the masses. Others will wield it like a weapon, boldly stating their position on subjects and obviously hoping their followers will... follow.

Obviously anyone who rises to some type of popularity will have fans, but this is not about a fan going "I really like this one guy..." This trope is about the fans worshipping these ''mere mortals'', and not just the stuff they make.

Such worship may come to resemble established religions, with [[ComplainingAboutPeopleNotLikingTheShow vicious]] attitudes towards non-fans.

When it goes wrong, or when the inverse happens, see ScapegoatCreator and DarthWiki/FallenCreator.


[[folder:Anime and Manga]]
* Creator/OsamuTezuka, ''the'' God of Manga, the man who opened the door.
* Some anime studios get this kind of worship, including Creator/ProductionIG, Creator/StudioGainax (until the 4th episode of ''Anime/TengenToppaGurrenLagann'', which was so bad to Gainax's fan base that they left for Kyoto Animation, that and one of the founders of Gainax left the studio becuse of it, though the rest of the show plus ''Anime/PantyAndStockingWithGarterbelt'' still give them quite the fanbase), Creator/KyotoAnimation (until the "Endless Eight" arc of Haruhi, which the moe-hating part of [=KyoAni=]'s fan base (which was most of it, if not nearly all of it, as the rest of it just merge with the rest of the moe fan base) left for Creator/StudioShaft), Creator/StudioBones, Creator/StudioShaft, Creator/{{Sunrise}}, Creator/StudioGhibli, and Creator/{{Madhouse}}.
* Creator/AkiraToriyama, creator of ''Manga/DrSlump'' and ''Franchise/DragonBall'', is often mocked by fans for his forgetfulness and lack of planning, but it's safe to say that they love him all the same and are highly skeptical whenever ''Dragon Ball'' lacks his involvement.
* Creator/HayaoMiyazaki and Creator/StudioGhibli enjoy this in spades. Nearly every film they make is considered a masterpiece by the world at large, to say nothing of their serious fans, and if you say ''anything'' negative about any one of his films, you must prefer [[AllAnimeIsNaughtyTentacles tentacle porn]] to TrueArt.
** For an example, some of the aforementioned serious fans became ''very'' hostile towards Film/{{Pokemon}} when it debuted a movie on the same day as [[Anime/PonyoOnACliffByTheSea Ponyo]] debuted, blaming its lukewarm reception on ''Anime/PokemonGiratinaAndTheSkyWarrior''.
* Creator/GoNagai, the creator of ''Anime/CuteyHoney'', ''Manga/{{Devilman}}'' and ''Anime/MazingerZ'', the manga that arguably started the HumongousMecha genre.
* Creator/HideakiAnno, until the ending of ''Anime/NeonGenesisEvangelion'' (and ''the End of Evangelion'' for that matter) where he became somewhat of an anti-Christ for all of anime, even to the point where his e-mail was clogged with death threats.
** He's still worshiped by ''Eva'' diehards, though not unlike Creator/AlanMoore (see the Comics section), it is generally acknowledged that he's eccentric.
** ''Anime/RebuildOfEvangelion'' is getting him some of his former acclaim back
* Similar to Anno, Creator/KunihikoIkuhara enjoys this. Like Anno, he used MindScrew to deconstruct his [[MagicalGirl genre]]. Unlike Anno, he did so [[{{Camp}} fabulously]].
* Creator/TiteKubo, the ordinary manga artist (with a good sense of humour) who wrote ''Manga/{{Bleach}}''.
** At least for a segment of fandom that worships him like a god. The other half seems to hate him.
* If you've ever read anything by [[Manga/YokohamaKaidashiKikou Hitoshi Ashinano]], you probably worship him on at least some level.
* A common [[MemeticMutation meme]] in ''Manga/OnePiece'' fandom is that Creator/AkiraToriyama is the God of shonen manga, and Eiichirō Oda, creator of the aforementioned series, is like Jesus Christ.
** One group has taken it so far as to dedicate an FC to this.
* Half jokingly, fans of ''Anime/{{Macross}}'' call Creator/ShojiKawamori "The Holy Floating Head".
* Creator/{{CLAMP}}, creators of ''Manga/CardcaptorSakura'', ''Manga/TokyoBabylon'', ''Manga/TsubasaReservoirChronicle'' and ''Manga/XxxHOLiC'' just to name a few, are almost single-handedly responsible for taking the shojo genre beyond just kittens and sparkles and making it about a deeper story and the characters themselves. They're also known for HoYay, [[Manga/TsubasaReservoirChronicle tearing out]] [[EyeScream characters' eyes]] [[Manga/{{Wish}} at]] [[Manga/{{X1999}} a moment's]] [[Manga/XxxHOLiC notice]], and [[Manga/{{X1999}} convoluted plans]] that [[Manga/TsubasaReservoirChronicle you need charts and graphs]] to even [[Manga/MagicKnightRayearth attempt to comprehend]]. Hardcore CLAMP fans tend to joke that the main writer for the group, Nanase Ohkawa, is actually running the universe and no one's caught on yet.
* Creator/SatoshiKon enjoys this to a certain degree, partially due to his untimely death.
* Creator/YoshiyukiTomino, creator of the ''Franchise/{{Gundam}}'' franchise. His fandom is actually divided between fans of "Dark Tomino" (''[[Anime/MobileSuitZetaGundam Zeta Gundam]]'', ''Anime/SpaceRunawayIdeon'') and "Happy Tomino" (''Anime/{{Xabungle}}'', ''Anime/OvermanKingGainer''), and like Anno he's recognized as very eccentric.
* It's more than likely that fans of his [[Manga/AxisPowersHetalia brainchild]] worship Creator/HidekazHimaruya for being just plain awesome. Especially since [[MemeticMutation he's a troll-king alpaca that is always late for everything.]]
* The [[Anime/PuellaMagiMadokaMagica Magica Quartet]] ([[Creator/StudioShaft Iwakami, Shinbo]], [[{{Creator/Nitroplus}} Urobuchi]], [[Creator/UmeAoki Ume-tentei]]) is quickly becoming this. It should be noted that in case of Urobuchi, this is CreatorWorship meets GodIsEvil.
* Creator/HiromuArakawa of ''Manga/FullmetalAlchemist''.
* Creator/MasashiKishimoto gets a bit of this, but in particular gets a lot of it from the video game company Creator/CyberConnect2, who makes a lot of good licensed games based on the ''Manga/{{Naruto}}'' series that even Kishimoto himself loves and approves of.
* Recorded, granted, and factual: up to this day, in the eve of the 25th birthday of [[Manga/JoJosBizarreAdventure his most popular and critically acclaimed work]], there hasn't anyone that knows who Creator/HirohikoAraki is and doesn't hold him in any regard lower than this (the fact he doesn't age might help a lot with the immortality part that comes with the "god" statement though).

* Creator/MichelangeloBuonarroti is seen as the most complete artist. He set the standard in painting and sculpting for many centuries. It's prevalent enough that most discussions of the Art/SistineChapel end up involving more praise for Michelangelo than [[{{God}} the Creator]] the Chapel was made to worship.
* Creator/RembrandtVanRijn is admired by many graphic artists, not only for his almost photo realistic paintings, but also for his humanity. Compared to other technically perfect painters he still manages to make the viewers feel warmth and attachement to the people on his paintings, almost as if they are alive.
* Creator/VincentVanGogh has this reputation among many graphic artists, because everyone can relate to a struggling genius unable to make a living, while his work is so ahead of its time that nobody recognizes it.
* Creator/PabloPicasso is the most influential artist of the 20th century and thus worshipped by many modern artists or people who like modern art.
* Auguste Rodin has a divine reputation among sculptors, comparable to Vincent Van Gogh in the sense that it was disliked at the time, but is now been seen as genius.

[[folder:Comic Books]]
* Creator/AlanMoore, creator of such comics as ''ComicBook/{{Watchmen}}, ComicBook/VForVendetta'' and ''ComicBook/TheLeagueOfExtraordinaryGentlemen''.
* Creator/GrantMorrison is essentially Alan Moore with a lot less hair.
* Creator/FrankMiller, creator of ''ComicBook/ThreeHundred'', ''ComicBook/SinCity'', ''[[Franchise/{{Batman}} The Dark Knight Returns]]'', and a ton of other stuff.
* Mike Mignola, creator of ''ComicBook/{{Hellboy}}''.
* Creator/WillEisner, creator of ''The Spirit'' and coiner of the term "graphic novel," and rightly so. The man was one of the first comickers to take the medium seriously, yet totally unpretentiously. An Eisner Award in comics is the equivalent of an Oscar for movies, or an Emmy for TV shows.
* As noted below, Creator/NeilGaiman fans tend to be rather, uh, "enthusiastic."
* For similar reasons, Creator/ScottMcCloud, author of ''ComicBook/UnderstandingComics'' and its sequels (and also ''ComicBook/{{Zot}}'') and the first person to take comics seriously enough to do literary criticism to them. As any good god seems to be, highly controversial.
* Creator/JackKirby. A bit of the esteem "the King" is held in (aside from being nicknamed "the King") can be seen in the Creator/DCComics boast that they paid Jack more for creating Darkseid than Marvel did for creating their whole universe. Creator/Mark aid actually portrayed the Franchise/MarvelUniverse God ''as'' Jack Kirby in the pages of ComicBook/FantasticFour.
* Creator/StanLee, the man responsible for ''ComicBook/SpiderMan'', ''ComicBook/XMen'', ''ComicBook/FantasticFour'', and pretty much every Marvel icon that isn't ComicBook/CaptainAmerica (on whom he left his mark nonetheless). What makes this somewhat odd is that because he's become so iconic as the "father of Marvel" (an image that he certainly cultivates with his AwesomeMcCoolName and CoolOldGuy persona) he even gets worshipped for things that came after him. For instance, yes, he did create the original ''ComicBook/XMen'', but it didn't become truly iconic until [[MyRealDaddy the Chris Claremont era]].
* Creator/SteveDitko, co-creator of the Franchise/MarvelUniverse, especially Spider-Man and ComicBook/DoctorStrange, where his vision is the definitive one. ''ComicBook/JusticeLeague'' gave his later DC and Creator/CharltonComics creations their due.
* Creator/WarrenEllis. Writer of many comic books including ''ComicBook/{{Transmetropolitan}}'', ''ComicBook/GlobalFrequency'', ''ComicBook/{{Nextwave}}'', ''Fell'', ''Webcomic/FreakAngels'' and ''ComicBook/DoktorSleepless''. Known to his fans as Dear Leader, the Internet Jesus or the Love Swami, among other similar monikers. Once commanded a Holy Slut Army of fans.
* Bill Watterson, creator of ''ComicStrip/CalvinAndHobbes''. All the more so because [[ReclusiveArtist no one's seen him for years]].
* Creator/GarthEnnis is SOME sort of comics deity...
* Creator/AlexRoss. Can anyone hear the name "Franchise/{{Superman}}" without instantly thinking of that awesome, square-jawed, blue eyed titan he paints?
* Creator/JhonenVasquez, creator of famously disturbing comics such as ''ComicBook/JohnnyTheHomicidalManiac'' as well as the cult animated series ''WesternAnimation/InvaderZim.'' According to fans of that last one, absolutely everything good about the show was his personal idea, and everything bad was due to the Nickelodeon executives, the demons to Vasquez's godhood.
* Creator/CarlBarks. The creator of the ''WesternAnimation/DonaldDuck'' comics worked anonymous for his entire career, but was worshipped even then. He was just known to the public as the ''Good Duck Artist''. His work had an enormous influence on fellow Disney cartoonists, but also on the UndergroundComics movement. Especially in Northern Europe, namely the Netherlands, Germany and Scandinavia, people see his work as literature! His paintings of scenes from the duck stories have been sold to collectors for enormous prizes. His popularity was so big that he figured he'd take pension when he was roughly 130 years old.
* Creator/ChrisClaremont has some of this, especially from ''Comicbook/XMen'' fans. To most fans, he is known as the Father of X-Men and is the author of the most acclaimed X-Men story arc, ComicBook/TheDarkPhoenixSaga as well as many popular X-Men characters.
* Creator/GeoffJohns. The man who always has an epic story and a larger plan for the DCU. And to think that he was merely a [[PromotedFanboy fan who managed to get his dream job]] when he first started.
* Creator/JeffSmith, pretty much the most acclaimed and successful Independent Comic Book artist and author out there; Anything he writes becomes immediately awesome. ''Anything''. ''ComicBook/{{RASL}}''? Awesome. ''ComicBook/{{Shazam}}: The Monster Society of Evil''? Awesome, even to people that hate superheroes, or UsefulNotes/TheSilverAgeOfComicBooks. ''ComicBook/{{Bone}}''? So friggin' awesome it's won 10 Eisner Awards, 11 Harvey Awards, has been listed on Time's 10 Best English Graphic Novels of All Time list, and is included in Scholastic's "required reading" section... oh, and it's an engrossing DoorStopper to boot.
* Creator/ScottSnyder is starting to get this, despite how new he is, with his Eisner award winning series, ''ComicBook/AmericanVampire'', and his widely acclaimed run on ''Franchise/{{Batman}}'' so far, with the praised story arcs ''[[ComicBook/BatmanTheBlackMirror The Black Mirror]]'' (in ''Detective Comics''), ''ComicBook/NightOfTheOwls'' and ''ComicBook/DeathOfTheFamily''.
* Creator/GailSimone, due to how well she writes female characters, specifically the Birds of Prey and Batgirl and how she humanises characters, such as with ComicBook/SecretSix.
* Creator/BrianKVaughan, creator of ''ComicBook/YTheLastMan'', ''ComicBook/{{Runaways}}'', and ''ComicBook/{{Saga}}''. His run on ''ComicBook/{{Runaways}}'' was so beloved that not even Creator/JossWhedon could top it.
* Charles M. Schulz, creator of ''ComicStrip/{{Peanuts}}'' has a divine reputation among fellow comic strip artists and cartoonists. Many are amazed that he managed to put such depth in a four-panel comic strip and still managed to be funny AND become literally the most widespread newspaper comic strip on the planet! At the height of its popularity it ran in more than 2.000 newspapers worldwide. More books have been devoted to his work than any other cartoonist, except for Creator/WaltDisney and Creator/{{Herge}}.
* Creator/{{Herge}}. The creator of ''ComicStrip/{{Tintin}}'' is worshipped worldwide, especially in Europe where literally all comic strip artists are in some way influenced by him. Many books, documentaries, ... have been devoted to him and his work. When ''Tintin'' became its own magazine after the war all artists that wanted to work for him had to adapt his style of detailed documentation and pitch perfect realistic drawing style.
* Creator/AlEwing. Writer behind ''ComicBook/MightyAvengers'' Vol. 3, ''ComicBook/LokiAgentofAsgard'', and ''[[ComicBook/NewAvengers2015 New Avengers]]'' Vol. 4, who's been consistently praised for writing stories that embrace continuity, lesser known heroes and characters, and a more balanced tone that embraces how fun and wacky comics can be without sacrificing plot or depth.
* From 2014 to 2016, Tom King, writer of ''ComicBook/{{Grayson}}'', ''ComicBook/OmegaMen'', ''ComicBook/TheVision2015'' and ''Sheriff of Babylon'', got a much bigger profile and fanbase. Readers love how he writes interesting stories with no hand-holding, his quirky-but-still-coherent dialogue, his incredibly human portrayal of terrorists and other morally grey groups, and his use of RetGone'd continuity in shaping current stories. It all came to a head in 2016, when, by the end of the year, it was ''impossible'' to read a "top comics of 2016" list and not find ''at least'' one of his works on it. He would also win a Harvey Award for Best New Talent that same year. Tellingly, when he was announced as a co-writer for ''Grayson'', some Dick Grayson fans were upset due to the assumption that he'd have Dick use guns, since King himself was a counter-terrorist officer in the CIA. By the time ''Grayson'' ended, he was considered the blatantly obvious choice to succeed Scott Snyder (see above) as the new ''Batman'' writer; which he ''[[TheUnreveal was]]''.
* Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, creators of ''Franchise/{{Superman}}''. Hence, the guys responsible for the entire super-hero genre. Superman fans also worship other creators who contributed to expand the mythos: Mort Weisinger and Julius Schwartz (who edited the books during from the Golden Age to the Post-Crisis Era and are responsible for most of trappings people associates Superman with), Otto Binder (creator of ComicBook/{{Supergirl}}, ComicBook/KryptoTheSuperdog and the ComicBook/{{Legion Of Super-Heroes}} among others), Creator/ElliotSMaggin, Curt Swan, Dan Jurgens, Creator/GeoffJohns...

[[folder:Fan Works]]
* Creator/LittleKuriboh, for ''WebVideo/YuGiOhTheAbridgedSeries''.
* Durandall, a.k.a. Brian Randall, author of ''FanFic/KyonBigDamnHero''.
* Any BigNameFan.

* Creator/CharlieChaplin: Probably the oldest example in film. His work is not only worshipped by fellow comedians (comic actors, mimes, clowns,...), but also by film directors for being able to make comedies with strong narratives that made you actually care about the characters. He pioneered many gags, techniques and storylines that have been copied by all comedians that came behind him. Thus he is still seen as the greatest clown of all time.
* Creator/LaurelAndHardy: They pioneered comedy based on the contrast between two characters and thus paved the way for all comedy duos, trios and so on. While some comedians or people may find Chaplin to be overrated all of them, without exception, have a fond appreciation for Stan and Ollie.
* Creator/TheMarxBrothers: The brothers are not only adored by people who like good comedy, but they are especially popular among people who prefer more sarcastic, energetic and absurd humor. They are one of the few of the that time period, along with Creator/WCFields, whose comedy hasn't dated one bit. Intellectuals also adore them for their more clever verbal style.
* Creator/BusterKeaton was OvershadowedByAwesome in his lifetime compared to the above mentioned comedians but from TheFifties onwards he came to be admired and loved for his technical brilliance and his deadpan style of comedy came to prefigure the gags of later artists.
* Creator/AlfredHitchcock was and is still considered the master of suspense. He coined terms like MacGuffin, and gave a number of interviews describing his tactics in constructing good stories. Many aspiring film directors learn about his techniques in film school. His work has been analyzed by many scholars and he is seen as a genuine artist.
* Creator/GeorgeLucas. The godfather of modern entertainment. It has been said that the original ''Franchise/StarWars'' trilogy didn't ''invent'' movie marketing--just perfected it. His popularity has decreased somewhat since the prequel trilogy came out, with George Lucas bashing being popular now. But his name and image should not be taken lightly.
* Creator/PeterJackson has his followers for his take on ''Film/TheLordOfTheRings''. Although he also has his ''serious'' detractors among hard-core fans of the original books, as well as from fans of the original ''Film/KingKong1933'' and the book of ''Literature/TheLovelyBones''.
** Subverted more often than not these days, with quite a number of people taking umbrage with his compliance in extending ''Film/TheHobbit'' into three features. [[NotSoDifferent Not unlike]] George Lucas, actually.
* Creator/StevenSpielberg, much like George Lucas, is well-known and revered as a godfather of modern entertainment for his many blockbuster films such as ''Film/{{Jaws}}'', ''Franchise/IndianaJones'' (Shared in conjunction with George Lucas), ''Film/ETTheExtraTerrestrial'' and many more.
* Creator/KevinSmith of Film/TheViewAskewniverse. The personality cult surrounding him has become so great that he now seems to spend more time doing podcasts than making films.
* Creator/TimBurton, for [[Film/{{Beetlejuice}} many]], [[WesternAnimation/TheNightmareBeforeChristmas many]], [[Film/{{Batman}} many]] films.
* Creator/{{Pixar}}. All of Pixar. (except ''WesternAnimation/{{Cars}}'', which is widely considered a lesser if [[CashCowFranchise profitable]] franchise; ''WesternAnimation/{{Cars 2}}'' is their only not-Fresh on Website/RottenTomatoes, with 35% of critical approval, and the original is the second-worst rating... which is still a respectable 75%)
** Creator/{{Pixar}} was originally spun off from Creator/GeorgeLucas's Creator/IndustrialLightAndMagic, and until recently was helmed by Creator/SteveJobs. Stranger and stranger?
* Creator/EdgarWright and Creator/SimonPegg, who did ''Series/{{Spaced}}'', ''Film/ShaunOfTheDead'' and ''Film/HotFuzz''.
* Creator/BradBird, who helmed ''WesternAnimation/TheIronGiant''. You should've heard the response when he teamed with Creator/{{Pixar}} for ''WesternAnimation/TheIncredibles''.
** Fans lined up for ''Film/MissionImpossibleGhostProtocol'' simply because Bird was directing it.
* Creator/QuentinTarantino was considered the new voice of film in TheNineties. Just about anything both violent and comic will be compared to his works. He is also the only film director whose fame and popularity have reached rock star levels, with many being familiar with his characters, quotes and soundtracks. However, his reputation took an enormous hit in the wake of the revelations surrounding Harvey Weinstein and Tarantino's complicity in not doing anything about him, in addition to further controversies surrounding how he treated Uma Thurman and remarks he made on Roman Polanski.
* Creator/JuddApatow, who practically pioneered comedy films in the 20th Century.
* Creator/SpikeLee became known as the artistic authority on the African-American experience. In an interview, Lee even complained that whenever a controversy involved black people, his office would inevitably get a call asking for comment.
* Creator/ChristopherNolan is seen as a creative giant for his work on ''Film/TheDarkKnightTrilogy'' and ''Film/{{Inception}}'', garnering a wide amount of praise for creating blockbusters that appeal to casual audiences and more sophisticated film critics.
* Creator/DenisVilleneuve, who many consider to be the French-Canadian counterpart to Nolan, with his highly cerebral sci-fi and thriller films like ''Film/{{Sicario}}'', ''Film/{{Prisoners}}'', and ''Film/{{Arrival}}'', that mix suspense, intelligent plotlines, and strong acting. Especially after the release of ''Film/BladeRunner2049'', when a sequel to the original ''Film/BladeRunner'' was widely considered to be [[AndYouThoughtItWouldFail a terrible idea]], the complete critical and fan adoration that ''2049'' received has only added to his reputation as a cinematic Midas. As of this writing, there are many sci-fi fans who are practically salivating at the thought of his upcoming take on the ''Literature/{{Dune}}'' franchise.
* Creator/TheCoenBrothers, who are widely praised in regards to their varying films and their masterful usage of dark humor.
* Creator/StanleyKubrick: He is seen as a giant among fellow film directors with artistic reputations. He is admired for being an independent director with a very strong artistic and personal vision whose work was so ahead of its time that all of his films polarized people when they first came out but have been VindicatedByHistory as masterpieces of cinema ever since. He is also the ultimate intellectuals' darling. Apart from Creator/CharlieChaplin and Creator/AlfredHitchcock is probably the most analyzed film director of all time, with countless books, documentaries, blogs, analysis works, exhibitions devoted to his oeuvre.
* Creator/MartinScorsese: Some directors are admired, others are worshipped and some are beloved. Scorsese is all three. Whether it's his phenomenal consistency, his technical brilliance, his dark angsty movies, his use of rock music, his camera and editing techniques (''Film/MeanStreets, Film/TaxiDriver, Film/RagingBull'') or his amazing cinephilia has introduced fans to films from around the world.
* Creator/DavidFincher, who gets praise for his highly complex and bizarre filmography.
* Creator/WesAnderson, who was described by Martin Scorsese as being his own successor and is well-known for his unique filmmaking style and the quirky films he makes.
* Creator/SamRaimi for the ''Franchise/EvilDead'' and ''[[Film/SpiderMan Spider-Man]]'' trilogies.
* Creator/GuillermoDelToro gets much praise for his often fantastical films such as ''Film/TheShapeOfWater'' and ''Film/PansLabyrinth'' that combine fantasy with very human characters and subject matter.
* In the field of acting Creator/MarlonBrando is worshipped as the best and most realistic actor of all time. Even the fact that he spent more time rebelling against the movies he appeared in to the point of sabotage and after ''Film/TheGodfather'' mostly did bit parts that were borderline self parody hasn't changed the awe his fans and other actors still feel towards him. However, revelations that he raped his female costar for real in ''Film/LastTangoInParis'' knocked him off his pedestal.
* Creator/ClarkGable: Even during his lifetime he was called "The King of Hollywood". His elegance and class made him stand apart among all other actors, especially by being the main actor in the biggest Hollywood blockbuster of the golden age of Hollywood: ''Film/GoneWithTheWind''
* Creator/BetteDavis is beloved among feminists for being a self-confident actress who had the audacity to complain against the Hollywood studios if she felt their scripts were bad.
* Three of the most popular actresses of the 1950s (Creator/MarilynMonroe, Creator/AudreyHepburn, and Creator/ElizabethTaylor) serve as a triad in regards to how celebrities can develop and maintain Creator Worship. Initially known for their beauty and acting skills, they would expand upon their careers for more noble cause. While Monroe died untimely at 36 and became a legend, the other two were able to establish charities: Hepburn was an active spokeswoman for UNICEF to get food and supplies into improvised nations , and Taylor established her AIDS Foundation in the 1980's to research and combat the disease.
* Creator/BruceLee is still seen as the most exciting actor in martial arts movies ever. He may even be the most popular action hero across the world, when considering his enormous popularity in South East Asia, among minorities (Afro-American culture) and to people in the rest of the world too. He popularized martial arts like no other and his swiftness and superhuman strength still make the awe for his legend unparallelled.
* Creator/HumphreyBogart was the object of a cult for a decade following his death, first in Boston, then New York, and ultimately, and most intensely, in France.

* Creator/{{Homer}}: The ancient Greeks didn't have any "holy texts", but they often spoke of ''Literature/TheIliad'' and ''Literature/TheOdyssey'' as if they were. Homer is still admired as the first iconic writer/poet of all time and his legacy survived many centuries.
* Miguel de Cervantes: ''Literature/DonQuixote'' is the first modern novel and was praised by novelists (Laurence Sterne, Creator/GustaveFlaubert, Creator/FyodorDostoevsky) and a whole hoet of literary scholars as the single most important, meaningful and best classic novel of all time. A ToughActToFollow for all novels that came afterwards.
* Creator/CharlesDickens: After Shakespeare he is probably the most popular, influential and still widely read author of all time. Many writers have learned from his ability to write suspenseful and engaging stories with many colorful characters people still remember and like, socially conscious messages and the power to actually capture [[UsefulNotes/VictorianBritain the spirit of his own lifetime]].
* Creator/JohannWolfgangVonGoethe is considered ''the genius'' of German letters, and virtually the one major writer admired during UsefulNotes/TheEnlightenment and {{Romanticism}}, influential on more philosophers, poets, scientists and intellectuals than you can shake a fist at. His fan club includes such wildly different individuals as UsefulNotes/NapoleonBonaparte, Creator/FriedrichNietzsche, Creator/KarlMarx, UsefulNotes/SigmundFreud and many, many others.
* "Creator/JKRowling, creator of ''Literature/HarryPotter'', is either the primal mistress of all evil, or the supreme, almighty goddess deserving of our unreserved worship. The ''Literature/HarryPotter'' fandom does not allow any opinion between these two extremes." ~ [[http://wiki.fandomwank.com/index.php/JK_Rowling Fandom Wank Wiki]]
* Creator/JaneAusten of ''Literature/SenseAndSensibility'' and five other novels. The Austen cult has been criticised by some, who wonder whether it is healthy for modern independent women to wistfully dream of life in 1815, but then, Austen's books were mildly progressive for her time.
* Creator/ChuckPalahniuk (author of ''Literature/FightClub'').
* Creator/DouglasAdams (author of ''Franchise/TheHitchhikersGuideToTheGalaxy'') became incredibly popular as an author, humorist, essayist and atheist. The second week after the date of his untimely death (25th of May) is celebrated as Towel Day, in recognition of his best known life lesson: always know where your towel is.
* Creator/RobertAHeinlein has a particularly obsessive and cultish fanbase who pore over his fictional and non-fictional writings to glean pearls of wisdom.
** Hubbard and Heinlein are actually involved in a pretty interesting anecdote involving this trope being played straight-up. As the story goes, Heinlein challenged his contemporary and rival Hubbard to see who can come up with the most ludicrous-sounding religion while still convincing people that's it's legit. Heinlein pulled out of the competition when he decided that people were all too willing to latch onto it and take it seriously...of course, [[MisaimedFandom Hubbard didn't....]]
** The religion spawned by Heinlein's work, ''The Church Of All Worlds'', survived for years though. It petered out along with the hippy movement.
* Creator/AynRand wrote several popular novels, including ''Literature/AtlasShrugged'', which formed the basis for the philosophy of UsefulNotes/{{Objectivism}}. She remains its figurehead to this day. "The Collective" the closeknit group of followers that coalesced around her East 36th Street apartment in New York, became so culty that author and journalist Jeff Walker has described it as [[https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Ayn_Rand_Cult an actual cult]].
* Creator/TerryPratchett of ''Literature/{{Discworld}}'' fame. His fans celebrate his birthday (April 28th) as the "Creator's Birthday".
** This started as a joke in the Discworld Diary (another being that BigNameFan Stephen Briggs's birthday is Patrician Day), but it is certainly the case that any statement he makes on alt.fan.pratchett (which rarely discusses the actual books) will be treated as a bit more significant than if J. Random Poster said it. Half of them will still disagree with it, because they're a bloody-minded bunch (again, taking on his mindset!) but they'll do it in a more measured way.
** His French translator, Patrick Couton, Grand Master of {{Woolseyism}}, has been referred to as Metatron, as in "Voice of God".
* Creator/JRRTolkien, of ''Literature/LordOfTheRings'', god of the fantasy genre as we know it. His son Christopher presides over veneration and interpretation of the holy texts.
** The fans call him "The Professor" and hold toasts each year on his birthday. Really.
*** Tolkien himself was aware of this veneration, and was not happy about it; he once referred to his fanbase as "my deplorable cultus".
* Creator/GeorgeRRMartin of ''Literature/ASongOfIceAndFire'' is known to have a pretty close relationship with his fans, and often attends parties they throw at various sci-fi/fantasy conventions. This is all in spite of the internet Hatedom directed at him by readers who complain about his slipping release schedules. To them, it's more like GRRM is their own personal Satan
* Creator/NeilGaiman, despite the fact that he always looks faintly bemused at discovering hundreds of fans waiting for him at book signings and the like. (That or he's just stoned, hard to say really.)
** It's Neil Gaiman, meaning the answer is almost certainly both.
** And now he's got a whole bunch of new fans who are coming to him because of [[Music/AmandaPalmer his wife]], who are a bit rowdier than his older fans.
* Creator/TerryGoodkind, much like George RR Martin, is either the Devil Incarnate or the Only Real Writer Writing Today, depending on whether or not you're a member of his cult. There is some middle ground, but some ardent fans of Goodkind have defended him mostly by accusing people who didn't like his books of preferring "typical fantasy" and objecting to anything that challenges them, or of being "death chosers" whose lives were filled with "loathing and indifference" or pointing to his [[QualityByPopularVote sales figures]] as though they are objective proof of his brilliance.
* Creator/CSLewis. To his credit, he did as much as he could to downplay it during his lifetime in favor of recommending other fantasy authors and Christian apologists.
* To a comparatively minor extent, Creator/TimothyZahn among fans of the ''Franchise/StarWarsExpandedUniverse''. ''Literature/TheThrawnTrilogy'' basically kicked off all ''Franchise/StarWars'' novels - yes, there had been a few before, focusing on young-ish Han Solo and Lando Calrissian, but this trilogy picked a point years after the movies and built a galaxy around it, and introduced both Mara Jade and Thrawn. It was the first - and this is hotly contested - the best ExpandedUniverse epic. Zahn-bashing is a bit more popular these days, though less so than for Lucas.
** It helps that, when talking to fans, he comes off as composed and very civil and respectful, not [[FanHater overtly defensive or snippy]].
* Creator/NeilGaiman himself was an adolescent fanboy of Creator/MichaelMoorcock who was very much worshipped some twenty-odd years ago, perhaps before most tropers' time.
* Creator/HPLovecraft. Creator of Cthulhu. Even during his lifetime, there were fans of his who believed that his universe was real and his works were merely channelling the message of the Old Ones. His cult actually contained a number of young acolytes who would go on to greatness of their own, notably Creator/RobertBloch, author of Psycho and Creator/RobertEHoward, the creator of Franchise/ConanTheBarbarian. [[http://www.jasoncolavito.com/uploads/3/7/5/9/3759274/the_origins_of_the_space_gods.pdf There is even speculation]] that his cult may have indirectly inspired Erich von Daniken, and thus may have been responsible for the creation of [[AncientAstronauts some actual religions]].
* Creator/IsaacAsimov, while not having created a religion, has a devout following of people hailing him as the A in "The ABC of Science-Fiction". He also has [[http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/4/47/Isaac_Asimov_on_Throne.png a throne]].

[[folder:Live Action TV]]
* Creator/JossWhedon of ''Series/BuffyTheVampireSlayer'', ''Series/{{Angel}}'', ''Series/{{Firefly}}'' and ''{{Series/Dollhouse}}''.
** Interestingly, Joss is also considered to be evil by these very same fans for the angst he puts his characters through, bordering on misanthropic. If the Cult of Joss were an actual religion, it would be a ReligionOfEvil.
** This Creator Worship is in no small part responsible for ''Series/{{Dollhouse}}'' getting a second season. It's a safe bet that had ''Dollhouse'' been made by someone else, there's no way it would've gotten that far, if only because of the inboxes full on hate-mail his fans could unleash like no other.
** [[Wiki/TVTropes This very wiki]] was founded by Whedonites and so, even by internet standards, this is a [[StealthPun holy site]] for them.
** After so many years of pure worship, he finally suffered some backlash from fans in 2015 for the Banner/Romanoff relationship in ''Film/AvengersAgeOfUltron'' and for insinuating that ''Series/AgentsOfSHIELD'' was not relevant to the Franchise/MarvelCinematicUniverse (his statements were taken out of context). His reputation was further tarnished in 2017 when his ex-wife revealed that he openly cheated on her; a leaked version of his original 2006 screenplay for Wonder Woman was panned as sexist for giving more screen time to her love interest Steve Trevor and focusing more on her appearance rather than personality; and the mixed reception to his role as co-writer and replacement director for ''Film/JusticeLeague''.
* JMS, aka Creator/JMichaelStraczynski, creator of ''Series/BabylonFive''. There was once a website called the Church of Joe, where his more obsessive fans could sign up to be clergy in a religion worshipping the Great Maker, Joe Straczynski himself.
** "The Great Maker" was a mostly tongue-in-cheek FanNickname before that, taken from the in-universe Centauri deity.
** After teaming up with FallenCreator|s Creator/TheWachowskis to make Series/{{Sense8}}, he's being revered by an even wider audience.
* Creator/GeneRoddenberry, creator of ''Franchise/StarTrek'', is sometimes called The Great Bird of the Galaxy by his fans, after a Romulan god.
** This doesn't even begin to describe it. A lot of the older TOS fans positively worship the man, and it's practically FandomHeresy to say anything against him. While Trek fans certainly do owe him some credit for creating the franchise, he also essentially abandoned TOS by the end of the second season (Season finale as a PoorlyDisguisedPilot, anyone?), and his meddling in the TOS film era eventually led to him getting KickedUpstairs. These same fans tend to vilify Rick Berman and Brannon Braga, who, while making some [[Series/StarTrekVoyager questionable]] [[Series/StarTrekEnterprise choices]] later in their term of presiding over the Trek series, helped to rescue TNG from the ruins of its first season, which had the most Roddenberry influence, and make it the classic it is today.
* Ron Moore himself has varied from being considered a saint for reviving ''Series/{{Battlestar Galactica|2003}}'' and doing it so well, or the Antichrist for changing it so much.
* There was a big to-do concerning a personal appearance of Rockne S. O'Bannon, the brains behind ''Series/AlienNation'', ''Series/SeaQuestDSV'', and of course ''Series/{{Farscape}}'', his biggest cult hit. There was an interview around the same time that said he was creating a new sci-fi show called ''Cult'' which would focus on loony fans of a show within a show series.
** ''Series/{{Farscape}}'' screenwriter Justin Monjo also achieved God status among John/Aeryn shippers for specific shippy episodes he penned. They called themselves Monjonians and even had a prayer: ''Hail Monj, full of 'Scape, Rockne is with thee...'' When told about this, several of the show's actors agreed he was a God and were declared to be honorary Monjonians. I am not making any of this up...
* Eric Kripke, the creator of ''Series/{{Supernatural}}'', is either hailed as a God or as a Lying Liar That Lies Anti-Christ.
** His other FanNickname is the "Kripkeeper."
* Bill Lawrence, creator of ''Series/SpinCity'' and ''Series/{{Scrubs}}'', has been hailed for his type of comedy seen nowhere else on television.
* Creator/JJAbrams, creator of ''Series/{{Alias}}'', ''Series/{{Lost}}'', and ''Series/{{Fringe}}.''
** And while Abrams may have created ''Lost'', Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse perfected it. Fans have even given them a PortmanteauCoupleName of "Darlton".
*** He also did so well with ''Film/MissionImpossibleIII'' that Creator/TomCruise realized he was going to need him for [[Film/MissionImpossibleGhostProtocol a fourth]] to be made.
** And now ''Film/StarTrek'' as well. While some of the pre-existing FanDumb will vilify him, the newer fans who were lured in by this movie will defend him to the last.
* Tim Kring, creator of ''Series/{{Heroes}}''. Of course, given the SophomoreSlump of season 2, bashing him has also become a bit of fun.
** Though given how the show panned out, the bashing seems to have far overtaken the worship, with Bryan Fuller now getting more praise for what went right with ''Heroes''.
* David Simon of ''Series/TheWire''. The fact that this is mostly justified--he and everyone else who worked on ''The Wire'' pay far more attention to detail, characterization, and plot than nearly anyone else working in television--makes fandom all the more frustrating for the unlucky few who ''do'' take issue with some aspects of his work.
** Reinforcing the appearance of deity is that if you criticize him online, there's a non-zero chance that he'll actually see it and respond (usually witheringly).
** Also reinforcing Simon's imposing presence is his tendency to be quite outspoken on how he "intended" the show to be viewed (as a vehicle for his political opinions). Thus it is expected that fans not only love the show, but also Simon's personal views and the singular "correct" reading of his work.
** Simon also wrote the book that gave rise to ''Series/HomicideLifeOnTheStreet'', so he's been at least a demiurge for some time.
* [[Series/TheDailyShow Jon Stewart]]. Among the reasons cited by fans:
** He [[http://www.nytimes.com/2010/12/27/business/media/27stewart.html?_r=2 reports on important issues glossed over by other sources]]
** Regular viewers of The Daily Show end up being [[http://www.washingtonmonthly.com/archives/individual/2010_04/023446.php more knowledgeable about news than audiences of "serious" news sources]]
** Stewart actually reads his guests' books
** Targets of his satire may be on the right or the left. It's a merit-based system.
** The humor may range from crude to cerebral, but he gets his facts straight, and his arguments are thoughtful and reasoned.
** He is always respectful when interviewing someone with whom he disagrees with and isn't full of crap.
** He brings the funny.
* Creator/StephenColbert, for many of the same reasons.
** Also, he ran for President. In character. [[RuleOfFunny And it was awesome.]]
** And Colbert won the popular vote in the MarvelUniverse! Obama is still pres, however.
* Creator/AaronSorkin, creator/writer of ''Series/SportsNight'', ''Series/TheWestWing'', and ''Series/Studio60OnTheSunsetStrip''.
** [[WriterOnBoard That last one lost him a bit of standing.]] However, he did then write the screenplay for ''Film/CharlieWilsonsWar'', which was well-received and stuffed to the gills with all the Sorkin tropes we know and love.
** ''Film/TheSocialNetwork'' has been so overwhelmingly well-received that any damage Studio 60 might've done to his standing is utterly irrelevant.
** ''Series/TheNewsroom'' didn't pan out as well, marring his reputation a bit, but it still stands that any project Sorkin is attached to is worthy of some excitement.
* Although not strictly the creator, Creator/RussellTDavies gets a fair amount of worship for bringing back ''Series/DoctorWho''.
** However, Creator/StevenMoffat, titled the ''[[StarWars Grand Moff]]'', is more revered due to making some of the best Who episodes. His new title as the executive producer and head writer received much praise from his followers.
*** Since this is [[UnpleasableFanbase Who fandom]], however, there are just as many people who [[ScapegoatCreator are convinced that one, the other, or both, is only out to ruin the show.]] Somehow.
** There's no single person who can be called the creator of ''Doctor Who'', but one of the most important creators was the original producer, Verity Lambert. She is held in such high esteem by the fans that, when ''Doctor Who Magazine'' held an open "single contribution" category in its 50th anniversary poll, she was the clear winner some 48 years after she stepped down from the role.
* Creator/JimHenson, the undisputed greatest puppeteer of the 20th century for his Muppets.
** To a lesser extent the other original Muppeteers, such as Frank Oz and Jerry Nelson. Also Jerry Juhl, who wasn't a puppeteer, but in [[http://www.toughpigs.com/my-week-with-fraggle-rock-2/ the words of Tough Pigs]] "has essentially become a saint to Muppet fans on account of everything that he ever wrote was really really good, and he never wrote anything bad that we ever heard of. We all love Jerry so much that we donít even blame him for Film/MuppetsFromSpace. (I heard it got messed up in the editing.)"
* ''Series/{{House}}'': David Shore]]. He's seen as kind of a douchebag but, then again, he did write "Three Stories" (which is seen as the best episode ever by most people) so I guess it evens out.
* Creator/ChrisMorris, creator and writer of seminal shows such as ''Series/OnTheHour'', ''Series/TheDayToday'' and ''Series/BrassEye''. When not taking scathing pot-shots at the Media and generally baiting the outrage brigade, occasionally emerges from his lair to lambast public figures such as Creator/MartinAmis for talking out of their colons. And that's not even taking into account the pranks he was responsible for back when he was a humble DJ for Radio One.
* Creator/ArmandoIannucci, not only helped to create ''Series/TheDayToday'', but also co-wrote ''Series/ImAlanPartridge'' and created ''Series/TheThickOfIt'', any one of which would raise any individual to [[AGodAmI Deity Status]].
* ''Series/{{Sherlock}}'' creators, Creator/StevenMoffat and Creator/MarkGatiss are revered as gods, very evil gods to be precise, by the fandom. The fans fondly call them Mofftiss when referring to both, and Godtiss and The Moff when referring to one or the other. They are both loved and hated for their genius... and knack of leaving their fans on mindbending cliffhangers for agonising months on end. (Twelve months after the end of the second series, the third hadn't yet begun ''filming''.)
* Ryan Murphy of ''Series/{{Glee}}'', especially amongst the LGBT crowds. Murphy actually seems to have no middle ground; he is either [[ScapegoatCreator evil incarnate]], or the deity of all things holy on television.
* Creator/DonaldPBellisario in the 80's and 90's for his various TV-series (''Series/MagnumPI'', ''Series/QuantumLeap''). Even joked at in ''Series/{{JAG}}'' when scfi-nut Bud sees Bellisario's star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame:
--> Hey, it's the ''Quantum Leap'' guy!
* The more devoted fans of ''Series/CallTheMidwife'' bow at the feet of series creator and showrunner Heidi Thomas, especially on Website/{{Tumblr}}, where she is essentially considered able to do no wrong. They're not the only ones, however, as even the critics are gushing.
* To hear many fans and people who grew up with his show tell it, [[Series/MisterRogersNeighborhood Fred Rogers]] was essentially [[PatronSaint a saint among men]]. Considering he built his entire career around being a FriendToAllChildren and behaving [[TruthInTelevision on and off screen]] like an AllLovingHero, this is really [[JustifiedTrope quite understandable]].
* Jack Webb. His three biggest shows, ''{{Series/Dragnet}}'', ''{{Series/AdamTwelve}}'' and ''{{Series/Emergency}}'' still have devoted followings 40 to 60 (for "Dragnet") years later and Joe Friday is still an iconic character today.
* Creator/VinceGilligan for ''Series/BreakingBad'' and ''Series/BetterCallSaul''.
* Creator/DanHarmon [[Series/{{Community}} is a genius]] [[MemeticMutation and his hardcore fans]] ''[[MemeticMutation will]]'' [[MemeticMutation die protecting his vision]].
** Interestingly, many of these fans seem to overlook the fact that the above paraphrased line, which was taken as a fandom rallying cry after Harmon was fired from ''Series/{{Community}}'', in context is spoken by a young woman driven to the brink of insanity by the unreasonable demands and preening tantrums of someone in control of a creative project who has let his perfectionist tendencies spiral completely out of control... something which Harmon himself admits is not a million miles off from how the set of ''Series/{{Community}}'' would function while he was the show-runner.
* Creator/MontyPython: Together with Creator/TheMarxBrothers they are probably the most popular universal comedy team of all time. Even though their comedy may be to weird, intellectual or complex for most of the general public their fans absolutely adore their series, films and TV series, even sketches that are extremely anti-comedy. To some people they are even Music/TheBeatles of comedy.
* Creator/SpikeMilligan is considered to be the godfather of anti-comedy. He is even admired by Creator/MontyPython.
* Creator/JohnCleese: In modern day British comedy Cleese is still seen as a god. With both ''Series/MontyPythonsFlyingCircus'' and ''Series/FawltyTowers'' on his track record his status is literally untouchable, despite whatever lesser comedy he sometimes made afterwards. The British public still sees him as "The Funniest Man On Television", thanks to the many repeats of ''Fawlty Towers''.
* Creator/RodSerling is admired for being the first TV screenwriter and presenter to actually try and do something artistic with the medium. ''Series/{{The Twilight Zone|1959}}'' introduced suspenseful, scary and meaningful narratives working with limited budgets and within the boundaries of commercial television, but he showed it was possible.
* Creator/LucilleBall is still a lighting example for all TV scriptwriters and especially female comedians. ''Series/ILoveLucy'' pioneered and perfectionized the modern day TV sitcom as we know it today.
* In the largely secular UK, wildlife presenter Sir Creator/DavidAttenborough is held in the kind of esteem that more pious nations ascribe to saints, gurus and swamis. The fact that he hasn't aged in thirty years has done a lot to cement his position as a living god.
* Judd Lynn of the ''Franchise/PowerRangers'' franchise. In general, him being in charge of a season is automatically considered cause for celebration, to the point some people ''decide'' to watch a season [[JustHereForGodzilla because he's in charge of it.]] This is likely because the seasons he's headed are generally considered some of the best in the franchise and the ones generally considered the best (''Series/PowerRangersInSpace'' and ''Series/PowerRangersTimeForce'') were both produced by him with ''Series/PowerRangersInSpace'' is credited with saving the franchise.

* Very common with the fans of influential and critically acclaimed songwriters such as Music/BobDylan, Music/PattiSmith, and Music/TomWaits. Though just about any famous musician with any charisma at all will get this kind of thing from some quarter of their fandom.
* Music/JohannSebastianBach: Without any doubt the oldest example in music of someone whose work is seen as so perfect that nobody would dare contest it. And even today, centuries later, many music fans, especially in ClassicalMusic, see him as a genius. William F. Buckley once famously said: "If Bach is not in heaven, I am not going." The Voyager Golden Record sent into space to make contact with extraterrestrial aliens has more music by Bach than any other musician. UsefulNotes/CarlSagan famously said: "I'd send just Bach... but that would be boasting." Even Music/FrankZappa, notoriously dismissive of all composers before the 20th century said: "Bach is interesting. To me that's the most tolerable music to listen from that era."
* Music/WolfgangAmadeusMozart: Another example of someone who is literally regarded among both general public and music fans as a genius of divine levels. It helps that popular culture presents him as some kind of demi-god.
* Music/LudwigVanBeethoven: The third example of a musician seen as a genius. Beethoven has one advantage over Bach and Mozart that he actually did more his own thing, becoming the first example of a troubled artist and a musician able to express a strong personal vision. And the fact that he was deaf also helped to illuminate his awesomeness.
* Perhaps the most direct example of this in classical music is Creator/FranzLizst, who was, for all intents and purposes, a rock star before the word was invented. For starters, he [[https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/c/cd/Ary_Scheffer_-_Franz_Liszt.jpg looked like this]], and his piano playing was so intoxicating it would send women into fits of the vapours. Literally. There was even a word coined for it: "Lizstomania", as women were sent into states akin to religious ecstasy, and then fought each other for bits of his clothing. One woman even picked up one of his discarded cigars, had it encased in gold and diamonds, and monogrammed with his initials.
* Music/LouisArmstrong: All jazz musicians look up to him as the man who made the genre popular. The general public and music fans outside the jazz field also regard him as an artistic genius.
* Music/BennyGoodman, the King of Swing. Some claim he was responsible for touching off the Swing era, and he was almost certainly one of the biggest players in bringing Jazz into the mainstream with his '38 Carnegie Hall concert. It probably doesn't hurt that his ensembles have included- and in many, if not most, cases given a start to- Lionel Hampton, Gene Krupa, Harry James, Teddy Wilson, and even Billie Holiday.
* Taken literally by [[http://www.coltranechurch.org/#!about2/c4nz St. Music/JohnColtrane African Orthodox Church]].
* Music/GeneKrupa is not only admired among jazz drummers as the greatest talent a pair of drumsticks ever created, but also among any drummer ever. Go ahead, speak ill of him in a large gathering of drummers. Just be ready to run.
* Music/BillieHoliday: Everyone who adores troubled artists, especially singers, admires her. There is a reason why she is still the most iconic jazz singer of all time.
* Music/MilesDavis: Has reached similar levels of fan worship. His iconoclastic approach and InsufferableGenius status made him a similar godlike being.
* Music/FrankSinatra: In the 1940s he was just worshipped by women and hated by men. From the 1950s on he reinvented himself as a self-made man who is confident, but not afraid to show his inner emotions about feeling lonely. This won him his legions of new fans, even among men or people who didn't think popular music could have such depth. He became so identifiable that people just refer to him as "The Voice", as if no other great singing voices ever existed.
* Music/ElvisPresley: The first rock superstar. Elvis has been crowned the "King" and shook up the life of many young people in the 1950s, breaking them out of the constraints of their boring every day life. His popularity increased thanks to Colonel Parker's excessive marketing of Elvis and even bringing in older people too when the singer made Hollywood movies and sang more general pop tunes. At a certain point he was literally one the most famous persons on the planet. After his death the Elvis cult became even more excessive, with [[DeadArtistsAreBetter more people buying his records than during his own lifetime]]. His house in Graceland, Tennessee is visited as some kind of shrine. Many fans refuse to believe he took drugs or that [[ElvisLives he is dead]]. There is even an actual religious cult based around him in the USA. This is parodied by the Music/MojoNixon song, "Elvis is Everywhere," which sounds like an over-the-top Baptist sermon that replaces each instance of "Jesus" with "Elvis" before claiming Elvis is the source behind many conspiracy theories (the pyramids, Stonehenge, the Bermuda Triangle, etc.)
* Music/TheBeatles are still the most famous, recognizable, popular, most covered and influential band of all time, far above any other band before or after them. They are a timeless and universally beloved musical act, adored by people of all ages and from all kinds of layers of society. Both pop fans as well as rock fans love them, not to mention fans of AlternativeRock. Every rock and pop artist looks up to them and hopes to achieve the same kind of success or artistic appreciation. Within the Beatles Music/JohnLennon has reached similar levels of worship. During his lifetime he was seen as a voice of rebellion and the "smart and cool one" of the Beatles. His murder actually increased his status and nowadays he is seen as according to many, a symbol of pacifism and intellectualism, the coolest Beatle to like and, to many, he most important musician of the 20th century. It got to the point that he is the only musician within the [[Series/OneHundredGreatestBritons "100 Greatest Britons"]] election in 2002 to enter the top 10.
* Music/BobDylan's status is so huge that his fans see him as a prophet. During TheSixties he was considered to be the "spokesman of his generation" and his legend still hasn't diminished after almost half a century. Along with Elvis Presley and the Beatles he is the most influential musician in rock music, a leading inspiration to all songwriters.
* Music/MickJagger is the FaceOfTheBand within Music/TheRollingStones and, apart from being a sex symbol to adoring female fans, he is also admired for his cocksure delivery and rebellious image. Old age and the band going on for a bit too long has diminished this stature a bit, but he remains one of rock's most iconic performers. For those who feel that Jagger is overexposed in comes Music/KeithRichards who is admired for his biology-defying-drug-intake, his long life and his phenomenal skill as a guitar player.
* Music/TheKinks are admired for their literary and heartbreaking songwriting, their overall underdog image and the fact that they are a sixties gang that escaped being overexposed and commercialized.
* Music/JimiHendrix: A famous quote goes: "There are two kinds of guitarists. People who say they are inspired by Hendrix and liars." Anytime a poll is held about the greatest guitarists of all time Hendrix is in the number one spot. If not, thousands of angry letters and comments will come in.
* Music/PinkFloyd got a lot after ''Music/TheDarkSideOfTheMoon'', ultimately culminating in Roger Waters (and the audience) seeing himself as a godlike figure above and separate from the audience. This culminated in him spitting in the face of a fan at the final concert of the "In The Flesh" tour. That incident, along with a case of ArtistDisillusionment, led directly to ''Music/TheWall''.
* Music/FrankZappa: Even though Zappa is still a cult musician he is still subject of the most passionate and fanatical devotion on this planet. You are either a hardcore fan or a more moderate admirer, but in both cases people are convinced this man was a genius to which all other music just pales in terms of exciting innovation and GenreRoulette.
* Music/BobMarley: All {{Reggae}} fans like him or at least discovered the genre thanks to him. Worldwide, and especially in the Third World, he is the biggest superstar of all time. From Latin America, Asia, Polynesia to Africa people listen to his messages. In his homeland Jamaica he is literally seen as a MessianicArchetype among the rastafari movement.
* Music/SexPistols: Existed for only 14 months, managed to popularize PunkRock, create a revolution and, in the words of Johnny Rotten: "... pissed off everybody we were fed up with." Naturally [[Music/JohnLydon Johnny Rotten]] and Music/SidVicious quickly became the heroes of PunkRock and an entire generation. Even though Vicious couldn't play an instrument and Lydon spent most of the rest of his career sarcastically attacking bigger stars than him in a MagnificentBastard way many people still see them as the embodiment of punk.
* Music/MichaelJackson, almost raised to literal inhuman superstar levels during his lifetime became the best-selling artist of all time thanks the success of his music videos, ''Music/{{Thriller}}'' and the amazingness of the MoonwalkDance. Even when his eccentric lifestyle and accusations of child abuse damaged his reputation among the general public he still remained the most famous person on the planet and maintained his otherwordly legendary aura. His hardcore fans never gave up their adoration, despite what bad press appeared about him. Someone released ''doves'' when he was pronounced not guilty at his child molestation trial, and since his [[DeadArtistsAreBetter death he's been elevated even higher]].
* Music/KurtCobain: At the height of the popularity of ''Music/{{Nevermind}}'' Music/{{Nirvana}} was seen as a breath of fresh air after the dominance of HairMetal and {{Synthpop}} for almost a decade. It was the biggest revolution in rock since the arrival of PunkRock and the band became a voice for disgruntled youth everywhere. Suddenly AlternativeRock actually managed to become mainstream. After his death Cobain even rose to higher levels and the ultimate example of a troubled rock musician too cool to ever be assimilated as being a poseur.
* Richey Edwards of Music/ManicStreetPreachers, despite barely being able to play an instrument and never once singing on a studio track - not to mention having vanished in 1995 after possibly drowning himself in the Severn. A certain section of fans were and are known as the "Cult of Richey". Guitarist and vocalist James Dean Bradfield once remarked that even after his disappearance Cult of Richey types would stand in front of Richey's traditional but now-vacant position onstage, staring at where he usually was and nowhere else for the entire gig.
* Music/WeirdAlYankovic Yankovic, current high priest of comedy, has a surprisingly obsessive fanbase.
* Music/TupacShakur. Apparently the undisputed greatest rapper of all time. So prolific was his career that he literally wrote thousands of songs, much of which released posthumously, and like Elvis above for this reason, [[HesJustHiding many fans believe he's still alive somewhere]].
* For many aficionados of musical theatre, Music/StephenSondheim is unassailably the greatest composer and lyricist that the medium has ever seen.
* Vic Firth, a legendary percussionist and pretty much the face of concert percussion. It helps that his brand of equipment is the most popular (and for some, reliable) brand on the market. Also helps that he taught a blind hockey player to play the marimba. With four mallets.
* Just go on Twitter. The amount of tiny tween (and adult) worshipers of Music/LadyGaga, Music/JustinBieber, and Music/OneDirection are astounding. And scary.
* It was a fan catchphrase in the 60s that "[[Music/EricClapton Clapton]] is God", supposedly inspired by a famous piece of graffiti in Islington.
* Those who have interest in film music ''will'' know and love Music/JohnWilliams.
* Music/MyChemicalRomance has a few fans who claim the band is their religion. Some fans even refer to singer Gerard Way as "Geesus" and the other band members as his disciples. [[http://www.mychemicalromance.com/blog/adrenaline-airwave/my-chemical-romance-bible Also, here's an MCR bible]]. I'm scared too. *shudder*
* Music/SoundHorizon fans do not worship Revo--they crown him king and show their love to him by singing [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dt4CO9uWK30 the Sound Horizon Kingdom's (inter)national anthem]] after every concert.
* Music/ChrisBrown. His fans are so fanatical that after he beat up Rihanna, many of them asked Brown to ''beat them up as well''.
* This tendency was one of the main reasons why Music/{{Metallica}} had such an enormous fan backlash during TheNineties.
* Even though he died way back in 1973, Gram Parsons is the unquestionable patron saint of AlternativeCountry.
* Music/YokoKanno, best known for being the composer of anime soundtracks such as ''Anime/CowboyBebop'', ''Anime/WolfsRain'', ''Anime/GhostInTheShellStandAloneComplex'', ''Anime/MacrossFrontier'' and many more, has been called a god of music.
* [[Music/AnimalsAsLeaders Tosin Abasi]] is ''the'' modern day guitar virtuoso of the modern day, and don't you forget it! [[note]]Seriously, don't. His fans are rather [[FanDumb hostile]].[[/note]]
* Music/ArminVanBuuren is quite possibly one of, if not ''the'' most respected DJ in the world and is especially known for his very dedicated band of loyal and adoring fans (he didn't win the title of "Number One DJ in the World" a record number of five times for nothing). His [[{{Keet}} energetic stage presence]], [[DoingItForTheArt genuine passion for his craft]], and [[NiceGuy humble, down-to-Earth personality off-stage]] certainly help out.
* The late Quorthon of Music/{{Bathory}} is considered to be one of the most prestigious and important members in the metal community for kickstarting the BlackMetal genre and gave it its unique style in both riffing and HarshVocals. The fact that he went on to create viking metal on a whim only helps.

[[folder:Mythology, Ideology and Religion]]
* This is the very nature of religion or any kind of ideology. All the gods, prophets, gurus, saints, ideological and/or religious leaders will be worshipped, trusted, believed and obeyed by their followers. Naturally with the predictable result that people of opposing viewpoints will get angry or violent and start fighting each other.
** Interestingly, somewhat downplayed with modern Hinduism. The three gods of the Trimurti, the supreme Divinty, are Brahma, the creator, Vishnu, the preserver, and Shiva, the destroyer. Although Brahma is worshipped, he he has far fewer followers than either Vishnu or Shiva.
** Also downplayed in UsefulNotes/{{Judaism}}. While ancestors and prophets are held up as great role models, their flaws are also presented clearly, so no one actually worships or prays to them.

[[folder:Philosophy and Ideology]]
* Virtually all philosophers are admired by intellectuals.
* Creator/{{Aristotle}} was greatly admired by Islamic and Christian writers. His work Literature/{{Poetics}} was so admired in Continental Europe (France, Germany and Italy) that his dictates of three-act structure and dramatic unities (which he merely ''observed'' rather than ''prescribed'') was imposed as doctrine in drama there.
* Creator/{{Socrates}} via Creator/{{Plato}} is called the father of philosophy and is admired by many people for his belief about free education, his ability to be TheGadfly and his defiant acceptance of death.
* St. Augustine and St. Thomas Aquinas were highly admired within the Church as theologians and respected by lay writers for being as insightful as secular philosophers.
* Creator/NiccoloMachiavelli was perhaps worshipped too much by aspiring Machiavellians like UsefulNotes/HenryVIII, UsefulNotes/NapoleonBonaparte or indeed, Music/TupacShakur, but he was regarded as the father of political science and {{Realpolitik}} by Creator/JeanJacquesRousseau, the American Founding Fathers and Isaiah Berlin. Machiavelli in the 21st Century, with all the former misconceptions cleared in popular memory is increasingly invoked as a BigGood.
* Creator/{{Voltaire}} and Creator/JeanJacquesRousseau were highly admired in their time for challenging censorship, social conventions and criticizing authority. Both of them were worshipped during UsefulNotes/TheFrenchRevolution by literally being installed in the Pantheon.
* Creator/FriedrichNietzsche is perhaps one of the most popular philosophers of all time and his work is one of the few that can be read for the pleasure of his writing style. Edgy modernists, anarchists and sadly, [[MisaimedFandom the stray fascist who misread his books]], regarded for making the aphorism (aka the snarky cutting putdown) into an artform. Indeed Nietzsche was so beloved in France, that French writers in TheThirties published articles to prevent the Nazis from appropriating him and clarifying that Nietzsche was an anti-racist and critical of anti-semitism ''in his own time.''
* Creator/KarlMarx was admired by Communists and Socialists and is still admired by philosophers, writers and social scientists for the scope, style and wit of his writings. Contrary to what politicians made of his ideas afterwards he has the advantage that he was just a writer, so his legacy survived the fall of Communism unscathed. As Thomas Piketty, a self-identified anti-communist admitted, Marx could write very well.
* Creator/JeanPaulSartre was the most respected and influential French philosopher of the 20th Century, admired not in France, but also in Algeria, the Middle East, Japan, England, Latin America and the United States for his writings on UsefulNotes/{{Existentialism}}, his rejection of the Nobel Prize and his political courage. Over 50,000 people attended his funeral, all for a public intellectual who lived modestly and was such a constant {{Workaholic}} that he took amphetamines.

* Every political party worships its founders and the politicians who benefitted the party the most by actual getting elected into office. Naming them all would take us to far and create intense flame wars between editors, so let's leave it at that.
* Every country worships [[FounderOfTheKingdom the founder of their nation]] and some statesmen that have been beneficial for an internationally positive image of the country as well as achieving breakthroughs that were beneficial for people in the country itself.
** France has UsefulNotes/JoanOfArc, UsefulNotes/LouisXIV, UsefulNotes/NapoleonBonaparte and UsefulNotes/CharlesDeGaulle.
** Germany admires UsefulNotes/OttoVonBismarck for founding Germany as a nation. Chancellor Konrad Adenauer is respected for helping Germany to rise from the ashes of World War Two and becoming a strong, confident nation again in a matter of a decade, while giving it a more pacifist image internationally. In the election of "The Greatest German" (2003) [[note]] "Unsere Besten" [[/note]] Adenauer came in first place. Chancellor Willy Brandt, admired for his peace making policies and publically acknowledging and apologizing for Germany's contribution to the Holocaust, came in fifth.
** Greece admires UsefulNotes/AlexanderTheGreat. In the election of "Great Greeks" in 2009 he came in first place.
** India has such a reverence for UsefulNotes/MahatmaGandhi, who made the country independent from the English, that he is practically considered divine over there. When ''the Greatest Indian'' (2012) election was organized he had to be excluded from the competition because otherwise he would have won heads down, which wouldn't have made the election that interesting. So he was place at #0, above all other candidates.
** Italy admires UsefulNotes/JuliusCaesar for his military and political accomplishments to the Roman Republic, but is even in more awe for Giuseppe Garibaldi, who united all the city states into one nation.
** The Netherlands have William of Orange, aka "William the Silent".
** South Africa has elevated Nelson Mandela to an almost divine status. Not only for his efforts in abolishing apartheid, but also for helping the nation to make the political and sociological change to a multicultural nation without resorting to civil war.
** The UK admires UsefulNotes/WinstonChurchill, but only for keeping the spirits of the nation high during UsefulNotes/WorldWarII. Even his admirers admit that before 1940 most of what he said and did wasn't remarkable at all. The most admired English monarchs are UsefulNotes/WilliamTheConqueror for being the first official king of England and UsefulNotes/ElizabethI, for being a more moderate ruler who was tolerant in the field of religion and only engaged in wars out of self defense. In ''Series/OneHundredGreatestBritons'' she was the highest ranked monarch at place #7.
** The USA have the Founding Fathers, especially UsefulNotes/GeorgeWashington who was their first president. UsefulNotes/AbrahamLincoln is admired even more for keeping the nation together during its worst national crisis, UsefulNotes/TheAmericanCivilWar, and making the anti-slavery laws a reality. UsefulNotes/FranklinDRoosevelt is worshipped for helping the country get through TheGreatDepression and fighting the Axis during UsefulNotes/WorldWarII. UsefulNotes/JohnFKennedy and UsefulNotes/RonaldReagan are the most recent US Presidents who have achieved both national and international admiration of legendary stature.
* UsefulNotes/CheGuevara: While people like Stalin, Mao and Castro have lost a lot of their admiration due to having being revealed to be genocidical dictators Guevara is still untarnished as the perfect Communist icon to admire. His guerrilla's managed to be succesful in Cuba and nobody doubts that his passion for Communism came from the heart. His early death also made him a martyr. The unfortunate side effect is that Ché is perhaps the single most perfect example of MisaimedFandom, with many young people just buying T-shirts and posters with his image just because he looks "cool" on it.

[[folder:Professional Wrestling]]
* Many wrestling fans believe that [[Wrestling/VinceMcMahon Vince [=McMahon=]]] should be hailed as the sole creator and protector of modern professional wrestling.
** As Vince has gotten older though, [[Wrestling/TripleH Triple H]] has become the the "force for good" to many fans because of his work in developing NXT. If an episode of RAW or a PPV drastically exceeds expectations, then he gets almost all of the credit while when the opposite is true, Vince is automatically blamed, despite fans generally having no idea who contributed what. And as a semi-active wrestler (and almost full-time character), Triple H has a significant conflict of interest with booking himself to look good no longer held by Vince, which is often overlooked.
* {{Smart Mark}}s (especially the Internet Wrestling Community) worship Dave Meltzer. Wrestling/RicFlair, in his autobiography, compared Meltzer's ''Wrestling/TheWrestlingObserverNewsletter'' to The Bible.
* Fans of the original Wrestling/{{ECW}} often give Wrestling/PaulHeyman the full-on CreatorWorship treatment. There's a reason why the word "[[DrinkingTheKoolAid Kool-Aid]]" seems to come up a lot while discussing ECW and its [[FanCommunityNicknames mutants]]?
* Gabe Sapolsky received a lot of creator worship after Wrestling/RingOfHonor's recovery from the RF Video Scandal was attributed to his booking. However, many people lost the faith after Wrestling/DragonGate pulled out of the USA branch he was booking and EVOLVE regressed from a fairly distinct promotion to DG USA without the pretension of still having anything to do with Dragon Gate, which was again [[ScapegoatCreator attributed to his booking]].
** Since DG USA's folding into EVOLVE in 2014, however, EVOLVE has regained its place as an excellent promotion and Gabe has recovered his own reputation with the usage of fresh talent (Matt Riddle, Tracy Williams, Fred Yehi) and strong stories. Developing an official relationship with WWE hasn't hurt, either.

* UsefulNotes/{{Aristotle}}: For centuries Artistotle's scientific theories were considered dogma in Western civilization. He was seen as one of the biggest geniuses of the Antiquity. Unfortunately this also had a bad effect, because nobody dared to contest whether his theories were actually true. Aristotle had theorized a lot of stuff purely on observation, rather than testing it. This has diminished his stature quite since the Enlightment took place, but he is still seen as an important historical person.
* Nicolas Copernicus: He is admired for daring to take a stance against church dogma about astronomical theory. Copernicus suggested that the sun was the center of the universe and not Earth, as many people thought. In both Poland and Germany [[note]] Copernicus lived in regions that are nowadays part of both modern Germany and modern Poland [[/note]] he is still seen as a national hero.
* Creator/LeonardoDaVinci: He is seen as the most versatile genius the planet ever knew, being an expert in both painting and sculpting as well as making many breakthroughs in anatomy by dissecting human bodies and writing down his conclusions. He also showed great insight in physics, astrodynamics and how machinery works by writing down theories on many inventions that would only become reality centuries later. Only in the 20th century have people realized how [[BornInTheWrongCentury ahead of his time]] this man actually was.
* UsefulNotes/GalileoGalilei: Galilei continued Copernicus' theories and contested Aristotle's theories, by testing them and discovering that heavy objects fall at the same speed as light ones, the Sun is indeed the center of the Solar System and making many astronomical breakthroughs. He is so revered by astronomers that his name has been used for space projects.
* Antoni Van Leeuwenhoek: This Dutch biologist did a lot of microscopical research that helped people's understanding of how the human body works and how illnesses operate. Humanity owes a lot to his man in the fields of medicine.
* UsefulNotes/IsaacNewton: His discovery and understanding how gravity works and many other scientific breakthroughs have made him both a hero in physics, math and astronomy. He came in sixth place in ''Series/OneHundredGreatestBritons''.
* Edward Jenner: Inventor of the small pox vaccin and pioneer of vaccination, which was a major medical breakthrough for which he is still revered to this day.
* Louis Pasteur: His discoveries of the principles of vaccination, microbial fermentation and pasteurization helped creating vaccins for rabies, anthrax and stopped bacterial contamination of milk and wine, which saved the lives of millions of people.
* Marie Curie: She is not only admired for her scientific research in chemistry and physics and pioneering research on radioactivity, but also for being one of the few female scientists who managed to devote her life to her work and overcame prejudices based on the fact that she was a woman. She was the first woman to win the Nobel Prize and even win it twice, as well as the first woman to become a professor at the University of Paris.
* UsefulNotes/AlbertEinstein: The most iconic scientist of all time, whose theories are often used as WordOfGod in physics, nuclear physics, astronomy, math, rocket science,... He is the most recognizable scientist to the general public and often used on posters and in advertising. He is also admired for his political stances (critical of racism, capitalism and the nuclear bomb).
* Alexander Fleming: His discovery of penicillin could be the most amazing breakthrough in the fields of medicine of all time, saving countless of lives. Therefore he is seen as one of the most important scientists of the 20th century.
* Jonas Salk: Invented the polio vaccin, which made him admirable in fields of medicine and to many people who benefited from being cured. But... he is also admired for his kindness as he refused to take a patent on his vaccin, because he felt it should be accessible to everyone on the planet. It could have made him a millionaire, but to him human health was more important.
* Creator/StephenHawking: The most recognizable scientist of today. Both admired for continuing his scientific research despite his medical condition and for his enormous breakthroughs in the field of physics, math, astronomy. He is even a hero in geek fandom. The fact that he was permanently seated in his own hi-tech throne certainly contributes to his iconic status.
* Clyde Tombaugh, the discoverer of Pluto, was and indeed still is held in saintly regard among planetary scientists; this veneration is largely personal, since he was, by all accounts, a super nice guy.

* Simply every champion or winning team has crowds of worshipping fans. Some will even start hooliganism if their team loses a game or meets rival supporters.
* Soccer player Pelé is still widely seen as the first and foremost authority in soccer and a goal wonder of miraculous stature.
* Soccer player Diego Maradona has a ''church''. No, really.
** So does Bungie Studios.
* While not a creator San Francisco 49ers fans practically worship former owner Eddie Debartolo Jr even chanting his first name during games.
** Al Davis could count too for Raiders fans, though in later years fans became increasingly frustrated with him.
* Within boxing and among black people UsefulNotes/MuhammadAli is such a huge internationally famous and respected icon that everyone agrees that he effectively '''is''' "the greatest".
* UsefulNotes/BabeRuth is still the most iconic and revered baseball player of all time, untouched in excellence and admiration and one of American's biggest sport heroes.
* Eddy Merckx is still considered unsurpassed as the most succesful cyclist of all time, with a track record that a single individual will probably never be able to match. In his homeland Belgium he is considered to be a national hero, one of the few both Flemish and Walloon people can agree on, especially since he is literally bi-lingual. In Italy, Fausto Coppi, Gino Bartali and Marco Pantani are seen in a similar light too.
* For motorsport, there are few people that fall in this category: Ayrton Senna, Alain Prost, Michael Schumacher, Mike Hawthorn, Niki Lauda, Juan Manuel Fangio, and Stirling Moss are some of the most prominent examples, especially Senna and Schumacher. The former even got a documentary dedicated to him released in cinemas!
** Meanwhile, in the world of motorcycle racing, it's pretty much widely agreed upon that Valentino Rossi is the greatest moto racer of all time. In fact, when he lost the 2015 [=MotoGP=] title to rival Marc Marquez amidst controversies, many people felt Rossi was snubbed of the title. Kenny Roberts Sr., Giacomo Agostini, Antonio Cairoli, Joey Dunlop and Angel Nieto also enjoy widespread popularity.
* Cricket champion Don Bradman is still the best and most succesful batsman the game ever had. A national hero in Australia.
* UsefulNotes/MichaelJordan remains an American hero and the man who popularized basketball internationally.
* UsefulNotes/TigerWoods is the most succesful golf player of all time at this point, though his heroic status has suffered a bit thanks to his adultery scandal.

[[folder:Tabletop Games]]
* Look no further than [[TabletopGame/MagicTheGathering Richard Garfield, PhD.]] ''[[http://magiccards.info/uh/en/44.html Literally,]]'' if his own card is anything to go by. It's not every creator that gets to be depicted as a Biblical saint.
* Creator/GaryGygax for ''TabletopGame/DungeonsAndDragons'' (at least up until 3rd edition). His recent death has all but granted him full apotheosis.
** Greg Stolze, another author of TabletopGames, gets the same treatment nowadays.
* In the ''TabletopGame/{{Exalted}}'' community:
** Michael Goodwin, also known as Nephilpal, has become synonymous with everything good there is about Exalted, and his presence on a controversial project make the fandom happy. While he was an Ink Monkey for a time, he's now gone from the core team.
** Holden Shearer (also a freelancer) was His Prophet, until he became an assistant to the developer.
** Then there's the ''actual'' creator, Geoffrey C. Grabowski, whose return to the writing team for third edition produced waves of fan joy that knocked the roof off at least one building.

* Creator/WilliamShakespeare. He is considered to be ''the'' most genius writer and playwright who ever existed. Not only because his stories are engaging dramas, but also because he wrote characters that actually feel like real human beings. Which is an amazing feat considering this middle aged man wrote both vivid and believable parts for women, people in old age and men from different parts of society. Every actor in the world adds class to his CV by appearing in a Shakespeare adaptation. You can literally spend your entire career playing roles in nothing but Shakespeare plays, because they are so versatile in content, rich in clever language (both monologues and dialogues) and because there are roles for actors in all age brackets that can show off your own progress and veteranship as an actor. Shakespeare is also admired by linguists because he introduced many new words, or sometimes just popularized them, to the English language, a feat that most other writers have never surpassed in that quantitude. For centuries children in the UK have been taught Shakespeare as a mandatory school topic. There was a time in history when "Bardolatry" (as it was called by Creator/GeorgeBernardShaw) was the primary attitude. The modern critic is more likely to regard Shakespeare's collection of plays as just that: a collection of plays, written as entertainment for an Elizabethan audience, rather than "a map of life". Nonetheless, Bardolatry is very much alive. In ''Series/OneHundredGreatestBritons'' (2002) Shakespeare was the only writer/playwright to enter the Top ten.
* Creator/{{Moliere}} enjoys the same status as Shakespeare in the French speaking world, though he has the extra bonus of having a talent for comedy.
* Creator/HenrikIbsen of Norway was so worshipped in his lifetime that even a CausticCritic like George Bernard Shaw gushed over him. Creator/JamesJoyce admired his work so much that he learnt Norwegian just tor write his hero fan letters. Creator/ArthurMiller also admired him greatly and in UsefulNotes/{{Norway}} and other parts of the world he's seen as the father of modern theatre.
* Creator/AugustStrindberg: In Sweden Strindberg is seen as their most talented playwright of all time.
* Creator/BertoltBrecht: Perhaps more widely admired outside of Germany than at home. His plays are admired and widely performed by actors and playwrights across the world and his music has been pillaged by every avant-garde songwriter and musician of TheSixties.
* Luigi Pirandello: Italy's greatest playwright, so revered that he was elected at #7 in "The Greatest Italian" as the only writer to enter the Top 10.
* Creator/SamuelBeckett: In the second half of the 20th century Beckett is considered to be the most daring and experimental playwright and therefore hugely influential on modern plays.
* Music/StephenSondheim may be the biggest musical theatre example, to the point where the most recent Broadway tribute to him (for his 80th birthday) actually had a song called "God."
* Jonathan Larson, the creator of ''Theater/{{Rent}}'', mostly because DeadArtistsAreBetter.

[[folder:Video Games]]
* Creator/{{Nintendo}}. Having revitalized the industry after the Video Game Crash Of 1983 and still remaining a strong contender in the hardware and software departments after many companies have come and gone, it's easy to see why they have loyal fans to their name. In addition, many people and sub-companies who work for them get their own individual worship.
** Creator/ShigeruMiyamoto, he who created [[Franchise/SuperMarioBros Mario]], ''Franchise/TheLegendOfZelda'', ''VideoGame/{{Pikmin}}'', and had a hand in the creation a whole lot of other franchises people love. (He also acted as the producer for installments in series he didn't make himself, such as the Wii ''VideoGame/PunchOut'' game and the ''VideoGame/{{Metroid Prime|Trilogy}}'' games[[note]]with said games not being developed by the Nintendo EAD division Miyamoto typically works with, and also developed in North America instead of Miyamoto's home country of Japan[[/note]].)
** Masahiro Sakurai, the creator of ''VideoGame/{{Kirby}}'' and ''VideoGame/SuperSmashBros'', is known and loved for his awesome games, and EvenTheGuysWantHim for his gentle mannerisms and boyish good looks. As ''Brawl'' managed to create such a BrokenBase, in-fighting over his credibility has become quite common in the fandom of the latter, but the former's base still fully respects him big time. ''VideoGame/KidIcarusUprising'' seems to have significantly bridged the gap between the dissenters.
** Creator/ShigesatoItoi, acclaimed Japanese personality and creator of the ''VideoGame/{{MOTHER}}'' series.
** Creator/RetroStudios has gotten some worship as of late, as they have revived the ''Franchise/{{Metroid}}'' series into an [[VideoGame/MetroidPrimeTrilogy enjoyable mix]] of FPS and {{Metroidvania}} action. And after that, they [[VideoGame/DonkeyKongCountryReturns revived]] the ''VideoGame/DonkeyKongCountry'' series in the leave of Creator/{{Rare}}.
** Reginald "Reggie" "The Regginator" Fils-Aime and the late Satoru Iwata. The former is president of Nintendo of America, the latter ran the whole company. Fans often round them out as forming a Triforce with Shigeru Miyamoto. After Iwata's too-early death, [[http://i.kinja-img.com/gawker-media/image/upload/s--I0odtBTc--/1338716409364420968.jpg a ''rainbow'' appeared over Nintendo's Kyoto headquarters]], leading some to conclude that he had rode a "rainbow road" to Heaven.
** Nintendo even has a remarkably saintly corporate financial policy: The company maintains unbelievable cash reserves (on the order of $5-10 billion) to guard against unexpected reverses. This means they could operate at a loss for ''decades'' if necessary without declaring bankruptcy, selling their intellectual properties, or laying off employees.
* Creator/{{Bungie}} Studios back when they still owned the ''Franchise/{{Halo}}'' series. The sheer amount of fan input they allowed made the studio very popular.
** Not only did Bungie get worshiped, but some employees got worshiped. A few of the highest worshiped were Shishka, Lukems, Urk, Marty, and, back when he worked for Bungie, Frankie. Frankie is now over at Creator/ThreeFourThreeIndustries (the current studio in charge of ''Halo''), which he runs.
** To add to that, the old forum mods got worshiped. The most famous were Foman, Duardo, Recon Number 54, and a few others.
* Creator/SquareEnix (''Franchise/FinalFantasy'', ''VideoGame/DragonQuest'', etc.)
** As a side note, both Square and Enix had this going on before they merged (with some crossover between the two camps, but also some tension).
*** More specifically, Hironobu Sakaguchi (who left Square after the merger and is worshiped by old-school Franchise/FinalFantasy fans) and Yuji Horii (who's still there and is worshiped by ''Dragon Quest'' fans) are the greatest subjects of creator worship. Other current or former Square Enix employees who have earned their own fanatical followings include Yasumi Matsuno (by fans of the ''VideoGame/OgreBattle'' and Ivalice games), Creator/NobuoUematsu (By fans of Final Fantasy), Tetsuya Takahashi (by Xeno-fans), Masato Kato (by Chrono fans), Creator/TetsuyaNomura (by ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyVII'' and ''Franchise/KingdomHearts'' fans), and Naoki Yoshida (aka. Yoshi-P, by fans of VideoGame/FinalFantasyXIV)
* Creator/BioWare (makers of ''Franchise/BaldursGate'', ''VideoGame/JadeEmpire'', ''VideoGame/KnightsOfTheOldRepublic'', ''VideoGame/NeverwinterNights'', ''Franchise/MassEffect'', etc.).
** [[TheyChangedItNowItSucks Except for when]] [[UnpleasableFanbase a new game]] is announced.
* Creator/SidMeier, as in ''Sid Meier's VideoGame/{{Civilization}}'', ''VideoGame/SidMeiersPirates'', ''VideoGame/SidMeiersAlphaCentauri'' and ''Alien Crossfire'', ''VideoGame/RailroadTycoon'', etc.
* Brian Reynolds, Sid Meier's long-time partner, also enjoys a bit of this status, as the mastermind behind ''[[VideoGame/SidMeiersAlphaCentauri Alpha Centauri]]'' and ''VideoGame/RiseOfNations''.
* Rockstar Games, despite some criticism for their online practices, have gained a massive amount of respect from fans for their incredible work on the ''VideoGame/GrandTheftAuto'' series.
* Creator/ValveSoftware, for masterpieces such as the ''VideoGame/HalfLife'' series, ''VideoGame/{{Portal}}'', ''VideoGame/TeamFortress2'' and ''VideoGame/CounterStrike'' (although ''Counter-Strike'' was originally a ''Half-Life'' mod taken over by Valve, and ''Portal'' was originally a student project that had its team hired to perfect it using Valve's own development methodology). But UsefulNotes/{{Steam}} is pretty cool [[UsefulNotes/DigitalRightsManagement or extremely uncool]] depending on who you speak to, of course.
** They're nearly as good as Pixar, actually - according to Metacritic, their lowest-rated game is ''Counter-Strike: Condition Zero'', an expansion pack with 65%! Add on Metacritic's tendency to swing towards the middle, and the fact that all their full games are much, much higher (the lowest full game, ''Day of Defeat'', has 78, and that ''nine'' out of thirteen scored games have 85 or more), and you have a beautiful average.
** It's really telling that they're able to [[http://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/Valve_Time almost completely disregard release schedules]] and still have the fans remain on their side: yeah, they delay so much it's a RunningGag, but the game that comes out in the end is usually so good that the fans are willing to forgive the wait.
** The head of Valve, Gabe Newell, has a cult of his own; when he spoke his email address online (gaben@valvesoftware.com) it led to fans employing "Gaben" in a similar fashion to "Amen".
** Downplayed ever since 2015, with Valve losing its status of UnacceptableTargets after a series of events including the infamous ''Paid Mods'' announcement, the announcement of ''Artifact'' (a Dota card game), chief writer Marc Laidlaw confirming to leave Valve, and Valve announcing that it didn't have interest on single-player games anymore.
* The guys at Rocksteady Studios earned a lot of well-deserved respect from ''Batman'' fans (and video game fans in general) for their work on the ''VideoGame/BatmanArkhamSeries''.
* Will Wright, the man who either created or was tangentially involved in all "Sim" games by Maxis. The best-selling game designer ever (With ''VideoGame/TheSims'', its sequels and expansions, and all the numbered ''VideoGame/SimCity'' games).
* Richard Garriot, AKA Lord British, creator of [=RPGs=] as we know them in the form of the fanatically loved ''VideoGame/{{Ultima}}'' series.
* Creator/PeterMolyneux, best known for boasting about incredible features and then failing to deliver them. Still loved mostly because you can't fault him for being enthusiastic about his own (High-quality) work. Responsible for ''VideoGame/{{Populous}}'', ''VideoGame/DungeonKeeper'', ''VideoGame/BlackAndWhite'', and ''VideoGame/{{Fable}}'', among others.
* Warren Spector, creator of ''VideoGame/UltimaUnderworld'', ''VideoGame/SystemShock'', ''VideoGame/{{Thief}}'' and ''VideoGame/DeusEx'', which is a strong contender for the position of "best game ever," according to critics.
** How much Warren Spector influenced ''VideoGame/{{Thief}}'''s development is debatable. Mr. Spector himself has stated that he had minimal involvement on ''Thief'' as it came to be in the end.
* [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_D._Carmack John Carmack]], one of the main men responsible for the ''VideoGame/{{Doom}}'' and ''VideoGame/{{Quake}}'' series and one of the first wildly successful game designers. Though his stock has dipped somewhat since ''Doom 3''[='s=] lukewarm reception, "The Carmack" still commands attention when he speaks about game technology, especially 3D graphics engines, his specialty.
** The other members of id's founding pantheon (Creator/JohnRomero, Tom Hall, and American [=McGee=]) also attract their share of sycophants and loathers.
* Michael Kirkbride, who wrote much of the background religious lore for ''Franchise/TheElderScrolls'' series, had a hand in the spin-off game ''Redguard'' and the main quest of ''[[VideoGame/TheElderScrollsIIIMorrowind Morrowind]]'', and still does some freelance work for the series on occassion. Going on the [[https://www.imperial-library.info/ Imperial Library]] forum or the Lore subsection of the official Bethesda forum and saying anything even a little negative about any of his work, or even claiming one of his characters can be wrong about things (not all that hard to believe, [[UnreliableCanon considering all of the series lore]] is [[UnreliableExpositor presented through in-character opinions multiple authors]]) will get you flamed, then firebombed, then regular flamed again.
* Creator/TelltaleGames (formerly the beloved adventure game division of Creator/LucasArts) are on exactly the same wavelength as their fanbase, and most of the employees are moderators on the Telltale forums.
** And speaking of former [=LucasArts=] employees, Creator/TimSchafer also has a devoted following.
* Creator/HideoKojima, best known for the ''Franchise/MetalGear'' series and ''VisualNovel/{{Snatcher}}''.
** "[[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VHspMsgpji8 Kojima is God. Kojima is God.]]"
* The various diaspora of Creator/InterplayEntertainment's RPG division (Creator/BlackIsleStudios, Creator/TroikaGames, Creator/ObsidianEntertainment) draw a [[UnpleasableFanbase merciless]] but fiercely devoted fanbase. A lot of Black Isle's creative team works at Obsidian now, so there is some justification for lumping them together.
* Infinity Ward. Don't even think about suggesting that '''any''' ''VideoGame/CallOfDuty'' titles other than 1, 2, and the ''VideoGame/ModernWarfare'' games exist. And lord help you if you so much as suggest that Treyarch exists or that ''World at War'' was anything less than a travesty, despite insistence that [[ItsTheSameNowItSucks it's a copy of 4 with World War II paint]].
** Which has backlashed with the release of Black Ops, with more people feeling that ''VideoGame/ModernWarfare2'' was far from great and the single-player a disjointed mess.
** And now it seems Treyarch is being held up as the "only thing holding up the Call of Duty series".
* [[{{Squick}} Seafood metaphors]] aside, [[Franchise/{{Nasuverse}} Nasu Kinoko]] can do no wrong.
* Michel Ancel, creator of ''VideoGame/{{Rayman}}'' and ''VideoGame/BeyondGoodAndEvil'' gets this - to the extent that the above-mentioned Peter Jackson approached him to handle the game version of his ''Film/KingKong2005'' remake.
* [[Creator/Suda51 Goichi Suda]] and his studio, Grasshopper Manufacture, draw this, especially from art-game enthusiasts.
* Team Silent, the vaguely-defined group of individuals responsible for the first four ''Franchise/SilentHill'' games, are considered gods among men (especially now that they're split up) by many of the series' UnpleasableFanbase.
* Even some video game composers get this - Creator/KojiKondo, Creator/NobuoUematsu and Music/AkiraYamaoka, to name just a few, are as beloved and worshiped as many game creators.
** Creator/JesperKyd and Music/JeremySoule
* Ryukishi07 gets this sort of treatment from ''Franchise/WhenTheyCry'' fans a good amount of the time. And it's a very [[MindScrew masochistic]] kind of Creator Worship too, so the funniest thing is watching right after a new release as the ''When They Cry'' message boards [[AwesomenessIsVolatile erupt into flames]] of fans screaming [[TeasingCreator "Oh my god! What does he take us for!"]] while paradoxically loving every second of it.
* Brian Fargo, the man behind Creator/InterplayEntertainment up until the... unpleasantness. Now running Creator/InXileEntertainment. Go on, laugh.
* [[VideoGame/{{Touhou}} ZUN]], for being a CrazyAwesome DrunkenMaster who helped make a moe-filled BulletHell series, that is extremely [[MemeticMutation memetically]] popular and has a fanon almost as big as ''Music/{{Vocaloid}}'''s. Any time he's announced as a guest of honor at a convention in the West, fans will travel far and wide to see him, making jokes about him popping into the local bar to try out some American booze.
* Notch, Creator of ''VideoGame/{{Minecraft}}'' is revered as a physical god, to the point of having temples built in-game to him.
** Notch always has a cult of fans who will never disown him, and many who think he's lazy. So I guess it's a holy war.
* Creator/PlatinumGames[=/=]Creator/CloverStudios get this a lot, as when at Creator/{{Capcom}}, many of the games they made were considered to be some of Capcom's best, especially ''VideoGame/{{Okami}}''. Same with how they are as Platinum Games when a game they make is published by Sega.
** More specifically, Hideki Kamiya gets this, easily being the most recognizable name from Platinum. As big as his ego is, this actually annoys him, as fans assume he's behind ''every'' great project from Platinum, and he has to constantly clarify that no, he had nothing to do with ''[[VideoGame/{{Bayonetta}} Bayonetta 2]]'' and no, he had no hand in any of the ''VideoGame/DevilMayCry'' games past the first one, and then he states the proper names fans should give credit to. Not every fan hears it, though.
* Sonic Team is worshipped by Sega fans for the ''Franchise/SonicTheHedgehog'' series as well as other masterpieces like ''Samba De Amigo'', ''VideoGame/NightsIntoDreams'', and ''VideoGame/BillyHatcherAndTheGiantEgg''. Yuji Naka in particular seems to be the most venerated, even though he has left.
* [[VideoGame/TeamICOSeries Team ICO]] for their awesome games that usually get placed high on many "Best Games" lists.
* Keiji Inafune, the "creator" of ''Mega Man'' (he handled the art and graphics, but the creator is actually one Akira Kitamura. Inafune handled directing starting with the second game). It gets to the point where fans claim FanonDiscontinuity on any ''Mega Man'' game he didn't create. However, this reputation has faltered somewhat following the release of the ill-received ''VideoGame/MightyNo9'' and the hectic events surrounding its development. With the success of the Creator/IntiCreates' ''VideoGame/AzureStrikerGunvolt'' series, many consider them the "better" ''Mega Man'' developers, despite the fact Inafune was also an executive producer of its main entries and had input on its development.
* Overkill Software gets a lot of praise from the more hardcore fans in regards to ''VideoGame/PAYDAYTheHeist'' and ''VideoGame/PAYDAY2'', mainly because the developers not only take input from the fans and communicate with them, but they also make the game genuinely difficult and don't have forced hand holding that a lot of games like to do.
* Creator/FromSoftware, creators of the ''VideoGame/DarkSouls'' franchise, widely considered one of the best franchises of the 2010's, with the first game topping many a "greatest games of all time'' lists. Within the company, president Hidetaka Miyazaki is often hailed as a genius and pretty much revered as a god by the (very passionate) fanbase.
* Amongst MultiplayerOnlineBattleArena games, the one most praised is [=IceFrog=], for keeping up the updates to ''VideoGame/{{Dota 2}}'' and doing it consistently to his and the old Dota visions, and doing it honestly that they don't mind him being an enigma (not interacting much with the fanbase). Most players of that genre have respect on the icy amphibian, even from rival game ''VideoGame/LeagueOfLegends''.

* For [[Webcomic/MSPaintAdventures Andrew Hussie]] this [[http://hunkrump.tumblr.com/post/3268806333/guttyworks-i-was-going-to-sleep-but-ive-been verges]] on the [[http://fuckyeahandrewhussie.tumblr.com/ terrifying]]. There's been some scattered reports (nothing officially commented on by Andrew) that he and his girlfriend have actually been stalked by fans. His girlfriend has however commented that people have tried to stalk them, but the extent is unknown.

[[folder:Web Original]]
* Creator/MontyOum is well loved for ''WebAnimation/{{Haloid}}'', ''WebAnimation/DeadFantasy'', and ''Machinima/RedVsBlue''. This trope was partly responsible for the enthusiastic reaction to his most recent series, ''WebAnimation/{{RWBY}}''.
* [[WebAnimation/ZeroPunctuation Ben 'Yahtzee' Croshaw]]. [[PickACard Pick a review. Any review.]] The first fifty comments will be something along the lines of "Brilliant review as always, Yahtzee! I haven't played the game, [[HateDumb but it sounds like crap, so I'm not going to try it!]]" (This leaves them looking dumb [[{{Irony}} if he praises the game]].) If Croshaw reviews a Japanese game, said comments will also invariably feature some manner of anti-Japanese sentiment. Despite his [[SmallNameBigEgo reputation]], Croshaw himself has stated his displeasure with the notion that ReviewsAreTheGospel - but a large portion of his fandom seems to have missed that bit.
* WebVideo/TheNostalgiaCritic. He is so adored that people are literally attacked in forums for merely suggesting that his videos aren't always that good or as good as they used to be. However, his reputation finally became tarnished a series of reports gathered in an online document detailing the negligence and abuses suffered by contributing producers at Channel Awesome from Doug Walker and the management.
* WebVideo/TheNostalgiaChick. When her FanDumb clashes with the Critic's the results aren't pretty.
* WebVideo/AtopTheFourthWall. Lewis is revered as one of the nicest members of TGWTG.com, even if FanDumb is STILL asking when the next HOPR will come out.
* Creator/EliezerYudkowsky of Blog/LessWrong.
* WebVideo/ImAMarvelAndImADC has in-universe cases: Green Goblin and Deadpool are fans of their actors (the former gets a HeroicSecondWind once Willem Dafoe is insulted, the latter has a grudge on Green Lantern given Ryan Reynolds played him too), and the directors occasionally get praised as well (Wolverine has a grudge on Superman "[[Film/SupermanReturns stealing]] [[Creator/BryanSinger our director]]").

[[folder:Web Animation]]
* Edd Gould for ''WebAnimation/{{Eddsworld}}''.

[[folder:Western Animation]]
* Creator/JohnKricfalusi for ''WesternAnimation/TheRenAndStimpyShow''. Just look at the comments on his personal blog ''Blog/JohnKStuff'' to see how in awe his fans are about his opinions and art. John in turn worships Creator/BobClampett and Creator/RalphBakshi. His reputation, however, was permanently destroyed in early 2018 when his history of pedophilia and abuse was revealed by victims.
* Ralph Bakshi, mentioned directly above, is notable for being one of the first animators who tried to show that animation [[AnimationAgeGhetto wasn't just for children]].
* Creator/TreyParkerAndMattStone of ''WesternAnimation/SouthPark''.
** If you don't consider them to be gods, you are no fan of ''WesternAnimation/SouthPark''.
** There's {{yaoi}} of them. [[{{Rule34}} Quite a bit of it, too]].
** If you don't find [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bagpwck8obc this scene of BASEketball]] to be 'teh sex', you aren't a worthy fan of their works.
* Creator/MattGroening of ''WesternAnimation/TheSimpsons'' and ''WesternAnimation/{{Futurama}}''. Groening's popularity has drastically fallen off as the quality of ''The Simpsons'' fell, even though he has hardly anything to do with the show anymore and doesn't even own the rights to it. Fox does. Showrunner and writer James L. Brooks, on the other hand, is nigh untouchable to fans.
* Bruce Timm and Paul Dini for ''WesternAnimation/BatmanTheAnimatedSeries'', ''WesternAnimation/SupermanTheAnimatedSeries'', and ''WesternAnimation/JusticeLeague'' (called by some the [[Franchise/DCAnimatedUniverse Diniverse or the Timmverse]]).
** Made even more frustrating by the fact that Alan Burnett was Bruce Timm's partner and Paul Dini's boss, and Alan Burnett ran story while Timm ran the art side of things, and Alan Burnett gets no recognition whatsoever. Greg Weisman spoke out about this more than once: http://s8.org/gargoyles/askgreg/search.php?qid=10954
** Paul Dini's following is probably notable for being extremely forgiving and reliable no matter what. Any infractions that would shove any normal writer off their pedestal (such as being a writer on ''ComicBook/CountdownToFinalCrisis'' or making a live-action series for Creator/CartoonNetwork) have apparently been swept under the rug as far Diniism goes.
* Bruce Time finally lost some of his luster with ''WesternAnimation/TheKillingJoke'', particularly in regards to how the film controversially portrayed Batgirl as emotionally needy.
* Michael Dante Di Martino and Bryan Konietzko, AKA [[{{Portmanteau}} Bryke]] of ''WesternAnimation/AvatarTheLastAirbender'' and ''WesternAnimation/TheLegendOfKorra'' fame (it helps that they seem like pretty cool guys).
* Creator/MikeJudge, the man (and lead voice) behind ''WesternAnimation/BeavisAndButthead'' and ''WesternAnimation/KingOfTheHill''
* Creator/SethMacFarlane of ''WesternAnimation/FamilyGuy'', ''WesternAnimation/AmericanDad'' and ''WesternAnimation/TheClevelandShow''. Ever since ''Family Guy'' was UnCancelled, however, a steadily increasing percentage of his fans have grown to hate him. Not helped that ''American Dad'', which is better received than ''Family Guy'', began undergoing a bit of SeasonalRot and ''The Cleveland Show'' having more [[SoOkayItsAverage mediocre reception]].
* Butch Hartman, creator of ''WesternAnimation/TheFairlyOddParents'' and ''WesternAnimation/DannyPhantom'', formerly held this reputation until the onset of SeasonalRot on ''The Fairly [=OddParents=]'', his cancelling of ''Danny Phantom''[[note]]though that was more of a case of being ScrewedByTheNetwork[[/note]], and the divisive reception of ''WesternAnimation/TuffPuppy''.
* Creator/WaltDisney, the patron saint of WesternAnimation and admired or envied by literally every cartoonist, animator and comic strip artist on Earth. His death is usually marked as the definitive end of the [[UsefulNotes/TheGoldenAgeOfAnimation animation Golden Age]].
** So revered, he is the American version of KingInTheMountain, rather than a politician.
** Disney Animators, such as Creator/WardKimball get this as well.
* This was also the case for John Lasseter. In addition to becoming the Chief Creative Officer for Pixar (see Film) he's also taken the job for Disney's main branch as well, being viewed as a key figure for the studio getting out of its slump during the 2000s and regaining its title as animation juggernaut in the 2010s. Unfortunately, he became another high profile case in the recent wave of sexual harassment claims across the entertainment landscape and was given a 6-month paid leave of absence as a result. It is still unknown if he'll return or not, but his reputation certainly took a hit.
* The creators of ''WesternAnimation/KimPossible'' Bob Schooley and Mark Mccorkle, along with Director Steve Loter.
* Creator/GregWeisman, Disney writer and creator of ''WesternAnimation/{{Gargoyles}}'', ''WesternAnimation/TheSpectacularSpiderMan'', and ''WesternAnimation/YoungJustice''.
* Creator/TexAvery, Creator/ChuckJones, Creator/BobClampett, Creator/MelBlanc, and the rest of the WesternAnimation/LooneyTunes gang.
* [[Creator/HannaBarbera William Hanna and Joe Barbera]], especially their work on WesternAnimation/TomAndJerry.
* Creator/DonBluth has some very rabid fans, though few will venture to defend the movies made during his post-''WesternAnimation/AllDogsGoToHeaven'' pre-''WesternAnimation/{{Anastasia}}'' years. They will however point to the heavy ExecutiveMeddling behind the scenes though, whether that really excuses the movies or not.
* Creator/LaurenFaust for ''WesternAnimation/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagic'', who is ([[http://msmagazine.com/blog/blog/2010/12/24/my-little-non-homophobic-non-racist-non-smart-shaming-pony-a-rebuttal/ pretty justifiably]]) seen as the TeamMom to bronies and pegasisters everywhere.
** It is widely regarded that Lauren Faust's AuthorAvatar ([[http://www.equestriadaily.com/2011/09/exclusive-season-1-retrospective.html as seen here]]) is THE Third [[WingedUnicorn Alicorn]] of Equestria. Since Alicorns in ''WesternAnimation/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagic'' tend to be [[PhysicalGod goddesses]], making [[OriginalCharacter OCs]], particularly author avatars of them is usually considered as blatantly [[MarySue Mary Sueish]], unless you're Lauren Faust.
** A few others of the show's staff get their own recognition by the fanbase. Daniel Ingram is loved for composing the show's AwesomeMusic, for example, and the writers of single episodes can get worshipped should their episodes get sufficiently popular.
** Similarly, M.A. Larson and Meghan [=McCarthy=] are beloved by a good chunk of the fans for their habit of playing along with the Bronies and [[TeasingCreator teasing them]].
** So is Creator/TaraStrong, the voice actress for Twilight Sparkle and the self-appointed queen of bronies.
** In a similar vein ''Creator/JohnDeLancie'', in comparisen to Lauren Faust being the mom and Tara Strong being the queen of the fanbase, was [[https://derpiboo.ru/467681 lovingly declared by one fan]] to be "that one really cool uncle who comes to visit from time to time and always gives you something cool so long as you don't tell your parents." People were ''very'' quick to agree.
* Lauren Faust's husband, Creator/CraigMcCracken, also has this, for ''WesternAnimation/ThePowerpuffGirls'', ''WesternAnimation/FostersHomeForImaginaryFriends'' and ''WesternAnimation/WanderOverYonder''.
* Stephen Hillenburg, creator of ''WesternAnimation/{{Spongebob Squarepants}}'', is so worshipped to the point that a lot of people considered Spongebob to be going downhill once he left.
* Daron Nefcy of ''WesternAnimation/StarVsTheForcesOfEvil'' fame has been starting to get this, especially after the end of season 2.
* [[WesternAnimation/AdventureTime Pen]] [[WebAnimation/BravestWarriors Ward]] gets a lot of this.
* Creator/GenndyTartakovsky, creator of ''WesternAnimation/DextersLaboratory'', ''WesternAnimation/SamuraiJack'' and ''WesternAnimation/SymbionicTitan''.
* Dan Povenmire and Jeff "Swampy" Marsh, the creators of ''WesternAnimation/PhineasAndFerb'', also called Dan and Swampy.
* Ben Bocquelet and a few more of the show's writers, namely Jon Foster and James Lamont, are beloved by fans of ''WesternAnimation/TheAmazingWorldOfGumball''.
** However, they have lost a bit of popularity following [[SeasonalRot season 3]]... for some fans, at least.
* Alex Hirsch, for ''WesternAnimation/GravityFalls''. He gained even more popularity among his fans after [[GrowingTheBeard the second season]].
** In SDCC 2015, He stated that he has a fan group dedicated to making fan art of himself.
* Rebecca Sugar for ''WesternAnimation/StevenUniverse'' and her previous work on ''Adventure Time''.
* Creator/RichardWilliams has had this for so long that he eventually started to believe it.
* Creator/ChrisSavino was this for ''WesternAnimation/TheLoudHouse'', which is regarded as a WinBackTheCrowd show not just for himself (considering his involvement in the [[SeasonalRot later seasons]] of ''WesternAnimation/DextersLaboratory'' and ''WesternAnimation/ThePowerpuffGirls'') but also for Nickelodeon. Unfortunately, this status has been irreparably destroyed in light of the recent allegations of sexual harassment that have been levied at him. He has since been fired, and is now a pariah within the industry.

[[folder:Real Life]]
* Heads of state, from royals to presidents, are all subject to some kind of admiration, some of it fanatical. Dictators are the most extreme example.
* Linus Torvalds, creator of Linux.
* Richard Stallman, creator of the GNU project.
* Love him or hate him (which seems to be S.O.P. for a deity), Creator/BillGates.
* Creator/SteveJobs who during his time was said to "radiate a dazzling aura of [[CharmPerson RDF (Reality Distortion Field)]]" which enraptured those around him. Even after his death, his name is still invoked but mainly with "Apple is doomed without" preceding it.
** The yin to Jobs' yang was, of course, Steve Wozniak and though this Steve only worked at Apple until 1987 he is still the goto guy for an opinion on what Apple is upto.
* Anyone reviewed by Creator/MarkPrindle seems to attract these like flies. Seriously, look at almost any of his reviews, especially of more popular bands, and I guarantee there'll be at least one rant about how no-one else is a true fan and anyone who criticises the artist has no right to criticise them, is infinitely less talented, etc ad nauseum. There's a whole world of FanDumb out there?
* Dan Bernstein is generally regarded by the Slashdot crowd as a profoundly cantankerous but rather talented security researcher. His small but vocal fanbase, on the other hand...
* Fred Rogers of ''Series/MisterRogersNeighborhood'' is so revered he is a Great God of the Wiki/TVTropes Pantheon and a minor god in ''TabletopGame/DungeonsAndDragons''. ''Do not make any mention of him being anything less than [[AllLovingHero the perfect mortal human being]]'' if you want to remain alive on the Internet. Or pretty much anywhere else, for that matter. This man is a patron saint to thirty years of children.
* Bill Watterson though a substantial bit of this is based around him vanishing from the public eye in 1995.
* Creator/OprahWinfrey, probably one of the most well known examples.
** Oprah really does have a cult of personality around her. Compare [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PJA4ibHL0v8 this video]] of reactions to Oprah's favorite things 2010, to [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5zYsUqAYg6c this video]] of the citizens of North Korea mourning Kim Il-Sung's death. Granted Oprah hasn't set up forced Labor camps, oppressed an entire nation, and committed democide, but the videos still have a startling similarity... *shudders*
*** Give her time, she had to build an empire. He had one ready made.
** Her influence is so great, that in the 90's during the Mad Cow Disease scare, Oprah announced that she was going to stop eating beef. Hundreds of thousands would no doubt follow suit, if it wasn't for the beef industry literally suing her for defamation.
* Any popular self-help person gets this: Tony Robbins, Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer, Steve Pavlina, Abraham Hicks, Eckhart Tolle are several. It's enough that a "self-help guru" with sycophants is a standard image, a [[TruthInTelevision truth.]]
** That being said, the CreatorWorship of any self-help person by their adoring fans often attracts a {{Hatedom}} as well nowadays.
* Legendary bicycle mechanic and writer Sheldon Brown. Ask a question about bike repair and you'll invariably be sent a link to his site. The articles on his website are considered WordOfGod for anything bicycle related, although most people don't realize new writers have been updating the site since Brown died in 2008. He is also credited as a major contributor to the fixie craze.
* In US politics, Congressman Ron Paul is not the founder of the libertarian movement (or the Libertarian Party), but he ''is'' inarguably the founder of the libertarian movement's ''modern'' incarnation...and his fans sure don't mind letting people know it.
** His fanbase has not only garnered supporters in the Right, but also the Left as well---many Occupy protesters and Democrats who are disillusioned with Obama believe that he is the only candidate worth voting for
* Tropers/FastEddie, one of the creators of this very site.
** Jimbo Wales, the founder of Wiki/TheOtherWiki.