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Crash Landed
Danielle 'Danni' and Izabel 'Izzy' Hallie are two normal 14-year old twins. When they, along with their friends, Emmett, Derrick, Vanessa, Maggie, and their little sister, Aymie, crash into the water by a deserted island, they must survive. You know, until they realize the entire thing was planned by sadistic TV show hosts.

Features the books:
  • Crash Landed
  • Ship Wrecked
  • Summer 2012

Provides examples of:

  • Ascended Extra: Maggie was only an extra in the original manuscript of the books. In the rewrites, she was promoted to a main character and her group of friends was demolished.
  • All Love Is Un Requited: Danni to Jesse in the last book, having gotten over her Derrick-related heartbreak.
  • Awesome McCoolname: Played completely straight with Jake Mc Cool. Danni decides in her inner monologue that he probably made it up, and it's confirmed in the epilogue that he totally made it up.
  • Beauty Is Never Tarnished: Averted by Danni. She has had her hair burned, nearly drowned TWICE, had a coconut dropped on her head, and been bitten by a piranha. And this is just the first book!
  • Better as Friends: Danni thinks she and Derrick are this, until they finally get together in the last book.
  • Darker and Edgier: THE THIRD ONE. OH, GOSH THE THIRD ONE.
  • Embarrassing Full Name: Danielle Marie and Izabel Marissa aren't so crazy about their full names, so they just go by Danni and Izzy.
  • Everyone Can See It: Danni and Derrick, to the point where even Danni's 4 year old sister can even see it. Izzy and Emmett too.
  • Foreshadowing:
    • Danni gets attacked by piranhas that weren't there when they arrived at the island. Meaning someone had to put them there.
    • The titles of the first two books.
  • Love Triangle: Two in motion by the third book, within the already standing Love Dodechahedron. Derrick likes Danni who likes Jesse being one, and Jesse liking Izzy who likes Emmett being the other.
  • Love Dodechahedron: Derrick likes Danni who likes Jesse who likes Izzy who likes Emmett.
  • My Nayme Is: Not Amy, Aymie. Short for Amelia, spelled normally.
  • Noodle Incident: Every one of Derrick's stunts that are mentioned. As well as the time Danni got stuck in a claw machine. Here's all we know about the latter incident:
    Danni: Before [getting trapped on the island], what was the stupidest thing we ever did?
    Derrick: Oh, totally that time you got stuck in a claw machine at the mall.
    Danni: Yeah, that was hard to explain to my parents. Especially since I was supposed to be babysitting Aymie, and we left her in the department store under a shoe rack.
    Derrick: We?
    Danni: Izzy didn't stop me.
    Derrick: Because you jacked her up on energy drinks and she was running around the mall spazzing out.
    Danni: That was a dark day. Let's not talk about it.
  • Not Me This Time: Even after mentally and near physically torturing them, the TV show host from the first two books is not behind the third one.
  • Official Couple: By the end of the series, Danni and Derrick are canon, as are Emmett and Izzy.
  • Rescue Romance: Danni begins her crush on Jesse when he catches her after she falls from a tree.
  • Shrinking Violet: Danni spends the majority of Ship Wrecked like this. Derrick kisses and rejects her, Izzy finds out about the first time Derrick and Danni kiss and, thus, gets mad that Danni never told her, and, oh, they're trapped on another deserted island. It's definitely enough to make her shy away from others and fear her own judgement.
  • Sickeningly Sweet Hearts: In the last book, Izzy and Emmett. And before that, Jesse and Izzy.
  • Slap-Slap-Kiss: Almost literally with Danni and Derrick!
  • Test Kiss: Danni and Derrick. A weird example because Danni does feel sparks, but decides against persuing a relationship with him because she's known him for so long. Emmett calls her out on this, telling her she wouldn't find anyone with more history or chemistry with her because they've known each other since they were kids.
  • That Came Out Wrong: While talking to Danni, Emmett is trying to explain his feelings for Izzy, and says that he wouldn't want to kiss her, meaning not yet. Unfortunately, guess who overhears this?
  • Platonic Life Partners: Emmett and Danni.
  • Unrequited Love Switcheroo: Danni isn't ready to pursue a relationship with Derrick in the first book, and by the time she IS ready, he decides it would be weird if they dated. By the time HE'S ready, she's already pining after Jesse.
  • You Called Me X, It Must Be Serious: When Danni runs away because everyone is teasing her and Derrick, Izzy calls her by her full name, trying to invoke this trope. Unfortunately, it backfires on her.
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