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AliceAndBob loved each other very much and were happy together for a long time. But something happened to Bob. Maybe he died. Maybe he disappeared without a trace one day. Maybe there was a breakup. Whatever the reason may be, Bob is gone and Alice is sad and lonely. So every now and then she comforts herself by cradling something that reminds her of Bob; his clothing, a keepsake, a photo, something along those lines.

A particularly common version is hugging the headstone of somebody who has died, or holding the body of a loved one for a prolonged period.

Sometimes part of a SadTimesMontage or overlaps with a LostLoveMontage, and is likely to be done by a HurtingHero or HeartbrokenBadass. If a specific item is being held, it may be a TragicKeepsake, especially if it came from someone whose death was a CynicismCatalyst.

Compare and contrast PietaPlagiarism, CradlingYourKill, and DiedInYourArmsTonight.



[[folder:Anime and Manga]]
* Fou-lu does this with Mami's bells in the ComicBookAdaptation of ''VideoGame/BreathOfFireIV'' (and actually to a lesser extent in the original game as well). An especially tragic example as [[spoiler: said Mami was literally used as the human warhead in a FantasticNuke in an attempt by the ''very empire Fou-lu founded'' to kill him. It merely makes him go WoobieDestroyerOfWorlds instead.]]
* In ''Manga/FistOfTheNorthStar'', [[spoiler: Souther]] [[DiedInYourArmsTonight dies in the arms]] of his long-since mummified master.
* [[spoiler:Yuki Amano]] of ''Manga/FutureDiary'' should be the poster child of this trope. After becoming [[spoiler:the new God of Space/Time]] he is so crippled by the loss of his beloved that he just sits there staring at the last entry in his diary [[spoiler:Yuno died]] for 10,000 years straight despite [[spoiler:having just inherited god powers]].
* ''Manga/KannazukiNoMiko'': Chikane holds Himeko's uniform this way when the latter is going shopping with Souma. [[PsychoLesbian Then things goes to hell in a vegetable basket.]]
* Shinn from ''Anime/MobileSuitGundamSEEDDestiny'' does it with his late little sister's cellphone.
* ''Anime/PuellaMagiMadokaMagica'': Homura holds Madoka's ribbon this way [[spoiler:after the latter's [[AbstractApotheosis ascension into cosmic law]]]]. [[WildMassGuessing No one knows what happen to the other ribbon.]]
--> [[TearJerker "Madoka... Madoka..."]]
** The SpinOff manga ''[[Manga/PuellaMagiMadokaMagicaTheDifferentStory The Different Story]]'' shows Mami Tomoe clutching [[spoiler:Kyouko's ribbon]] in this manner in the final chapter, [[spoiler:after she herself has committed suicide]].
* Near the end of the ''Anime/RurouniKenshin'' OVA ''Trust and Betrayal'', Kenshin cradles [[spoiler:the body of Tomoe after her death]]. Later we see Kenshin sitting under a tree with [[spoiler:Tomoe's]] shawl wrapped around him. In a semi-reversal, we see the ghostly image of [[spoiler:Tomoe wrapping her]] arms around him.
* Usagi from ''Anime/SailorMoon'' regards [[MementoMacGuffin her music box locket]] this way when Tuxedo Mask is captured and brainwashed by the Dark Kingdom.
* Despite its age and wear, Tsumugi of ''Manga/SweetnessAndLightning'' refuses to let Kouhei (her dad) replace her bag because it was handmade for her by her [[MissingMom late mother]].
* Hayate does this with [[spoiler: the pendant left behind by Reinforce immediately after her HeroicSacrifice]] in the last episode of ''Anime/MagicalGirlLyricalNanohaAs''.

* When Elektra died, Comicbook/{{Daredevil}} was shown cradling her tombstone on a cover. (Now the trope image)
* Similar to the above, a cover from ''Comicbook/SpiderManReign'' had Spider-Man hugging Mary Jane's tombstone.

* In a really poignant scene, the protagonist of ''FanFic/RacerAndTheGeek'' cradles his rifle while undergoing a mental breakdown.

* At the end of ''Film/BrokebackMountain'', it's revealed that Ennis still holds on to Jack's shirt, just as Jack held on to his while they were separated.
* In the movie ''Film/HeGotGame'', when the governor lets Creator/DenzelWashington's character out of jail temporarily so that he can convince his son (a star basketball player) to go to the governor's university, Denzel makes a stop at the cemetery to see and then embrace the grave of his wife, whom he accidentally killed years ago.
* In Creator/JohnFord's ''Film/TheSearchers'' one of the many visual hints of Ethan and Martha's relationship in the past is when Martha hugs Ethan's coat out of sight of other characters. Martha eventually married Ethan's brother and started a family.
* Dren does this in the movie ''Film/{{Splice}}'' with a cat while her "parents" are away.
* ''Film/MaxPayne'' has a scene where Max goes to a storage unit and reveals that he kept everything from the house where his family were murdered, even the papers that his wife had on her desk.
* Boba Fett is seen cradling the helmet of his dead "father" Jango in ''Film/AttackOfTheClones''.
* In the Creator/StanleyKubrick adaptation of ''Literature/{{Lolita}}'', Charlotte Haze cradles the funeral urn of her last husband after discovering that [[PaedoHunt Humbert only married her to get close to her daughter]].
* ''Disney/TheLionKing'': When Simba discover's Mufasa's body after the stampede, [[PleaseWakeUp he tries to wake him up]], before [[TearJerker resting himself under his paw as he did towards the beginning.]]
* ''WesternAnimation/AnExtremelyGoofyMovie'': After Max leaves for college, Goofy goes into his now-vacant room and coddles the stuffed bear he left behind.

* Ayla does this in ''[[Literature/EarthsChildren Valley Of The Horses]]''. After being exiled from the Clan and forced to leave her infant son behind, the only thing she has left of him is the bag/cloak she used to have for carrying him.

[[folder:Live Action TV]]
* ''Series/BuffyTheVampireSlayer'':
** After Angel turns evil, Buffy curls up in her bed weeping, clutching the claddagh ring he gave her in the previous episode. She brings out the ring again the following season, guilty over having been forced to kill him. Eventually she decides to move on and leaves the ring at the place where he died (ironically, Angel chooses that moment to come BackFromTheDead).
** When Tara breaks up with Willow due to Willow's abuse of magic, one sign of Willow's sadness is that she takes a set of Tara's clothes, uses her magic to give them shape and form, and then has it hold her.
** Dawn curls up next to the recharging Buffybot, showing how she misses her dead sister (who had not been resurrected at that point).
* ''Series/{{Angel}}'':
** Wes is seen holding Fred's stuffed rabbit as he packs her stuff away after her death.
** After Doyle's HeroicSacrifice, a GenreSavvy Cordelia laments that he had no IconicItem she could use to fulfill this trope. She's less than impressed to find that Doyle did leave something for her -- his ability to experience extremely painful visions.
* ''Series/TrueBlood'':
** After Talbot is murdered, Russell keeps a glass jar filled with Talbot's blood and other bodily remains with him throughout the rest of the season. He can be seen talking to it and carrying it everywhere.
** Russell kills a male prostitute that superficially resembles Talbot, talks to the body as if it was Talbot, then cradles the body in a way that is half this trope, half CradlingYourKill.
* ''Series/HowIMetYourMother'':
** One episode had Marshall away, staying with his mother, and Lily getting lonely to the point of dressing up a pillow in Marshall's clothes. It became a RunningGag.
--->'''Lily''': I call him "Marshpillow", and he calls me... nothing, [[CaptainObvious because he's a pillow]].
** In episode "How Your Mother Met Me" of ''Series/HowIMetYourMother'', The Mother is seen twice cradling things when she thinks about [[spoiler:Max, her boyfriend who died]].
*** In a scene where she apparently has just returned from his funeral, she opens his present. It's a ukulele and she holds it, pressing it to her chest.
*** Years later, she hugs a pilar on a patio when she tries to connect with him and sort of asks him if she is ready to let go.
* ''Series/BreakingBad'': After [[spoiler:Jane]]'s death, Jesse can be seen cradling his cell phone, then calling her number just to hear her voice mail, until her line is finally disconnected and he can no longer hear her voice.
* Series/{{Monk}} reveals in one episode that, after his wife died, he couldn't bring himself to throw away--or even move--any of her belongings.
* ''Series/TheXFiles'', "Within": Mulder is missing, probably abducted by aliens, and Scully goes to his apartment. She notices his blue shirts lying on the bed. She takes one and lies down on the bed, cradling the shirt in her arms.
* ''Series/{{Supernatural}}'',
** This occurs in the episode "All Hell Breaks Loose Part 1" of Season 2. After [[spoiler:Sam is stabbed in the back by Jake and dies while Dean is holding onto him]], Dean enwraps him in a hug as he begins to cry out of grief. Overlaps with the trope: FinalFirstHug.
* Subverted with the "boyfriend pillow" on ''Series/{{Glee}}''. Also a case of AluminumChristmasTrees, as the boyfriend pillow is a real item you can order.
* ''Series/SonsOfAnarchy'' when Jax finds the Tara murdered on the floor, he breaks down, cradling her, apologizing for the violence he brought into her life. He is still holding her and sobbing when the police and the DA arrive.

* Robert Palmer's "Johnny and Mary": He needs all the world to confirm, that he ain't lonely.
* The song "Whiskey Lullaby" has this line; ''We found her with her face down in the pillow. Clinging to his picture for dear life.''
* The famous Music/GeorgeGershwin song ''They Can't Take Away From Me'' sung by Creator/FredAstaire, Music/FrankSinatra and many many others. It's actually a BreakupSong but with an amicable air that while the relationship ended, it wasn't a mistake to have started it:
--> ''We may never, never meet again\\
On that bumpy road to love\\
Still I'll always,\\
Always keep the memory of\\
The way you hold your knife\\
The way we danced until three.\\
The way you've changed my life.\\
No, no - they can't take that away from me.''


* In the ''Webcomic/{{Erfworld}}'' prequel that details Wanda's backstory, after [[spoiler:Wanda's brother Tommy is poisoned and killed by a woman he loved, Wanda manages to [[AnimateDead animate his body]], but despite it being the best work she's done in raising the dead, she realizes that the animated dead isn't the brother that she loved, and never will be. Her first order to it is for Un-Tommy to hold her while she cries]].

[[folder: Web Original]]
* From ''Roleplay/{{AJCO}}'': Egg gives Crez her badge the night before she is expelled from the Silo into [[spoiler: almost]] certain death, pleading with him to deliver it to Kube. Crez fulfils this promise, and the poor cactus clutches it tightly while fighting back tears.

[[folder:Western Animation]]
* For all that he is a JerkAss to Stimpy, Ren from ''WesternAnimation/TheRenAndStimpyShow'' did this twice in "The Big Shot" after Stimpy leaves to become a Hollywood star. First he breaks down in tears at the sight of one of Stimpy's hairballs, and later in the episode he cradles a bag of kitty litter with Stimpy's face drawn on it.