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The Con Man (also known as a grifter, matchstick man, scam artist or con artist) attempts to gain the confidence of naive people and part them from their money, or at least play them for a fool long enough to get what they want--that is, to pull off TheCon. Con artists often spin a 'sob story' to hook the victim--maybe their dog is lost, or their car is being towed, or their mother may even be in the hospital. After that, it's all Social Engineering; a truly gifted con artist can get away with almost anything, simply by virtue of appearing sincere and na´ve (usually slightly moreso than the victim, on the theory that sympathy almost always gets you something). For complicated cons, the CaperCrew may come into play: large teams might be involved, with each member of the team playing a distinct role.

Hollywood tends to treat Con Men as being one of two extremes. In shows where the Con Man is the star, they are a suave, sophisticated LoveableRogue, who confine their schemes to cheating the rich and the unlikable. The CopShow, however, tends to show a darker side. When a Con Man is an antagonist, they tend to target the vulnerable and sympathetic, such as the elderly, widows, and desperate poor people.

!!{{Sub Trope}}s: Specific types of/roles for the Con Man:

* AmbulanceChaser[=/=]AmoralAttorney (one that is a lawyer or pretending to be one)
* TheBarnum
* CardSharp
* ConMenHateGuns
* FakeMark
* TheFixer
* HighSchoolHustler
* HonestJohnsDealership
* {{Hustler}}
* LandmarkSale
* LittleMissConArtist
* MockMillionaire
* PhonyPsychic
* TheRoper
* ShadyRealEstateAgent
* TheShill
* SnakeOilSalesman