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Cool Versus Awesome
aka: Pirates Versus Ninja
Both are cool, and their battle is awesome!

Samurai and zombies!? You don't have to say any more. I'm in!

Pirates are cool; so are ninjas. So pirates fighting ninjas must be awesome. And why not make them all fight some robots while we're at it? Oh and don't forget the zombies.

Related to the Ninja Pirate Zombie Robot and Bread, Eggs, Breaded Eggs, this trope is a case when two types of cool things battle it out. Unlike an Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny, this is not a case when two specific characters Duel to the Death. Though a battle can qualify as both, if the two characters are two different character types.

Bonus points if the two don't exist in the same time-period, place, or universe.

Elves Versus Dwarves, despite how it sounds, is not; though it can be applied to whichever two sides are fighting. A Massive Multiplayer Crossover often invokes this. A Versus Title is a sure sign of the trope at work.

A Super Trope to Fur Against Fang, Pirates Versus Ninjas.


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    Anime and Manga 

    Comic Books 



  • The Dresden Files: The whole series could be summed up as "Crazy Awesome wizard versus everything".
    • A hundred points to wizard Harry Dresden, arriving in style for the battle against necromancers and their zombie armies at the climax of Dead Beat. Now, the Fifth Law of Magic prohibits raising the dead, but Harry notes this only applies to raising human dead. Another rule of magic is that when animating a corpse, the older it is, the stronger. So Dresden animated Sue, a nearly-complete dinosaur fossil over sixty-five million years old. Or in other words, Harry rode into battle on a zombified Tyrannosaurus rex. Set to jaunty polka music.
      • Dead Beat also features ninja ghoul versus valkyrie security consultant.
      "Sticks and stones may break your bones, but Chinese throwing stars get you a dozen stitches."
    • Turn Coat gives us centuries old, superpowerful Magical Native American versus prehistoric, shapeshifting, mind breaking Eldritch Abomination.
    • Changes has an epic battle. Involves three vampires, The Fair Folk, a Knight of the Cross or three, dozens of wizards (including the new Winter Knight and the Blackstaff), a Chinese guardian spirit, an entire army of Japanese kenku ninja-spirits, and Odin versus the entire Red Court of vampires, including the Red King, armies of half-vampire acolytes, and the Lords of the Outer Night, more or less Mayincatec gods, and South American mercenaries.
    • Ghost Story: Santa Claus and the Erkling versus Cthulhu's buddies.
  • The same author, Jim Butcher, created the Codex Alera series essentially because of this trope, to prove that any ridiculous premise could be made awesome - such as the Lost Roman Legion versus Pokmon. The result was Roman legionnaires with Elemental Powers versus wolfmen with Blood Magic and arbalests versus the Zerg versus Neanderthal-elves with Bond Creatures versus empathic yetis. And the one Badass Normal. Our Laconic explanation of it is Cool Vs. Awesome: The Series.
  • In Complete World Knowledge, details of the historic feud between submariners and zeppeliners are given. In a subversion, the author describes this as "the most pointless feud in human history".
  • Two of the books in the Skulduggery Pleasant series, Playing With Fire and The Faceless Ones, feature a detective skeleton wizard and his companions versus near immortal gods. The wizards win the first time. They at least manage to survive the attack (mostly) by the multiple fully powered gods in the next book.
  • Zombies vs Unicorns, which began as two people arguing which were better.
  • Played with/lampshaded (by the main character) in The Hobbit. As if an epic war between Elves, Dwarves and Lake Men wasn't enough, Tolkein throws in Goblins and Wargs.
  • It takes Harry Potter five books for a duel between Dumbledore and Voldemort. Mind you, the former is triple-digit years old and can still force the latter to attack with all he's got.
  • Everworld; not only do you have gods from various mythologies versus each other, but you also have: Vikings vs Aztecs, Vikings vs medieval knights (plus Merlin himself), Ancient Greek gods vs insect-aliens, etc.
  • Artemis Fowl gives us a Child Prodigy Magnificent Bastard and his Battle Butler vs Fairies with laser guns.
  • Pavlovs Dogs is built around the premise of genetically engineered werewolves versus zombies. What more needs to be said?
  • Life of Pi includes a tiger fighting a shark. It actually Makes Sense In Context.

    Live-Action TV 

  • Back Through Time by Alestorm has pirates going back in time to fight vikings. They also mention having fought ninja in passing.
  • ''Dinosaur Laser Fight'' by Ninja Sex Party starts out with just dinosaurs, but then goes on to include robots, sharks, and aliens. IN SPACE.

    Professional Wrestling 
  • Professional Wrestling in general is built around this trope, combining sport rivarlies with various gimmicks, from superheroes to deliquents to supernatural characters to utterly crazy people, sometimes mixed with various additional rules, be it Mle Trois, fight in a cage or lumberjack match.
  • The Shield vs The Wyatt Family at Elimination Chamber 2014 and week later on RAW - both instances had the crowds literally chanting "THIS IS AWESOME!".
    • It's worth mentioning that both groups were heels (villains) at the time.

    Tabletop Games 

    Video Games 

    Web Comics 
  • The Adventures of Dr. McNinja has had, in no particular order, ninjas and a doctor ninja versus... robots, clowns, a flying bodybuilder, a giant Paul Bunyan who was really a child, evil ninjas, pirates, ghosts, Mexican banditos on dinosaurs, vampires, zombies, a unicorn motorcycle, a ghost wizard, someone pretending to be a robot, ninja zombies, more robots, zombie Benjamin Franklin, Dracula (Dracula also had a robot Dracula), a Danish 80s action movie hero and his ninjas, clone ninjas, ghost wizards, Mayincatec robot temple guards, future dinosaurs from space, a vengeful space ghost that explodes people, a samurai demon, sky pirates, a luchador doctor, and a king on a dirtbike. At any given point, those enemies may have fought each other as well.
  • The Inexplicable Adventures of Bob! has had The Men in Black vs. prehistoric dragons from space and their friend the old lady in the flying Powered Armor, fighting over a bomb that can destroy the world.
  • Axe Cop has had the title character and his allies (including dinosaurs, people with unicorn horns, a vampire wizard ninja and his brother who's also a werewolf) vs. aliens, vampire half-babies, Humongous Mecha, flying books, Bad Santa... This picture with just about all the good guys and antagonists on opposing sides, with huge amounts of Ninja Pirate Zombie Robot in both, takes the trope about as far as is imaginable.
  • Ethan Nicolle's other webcomic (besides Axe Cop), Bearmageddon, opens up with a character asking another who would win in a fight, a bear or a gorilla. They decide that it's an unanswerable question, like "can God make a square circle".
  • The Dragon Doctors is about magical doctors of many different disciplines who have banded together, and they've fought against various equally unusual opponents. The docs themselves are a wizard (with healing and shapeshifting magic), a soldier/surgeon, a shaman/therapist, and a Magitek specialist. They've faced off against a horde of assassins, a serial killer who kills dreaming shamans, and Goro (the soldier/surgeon) is currently fending off an all-female Quirky Miniboss Squad consisting of a pistol-wielding shapeshifter, a mage in a ballcap, a female ogre and a lamia with a petrifying ray gun.
  • Narbonic: "Who would win in a fight between a giant robot foot accompanied by a rifle-toting assassin, and an army of hamsters in mechanical suits?"
  • Homestuck has Bro (a Crazy Awesome, katana-wielding Badass who flies around on a rocket-powered surfboard) versus Jack Noir (a noir-themed Humanoid Abomination with godlike powers who also wields a katana and is part dog). The resulting battle is so awesome that it ends in a tie, with the two fighting to a standstill. Jack later gets the upper hand and kills Bro but only thanks to a well timed power-up gained from Becquerel prototyping himself.

    Web Original 

    Western Animation 

    Real Life 

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